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Rub a dub dub, time for a scrub with these cool and easy soap crafts. Bath time and hand washing will be a hit with these awesome soaps.

Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY - from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered.
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Sep 22, 2018




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Comments 80
Craft Factory
Craft Factory 3 months ago
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مريم حسين
شاص ابو هذه يا بنيه هذا الصابون حلوه من الصابون عاشت ايدك الصابونه الرهيب
مريم حسين
Lemuel Ogbuehi
Lemuel Ogbuehi 7 days ago
Looks edible
sunny eclxpse YT シ
Nikolina Velkova huh?
Nikolina Velkova
Nikolina Velkova 28 days ago
Wolf_gang 703
Wolf_gang 703 3 days ago
When I have kids I will use ur hacks
Wave City
Wave City 7 days ago
These people and their moulds and ingredients that come out of a meth lab
Francisco Villarreal
Omg The Teddy's Bear. Its so Cute🐻🐼
Francisco Villarreal
Hi friend's new sub stay Connect👍
Sine Marie Nisbeth Tyron
Wait do I have seen this on 5 minutes crafts?
علي الشمري
lexi xiao
lexi xiao 14 days ago
The whole same video is on 5 min craft. Lol
dilafruz shermahamatova
Maria Obolatze
Maria Obolatze 19 days ago
Sorry 😢
Maria Obolatze
Maria Obolatze 19 days ago
Santia Barfield
Santia Barfield 21 day ago
I liked them
Irene Reyes
Irene Reyes 24 days ago
3:44 did you notice that her nail was broken
Kat Lewis
Kat Lewis 27 days ago
I hope that glitter is biodegradable
Yet Another Ben
Yet Another Ben 28 days ago
Eat the hecking soap please I desperately want to see someone eat the soap.
Peter Roman
Peter Roman Month ago
And that kids, Is how you get to the doctor.
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari Month ago
6:01 so I was skipping through the video to see the outcomes of all soaps bc I can’t make the soaps anyways and I thought this said “holy water”
mazen naser
mazen naser Month ago
I love to make soap My favorites would be Pokémon soap!
secor19girl Month ago
Why would you mix all of them they were so pretty
Layla Handy
Layla Handy Month ago
Why does you and 5 minutes craft have the same thing I’m so confused is one copying?
•Kookie studio•
Laney Miller
Laney Miller Month ago
Did anyone else Think that the lufa looked like a 🍅 tomato
Ak House
Ak House 13 days ago
Nahla Layne as shinedancer09
I watched this to fall asleep
Nahla Layne as shinedancer09
Well on one
Nahla Layne as shinedancer09
U coped 5 min
Jana Hammam
Jana Hammam Month ago
Video: Cut loofah Me: why does that slice look like tomato?!?!?!?
Katie Snyder
Katie Snyder Month ago
Another episode of why is this in my recommendations?
Millie Smith
Millie Smith Month ago
Its really descriptive what ingredient soap is where to get it so thanks
Doggy Woof Woof
Doggy Woof Woof Month ago
At the end of each tutorial when they wash their hands with the soap, I feel the soap they created doesn’t really work at all lol. There’s no bubbles or any sign of it doing it’s job correctly
BreShay Gipson
BreShay Gipson Month ago
This is cool things to do.
Aayush Mahajan
Aayush Mahajan Month ago
Can anybody tell me the name of background song plzz
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad Month ago
My gods 3:54 it's so pretty I don't wanna ever use it
Laila Kerchner
Laila Kerchner Month ago
you are stelling 5 munit crafts ideas
Why are they not bubbling
Foxoamer Month ago
what soap
Kloudy_Klouds Month ago
This is an exact copy off of 5 minute crafts people im not hating you can do soap cutting ideas or soap designs but make your own it's more unique that way
Hejaab Ruman
Hejaab Ruman Month ago
sunny eclxpse YT シ
This is like copying 5 minute crafts Like *CRAFT FACTORY* Let’s just say it’s crap factory because you have to guess what you need sometimes
Tempest Shadow
Tempest Shadow Month ago
Taimoor Ali
Taimoor Ali Month ago
Chandana Pattanayak
Chandana Pattanayak 2 months ago
You have cheated 5 min craft.
Chris Kjorstad
Chris Kjorstad 2 months ago
I wanna eat it
Irida Art
Irida Art 2 months ago
Hey what about hamburger soap???
