Dwyane Wade Shocks Crowd In Last Minutes Of His FINAL MIAMI HEAT GAME! Heat vs Sixers

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Dwyane Wade Last & Final Game To End His NBA Career Is Shocking As He Shows He's Still One Of The Best! Heat vs Sixers April 9, 2019 NBA Season
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Comments 100
Andrew Gilmore
So how does he shock the crowd. Someone please put at what time he shocks the crowd so I won’t have to troll this stupid vid.
samoanpunch Hour ago
Homegirl dressed to go to the club and ended up at a basketball game.
Janet Rios
Janet Rios Hour ago
Wade county
Sir Diamond
Sir Diamond Hour ago
2:26 im i hearing "paul pierce sucks"
Travis Smith
Travis Smith 2 hours ago
If you cannot clearly see how that ball was magnetic drawn into the rim on that d Wade jumpshot around the 2:57 mark. Then I have no more hope for you at this point. You'll probably be asleep forever. #MagneticRims👀👀👀
It should’ve been heat against golden state that actually would’ve been incredible to see Dwayne get pass curry
derek d
derek d 3 hours ago
That crying girl at 7:25 is every heat fan on the inside
Val Restaino
Val Restaino 11 hours ago
what were they celebrating?
Yaseen from Pali
Yaseen from Pali 12 hours ago
Why they booing udonis
Just Monika
Just Monika 12 hours ago
White Girl in the thumbnail low key looks like Lana Rhoades
Apollen 13 hours ago
**last 2 minutes of game** Videos 10 minutes long
Blazing Ice Storm
Blazing Ice Storm 14 hours ago
What happened at the time 5:18
iGooN vAMMAST3R 19 hours ago
We won’t talk about the travel at 1:38
2:24 does anyone know what the crowd was chanting?
Jordan Phillips
STK _ Day ago
1:30 with the fat travel🤣
Thanks for all the childhood memories WADE ❤️
Shawnda Dickerson
I heard they be having magnetic in them balls so the game is not even real
Joe Seida
Joe Seida Day ago
Zaire Wade bring the hype back!
SupreGucci ,
SupreGucci , Day ago
Know the heats shit again
Dylan Wade
Dylan Wade Day ago
He is my cousin
Dylan Wade
Dylan Wade Day ago
Just kidding I wish
imanuel Zandy
Am u just going to egnore the fact that the lady just hit Dwayne 🍑
2:20-2:34 why are they comparing him to kobe......smh
he in the hall of fame right cause he better be if not nba gonna have some issues with alot of people
Nicholas Iskander
3:45 anyone else think that look like Will Smith
Matthew Mudryk
@3:37 did anyone else see marlins Man
betina santos
betina santos 2 days ago
Why i dont know what happened
XxUNASxX 2 days ago
They where chanting mamba the beastiest lol
Can I get to 52k subs with 43 vids and 9k views xP
What did the grizzly say when he called the customer service? just bear with me
Shot Killerman
Shot Killerman 2 days ago
Aiden Drake Student
brayden barnett
brayden barnett 2 days ago
1:30 he traveled. like if u see it
Atem Kuany
Atem Kuany 2 days ago
2:38 Travel?
Zavier Ybarra
Zavier Ybarra 2 days ago
Number three is kicking ass
wade_welch 180
wade_welch 180 3 days ago
I thought someone said my name when I wasn’t paying attention lol
simply kemuel
simply kemuel 3 days ago
LMFAOOOO “yes gabby!” 😂
Ultra Instinct Boi
Is he retiring or switching teams
Darrell Bell
Darrell Bell 3 days ago
I swear Gabby is lit like that at every game! 😂😂 I love it! Shidd make me wanna find me a boo
#JulioJones 11
#JulioJones 11 3 days ago
I am going to miss Nowitzki a tiny bit more, but lets all show our respects and gratitude to both of these legends. Sometimes I wish there is a time machine to watch guys like - Wade, Iverson, Kidd, Nowitzki, Duncan, Kobe, Nash, Francis, Arenas, T-Mac + Shaq play again. :(
Thomas Dez
Thomas Dez 3 days ago
LeBron couldn’t even make it to his last game the Lakers was not playing that day fucked up😤😤
Gwapong taro South
If you hit! you hit! No problem.!
Ford Fan
Ford Fan 3 days ago
0:04 dwade gets slap on his ass!!! 😂
YetiBoiGaming 3 days ago
Is he retiring
Floyd White
Floyd White 3 days ago
god of war
god of war 3 days ago
nba is garbage now
Hoop_star_ 0
Hoop_star_ 0 3 days ago
7:30 who else thought he said the n word
Ludgie Holgado
Ludgie Holgado 4 days ago
Young Naruto BOIII
We all love D-Wade
og ruin yt
og ruin yt 4 days ago
He took 4 steps
og ruin yt
og ruin yt 4 days ago
He traveled
Danilo Nedeljkovic
Dirk is going to retire and vince
Danilo Nedeljkovic
Why did wade retire 😥😥😥😥
Help me get 10000 subcribers With two videos
What would the NBA be without the best players like wade curry Lebron...🧐
lyhthegreat 3 days ago
there will always be new stars coming up
QNX Emilio
QNX Emilio 4 days ago
8:16 is it just me or is the crowd booing him
VTX Melon
VTX Melon 15 hours ago
Maybe they just didn’t want him to retire
lyhthegreat 3 days ago
that's weird if they were because that man played for the heats for 16 years straight...
Brie Lancaster
Brie Lancaster 4 days ago
Cornrows look tight as shit and fresh AS.
