Dwyane Wade offers rare glimpse into his private life in new documentary l ABC News

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The former NBA star talks about, "D. Wade: Life Unexpected," that looks at his life on and off the court with never-before-seen home movies and exclusive video diaries from the last decade.
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Feb 18, 2020




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Shoe String
Shoe String Day ago
SMH damn Wade you failed at teaching your son to be a man (SHAME ON YOU) your job is to teach him right GOOFY
Doc Smith
Doc Smith 6 days ago
Take the red pill
Jeffrey Agu
Jeffrey Agu 10 days ago
His eyes, he's voice, he's not happy at all...
YNR Road2Riches CEO
Sick. Anyone Who Have Eyes Will Clearly See Thats A He / Boy / Male, If Not Tell Me How....Sick World
sif x.z
sif x.z Month ago
a person born with a penis is nobody's daughter, dumass!
Duncan Diamond
Duncan Diamond Month ago
It’s a DAMN BOY ...........
nicholas hines
nicholas hines 2 months ago
Vera Verhoeven
Vera Verhoeven 2 months ago
Kietta Mayweather Gamble 9 part interview of Siovaughn and her MOTHER is soul shaking,
Vera Verhoeven
Vera Verhoeven 2 months ago
Four words: Kietta Mayweather Gamble interviews.
Tyara Bennett
Tyara Bennett 2 months ago
I just can’t support this! Them as parents showing that they’d accept anything that young is them trying to befriend him. Like he said, “the son sat the parents down at the table” not the other way around. SMH
hatter 2 months ago
dwade been suspect for years,,not surprised at all
Daniella Gemechu
Daniella Gemechu 2 months ago
Child abuse
Jaye Cliff
Jaye Cliff 2 months ago
Its ridiculous that people think just cause ur 12 you dont know who u are and try to justify things like oh "when i was younger i wanted to be iron man" to something as complex as transgender but I'm not surprised its something that blacks have always been ignorant about especially when they dont know anything about it and never doing research. I bet if you surveyed a bunch of blacks they would say they rather have a son that was shooting guns than see he Him holding hands with another man mostly do to the fear of the thoughts of other blacks but be too afraid to admit it. Everybodies mind is different at any age you'd be surpised by the things youre might find out about them self if they wasn't scared to come to you.
Edgar Reyes
Edgar Reyes 2 months ago
People need to stop referring him a her because hes not a girl that's a boy. It's crazy transgendered people want to be accepted for who they are yet the weren't able to accept themselves for who they were 🧐 Stop enabling this thats bs 🤔
Rachel Fisher
Rachel Fisher 2 months ago
with compassion: ruvid.net/video/video-ONyCmKh9IIs.html
Sola Ladipo EL
Sola Ladipo EL 2 months ago
I am an American born in England , this is no sarcasm! I’ve always felt like an American! Both my marriages were to American Women! I can’t stand the English!! True story!💯
Sarah Angel
Sarah Angel 2 months ago
So sick of him and his family already. They'll be the next to fall.😣
nassauleaf 2 months ago
Lydia Spencer
Lydia Spencer 2 months ago
He’s gay 🤷🏽‍♀️
Shaun Lowekey45
Shaun Lowekey45 2 months ago
I personally don't think that his son/child are making this decision, Dwayne Wade knew that he have a son, but all of a sudden Dwayne Wade is calling his son, she, but in this interview Dwayne said that his son said that, I am not gay, but I like boy's, come on this doesn't sound right to me or anyone else that is watching this. Bro try to stop living your life through your son, IJS, because what I see, just imagine and those DSL.
Carmen Ballew
Carmen Ballew 2 months ago
Why does everyone in the media keep calling his Son She..This is so wrong on so many levels..Shame on Dwayne Wade and Gabriel Union.
Jerry Oconnell
Jerry Oconnell 2 months ago
Nonye Ike Reed
Nonye Ike Reed 2 months ago
In a few years to come a lot of people would start to understand why Kanye decided to turn himself and his family to God..that is the highest and BEST foundation you could lay for your children.
Kyll Crispy
Kyll Crispy 2 months ago
This is fucked up!!
Mark Nigga
Mark Nigga 2 months ago
They disgust me 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Mark Nigga
Mark Nigga 2 months ago
Dwade is fucking sick......
Preme Supreme
Preme Supreme 2 months ago
He Busta 4 this 1!