Irida Art
Irida Art 2 months ago
How to melt soap...?????
Irida Art
Irida Art 2 months ago
Damn I'm lost
Irida Art
Irida Art 2 months ago
Irida Art
Irida Art 2 months ago
Anyone..?? Anyone knows it..???
David Smith
David Smith 2 months ago
A lot of this is from 5 minute crafts... Or I guess a lot of 5 minute crafts could be from this...
the sparrow
the sparrow 2 months ago
Teddy bear was occam
TJ_ 2 months ago
dania yousif
dania yousif 2 months ago
What's the name of this music? I really like it😅
RamBabu Ram
RamBabu Ram 2 months ago
You like to do with 5 minute craft
lunernightmares UWU
lunernightmares UWU 2 months ago
If I saw the pig one it would make me so scared to wash my hands.
Ryan Greig
Ryan Greig 2 months ago
very cool soap
rosemartinelove Roblox
*how much soap does this person have laying around their house*
Juliet Trapani
Juliet Trapani 2 months ago
The crystal won should be called crystal
Leonardo Pena
Leonardo Pena 2 months ago
5 minute crafts copied this guy.
Gamma 2 months ago
It is very intéressant 🤔
Gladys Aquipel
Gladys Aquipel 2 months ago
I love you so much I got to make my own so as honey
Staciekuntcraft 2 months ago
For more crafts or to share your own check out this group facebook.com/groups/DIYCouponsFamiliesCherryGroups/?ref=share
V Warther
V Warther 3 months ago
Who here would eat the gummy soap?
Declan Dunne
Declan Dunne 3 months ago
I dont know whether you have this but I melted soap put it in a mold and froze in the next hour they were proper soap not melty
Taha Yassen
Taha Yassen 3 months ago
واووووو بيجننننن😍😍😍
Lilyian Cutsforth
Lilyian Cutsforth 3 months ago
Rock soap is too popular
Kate Workman
Kate Workman 3 months ago
Anyone else notice not a single one of these "soaps" actually lathers up? Where are any bubbles?
India account
India account 3 months ago
So satisfying 😍🥰😘😃😍😍
Saphir Tv
Saphir Tv 3 months ago
people please watch my channel 🤗😻
Harleen Kaur
Harleen Kaur 3 months ago
Imagine someone washing their hands with doughnuts.
Wolf_gang 703
Wolf_gang 703 3 days ago
xxXX Voltari XXxx
Aoi asahina would buy those
@SCP-999 UwU what do you mean by that
( i - i)
SCP-999 UwU
SCP-999 UwU 15 days ago
Emma Tarrant I’m not gonna like cause the comment is at such a perfect number
lujain alrosan
lujain alrosan 3 months ago
Can you please explain why the soap doesn't foam under water like normal soap?
Emma Neophytou
Emma Neophytou 3 months ago
5-Minute Crafts did these..
Pesjanadrilona8710 Drilona
Zoe Mlsky
Zoe Mlsky 4 months ago
Hi I love your videos!! I really wanted to tell you that you and other craft channels have inspired me to start my own!! I’ll be starting soon, because I still don’t have everything I ordered from the mail😂 But if anyone is interested please check me out and stay tuned! Or go ahead and subscribe so you can be the first to see my first upload🤗💗
Stephanie Renee Thomas
Aww man it makes me want to eat soap for werid reason 😑
HSIN YI LEE 4 months ago
How does liquid soap set?😂 6:15
Bella Verro
Bella Verro 4 months ago
Bella Verro
Bella Verro 4 months ago
Wow she must never get sick cause she washes her hands a lot
Whisper Whisper
Whisper Whisper 4 months ago
Becci E
Becci E 4 months ago
5 minute crafts!!
Kayla Cooper
Kayla Cooper 4 months ago
Wow how creative!!! I loved this video. Thanks for sharing!
HERRICK YEE 4 months ago
I wanna play a game if you like 5 minute craft then hit the like button if you like craft factory more then comment 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙂
Elsiana Scheuer
Elsiana Scheuer 4 months ago
What's the point of the loofah one?
Fairy Jessy
Fairy Jessy 4 months ago
Where are the suds though?!
satel consa
satel consa 4 months ago
Donut bay sa 4 popsicle 9
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