Dream Walker
Dream Walker 4 days ago
We still love you wade. And wait what happened to Chris bosh
Young NosaTv
Young NosaTv 3 days ago
Blood clots just like Brandon ingram going threw
YoBoiEverywhere 3 days ago
Chris Bosh retired because of Health issues
Junior Pereyda
Junior Pereyda 5 days ago
Dwade wade is hella trash
ZekSkywalker 7824
Even though Im not a true fan, I give props to this guy for being the man of Basketball Talent
Dark 4 days ago
ZekSkywalker 7824 yo where is your pfp from?
Attach 5 days ago
Definitely smashed after this 😉
Drew Smith
Drew Smith 5 days ago
Anybody agree that Chris Bosh looks like Snoop Dog
lyhthegreat Day ago
+Thot Police nope think he retired..
Thot Police
Thot Police 2 days ago
Chris Bosh still plays?
lyhthegreat 3 days ago
hell yes..he just need some dreads and he'll be looking like him
Avocaduhh 3 days ago
Ikr xD
guess who
guess who 5 days ago
Vince carter is 42 Dwayne wade 36 and vince ain't retire yet
Dark 4 days ago
guess who and? People can choose when they want to retire
Liam Silva
Liam Silva 5 days ago
I’m not crying u are 😢
Kendal Robinson
Kendal Robinson 5 days ago
Bro about to cry
LGNDz -_-Wisdom
LGNDz -_-Wisdom 5 days ago
He’s amazing but that team is dodo I wanna see how he does against the golden stare warriors
Luis Pacheco
Luis Pacheco 4 days ago
LGNDz -_-Wisdom he hit the game winner against the warriors this year and dropped 25 so stfu bitch
Tep !
Tep ! 5 days ago
C J 5 days ago
Came here for the girl man 7:24 btw
mini slim
mini slim 5 days ago
Much respect. Played on the same team for 16 years. That's loyalty
Metallix 7 hours ago
mini slim not 16 straight years
YaBoyNate 2 days ago
mini slim is your I.Q. Like 7?
R Randomizer legend123
+Lonzo's Jumpshot he still played for that team for a long time and retired in a heat jersey
Geoffrey 3 days ago
Solid SOB you really are toxic
Solid SOB
Solid SOB 3 days ago
mini slim Go watch despicable me you don’t know shit!
tyfoonsocray tv
tyfoonsocray tv 6 days ago
Were going miss you wade thank you for all those years have a good life ,✌✌✌💪💪
your ex real
your ex real 6 days ago
Like this if you already miss wade
Swag Allestic
Swag Allestic 6 days ago
That man got the best supporter in the whole wide word
Sumera Aslam
Sumera Aslam 6 days ago
Not to ruin the moment but was he sleeping when he was talking But what a man he is,we love you D
Joey 9
Joey 9 6 days ago
Nowitzki's retirement was more emotional.
izhaac the vloger
That means wayed are retire pls like this if it is true
Riley Dela Rosa
Riley Dela Rosa 7 days ago
Shocked! They are all basketball players what's so seems to be the problem with that! And way you always used the word shocked or shocking. Fucking idiot!
Joey Huncho
Joey Huncho 7 days ago
That was one ugly baby
Joey Huncho
Joey Huncho 7 days ago
Dude gave 100% one game sad af
Joey Huncho
Joey Huncho 7 days ago
Trash ass
sophia martin
sophia martin 7 days ago
That guy traveled at 2:44
Tuck Talker
Tuck Talker 7 days ago
So sad moment in the start and then "GOING UP!"
Ashley Campbell
Ashley Campbell 7 days ago
I love how she was into the game just as much as the fans were. Instead of just sitting there like a prim and proper wife with her legs crossed. That's me as a wife LOL
HotDog Water
HotDog Water 7 days ago
Damn man who’s cuttin onions 😢
Jazz Lng
Jazz Lng 7 days ago
I think I've seen Lana rhoades in the thumb nail
d6rk 7 days ago
I came for the white girl in the thumbnail
Don Gino
Don Gino 7 days ago
Lets not skip da fact dat he missed dat chair 😆
Mike August
Mike August 7 days ago
Rickety-knees Wade
Ryan Uranga
Ryan Uranga 7 days ago
I thought that was Lana Rhoads on the thumbnail
John leger
John leger 7 days ago
Mmmm!!! Did he rasie any one from the dead? Or cure the sick or blind? Pay tribute to your Lord Jesus Christ and savior.
Made bOy
Made bOy 7 days ago
It a be Wade county for lyfe💯#Heatnation
Im happy because he retired to her team and for her sopportive wive
Oneshottwo 8 days ago
Mad respect to Haslem We’ll miss you dwade
AdustHickory 76
AdustHickory 76 8 days ago
Did anyone else see the guy flicking off Dwayne at the very beginning of the video?
mango genius
mango genius 8 days ago
So hard to see your favorite player retires #alloffamer
Rodolfo Majikina
Rodolfo Majikina 8 days ago
2:19 looks like Brandon Jennings son
b21nTV 9 days ago
Deven Wheatle
Deven Wheatle 9 days ago
That Gabrielle Union ass slap during a game got me so weak 😂😂😂😂😂
DaFuzzBearYT 9 days ago
The Heat have to get Zaire at all costs they need to always have the Wade's on their team
Ifeco Nne
Ifeco Nne 10 days ago
He put up some show but his wife top it all.
Adeel Javed
Adeel Javed 11 days ago
Molvie great
NATIVEQUEEN3939 11 days ago
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