Gods Squad
Gods Squad 2 months ago
No your job as a parent is to lead your God Gifted children back to Christ in order for them to walk daily in Christ. The Lord made Men and Women and he said it was good so this young Child is under an Spiritual attack. So I just want to pray for The Wade family to seek God for the answers.
boss 8430
boss 8430 2 months ago
This kid needs someone else to look up too. Smh. Horrible decision.....to go on every news outlet basically on a pro tour and announce it that is...
boss 8430
boss 8430 2 months ago
What happens when the child is 22(adult) and changes his mind and realizes he shouldn’t have been able to make that call? You’re allowing a child to make a life changing ADULT decision that can’t be reversed. Unfair to this child. P.S WHY ARE YOU ON A PR TOUR ABOUT IT!! EVEN IF SO ALLOW IT WHY PUT THIS ON EVERY NEWS CYCLE. POOR KID IS GETTING KILLED ON THE INTERNET SMFH
Daphne Rush
Daphne Rush 2 months ago
There is a demonic spirit on this child and someone should be praying it off this family. Sad to say they do not know they are calling God wrong for making him as a boy. This is why they come out from behind the scene.
KiwiRosa 3 months ago
How could Zion be a straight trans and like boys? He is a male
KiwiRosa 3 months ago
Does his trans son use a female toilet or wear female clothes?
Juju 3 months ago
If my child ever said he feels like he's a girl, I would first try to figure out what traumatized him, then let him know that I love him as a boy & give him more love, attention, & support. I would also make sure he has enough positive male role models around & restrict all tv & online videos & music. Use your head instead of taking the lazy route & accepting whatever comes out of your child's mouth. Maybe you've left your child alone too much with other people. Did you know that your son could be crying inside for real love & help, but doesn't know how to articulate it? He may have been exposed to drugs from the biological mom which could have altered his hormones as well. With all the money DWade has he can definitely afford to have his son's hormone levels checked. Come on now. Stop allowing fame to brainwash you.
Elle Childs
Elle Childs 3 months ago
No disrespect, ever, however my son comes home from kindergarten, not even school, that there is no difference between boys and girls. No difference at all. Well there is. Physically to start with. That’s just the start. Isn’t it ok to be a man and isn’t it ok to be a woman? Shouldn’t we embrace what we were born as? That doesn’t mean you can’t be with the same sex in a relationship.......but let’s embrace who we were born as......no hate just want everyone to be happy 🙏❤️
Uncle Brotha
Uncle Brotha 3 months ago
Is anyone hearing this lolllll
Uncle Brotha
Uncle Brotha 3 months ago
They keep saying she to push it on us these ppl are sick
Uncle Brotha
Uncle Brotha 3 months ago
Sick fucks all apart of the agenda they want us to be stupid and call ppl born what they are the opposite sick fucks undoing gods work
Tikeyah Whittle
Tikeyah Whittle 3 months ago
I think it’s so beautiful how Dwayne Wade is supporting his daughter and respecting who she truly is. With him being such a figure of masculinity as a basketball player, and also being from the black community where being anything but straight usually carries an unfortunate stigma, I love how he’s using his platform tell people it’s okay to be accepting ❤️
Uncle Brotha
Uncle Brotha 3 months ago
They want us to be stupid this boy is a Fkn make no matter how many idiots wanna call the man a she look at wades face you can tell he’s not happy and confused
H4WK3YE 3 months ago
“Powerful Message”. ? Dog u trippin
john de leon
john de leon 3 months ago
Wade wants to be Kobe!!! Kobe - Dear Basketball Wade - The Last Dance (corny and long) Kobe - Supports WNBA Wade - Supports LGBTQ Kobe - Best Girl Dad Wade - Trying to be a girl dad
Johnny Fuego
Johnny Fuego 3 months ago
The world has gone to hell. This is child abuse at its finest and the world is promoting this. Sad and evil.
Ray Harvey
Ray Harvey 3 months ago
How come he never mentioned the White "gay" male nanny he hired a long time ago to watch his kids? Looks like he scrubbed all images of this person off his instigram as well. Who the heck hires a gay man to watch their young sons???
bonzograce 3 months ago
When I was young 8-10 years I used to wonder what it was like to be a boy, I actually was a Tom boy, but that did not mean to go extreme and want to exchange my mary to become a johnny. It was just curiosity and it stopped right there. Who leads the parents or the children 🚸
bonzograce 3 months ago
In Africa, like righ now I wouldn't have had a bum by now, my Dad would get the crap outta me. Remember the way SLAVE Master used to Use SHABOKO. SHABOKO would be gift for me from Papa. In Africa we no go play oooooo
Sinatra Thomas
Sinatra Thomas 3 months ago
How does a child know their true identity at 3 years old when they are barely talking and walking, and they haven't even experienced life yet?
