Dusty Old Relic - Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb Gameplay

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Given how easily Indy avoided all those pitfalls, darts, and giant boulders, it's no wonder we was able to dodge that statutory rape charge. Just kidding. It probably wasn't even a crime back then. Bum-buh-bum-baaah, Bum-buh-baaaahhh!

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10 фев 2019

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Robin H
Robin H 5 часов назад
This game is so fun and so retarded please god make this into a series
Bean 7 часов назад
When he fell on the skeleton they should've said hey carrie Fisher
WayJay День назад
my favorite thing is how their harrison ford slowly devolves into nixon
MoltenCarnage День назад
This game is actually great
Cee Cypher Punk
Cee Cypher Punk День назад
Bruce’s Harrison Ford sounds like Adam West
69l 3 дня назад
Keep trannies out of my restrooms plz
Barny5ive 4 дня назад
Finally had the time to get to this video... I want a Part 2 real bad!!!
Felix Larsson
Felix Larsson 5 дней назад
Part twooooooo nooow
Flea060594 5 дней назад
flentaldoss 5 дней назад
I haven't even watched the video yet, just wanted to give Bones props for the description. I swear a part of me will die if they ever stop the descriptions
CassTeaElle 5 дней назад
It's always been a dream of mind to run into the Funhaus crew at Disneyland (I, too, go there often, even though I'm definitely not rich), and now I just really really want to go on Indiana Jones with James so damn badly.
Ashlyn Knight
Ashlyn Knight 5 дней назад
Why am I just now getting this?😂
NEGATEtheSTATE 5 дней назад
James, .500 batting average is fuking awesome btw
Henry Walton Jones Jr
Henry Walton Jones Jr 6 дней назад
Chris Fox
Chris Fox 6 дней назад
7:20 lmao he shot his friend.
Alex Shepherd
Alex Shepherd 6 дней назад
Please make a part 2. This was one of my favorite games as a kid.
planeboy1324 6 дней назад
Hilarious, part 2 please!!
theking0075 6 дней назад
Forget part 2, make this a weekly series.
Draco 6 дней назад
its sweet how Elise still backtracks her jokes because shes so compassionate
olliepoplol 7 дней назад
You guys remember that Harrison Ford movie where he plays an angry scientist on the edge who doesn’t play by the rules (but deep down inside he’s a softy) and they cure some disease and Brandon Fraser’s kinda just there the whole time? Yeah, me neither.
scitechian 7 дней назад
If this had been a gameplay of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, I would have straight-up jizzed in my pants.
YaBoi J Plays
YaBoi J Plays 7 дней назад
*bit about regrowing face* Me:I wonder how that would look❓ 🧐 1 sec later Welp...I’m traumatized
Fer3x3 7 дней назад
Hey... Y'all leaves Cat Grant alone. XD
jmanthunderbolt 7 дней назад
I wish I had a batting average of 50%
Jason nec
Jason nec 7 дней назад
The clip of the face melting in reverse is the best thing I have seen all year.
Ethan Haywood
Ethan Haywood 8 дней назад
This game was my childhood...
Matt Ruetz
Matt Ruetz 8 дней назад
_Indiana Bones and the Crystal Skull Fuck_ ?
Jojo mania V
Jojo mania V 8 дней назад
That's Dr. Willems to you!!
Burningriver 8 дней назад
Classic caiman. Bites and rolls then immediately let’s go if it’s prey 😂
filesers 8 дней назад
Please keep this going for the love of god
Patrick Graham
Patrick Graham 8 дней назад
You guys have to play Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine. Now that's OG
Austin May
Austin May 9 дней назад
I just want a 20 minute video of Adam and James making Harrison Ford references back and forth
Cryin' Bryan
Cryin' Bryan 9 дней назад
man funhaus found the machete wayyy faster than achievement hunter
ุ ุ
ุ ุ 9 дней назад
Seriously this is the only time these guys make videos worth watching 😓
TacoRising 9 дней назад
What were they playing it on? I'm playing it on PS2 and it looks like shit.
Drugs Bunny
Drugs Bunny 9 дней назад
Please do a part 2, this was awesome! I was a huuuge indiana jones fan as a kid and grew up playing this game when I was 9 or 10 so it's super rad to relive those memories but with the hilarious commentary
LivEdEviL 9 дней назад
This is my new favorite video. Couldn't stop laughing. There better be a part 2.
Brandon Silbor
Brandon Silbor 9 дней назад
Unpopular opinion: I enjoy Temple of Doom more than Last Crusade. But none of them can live up to Raiders.
Cpt Mcnugget
Cpt Mcnugget 9 дней назад
shouldn't have taken a drink at 8:13.
Lukeprosser5595 9 дней назад
make this a series plz
MeditatedNut 333
MeditatedNut 333 10 дней назад
This is easily the best indiana jones game ever made
Allen Brown
Allen Brown 10 дней назад
Did elyse bleach her hair?
SleepingAgent 10 дней назад
Elyse looked so disappointed/guilty with herself after those Calista jokes, haha. They were hilarious though!
patrick ross
patrick ross 10 дней назад
i hope there a part 2. but not for the gameplay, for the commentary
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 10 дней назад
This game just looks like a rip-off of Pitfall.
Callum Russell
Callum Russell 10 дней назад
3:40 I’m legit crying 😂😂🤣
christian lolomatauama
christian lolomatauama 10 дней назад
Did he kiss bruces head?
wtfsaywat 10 дней назад
"Boys are boys, girls are girls" - Bruce Greene
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson 10 дней назад
I can't tell if i'm reading between the lines too much, or they just people having a good time.
OmegaWafflesHax 10 дней назад
