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It's never too late to learn how to talk to kids with the new Duolingo app for childless adults who want to relate.
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Nov 3, 2019




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Comments 3 328
Kandy Kaine
Kandy Kaine Day ago
I need this
Lila T-Z
Lila T-Z 2 days ago
im 13 and this would be legit helpful
Charlotte Adams
Charlotte Adams 2 days ago
Kristen Stewart was the best for this because based on her twilight character she would need help with kids
Braeden Kostusiak
I would like duolingo for talking to your crush please 😂
Faeza Khan
Faeza Khan 2 days ago
That's chandler for kids
Laura Quiett
Laura Quiett 3 days ago
"You'll become a brat whisperer in no time" That moment when you break into laughter XD
Bloodfetish cosplayer
*new moms be like:*
Kawaii Pear
Kawaii Pear 4 days ago
Where’s the part where it threatens you
Kim K.
Kim K. 5 days ago
Wait hold up... I need this and I'm only a teenager
I Like Memes
I Like Memes 5 days ago
I'm a kid I'm Studying this type of things so I will know when I'm an adult lol
Manubibi Walsh
Manubibi Walsh 5 days ago
I need the one to talk to my dad.
applejuice76 5 days ago
I’m sorry but if a child falls right in front of me on the sidewalk I am laughing.
Bamboo Bhang
Bamboo Bhang 6 days ago
Too fucking real
E Finney
E Finney 9 days ago
“Do you... wear your clothes... to school?”
Marta Bergen
Marta Bergen 9 days ago
The little girl's a better actress than Kristen, LOL.
Hannah 10 days ago
Im so in love with Kristen Stewart oh my lord
Hyacinth Niemann
Hyacinth Niemann 11 days ago
You meet enough kids and you realize that you don't hate kids, you just hate shitty kids 🤫
Jadore Taty
Jadore Taty 11 days ago
Stop 😭😭 this skit was too relatable 💀 especially the “your dad” version 😩
David Smalldridge
David Smalldridge 11 days ago
How Would Kristen Stewart Recover From This Problem While In This Sketch?
Hannah Grace Simmons
Is the house in the first three seconds the house from the end of Neighbors 2 that Seth Rogan moves into after they leave the house next to the sorority
Avery 12 days ago
is this a real app? I so need it
Daniel Aguirre
Daniel Aguirre 13 days ago
Does anyone know who the little girl is in 0:59 I swear I’ve seen her somewhere like a commercial or something.
Razpberry 13 days ago
Ofcourse it’s bella
Meriah Is Awesome
Meriah Is Awesome 13 days ago
Omg 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️
Chawndel 14 days ago
Talk to kids like they're, idk, people?
Alison Emmert
Alison Emmert 14 days ago
I love the one where they identify the ages. One of my friends bent over to talk to my 7 year old nephew like he was a toddler and asked if he went to school yet, and I was like...🤦🏻‍♀️
MommyNeesh22 13 days ago
But is he small for his age? Lol. Bc my son is almost 6 & ppl think he's a lot older bc he's big for his age. I'm 5'1 & he comes to my shoulder already. he's bigger than just about all the kids in his Kinder class. 😩
Richard A
Richard A 14 days ago
Or do what I do and (DON’T TALK TO KIDS.)
My self
My self 14 days ago
It would have been funnier if it was anyone else...
Nargis Aval
Nargis Aval 14 days ago
Oops_i_ Did_it_again
Why do I actually need this
KC Whiff
KC Whiff 15 days ago
I bet you like chicken fingers
Miko Philo
Miko Philo 15 days ago
"identify the 12 year old" that's me lol i can't tell if youre 3 or 13
Fifi W.
Fifi W. 15 days ago
mikeysrose 15 days ago
My go-to for interacting with infants is to say, "So you're a baby, huh? How's that working out for you?"
mikeysrose 15 days ago
This is easily my favorite Kristen Stewart performance.
Chloe Clause
Chloe Clause 15 days ago
It’s me and I’m a mother.
Len Kagamine
Len Kagamine 15 days ago
Why was this tagged 'Coldplay' lmao
ANG GANDA 16 days ago
This is literally what Billie Eilish would be without Finnneas O'Connell.
Stefan Rossi
Stefan Rossi 16 days ago
Omg this would actually benefit me lmao although I’d probably do two lessons and never touch it again😂
Høøded Phøenix
Høøded Phøenix 16 days ago
my cousin would find this app very useful. he once thought that my sister, who was five at the time, was in middle school.
Høøded Phøenix
Høøded Phøenix 14 days ago
@Fifi W. no idea. tis a mystery to this very day.
Fifi W.
Fifi W. 15 days ago
🤣🤣🤣😭 but how?
HauntedDragonGaming _
*child wearing big pink dress*
Natália Felice
Natália Felice 17 days ago
I do need this
Socorro Alcala
Socorro Alcala 17 days ago
Paula Lopez
Paula Lopez 17 days ago
Lmao I need this app
Jacqueline Just
Jacqueline Just 17 days ago
Aidy's side eye 😂😂😂
Alex Und
Alex Und 17 days ago
Do you wear your clothes... to school?
Megan Carter
Megan Carter 17 days ago
Kristen always looks like she smells shit on her upper lip
Julie 18 days ago
I think I need this.. but for talking to anybody
Dizziedee18 18 days ago
omg I cried so hard cuz im that person who doesn't know how to talk to someone's kid. its so awkward for me when someone brings their kid to work and introduce me to them.Then the adult stand there waiting for me to say something. its even worse when its a baby and the baby can't speak.
*Amy Playz*
*Amy Playz* 18 days ago
0:37 Aww, Duo is so cute!
Claudia Velasco
Claudia Velasco 18 days ago
Dang she can't even act in SNL
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 18 days ago
Isn't the correct response to "child falls on pavement" just laughter?
Mafalda M17
Mafalda M17 18 days ago
This 😂😂😂
Jackson T
Jackson T 18 days ago
*talking to a 2-year-old* “So what grade are you in?”
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia 18 days ago
This is the best acting she’s ever done. 😂
dudeawsomeness1 18 days ago
I love the look the mom gives at the end. Like, what the heck is going on here?
TheVJProduction 19 days ago
I need this because I'm 60 years old and my girlfriend's 18.
yetijoeyetijoe 15 days ago
Just use the word " like" at the beginning of every sentence. Also, end in a high note when you say "bye". The proper pronunciation is byēēē.
Alex Wyatt
Alex Wyatt 19 days ago
I had this problem until relatively recently, when I realized that kids don’t care at all what I have to say. It was so liberating. Unless you can show them how to make a pet do a trick or something, they have no use for you and that’s okay.
Miu Iruma
Miu Iruma 20 days ago
Can we please get one of these for socializing- I wasn't raised in a cave or some shit everyone just hated me as a kid and didn't want to talk to me lol
Arlie Diaz
Arlie Diaz 20 days ago
We seriously need this one to socialize in general
Saffy • 30 years ago
Aidy's face at the end: 👁👄👁
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