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Scott The Woz
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Scott talks about Bethesda and friends.
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Music Used:
"Title Screen" from Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
"Mob Smash" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
"The Dark World" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
"Hyrule at Peace" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
"Town" from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
"Outset Island" from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
"Lost Valley" from Sonic Forces
"Turbo Tunnel" from Battlemaniacs
"Time Square" from Blinx the Time Sweeper
"Snakey Chantey" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
"Cliff Farm" from Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
"Three Cannon Salute" from Super Lucky's Tale
"Simian Acres" from Blast Corps
"Main Theme" from Killer Instinct Gold
"Main Menu" from Halo 3
"Running from Evil" from Doom II
"At Doom's Gate" from Doom
"DK Isle" from Donkey Kong 64
"Steam Gardens" from Super Mario Odyssey
"Let the Battles Begin!" from Final Fantasy VII
"Adventure" from Dragon Quest III
"Kakariko Village" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
"Scarf Roll Scamper" from Yoshi's Woolly World
"Spiral Mountain" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
"Hyrule Castle" from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
"Spirits Collection" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes


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Jun 17, 2019




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Comments 5 653
GIVE US MOTHER 3 7 hours ago
24:14 haa never been so relevant
Dj inz Croitoriu
Dj inz Croitoriu 14 hours ago
"Thank you"
Poop In the Pee
People dont always say theyre gonna kill themselves. Sometimes they just do it.
Sparite Day ago
cant wait for digiorno's big pizza recipe reveal next year!
amin eibraham salehzadeh nobari
Wait, arent stadia games running on a pc? So whats the problem with 3rd party support?
ThomasEyeThink 4 days ago
The funny thing is Destiny 2 is free now and it’s not even that good anymore
Reagan Hautamaki
Reagan Hautamaki 5 days ago
destiny 2 cost money? they threw a copy at me.
Gabriel the gaming king
Stadia looks boring, nuff said.
3d Palm Tree
3d Palm Tree 6 days ago
I will screech like an idiot about Doom 2016 when I’m 45
PhoenixPlays-_- 6 days ago
How dare u say “it looks fine” to R6 when TheRussianBadger is right there 23:41
Adro The Elbow
Adro The Elbow 6 days ago
Woz sees banjo in smash: AAHAAHAHAHAHA Woz sees a sequel to his favorite game of all time: oh wow that's nice
Nepeta Close
Nepeta Close 7 days ago
i think square won not bc of FF7, but because they were the one major company to show a ps vita game at E3, genuinely the only game in the show im gonna day one.
AceStar1642 7 days ago
29:36 We immediately go into- oh come on!
T3plays 8 days ago
Is no one gonna laugh at 23:03
Briton Rosenberry
Briton Rosenberry 11 days ago
It’s funny how Three Houses wasn’t a really hyped up game and yet it turned out to be one of the best entries in the series and an overall fantastic game
TheCulturalBomb 12 days ago
Phil Harrison is a death sentence for a company.
William Moore
William Moore 12 days ago
"What the hell happened here"? Just stare and nod while backing away slowly from Bethesda.
James 12 days ago
i dunno why but something about the way Scott says "it looks fine" makes it sound really funny haha
Dakota Andrews
Dakota Andrews 12 days ago
Yeeeeah of course Daemon X Machina isn't gonna be a big hit with most people. Mech games generally kinda just aren't. But I can tell you it's a very solid title for sure. Customization is good, gameplay is fast and fluid, combat feels solid, it's a great time.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut 11 days ago
Eh, it's okay
Raspberry Razmin the fox OWO
I mean hero was vary requested that was super awesome
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut 11 days ago
@Raspberry Razmin the fox OWO I mean, don't get me wrong, he was requested, but to most people in other countries, it's not as exciting. But you can feel that way, agree to disagree😀
Raspberry Razmin the fox OWO
Pizza Hut dragon quest is the most popular rpg in Japan more popular then final fantasy it was highly requested
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut 11 days ago
No, not really
Raspberry Razmin the fox OWO
Ubisoft won’t ever reach their peak again ( the peak being fox in star link )
A HUGE BRAIN BLAST 13 days ago
englishturd 14 days ago
Destiny 2 is free on PC now
Caleb Bowsman
Caleb Bowsman 14 days ago
Destiny 2! A zero dollar value!
storm pancake
storm pancake 14 days ago
Mom:*finds vomit on the floor* WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?! ME: 16:14
Bman Videos
Bman Videos 15 days ago
Do a vid on subscription services
A Very Menacing Name
4:51 jokes on you its free now
L0RDof LEM0Ns 19 days ago
27:54 well well well
ShadōFaia 20 days ago
how did he pass dying light off like that..... dying light 1 was literally amazing, and 2 looks great.
Asenath 20 days ago
You do realize kids watch your channel, right? Stop swearing and saying "Jesus Christ" in vain, as you clearly demonstrate you don't care about offending Christians.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut 5 days ago
@Asenath also belly dancer video, man, how NORMAL AND APPORITE IS THAT
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut 5 days ago
@Asenath but still. Say a kid is in the comments and see your channel. They go to your channel and see that thumbnail. Look up the defention, and actually see it. Think about that
Asenath 5 days ago
@Pizza Hut It's a mirrored video that warns against porn.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut 11 days ago
Also, If his content is so bad, what if the kids scroll down and see the comments and then click on your channel icon and look at your videos and see a video that litteraly has the word porn as the only word in the thumbnail
Dashiell H
Dashiell H 11 days ago
A Pointless Review
A Pointless Review 20 days ago
4:40 Not only that, Scott, but it’s priced at 69 dollars in the US?