I rewatched the movies recently man I love these movies but there is alot of shit I didn't know, like marion was underage when they started going out he was 27 she was 16. And temple of doom is a prequel. But while I don't like temple of doom the most out of the three and only three movies its the last for me but It does have the scene that made Indiana Jones iconic, when the kids push up the mine cart and it shines the light to unveil him and he beats up the guard. Probably out of all the movies the 3rd is my favorite.
where's the jump button
where's the jump button 10 дней назад
a batting average of 50% is not bad right?
MRMRMIXMAN 10 дней назад
This was brilliant and I can't wait for Bruce's reaction to the chinese chase scene
Spark Bears
Spark Bears 10 дней назад
Good, clean Fun. Although WOW they roasted Ford, Lucas and Flockhart like a buncha chestnuts. Hoping for more of this game.
Regan Lippitt
Regan Lippitt 10 дней назад
This was my favourite game when I was a kid. Please play it all!
Zack Lenhart
Zack Lenhart 10 дней назад
Me unknowingly when I was 9 met James Willems at Disney World
adam west
adam west 10 дней назад
love this
Eli Hoover
Eli Hoover 10 дней назад
Y'all should play blue blaze cross battle. It has Ruby Rose from RWBY
Platoon Goon
Platoon Goon 10 дней назад
Alanah > Elyse
Pace Weitkamp
Pace Weitkamp 10 дней назад
No more until dawn?
vile46 10 дней назад
Found it! Harison Ford Whip song ruvid.net/video/видео-NwJTBi9_8hI.html
Voraxe 10 дней назад
Whips kill... They breK eda sound barrier
Matt Mclellan
Matt Mclellan 10 дней назад
Indiana Bones in the Temple of Poon
tupr 10 дней назад
Please do a part 2! I want to see the big croc
Kenneth O’Connor
Kenneth O’Connor 10 дней назад
This video had me weak!
Shark Repellent
Shark Repellent 10 дней назад
I like that Adam's Harrison Ford impression is the same as his Adam West impression.
Jason Eves
Jason Eves 10 дней назад
So are Vines different from Twizzlers?
argqghh hmpfh
argqghh hmpfh 10 дней назад
Holy shit i remember seeing a Gameplay video of this as a kid, and being a huge indiana jones fan it made me wanna buy it however i never found the video again and never found out what the game was called. now i know!!
Neon Knight
Neon Knight 11 дней назад
lets whip it baby ,lets whip it right
brad coutts
brad coutts 11 дней назад
Oooof Harrison
Katie Ator
Katie Ator 11 дней назад
I cannot physically continue living without a sequel to this
Mortiferous Reaper
Mortiferous Reaper 11 дней назад
James, mate..knocking Temple of Doom...dems fitin words
Captain Waffles
Captain Waffles 11 дней назад
Damn i never wanted to go on the Indiana Jones ride but i would love to go with James in the front hahaah, sounds like id be laughing my ass off
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez 11 дней назад
The Indy impression sounds like Richard Nixon
The Polish Polak
The Polish Polak 11 дней назад
Nice guy Jimbo
Nice guy Jimbo 11 дней назад
I love this game
Eagle 11 дней назад
James and Bruce's Harrison impression is surprisingly good, in a obvious-an-impression sort of way.
ever gray
ever gray 11 дней назад
those jokes are lit
Evan Honeycutt
Evan Honeycutt 11 дней назад
I absolutely love this. Please continue this as a series! I could do with 5 more episodes of that Harrison Ford impression.
Ali Almahdi
Ali Almahdi 11 дней назад
7:15 I spit out red bull all over my keyboard laughing in the middle of my school library fuck you this is the funniest moment that ever caught me off guard. I'm suspended for one week, but it's ok I'm still allowed to rent books.
McSuperfly 11 дней назад
Indiana Jones may have murdered a lot but they were mostly Nazis so it was ok.
Fox Meister
Fox Meister 11 дней назад
funhaus should play the catwoman movie game just so they can edit the basketball scene in over and over again. also the whip is better in that game
EmilHaggVO 11 дней назад
Dear funhaus, please invest in shockmounts for your mics. Much love // Emil
Alejandra Mendez
Alejandra Mendez 11 дней назад
Was it just me, or did any one else get jump scared and screamed at the part where they knocked him off the ladder and when the first alligator bit him? No? Just me? Oh...
Robert Reich
Robert Reich 11 дней назад
Man usually elyse is meh but she nails it this episode
mark0 Yo
mark0 Yo 11 дней назад
Omg i played this when i was a kind i think i got to the level white the giant crocodile but good memories
Spooky Stela
Spooky Stela 11 дней назад
I mean the first half of Temple of Doom isn’t bad...
E Gully
E Gully 11 дней назад
Yo, I fucking loved this game
RKING BIG BOSS 11 дней назад
Part 2
Christopher Tysowski
Christopher Tysowski 11 дней назад
I watched this video while I was at a museum.
mbsfaridi 11 дней назад
I hope this is game gets more videos, another golden combination.
GuyOnAChair ​​
GuyOnAChair ​​ 11 дней назад
Shockingly good Harrison Ford impression.
Just Reaper Gaming
Just Reaper Gaming 11 дней назад
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullfuck
GuyOnAChair ​​
GuyOnAChair ​​ 11 дней назад
This game looks as bad as I recall.
Just Reaper Gaming
Just Reaper Gaming 11 дней назад
Lautaro Teruelo
Lautaro Teruelo 11 дней назад
OMG I had this game when I was a kid! This game is amazing and I would love it if they keep playing it!
Leon Tarmann
Leon Tarmann 11 дней назад
Thank you for a video without Alanah.
Guy Jordan
Guy Jordan 11 дней назад
Please do more of this.
Axil Duke
Axil Duke 11 дней назад
more parts
Hamaa7 11 дней назад
3 of the movies were great. The last one was meh
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