Lucky Verkes
Lucky Verkes 3 months ago
So many transgender lately... transgender fever!
yaboysiah 3 months ago
If I have a son and he's gay, I not accepting that bro. Imma be like bro ur to have a good wife and ur going to have my grandkids. On God 😂😂😂
Dangerdebbs Short Films
You are dealing with it in a good way. I wonder if she in LGBT Youth group
catrin fried
catrin fried 3 months ago
geil 🤙
Regina Hoggan
Regina Hoggan 3 months ago
I mean he gets hes nails and toes painted and wear feminine clothes so wtf man
Regina Hoggan
Regina Hoggan 3 months ago
Horrible Horrible Horrible
Kelly rhoodes
Kelly rhoodes 3 months ago
All we can do is pray
raphael makombo
raphael makombo 3 months ago
We still love you even though you in the wrong way, cause the love that we have toward big HEROES, that Love IS Able to bring this family back in the correct way.
corey banks
corey banks 3 months ago
Bible vs of the day It's better for a man to be thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck and drown that to lead a little one astray. God made all things good he created male male and female female. You cant change what god has made perfect in his eyes
Sandra Weeks
Sandra Weeks 3 months ago
Lord let these people know that you make no mistakes. You made Zion a male, period! Let Zion know that you still love him
Rushan Taylor
Rushan Taylor 3 months ago
I think gabby pushed this on the son purposely...i can see her sitting next to him at home watching tv saying "isnt he cute" or "i would date him"
Ricketts Racing
Ricketts Racing 3 months ago
WOW!!! 12 years old and THIS is a decision that is made at this age??? The kid hasn't even gone through puberty yet. This is sooooooo wrong.
Lula McCaskill
Lula McCaskill 3 months ago
At 12 this boy never got a hard on..
Lula McCaskill
Lula McCaskill 3 months ago
Lula McCaskill
Lula McCaskill 3 months ago
Smh.Who the man how in the hell can a 3 year old boy know he is a dam girl..
DREISKINS101 3 months ago
Super High
Super High 3 months ago
I'm sick of this BS!
Sluggy One
Sluggy One 3 months ago
Stop saying she. That's what is missing her up. Wade you a stupid person. You need to lead your family be a man dog. Don't cut it off 🐕.
La'Shuna Branch
La'Shuna Branch 3 months ago
So, If He At 12 Says, I Want To Have Sex With A Man, Would You Allow It? So, You’re Allowing A 12 Year Old Confused Child To Lead You?! 🤔
Yusuf Jackson
Yusuf Jackson 3 months ago
Child abuse dangled in front of everyone. USA has become the laughing stock of the world. He looks like a fool.
Audriana Badbicch
Audriana Badbicch 3 months ago
I fukkin shhhlove you, TRANS woman right here that transitioned at 14 and I'm also black and white but my black FATHER knew I was different and I love you so much cuz trans woman are not EVIL nor are we the fukkin Blame cuz we been here so STFU with All that 💯😡
Audriana Badbicch
Audriana Badbicch 3 months ago
I love him..I really miss my dad, cuz he reminds me of my daddy! I love you Wade ❤️💙
Joseph Luxamar
Joseph Luxamar 3 months ago
What a shame interview I just watch 🤮.
Mia Hughes
Mia Hughes 3 months ago
It’s been two years since husband cheated. he has done everything he can to fix his mistake. I just can’t get over the fact some other girl was having sex with him while he was married to me. Two years and I still can’t stomach it. @redhackpro on instagram he was able to hack into my husband mobile phone, You can also send him a whatsapp messages +1 937-815-1491. he has changed. he has learned his lesson. What good is that now? All I see is a nasty slut who had a nasty girl on him with his penis in her.
Tiffany Saffold
Tiffany Saffold 3 months ago
And you're talking w GAY media because you know they celebrate.you around the table with yall father the Devil. SICKOS
Tiffany Saffold
Tiffany Saffold 3 months ago
We see how you have taken sides with Satan and you're so DISGUSTING about it. I'm so glad you're done w ball because I want you to GO AWAY. YOU GABRIELLE AND YOUR ENTIRE LIFE
oblivion85 3 months ago
Wade looks dead inside.
Peace And Love
Peace And Love 3 months ago
12 year old son..That child doesn't know her sexuality yet...wow!! Hollywood so evil...NBA included...She knew when she was three???!!! Insane ugh
Elesa Nurse
Elesa Nurse 3 months ago
Dewayne need ro lose hia parental rights PERIOD
Reabetswe Iman Moabi
Kid is just confused... why was this even on TV😑
Shanta's Talk-Learn & Chat Channel
I typically would not comment on this but my advice to Dwayne Wade would be to really seek the face of The Lord right now before moving forward; We should lead our kids ; we as parents are accountable to The Lord as it relates to our children. Much Prayer is needed here. This breaks my heart ❤️
Ahki 1 Yasharahla
Ahki 1 Yasharahla 3 months ago
He said he’s learning what he s really learning is Modern Sodom and Gomorrah,the Gates will not open for him and a lake of fire will await (Bible).
Inspired By
Inspired By 3 months ago
Knew it was such a bad decision him having full custody. A child always needs their mother
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