Dwyane Wade Shocks Crowd In Last Minutes Of His FINAL MIAMI HEAT GAME! Heat vs Sixers

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Dwyane Wade Last & Final Game To End His NBA Career Is Shocking As He Shows He's Still One Of The Best! Heat vs Sixers April 9, 2019 NBA Season
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Apr 10, 2019

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Comments 4 635
Flapbackandsmack 3 hours ago
2:36 he doubled
You'reaStan aPoochaFake
That one pull up 3 was a walk. He took four steps after the dribble 😂
valerie foster carter
magical spouse most supportive happy for both buy your team.
Tat Bas
Tat Bas Day ago
I really wish he could be as humble and grateful to his ex wife. I wish they could have sit down and talk things out. His ex-wife mother took him in as her own child. Her mother was smart and turned down the house he said he would buy her. She said she would rather work and make her own money.
Quinn Thou
Quinn Thou Day ago
I See A Pornstar In The Thumbnail -Bleacher Report
Tommy Bynum
Tommy Bynum Day ago
Good shit
E T 2 days ago
How many point did he score in this game? Lol
Quintin Brewton
Quintin Brewton 2 days ago
We go miss him
KZ-Playz 2 days ago
He blowed them out bad
GOAT 2 days ago
7:23 Can someone bless me and give me her @?
Patrick Chandler
Patrick Chandler 20 hours ago
GOAT I think it’s Lana Rhodes 😂
Jayferson Borleo
Jayferson Borleo 2 days ago
nice idol your number one funs
Lawrence Miguel
Lawrence Miguel 2 days ago
The magic😉😎
Hourmazd Farhadi
Hourmazd Farhadi 3 days ago
Who's @7:24 she looks so familiar... Is she the star wars lady?
Hourmazd Farhadi
Hourmazd Farhadi 2 days ago
GOAT Daisy Ridley
GOAT 2 days ago
Star Wars lady? Tf does that mean?
Maria Jaime
Maria Jaime 5 days ago
What's with the boos 4 UD
Add flavors
Add flavors 5 days ago
Nice video
Boring Ohio
Boring Ohio 5 days ago
He is as big of faggot as his son
Luke Ab
Luke Ab 6 days ago
2:25 PAUL PIERCE SUCKS you know why he doubted Dwayne
Raiden The Mortal
@1:30 that’s not a travel?
Top This!
Top This! 6 days ago
Why does a crying white girl always take the spotlight?😑🤣😂
Top This!
Top This! 2 days ago
@GOAT how she bad and you can't even see her whole face or body? Lol.
GOAT 2 days ago
Because she bad af
Aidan Animations
Aidan Animations 7 days ago
Ahhh, HoF for sure.
Wynn_ 262
Wynn_ 262 7 days ago
1:30 travelling bruh
Esteban Moreno
Esteban Moreno 7 days ago
I like how gabi straight up assaulted dwades bum after he splashed a 3
GOAT 2 days ago
She's the alpha in the house. She like 8 or so years older than him.
News that matter
News that matter 7 days ago
White girls their hoping for that massive NBA BBC.
Bruh Boi
Bruh Boi 8 days ago
Did he die???!!
Bruh Boi
Bruh Boi 8 days ago
Prayers to his family:( 🙏🙏
DarkWolf 8 days ago
I will miss the man the myth the legend and the man who inspired me to do so much.🙏❤️
Caleb Nwaobia
Caleb Nwaobia 8 days ago
Dw3, you da man. Tell everybody go ahead tell everybody, u the man you the man, yes you are yes you are
Benny Stevens
Benny Stevens 8 days ago
When they say let’s go He thought they meant to the hall of fame
Benny Stevens
Benny Stevens 8 days ago
0:04 clear sexual assault security just stood there and let that man be humiliated
Braylon Brown
Braylon Brown 8 days ago
Anyone see bosh?
Kevin Angel
Kevin Angel 8 days ago
dang what an incredibly blessed player I grew up basically watching wade play man I remember back in 06 everytime Dwayne played it would just make me a better player as well he had that magic touch. I cant believe now hes retired this emotional for me. I have one question just where did the time GO??? God bless you and your family wade I love you boi...
Brendan Hunter
Brendan Hunter 9 days ago
Paul pierce sucks
Michael SAM
Michael SAM 9 days ago
wish dwade could dance once again next season
ekstra akount
ekstra akount 9 days ago
fish face
Cam Winnegan
Cam Winnegan 10 days ago
He betrayed king james
Kyrie Trash Choking Lirving
Who is the girl in thumbnail
davis 420
davis 420 10 days ago
He got some mad pussy
Moe Makke
Moe Makke 10 days ago
Playing like he’s in the finals ! Man stop!
Moe Makke
Moe Makke 10 days ago
What would he be doing if he didn’t play ball. Welcome to MCDS can I take your order? Or his wife , what would she do????? Umm pick cotton
eric graham
eric graham 10 days ago
If we get Westbrook hopefully DWade comes back another season or two.Top five NBA player of all time if you count in character and patience along with underrated talent.In his prime he could have taken on Kobe or Lebron one on one and have a damn good chance at winning.His amazing speed and shooting ability along with his ability to give and take punishment. His is one of the few athletes in sports that done almost everything the right way.He worked his way to the top while retaining character that made him a perfect role model which is also few and far between in todays sports.Same reasons i like the Splash brothers,Damian Lillard,Jrue Holiday,Patrick Mahomes,Nick Foles and a few others.Character along with talent.Not fake role models like Brady or Tiger Woods to name a few.
Nadav Haber
Nadav Haber 11 days ago
Great that no one thinks he was making hundreds of millions of dollars and that the crowd loved him because he is an amazing Basketball Player. Good that they only talk about what really took place - him playing for the crowd and the crowd living his personality !
Awesom Cool
Awesom Cool 11 days ago
He is just a class act and amazing champion from a rockets fan
the letter T
the letter T 11 days ago
Who tf disliked
Catchheat 47
Catchheat 47 11 days ago
This sucks because jimmy was on the way they could have made some noise
zachary Snow
zachary Snow 11 days ago
This wasn’t his last game.
eL conDor
eL conDor 11 days ago
... all for show! could he have done it all season long?
Sandiford Gervais
Sandiford Gervais 11 days ago
I'm glad the 76ers took it easy for his last game
Karl Kelly
Karl Kelly 11 days ago
Speech was meh
Saiyans Great
Saiyans Great 11 days ago
Look at Gabriel cheering him on
Brady White
Brady White 11 days ago
something tells me dwaynes wife doesn't even care, but she's just acting like she does.
Amazingbeauty Sweetheart
I honestly didn't know he even still played basketball 🏀 he's living off them Being Mary Jane checks ha ha
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