Dyno Testing a $2,500 ELECTRIC TURBO! 48 Volts of BOOST!!

Cleetus McFarland
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Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland 6 months ago
Guys it’s RUvid having problems not my vid. Try skipping ahead to 7:00 if you get stopped, that seems to be working for people. If it continues, perhaps logout and back in. I know there was a recent app update... ugh 😑
Geo M.
Geo M. 20 hours ago
might be your haircut that caused the issues
Roy N.
Roy N. Month ago
Dozer op
Dozer op 2 months ago
So...how much house power? Lol
bill shearer
bill shearer 3 months ago
I was able to work for a guy named Jim McFarland back in the mid nineties and we were messing with these but the ones we had were running about 8 pounds put one on a geo tracker the thing ripped . We ended up building a unit that worked off the tps
Timothy Barnett
Timothy Barnett 3 months ago
Dennis Collins from fast n loud I'd your older doppelganger.
Psychopathic Clown
Psychopathic Clown 23 hours ago
Why u people unplugged map sensor ?
Jose Felix
Jose Felix 2 days ago
J don't ever ever push the little red button (MIB)
1pyroace1 2 days ago
Didn’t think it was going to to work
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 2 days ago
Can you use this on a Hyundai?
Chase Noah okin
Chase Noah okin 4 days ago
What type of colbalt is this
Llia Olsen
Llia Olsen 5 days ago
I owned a Cobalt. It's a great car and even handles the turns well. The only issue I ever had was the coil pack going bad.
Parker Nelson
Parker Nelson 5 days ago
The blond guy that talks a lot should shut up for once
Brian Cradic San Diego
That’s not a battery it is a capacitor
DIY Fan 7 days ago
That is a supercharger not a turbocharger which is exhaust driven. Supercharger is the correct word.
Brice De Bruyne
Brice De Bruyne 8 days ago
Wow it's says "Breekbaar" :-D (or Breaknaked, for you Americans) and "Vorsicht" :-D , (or sight in front, for you Americans)
Isaac Marcos
Isaac Marcos 8 days ago
What about to test this eletric turbo in a small motor like a 1.0 or 1.4 ???
LeDondre Prescott
That shit ain't no power house it just need better tires stupid,,
LeDondre Prescott
Wassup with that haircut cletus that shit fucked up🤣🤣🤣🤷🏿‍♂️🖕🏿
TheKChek1nesss 9 days ago
1300 for the cobalt? Where are these deals I need a car
youlasty 9 days ago
an electric turbo is a supercharger 😐
Touge Warrior
Touge Warrior 9 days ago
So this is now a Hybrid?
xzero1992 9 days ago
Slams box on table. 3 seconds later realizes it isn't theirs to keep. 😂😂
Ok Dokey
Ok Dokey 7 days ago
I woulda slammed it harder
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 10 days ago
If this thing cost say 500 bucks it would totally be worth buying and slapping in your daily driver
Craig Loniewski
Craig Loniewski 10 days ago
So funny 🤣
Colin Creighton
Colin Creighton 10 days ago
What if you did a sequential setup?
Flipping with Drew and Sully
When your turbo is more expensive than the car
Jim Foster
Jim Foster 12 days ago
Get a decent hair cut jesus
Fl Fun
Fl Fun 13 days ago
thats pretty amazing..lol I own a 2019 Mustang GT Premium Performance Pack 1
tgxperience 14 days ago
I envisioned that turbo coming apart in his hands.
Justin Farris
Justin Farris 16 days ago
I guessed 119 hp stock. 🤣the guesses were way off.
Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds 18 days ago
It's not a turbo it's an electric supercharger surely.
CeleronS1 18 days ago
MCM dudes will be angry! :)
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill 19 days ago
So it’s a supercharger... nice
richystar2001 19 days ago
Just need a some sort of flowvalve to the intake. Open during neutral pressure then slams shut when the turbo spins for positive boost.
Jason Forrest
Jason Forrest 20 days ago
that's not a bowtie on that car. it's a KOTEX WITH WINGS.
B.S Noodleman
B.S Noodleman 20 days ago
It's an electric Supercharger. There is no such thing as an electric Turbocharger.
Mike Kalvin
Mike Kalvin 21 day ago
It looks so easy, still for 2500 you get what you pay for. Sometimes any way VERY GOOD
Bryce Newhart
Bryce Newhart 21 day ago
I’m curious on a gas powered leaf blower as turbo
Lee Kramer
Lee Kramer 21 day ago
Just throwing this out there try putting the turbo in the side of air box an let the stock filter get air just y it off the fresh air
RetroX 22 days ago
i think a better design would be to have a centrifigul clutch between the motor and the turbo so when off the turbo blades can free spin easily to cause less restriction
Kenyon Papen
Kenyon Papen 23 days ago
It makes less power than an equivalent normal turbo lol
Jek Grenn
Jek Grenn 20 days ago
wow u got the joke! 🏆
Tub Kevin Xiong
Tub Kevin Xiong 25 days ago
Make $$$$ of it.
