Dyno Testing a $2,500 ELECTRIC TURBO! 48 Volts of BOOST!!

Cleetus McFarland
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Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 100
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland 11 months ago
Guys it’s RUvid having problems not my vid. Try skipping ahead to 7:00 if you get stopped, that seems to be working for people. If it continues, perhaps logout and back in. I know there was a recent app update... ugh 😑
backyardgarage 19 days ago
For 2500 bucks for the price not worth it
Castrol GTX
Castrol GTX Month ago
The China turbo in the last episode was wired wrong because when it was turned on the Dyno with the Mustang it was spinning backwards. You need to revisit the old turbo on a smaller displacement engine.
Miles Eston
Miles Eston Month ago
Must be nice to have people hand you $10,000 gifts to review lol. That being said everybody should be aware that headers on a stock car are somewhat of a negligible performance enhancer however when added to a fully breathing open car it is a different story
Jerry Herdt
Jerry Herdt Month ago
Ch4mppp91 2 months ago
My brothers cobalt had 25lbs I’d boost and 420 hp 500 torque it spun tires like crazy with a t60 turbo
Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis 2 days ago
My question is will the turbo charge itself while driving regular making it shaft turn
Jonas ̊
Jonas ̊ 3 days ago
The boost controller kind of looked like a guitar pedal :)
Christ Bk
Christ Bk 6 days ago
George 6 days ago
For $2500 bucks, I think I'd get the real thing.
Noyah Business
Noyah Business 7 days ago
I had the same thing as my first car. I’d kill fir another one but these guys are just beating the poor thing up 😥😥
James Hammond
James Hammond 7 days ago
Well there is the turbo and then theres the setup parts that cost alot
vespacheck 8 days ago
Just a suggestion but I think you'll be tempted. One electric turbski per cylinder
Brandon Ryman
Brandon Ryman 10 days ago
So it's an electricly powered centrifugal supercharger
Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas 11 days ago
great vid!!!!! now go vote Biden 2020
Bus Driver
Bus Driver 11 days ago
Does cleetus ever drive something not made in America
Gerardo Marrquin
Gerardo Marrquin 11 days ago
I love your chanal brother
Big Motor
Big Motor 12 days ago
You gotta do twin turbos next!!
Julia Watsica
Julia Watsica 13 days ago
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Chris W
Chris W 13 days ago
Some guy is probably going to dump a bunch of methanol in their cobalt and destroy it.
itry2hide2 14 days ago
Bad safety practice guys. You are holding the darned unit with your hand?
Clinton Pillay
Clinton Pillay 14 days ago
Why you keep shaking the camera around, Get a camera stand !!!!!!!!
JisINSANE3 14 days ago
I guess you can actually shut the gate on this one max it's the ducks guts.
Ed 15 days ago
This reminds me of my leaf blower + 5hp Briggs and Stratton experiment of mine.
mark oshields
mark oshields 18 days ago
where is the link for the drag strip runs? I must be somehow be overlooking it.. Id really like to see it
Jeremy Moorer
Jeremy Moorer 18 days ago
You have to operate it manually?
Jeremy Moorer
Jeremy Moorer 18 days ago
I had a 07 ss supercharged Cobalt. It was pretty fast and very fun
backyardgarage 19 days ago
Hhhmmmm 27hp increase for 2500 bucks not worth it
Jo Tveater
Jo Tveater 20 days ago
Cut the exhaust off and if only they cut away where the wheel would spin easier with button off so no power loss and that would be sweet also would be cool if it produced up to 10 psi five is not quite worth the 2500 bucks
Aaron Harkness
Aaron Harkness 20 days ago
Anyone else notice the Used Car for Sale Papers in the Rear Driver Window? LMFAO. They slapped this thing back together after beating it and sold it to some schlub... Lol
ad mobile4
ad mobile4 20 days ago
The future of turbos
TH3 H0L70W
TH3 H0L70W 20 days ago
Now I'm tempted to buy that Electric Turbo for my 1.8 Chevy Cruze
Jule Rulez
Jule Rulez 22 days ago
Put that in a actual powerful car! I bet you will be surprised even more!
You’re going to get 20hp with that system’s 70-80k rpms, to play that game you want 200,000 rpms. The Formula 1 Brabhams team of the mid-80s achieved 1400hp using a 1.5 liter cast iron 4 cylinder BMW stock engine block with one turbo (granted, almost as big as the engine) and 80 psi of boost. It won everything and the FIA banned it. Brabhams used stock BMW road car blocks that had over 100,000 miles on them (the engine originally powered a little sedan for decades) because the iron was reliably proven and wouldn’t blow up the engine with the boost. For comparison, the Bugatti Veyron/Chiron W16, made of billet aluminum, is 8 liters, uses four turbos to achieve similar horsepower, but requires THREE GALLONS of oil ($21,000 oil change). Iron’s melting point double that of aluminum.
domagoj brozd
domagoj brozd 21 day ago
This formula 1.5l 1400hp engine literally last one or two lap just to make pole position, in race was lot less hp
Griffon 327
Griffon 327 22 days ago
anyone else fail to notice the electric turbo cost possibly 4 times more then the car ?
