Duramax on Horse and Buggy Wheels Fails Miserably

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OMG. What am I looking at? It’s a no from Mose....... Pretty much wont even climb Mount Everest even if we wanted to :( Join us next time to do some boosted launches on them. #AMISHMAX

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Oct 12, 2019




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Jaxen Laney
Jaxen Laney Month ago
Wow that’s literally the first time I’ve ever seen whistlendeisel ever let the jack down slowly 😂😂
Karlene Moody
Karlene Moody 14 hours ago
Jozef Weglarz a
Jozef Weglarz
Jozef Weglarz 25 days ago
666 likes. Illuminati confirmed.
DriftFailz YT
DriftFailz YT 25 days ago
He’s fans said if he destroyed the Sierra they would un-sub
Murse Life
Murse Life 7 hours ago
At least this dude doesn't clickbait. #NoClickBaitFAM
Volcom R Us
Volcom R Us 9 hours ago
did i just witness insurance fraud?
christopher cipollone
Should have started out on the black top.
mario garcia
mario garcia 11 hours ago
Wish I had that money to screw shit up... Wait a minute... Even if I had the money I wouldn't do
Frankie J Smith
Frankie J Smith 13 hours ago
Whistlindiesle you live in indiana ?? I watch about all of your vids. Theyr funny I like the cab over. But I live up by county road 38. And wakarusa . Any where close to where this cool shit goes down???
Trea Santana
Trea Santana 14 hours ago
La silla de ruedas de mi abuela 🤣😂
Trea Santana
Trea Santana 14 hours ago
Esto es lo más Idiota 😂 y estúpido que e visto
Bed Time
Bed Time 15 hours ago
Best RUvidr watched 10 videos and all NO CLICKBAIT!
Hector Moreno
Hector Moreno 15 hours ago
Tas bien pendejo
abe rafa
abe rafa 17 hours ago
Please do not eat the same shi$$t you had for breakfast , as you can see is not good
Gav Central
Gav Central 20 hours ago
You’re a Hoosier, fucking awesome! Do you ever arrowhead hunt your fields?
Mario Reglin
Mario Reglin 20 hours ago
Did you all notice while more stupid a video is, it becomes more successful with views?
Amy Anderson
Amy Anderson Day ago
Lesst resistance youll get better mileage
Antonio kauele
u are the better sheet boy ive ever known , mad boy non sense , empty head no brain!
elvis cagas
elvis cagas Day ago
You just ruin your time and a nice truck......Think the weight and the wheels
Андрей Волга
Американец, подари тачку
Jeremiah shone
hey kids maybe dumbass should have put the wheels on while under the truck on a jack and on a hill duhhhhhhuhhhh
Jim Diakatos
Jim Diakatos Day ago
xaxaxaxaxa Stupid...............................
Laika 69
Laika 69 2 days ago
Could you imagine... just looking out across the field and seeing this? "What... the..."
Paras Mani
Paras Mani 2 days ago
Galdino Lopez
Galdino Lopez 2 days ago
Q pendejo. Lo q es no temer q aser
Timber Hills
Timber Hills 2 days ago
Now that's funny I don't care who You are
mike scully
mike scully 2 days ago
Esteban Harris
Esteban Harris 2 days ago
Is it just me or is that truck not 18,000lbs?
Anthony Delgado
Anthony Delgado 2 days ago
Udayanga Dananjaya
Ponnayek mu nam
Aaron Holloway
Aaron Holloway 2 days ago
The KazookeyRob
The KazookeyRob 2 days ago
He said his tires could “beat any other tire off-road” what kind of crack is he on? I would love to see his princess tires try to follow me on a two track! 🤣🤣🤣 Why in the hell would you do it on a hill? What a moron, not to mention he could have used actual wagon wheels and they probably would have worked fine.
The KazookeyRob
Nicolas Magill Maybe not, and if he wants to wreak his stuff then that’s his business. However young and coming up teens will watch this and might do something as stupid or worse. To not put disclaimers in about the fact that you don’t EVER work on a hill with a jack, or EVER weld without a welders mask! Seriously just a little bit of commons sense if he has any.
Nicolas Magill
The KazookeyRob you apparently haven’t watched many of his videos and know his type of sarcasm.
Dan Justus
Dan Justus 3 days ago
Shit looked sweet, until it didnt. Darius Rucker approves.
Rudo Ciliak
Rudo Ciliak 3 days ago
some of the funniest shit ive seen
Doug Acebedo
Doug Acebedo 3 days ago
Josh Gransaull
Josh Gransaull 3 days ago
Neng Xiong
Neng Xiong 3 days ago
This guy no brains crazy stupid guy
CELIS :3 3 days ago
Pura gente pendeja hace eso
SW4414 3 days ago
When the Amish get an upgrade
Albertano Maldonado
Santiago García
Santiago García 3 days ago
Eso es tener dinero chingaos. La troka con la que ese chaval se divierte podria ser lo que yo pueda tener si trabajo y ahorro unos 15 años.
dhitya Vlog
dhitya Vlog 3 days ago
alex powell
alex powell 3 days ago
As cool as this video is, It hurts to see how little you care about this truck.. I know old folks that baby their cars from 90's with legit no value. And will put as much money into it, simply because they worked so hard for a new car 30 years ago. Smh
Caiden Reeves
Caiden Reeves 3 days ago
put bike rims a the gmc
Debra Morgan
Debra Morgan 4 days ago
Buggy tires a on a four wheeler would be a good video
drearphones 4 days ago
What a dweeb.
BA BA 4 days ago
The way I desperately could use a car especially a bakkie this makes me sad to see you drag it through the mud
Mrmrudi Watampone
Songong lu
Tetta Zwo
Tetta Zwo 4 days ago
And to think this guy has the right to vote...
Brandon Morales
Brandon Morales 4 days ago
how to fuck up your truck 101
Flea 4 days ago
jackass born every day
im ghost
im ghost 4 days ago
a tua mae e boa ;)
im ghost
im ghost 4 days ago
fds lambe
حمدان الذيب
TrucksAndDirt 4 days ago
Crazy and so funny! I can's stop laughing
Airat Latypov
Airat Latypov 4 days ago
Красава, лайк)
juan asanelli
juan asanelli 4 days ago
demasiado peso mucha fuerza son ruedas hechas para rodar no para impulsarse
Matt Lewandowski
Matt Lewandowski 4 days ago
so... more or less a synopsis of what I see is kid spendin mummy and daddy's money so he can be "famous" actin like an idiot to get views.
Yedhu Krishnan U
Yedhu Krishnan U 4 days ago
Musa Payzulayev
Musa Payzulayev 5 days ago
14:11 what the...?! 😦😦😦
Jose Vega
Jose Vega 5 days ago
Smooth Move
Smooth Move 5 days ago
What a Maroon.
Mr. Rc
Mr. Rc 5 days ago
9:43 People: ill drive it till the wheels fall off. Whistlin: hold my beer
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