Dwyane Wade Shocks Crowd In Last Minutes Of His FINAL MIAMI HEAT GAME! Heat vs Sixers

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Dwyane Wade Last & Final Game To End His NBA Career Is Shocking As He Shows He's Still One Of The Best! Heat vs Sixers April 9, 2019 NBA Season
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Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 80
DatBoyFlash 6 months ago
I’m not crying, we all are!😭
Heinz Kester Pua
Heinz Kester Pua 6 months ago
"Looking ahead next year, let it be a better year at home." HE CALLED IT
Sugar Baby Charly
Sugar Baby Charly 6 months ago
Silvanus Clarke
Silvanus Clarke 6 months ago
I’m from miami , we’re going to miss wade county
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 6 months ago
Congrats D Wade on a long and illustrious career. Chitown stand up!
Jazz Travis
Jazz Travis 6 months ago
He tired ass heck
a r
a r 6 months ago
Wtf Haslem is still there
AL OR 6 months ago
That stupid ass wife he has ruins it all...🤮🤮🤮
Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham 6 months ago
Best heat player of all time
Octavio de sá
Octavio de sá 6 months ago
LeJon Leonard
LeJon Leonard 6 months ago
Hubby and wife took child to gay day at the beach....this is what happens when you mix with a race of devils.
yallipop 6 months ago
Paul Pierce sucks 😂😂💀💀💀💀
Splash Boy Jay
Splash Boy Jay 7 months ago
I wish Chris Bosh was as respected like Dwayne Wade and Lebron James the Big 3 were truly the greatest 3 of all time in my opinion!!!!!!!
GSHeverything _27
GSHeverything _27 7 months ago
What a game that was man, watching the highlights gave me goosebumps.
hwlzy 7 months ago
Imagine LeBron pulled up on his Miami Jersey
Jay ronie Mariano
Jay ronie Mariano 7 months ago
This pretty girl cries at 7:23 so damn 😍😍😍
Frugal Levi
Frugal Levi 7 months ago
Much respect for D Wade and Udonis Haslem. These two are together when they won their first ring along with Shaq and never Udonis never left even after not getting another ring for years.
Wee Chong
Wee Chong 7 months ago
Is no one going to talk about how 7:23 looked alot like Lana Rhoades
That Piece of Pube On your Mama's Soup
they're not even guarding him though, out of respect for his last game.
alan shelly koshy
alan shelly koshy 6 months ago
@Yohannes Aklog not even close to k9bes last game
Yohannes Aklog
Yohannes Aklog 7 months ago
What are u talking about lol he wad giving them buckets they cant guard him literlay they was guarding him every time lol hitting shots
Iamtummylicious M
Iamtummylicious M 7 months ago
Jordan and bryant plays every game like it's their last. This is what separates them among everyone else. Their clutch, assassin mentality, airness makes them standout from the league. Now it's kawhi leonards era.
Jack Vermeeren
Jack Vermeeren 7 months ago
If your watching in 2019 you should know that he came back to the Lakers
kerwin jaradun
kerwin jaradun 7 months ago
your so amezing D'wade. your the best players i miss you and all of the miami players.
Rc Llagas
Rc Llagas 7 months ago
We love you!!!
Rc Llagas
Rc Llagas 7 months ago
Awww im cryingggg
Sean Persiani
Sean Persiani 7 months ago
im a sixers fan but i wanted dwyane to win this game
Master B
Master B 7 months ago
“Oh yeah its all coming together” 2:11
Ron DXB 7 months ago
My wade 😍
Seul Bear
Seul Bear 7 months ago
You are the best wade
Joshua.E 1k13
Joshua.E 1k13 7 months ago
WADE FOREVER!!!! Im happy he retired with a 30 point finishing game.
ta_kranx 7 months ago
Why must wade retire 😭😭😭
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 7 months ago
Ya saw how he fell and hit that lady in the throat haha
johnny coole
johnny coole 7 months ago
WTF hhhhhh 2:51
aggiesoldier 7 months ago
I am a OKC Thunder fan and I had the chance to see D-Wade and the Heat play. I don't care what team you cheer for, when a NBA great comes to play you go see! It was a treat to see him play ball that night!
Conway Kruskal
Conway Kruskal 7 months ago
Hans Ethan G. Soberano
I wish he would come out of retirement to play in the Tokyo Olympics like Magic Johnson did with the dream team
Sam Madison
Sam Madison 7 months ago
we will always remember wade in our heart
Clash of clans gaming
Ellamay Jabonillo
Ellamay Jabonillo 7 months ago
bosh whats live wow
Amiya Black
Amiya Black 7 months ago
This is like my boyfriend at my games he always gotta have the bottom row seat so he can yell at me💙.