Dominican Jedi
Dominican Jedi 23 days ago
I have a 1987 Pontiac firebird 2.8 v6 daily driver lets put it on for a daily driver test
james solis
james solis 23 days ago
U just promoted the heck out of that pc.. Nice job.. Ive seen earlier versions on porche race cars..
gblueslover2 23 days ago
Lol, race a tesla model 3 with it.
GIl MORINE 24 days ago
you guys are a bunch of hackers. looks like back yard work.
Private Eyes
Private Eyes 25 days ago
Wait! Forget the electric turbo. Was that a real Mullet? Wow! Have not seen one of those in years. 😒😅🤣😂
410 Kane
410 Kane 25 days ago
Carrying Case= $2000.00 Electric turbo= $500.00
Everything goes
Everything goes 26 days ago
Since it’s electric can you turbo a Tesla then
alainmcin 27 days ago
cool and much fun....
360ModsandHacks 28 days ago
I love the name Chief period especially if it's a female
Amante Apasionado
Amante Apasionado 28 days ago
Is he rockin a temp fade mullet lol
Nas Qad
Nas Qad 28 days ago
Rather get a real turbo kit for that price lol
Amante Apasionado
Amante Apasionado 28 days ago
21:29 That vtec tho
Amante Apasionado
Amante Apasionado 28 days ago
You should have went with the SS Cobalt. A super charged turbo Cobalt SS would have been interesting to see. Not that this E-turbo isn't interesting enough by itself but a supercharged turbo car...come on!!
john moser
john moser 28 days ago
I assume that big box is a capacitor and battery combo
Jeff Underwood
Jeff Underwood 29 days ago
cliff hooper
cliff hooper 29 days ago
You should have run the car with some kind of filter first no? You really don't see filterless of na cars right?
duck 29 days ago
You guys need to go do a little basic chemistry. Methanol has a higher octane than regular gasoline, that much is true, but octane isn't a measure of the amount of power or energy in the fuel. Gasoline has almost 2 times the energy as methanol on a per gram basis. The only reason racers use methanol in a race car instead of gasoline is because you can increase the boost easier in the engine without premature detonation (that's where the octane rating comes in) but if you were to use other methods to deal with the lower octane rating of the gasoline and were putting the same amount of gasoline into the engine as you were methanol the gasoline engine would have more power. If you want to increase the power without the detonation problem you might start with using either real racing gasoline, or aviation gas, either of which will have a higher octane rating than your regular gas. If you still have detonation problem then you can hook up a water mist to the intake so allow a fine mist of water into the combustion chamber which will also help eliminate the knocking from the turbo. Do those things and you should easily be able to go beyond 200hp with the engine.
Ansar Afsar
Ansar Afsar 29 days ago
If you give the turbo 2x48 volts you would get 12 psi
Ulises Medrano
Ulises Medrano 29 days ago
This is good for anything that is NA for some quick fun, i would like to see what it does to a factory Hemi, Chevy LS, Ford 350 or a Honda must be fun
LostPie Month ago
50hp for $2500. But.. Factor in tuner, tune, problems. $3000+ Worth?
LostPie Month ago
Not dissing what you guys did it's FREAKin AwesOme
Davon Mulder
Davon Mulder Month ago
Ikke Month ago
Dude use a podfilter!! Then u make even more power!!
Geoff G
Geoff G Month ago
Probably the only Cobalt that can spin the tires on dry road. Fun factor got the biggest boost of all 😅
bark chip
bark chip Month ago
Cleetus has amazing teeth. He could model for Colgate. Are they his own?? IE: Real. We had that haircut here in the Olde Country (the Mother Land) in, I think, it was the 1980's
Dan D
Dan D Month ago
“Press to pass!” Trademark that!
Maxx Month ago
Goddamn that thing farts hard!
goinblindjo Month ago
The wife is going shit when I start blowing leaves around with this! Bye bye black and decker!
Kaeos Factory 'Kae Artz'
Mustafa Perryman
Hey how are you guys was wondering if you still had your torque amp electric tourbo setup and if you weren’t using it could I purchase it from you to use for my bmw e46 build I have
Patrick R
Patrick R Month ago
Get the bottle
Car guy Car
Car guy Car Month ago
2500$ for blow dryer
Mike Willis
Mike Willis Month ago
Make a mechanical wastegate that use it in opposite
Bigf00tKEO Month ago
I want this in my minivan! But then it'll need new brakes, suspension, and of probably some H or V rated shoes
Reuben Stern
Reuben Stern Month ago
Volts don't mean nothing, you wanna know the wattage.
Riley Kirk
Riley Kirk Month ago
just like torque and rpm mean nothing besides ease of power delivery, you wanna know the horsepower
Tony Hancock
Tony Hancock Month ago
try mapping it you dorks the it will produce more power without leaning out duh. higher octane wont release more power without mapping. high octane fuel doesnt halve more energy it just resists det more.