Hayden Whitaker
Hayden Whitaker 25 days ago
Coulda bought a cobalt ss lmaooo
1 Ya know ive never heard such ignorance from someone in a lab coat. 2 this company gave you a 2500.00 bolt on part and then you say you wont be bias. Cute
Zigeris G
Zigeris G 26 days ago
Because of this... I wanna put one in and call it my "Lazy and Loud Pizza Delivery Sentra" ... the car itself is $900. $2.5 for electric turbo only to make about $200 bucks a night that has no factor on how fast I drive...golden.
Ergin Demirkol
Ergin Demirkol 27 days ago
part.. I'd be interested in what comes with the Honda s2000 performance ... how to try it with s2000 .. then I would order right away
Borut Goli
Borut Goli 27 days ago
First it is not a turbo but electric centrifugal compressor or how americans say a supercharger. Turbo has to have a turbine and that is on the exhaust side. So if you are making a videos please first read basic stuff.
oil Toast
oil Toast 28 days ago
It's a super charger not a turbo, a turbo is powered by exhaust gas, and a supercharger is mechanically driven.
mercyandstrength 28 days ago
I think if it was rear wheel drive it would have a better performance and do justice for the turbo.
adrian sprenger
adrian sprenger 28 days ago
try to make some different videos.. you are annoying ...
Elan Schinader
Elan Schinader 28 days ago
do it for science! really missin that section of the channel
Justus Gordon-Tilo
Justus Gordon-Tilo 29 days ago
I found where the Cobalt memes are coming from
jesse heise
jesse heise 29 days ago
For 2 and half grand u can make a Barra do 8 second passes 😂 I’ll stick to my xr6 turbo.. it’s cool it works but it’s not worth it
xl lexus
xl lexus 29 days ago
i think its wrong installation. the proper way is, the MAF sensor is before turbo.
chris rougeau
chris rougeau Month ago
2500$ for 5psi of boost on a 2.2? Haha broo , what a waste of money
Antony Rodriguez
When will it be available?
nicholas abston
nicholas abston Month ago
put a proper charge pipe on it please.
The Ram
The Ram Month ago
Love those ecotecs
Duh Volvo
Duh Volvo Month ago
Um id say that's some GT-R scramble boost haha right there
Danzik Month ago
Twin charge it!
Devin Ward
Devin Ward Month ago
Imagine if it was a cobalt SS and they essentially twincharged it
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo Month ago
Is the mullet still in style where you are from. I thought that went out in the 80s
Steven Corbo
Steven Corbo Month ago
You have no mounting brackets to hold that in place
Keep it Moving
Keep it Moving Month ago
From what I seen I definitely would spend the $2,500 on an electric turbo for a 5-4 Triton motor
tibu911 Month ago
Turbo cost more than the car
Alex C
Alex C Month ago
Image this gives tesla more torque lol
bambang santoso
bambang santoso Month ago
May be you can try out our Indonesian made Blackcore you may check it out on RUvid channel blackcore Indonesia...thanks thousands..!!
bambang santoso
bambang santoso Month ago
May be you can try out our Indonesian made Blackcore you may check it out on RUvid channel blackcore Indonesia...thanks thousands..!!
MAX MORITZ Month ago
2.2 Ecothec, way better than the old 2.2 in the Cavalier ! Btw it's really cool that electric turbo! Thanks for sharing 😊🇨🇦
Brad Cox
Brad Cox Month ago
You have spiked my interest!! However, in your test when you hit the burst, your steering control looks sketchy. Next, time put your seat belts on. I would hate to read your dObituary in the paper!! Good Luck!
Stephen King
Stephen King Month ago
Some teeth guys
Benson Tan
Benson Tan Month ago
do you have to remap the ecu for it to work??
Martinguy Month ago
Swear that chap with the funky hair looks like chucke2009 . Just had a shave.
Alan Yau Kamcha Tea Master 2018
Finally a solution for my 2001 PT non Turbo ;)
Fran Tackle
Fran Tackle Month ago
Magnetic propulsion is the future of all our energy needs when used in the correct manner wtfu movement
Peek-A-Boost Month ago
Love the video Cleet! I am starting a build of a 2017 Toyota 86 with a TORQAMP. Check it out!! ruvid.net/video/video-a2ANYEgolsU.html
Stephen Lubey
Stephen Lubey Month ago
Dr spray em all lmfao!!
zackary carpenter
Cleetus looks like Peyton Manning if he didn't get into football and instead just got into drinking
LR Music
LR Music Month ago
Ur blowing it in to a air filter ? Take the standard filter out
Slopoke Month ago
Be careful not to wreck it with all that power.
Slopoke Month ago
good for you, It's spooling in the right direction. "applause"!
Juan Ignacio Rojas Espinosa
Eso es mentira, porque aunque metas más aire al motor, si no metes tambien mas combustible, no consigues nada mas que perder potencia porque la mezcla se empobrece de combustible y la explosion es mas débil
Denali Driven
Denali Driven Month ago
It work's sadly 2500 is way to high proly fab your own tt system for that money.
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