Eternal style
Eternal style 7 months ago
Wade is my favorite player damnnn whyy 😩😩
Janskie Eulogio
Janskie Eulogio 7 months ago
Barry Biggs
Barry Biggs 7 months ago
D Wade will forever be remembered in the the Nba for being a dominant force💪💪
Sandra Carter
Sandra Carter 7 months ago
Mitsuki Yakama
Mitsuki Yakama 7 months ago
I'm sad that the champions wore another jersey :(( and retired
dada dada
dada dada 7 months ago
Lohith S
Lohith S 7 months ago
8:22 is that Paul Heyman in disguise.he has the same voice and appearence but the only difference is that he is black
Thanks for Golden buzzer....for V Unbeatable....🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Mike Gee
Mike Gee 7 months ago
@ 2:08 - Was that Christie Teigen getting all hot and bothered by Wade? Gabrielle better watch out ( keep your friends close and your " FRIENAMIES closer")😂
MarioSaraWright 7 months ago
Men ur wife buy ur side that's a blessing man one love🇨🇦🇯🇲🇨🇦🇯🇲🇨🇦🇯🇲 god bless
Sylvie Cisse
Sylvie Cisse 7 months ago
Wade lol
Snowpire 7 months ago
Hi guys I need not just your audience but comments on my new demo please click the linkruvid.net/video/video-awu10bIa71U.html
SMG7 —Deon_da_beast_23
Wade is the bro, he’s the hero of Miami #L3GACY
Waldoffy 8 months ago
This isn’t his last game
Pravachan patra
Pravachan patra 8 months ago
Sorry to be that guy but at 1:28 he travels He dribbles then took 4 steps Don’t be roasting me if I am wrong. 😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️😒
Pravachan patra
Pravachan patra 8 months ago
He’s initials r P.P🍆
Pravachan patra
Pravachan patra 8 months ago
How is that not a travel how can someone possibly prove that wrong?😰😰😰
Pravachan patra
Pravachan patra 8 months ago
Damn how did the refs not c that????
Pravachan patra
Pravachan patra 8 months ago
Yeah I think he’s right he should be a ref🤔🤔
Lorina Barlizo
Lorina Barlizo 8 months ago
My crush and my idol..
Top Ten
Top Ten 8 months ago
Felenti 8 months ago
see blackman thats how you do it look who is having your kids and taking your money when they leave your dumb a$$ a fool and his money are lucky too get together in the first place bang the hoes marry a black or mixed queen thank me later
imobeus1 8 months ago
O_O ???
Deonce Rankin
Deonce Rankin 8 months ago
I pray to God their home with little princess Kaavia who has completed the family with their sons will put God first, family, etc! I pray God grant them Dewayne & Gabrielle, his loving dedicated wife to work.with at risk children. Souls are lost day and night because of the devil plots and works. If YOUTH are taught and in better environments they would have a better chance at life! I know it can be done if we.all would chip in giving service to them. I try to help the hungry starving orphans when I am able. My ❤ aches to see and know a life can be save just a slice of bread or a cup or bowl of soup. I would like to do this project the Good Lord has vision in my mind just waiting on a helping hand to get it done! When the Lord returns...He will ask us about MATTHEW 25 CHAPTER! WHAT WILL WE TELL HIM THEN? THERE WILL BE NO EXCUSES! Love you all with the Joy of the Lord!
Eric Bell
Eric Bell 8 months ago
classy AF. unlike this comment.
Bunnyfufu 757
Bunnyfufu 757 8 months ago
Damn it I'm crying
natacha pem
natacha pem 8 months ago
I feel like they let him have his moment because it was his last lol.
Veronica Rose Martinez
my Idol dwayne
Online Punjab
Online Punjab 8 months ago
Im bg fan dwyane wade love you from india
Anthony Henry
Anthony Henry 8 months ago
Congrats man congratulations
Penuel Yahu
Penuel Yahu 8 months ago
Minute 1:22 Vanity, all vanity., This arena, all this is vanity. A grown man with is pants low/Butt out. If you're black and you're not serving Yahuah, you're doing nothing!!!
Doran Yahsharahla
Doran Yahsharahla 8 months ago
Haslem travels every time he touches the ball 😒😞😔
George Busybee
George Busybee 8 months ago
Izaia Morris
Izaia Morris 8 months ago
Were the crowd sayin Kobe sucks smh
teresa wicks
teresa wicks 8 months ago
Ziare looks like both his mom and dad. And I know Gabrielle Union is not his mother.
Production Pro with Mikey
im glad i had a dog named after him !! all respect and love for u LEGEND 💕
Ivan Yadao
Ivan Yadao 8 months ago
Imagine watching Bron's last game tho
DJ MR FROG 8 months ago
The best Humble player d.wade
reggie miranda
reggie miranda 8 months ago
2014 i miss Miami the line up is very good
Gavin YT
Gavin YT 8 months ago
Walter Vielman
Walter Vielman 8 months ago
With all the respect to Wade and admiration the only thing I will remember from this video is at 3:44 Because who in their right mind was wearing a golden glove and why!!!🤣🤣🤣
Da Check
Da Check 8 months ago
My Favorite NBA player of all time #flash
dith T. Canggat
dith T. Canggat 8 months ago
Dwayne Wade 👊👊
Toàn Chelsea
Toàn Chelsea 8 months ago
Đánh hay lắm
Jordan Dobbins
Jordan Dobbins 8 months ago
Did they say kobe sucks
Tyronne 100102
Tyronne 100102 9 months ago
my all time favorite player! 1. D- Wade 2. LBJ 3. MJ 4. KB24 5. Tmac
Henry Olonan
Henry Olonan 9 months ago
D.Wade deserve a MVP title. Salute to you🏀🔥
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