Trinidad Jamieson
Damn yo Jorge really doesn’t trust y’all lol
reastorer vid
reastorer vid Month ago
i saw 4 madagascar penguins 🤣🤣
batvette Month ago
WTF... this is an electric SUPERCHARGER. Turbos are driven by exhaust gases, the exact definition specifies it is a "turbine driven" device.
Jeffrey Meek
Jeffrey Meek Month ago
Funny as hell how they dress and call each other doctors
yipe222 Month ago
All joking aside the EcoTec is a fantastic engine. Imagine how much better it would be if you opened up the exhaust.
floyd walls
floyd walls Month ago
thats SICK
Castrol GTX
Castrol GTX Month ago
The China turbo in the last episode was wired wrong because when it was turned on the Dyno with the Mustang it was spinning backwards. You need to revisit the old turbo on a smaller displacement engine.
Tickle Fingers
Tickle Fingers Month ago
Awesome product. I could sure use this on my GX470.
SuperSport4 Month ago
I mean I don’t believe in the turbo, but this is a completely worthless test... how are they adjusting for fuel? If you are adding a bunch of air with no fuel, you won’t make power
Rowdy Flyer1903
Rowdy Flyer1903 Month ago
One other observation is it seems to be an adaption of an existing Garret or Borg style turbocharger. Is that the most efficient? Could another system which might be used for another industry such as the aircraft turbofans or jet be better? Of course not at such a reasonable price.
Rowdy Flyer1903
Rowdy Flyer1903 Month ago
Well why the heck not? I do not know what kind of horse power is required to have an effective boost. 750 watts of electric motor power is 1 horsepower. I don’t know how many amp hours this system has but if you can relate 9.6 amp hour battery and a 350 watt motor will propellant electric bike for an hour. It’s a grand idea if a worry free interface with the engine engine control unit. Is there a Megasquirt for this rig? I’m in!
Your Key to Niagara
So if my Cadillac is 444hp if I hook that up to the intake I will have 563hp? For real 😳
Miles Eston
Miles Eston Month ago
I appreciated your time and I appreciated your intelligent comment however the mere fact that you are putting those on a stock car in the gates any questions regarding power gains. I would think most of us in this community realize that headers make the most difference in addition to all the other ancillary improvements you can make in airflow period headers by themselves probably not worth it however in a fully built car that's breathing it's a different story
Philipp S.
Philipp S. Month ago
you have to use a bypass, so you have no loss with build in but not used turbo.
S.O.S. Exploration
Well you can make the girlfriend happy letting her use that to dry her hair... 😜🤣😏
mills Month ago
Lmao turns away as he covers his junk when associate exits car, suggests a propensity for horseplay.
Kenneth Stevenson
Should you put in a bypass gate in to eliminate turbo restriction when not in use?
Larry Myers
Larry Myers Month ago
Wow ! That's highly impressive ! Great job fellas !
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman Month ago
Cleetus McFetus
Kaiden Ruiz
Kaiden Ruiz Month ago
Electric turbos are stupid af
Nikolai Sikes
Nikolai Sikes Month ago
Yeah man, these 2.2 and 2.4's make a decent amount of stock power.
Mike Priebe
Mike Priebe Month ago
Bro you should put twins or quads on a v8 🤣🤣 thats awesome
jmac2o2 Month ago
hey thats my car
Simon Pruszynski
Thats awesome...
James Mcclain
James Mcclain Month ago
Would you add to a dodge charger , does need intercooler or not
Dan Desjardins
Dan Desjardins Month ago
Lol hmm Chevy Aveo would be fun
Jerry Herdt
Jerry Herdt Month ago
Hey CLEETUS, Can I buy your single tworqu amp from you for my 4 banger 2.0L? PLEASE EMAIL ME @ JH253GH@GMAIL.COM PLEASE?
matthew hildreth
Need to do a twin turbo sleeper mini van.
Scott Malcolmson
Scott Malcolmson 5 days ago
Find an 89 plymouth voyager. 2.0l turbo 5 gear manual if you can find it. They can handle a pretty ridiculous amount of boost lol
Aj Pasquariello
Aj Pasquariello Month ago
Attach it to a micro switch on the gas pedal and it would be cool. Sucks that it doesn't always work with the car. Cool that the technology is getting better tho.... still a long way to go
Cesar Diaz
Cesar Diaz Month ago
I would like to see the results if you guys add one more electric turbo on the exhaust for sure will gain more than 200 hp
Cesar Diaz
Cesar Diaz Month ago
You washed my brain pretty good Take my money i want one 😎
INTERGRA DC-5 Month ago
nice for my car is easy install
You mean supercharger.
RJ mi
RJ mi Month ago
It it didnt eat power when not on it would be ok . 160 at the wheels for a cobolt 2.2 is big power. A “button” supercharger like this is cool for an NA car or to get rid of lag but it can’t run through the intake eat power all the time it’s not on plus add weight so except for drag racing a cobolt it’s a fail . The price makes it a fail as well .
McGee Month ago
Imagine a power surge like that and it happens on account of a little solenoid which activates your secondary cam lobe... Yeah, that's just VTEC folks. Best part about that is, raised RPM limit, longer pull in lower gear takes better advantage of gearing ratios and scoots along quite nicely. So there you have it.
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