Marshachu Megalovania
“Nintendo isn’t really supporting XBOX” Masahiro Sakurai in September 4th: Today banjo-kazooie can be played on XBOX. I know this is a Nintendo direct, but please give the game a try, on XBOX!
HOTPIGS 21 day ago
Please please don’t tell me Scott is so ignorant he said exclusives promote competition, they don’t, in fact they do the opposite. Why make a good gaming machine with a great user interface and competitive prices when you can buy out a game and make people come to your platform anyway. Why get better servers and online connectivity when you can just hold games hostage. It’s incredibly unhealthy for the industry to have exclusives and further splits the Gaming community.
ProwlingTiger 22
@HOTPIGS No. It's more like making gum for yourself and friends and having everybody else demand your gum. If you want his gum, be his friend. Exclusives made by Nintendo and it's studios are THEIR GAMES. THEIRS. That's honestly like me complaining that my neighbor's mother doesn't buy stuff for me.
HOTPIGS 2 days ago
​@ProwlingTiger 22 i didnt say legality, and no its not like making your own gum and not giving it to people. its more like making gum and demanding 300 for a gum pass where people can have your gum for $60 a pack for a whole 6 years... does this encourage you to lower your prices if no one else can compete with your own gum, does this make you want to do more than the bear minimum to make people shell over $300 for your shit. and when you get enough money you start buying other people out of the business to make your gum run them dry and then oh shit we have a monopoly... ya see how when we just make something so simple it fails to grasp a larger picture
ProwlingTiger 22
ProwlingTiger 22 2 days ago
@HOTPIGS if Nintendo makes a game, it's their game. They have the right to only sell it on their console, and if they buy a studio, it's their studio. They have the right to keep their games to their systems only. It just makes sense. That's like making your own gum and everyone in class criticizing you for not giving it to them.
HOTPIGS 2 days ago
@ProwlingTiger 22 why are they fine, its not a pro consumer practice at all. I can say I disagree too all I want but it doesn't mean much without a real point to back it up. you have to show why a company would compete with stuff like user interface and online services when they can just make games exclusive to the platform and lock others out of a experience they might enjoy.
ProwlingTiger 22
ProwlingTiger 22 2 days ago
Disagree. Exclusives are fine. As long as they aren't bought out when originally planned for other platforms.
Serbia Ball
Serbia Ball 21 day ago
You cant talk about tom clancy without rainbow six siege
KT Plays
KT Plays 23 days ago
Give us mafia four
AlphaDevil2018 l
AlphaDevil2018 l 23 days ago
Xbox: Ooh, a brand new game from the creators of Minecraft Scot: Mafia 4 10:41
Kyle 23 days ago
Stadia is going to crash and burn so hard.
HydrominousRex 23 days ago
Phil spencer: okay so toda- Audience: wooooooooo!
SodaRings 23 days ago
Scott: Destiny 2, a seven dollar value, for free everyone else: Destiny 2, a now free game, for free.
CallMeCB 24 days ago
The appeal of Google Stadia to me is that you can play anywhere with an internet connection. I go between houses so to be able to play my favorite games away from my Xbox or pc is amazing
JacobPea 25 days ago
The Sagwa reference was an obscure key to a safe deep within the lost memories of my mind how the hell do you remember that show
Kidd Thunder
Kidd Thunder 25 days ago
Banjo kazooie is dope but imagine conker from bad fur day
Theonetrueduck Duck
Destiny is free to play on xbox
thatonespud 25 days ago
TS64 26 days ago
I've watched this video so many times 😂. Your videos are some of the most rewatchable to me
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt 26 days ago
I got destiny 2 for 50 cents
Racinq 26 days ago
When doublefine came up, you should have said "it looks double fine"
the blue yoshi
the blue yoshi 27 days ago
Is no one gonna mention that the captions have a trademark when he says it looks fine? He has copyrighted that line!
Joker Gaming
Joker Gaming Month ago
14:42 scott: it looks fine dragon ball fans: Kha Me Ha Me HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Radioplayerz Month ago
Fuck Battle Royale
Radioplayerz 29 days ago
@Elitedevil it doesn't belong in the fallout series
Elitedevil 29 days ago
The memories of playing Coolmathgames
“ make a joke about his last name, I like that” Don’t know why I laughed but I did
גור איגר
גור איגר Month ago
Stadia is Google and Google is evil. That’s all you need to know.
Radioplayerz Month ago
Agreeed Google is evil. Also Fuck battle Royale in Fallout
Jacob Herl
Jacob Herl Month ago
Destiny 2 is great!
minecraft dungeons is going to compete with cubeworld. its well timed. and the only reason i know what cubeworld is because of swaggersouls
Mimikyugigas Month ago
oh my god he said hero was not that exciting hah well that went a bit far
Bundle of Nonsense
Nintendo: hew we may not be in a future e3 E3: heh heh, I’m in danger
James Zogby
James Zogby Month ago
Ynow what we really need KNACK 3 BAYBEE
bryan vera
bryan vera Month ago
ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Steph Gallagher
Steph Gallagher Month ago
Bro you a Pokémon hater 🤣🤣
J The Nerd
J The Nerd Month ago
Geez Fire Emblem Games Are Starting To Become More Common Then Mario...
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