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It's never too late to learn how to talk to kids with the new Duolingo app for childless adults who want to relate.
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Nov 3, 2019




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Comments 3 099
Riman Chowdhury
Riman Chowdhury 12 hours ago
How much u wanna bet that a Karen made this app
Jah Prime
Jah Prime 12 hours ago
Were the sounds effects for each category necessary??? Lol
tenmiko 21 hour ago
i watched this without audio since i was in public and i thought it was legit i’m-
The Ders
The Ders 2 days ago
I think she’s really hot with blonde hair tbh.
Louis Casas
Louis Casas 3 days ago
Duolingo for how to speak millenial
Austin Butler
Austin Butler 4 days ago
I need this app. I have no clue what to say to kids. I just see them and go "don't touch me" or or I just ignore them completely.
Alex P
Alex P 4 days ago
Totes yeet yo
Dylan Morrow
Dylan Morrow 4 days ago
mybetterelf 7 days ago
Cecily is so good at being the commercial voice
photogirlx88 8 days ago
Where would one get the one for talking to your dad? Asking for a friend....
Gabrielle Crichlow
Gabrielle Crichlow 10 days ago
I'm totally sharing this
Michele Rich
Michele Rich 10 days ago
aidy at the end was so funny XD
Stela Kau
Stela Kau 10 days ago
Why are you not supposed to call girls pretty? Like, specifically
Anna D.
Anna D. 2 days ago
Exactly. Talk to them about real stuff. Many girls this age love to read, I always ask them if they have read anything good recently.
MsBettyR. 7 days ago
It suggests that their value is only tied to their looks which is bad cuz what happens when that fades. So as an alternative you can say, "you have beautiful hair," "Did you choose those clothes?... Wow, that looks great!" "Your smile is amazing." "What kinds of books do you like to read?...wow, you're so clever."
Elena’s Journey
Elena’s Journey 11 days ago
Hahhaha hahah 😂
truehighlander666 11 days ago
I need this😆
Sabrina O
Sabrina O 11 days ago
i want this though
Maisie Randall
Maisie Randall 11 days ago
unseen footage of bella when she had Renesmee
9some 11 days ago
wow wow, she really looked beautiful there
Grace Deakin
Grace Deakin 11 days ago
I don't need this. I've got the mental age of a 14 year old. I'm a pro with kids
Natalie Mejia
Natalie Mejia 11 days ago
I'm 25! & I need this for general conversation with everyone 😅
Jiggolo! 11 days ago
Ok boomer.
Music Maestro
Music Maestro 12 days ago
The first kid looks like Seth Rogen
Chris Delis
Chris Delis 12 days ago
She must find an application to learn how to act...
V Salgado
V Salgado 12 days ago
I usually ask, "what's the tea like at school?". Fun stuff.
Jeff B
Jeff B 12 days ago
If it was a dude learning that kids language it would be creepy because as we all know, all adult men want to fuck kids
Jessica Sanz
Jessica Sanz 12 days ago
If only they actually have this... I can't speak to children
Rosie S.
Rosie S. 12 days ago
Haha I need this
peachykeen08 12 days ago
do you where your clothes to school? lmao girlll
Mrsbeyonce1 13 days ago
I am sooo her! I have no idea how to talk to other children. I talk to my 4year old nephew like an adult.
b r a n d i l y n
b r a n d i l y n 13 days ago
“do you wear your clothes to school?”
Carey A
Carey A 14 days ago
I need this app.
Sajjad Khan
Sajjad Khan 14 days ago
There is nothing in the US that perpetuates racial, gender, cultural, political, social stereotypes more than SNL. Just a hateful show. It can only be described with one word: insidious.
buzzardbeatniks 14 days ago
She's very pretty.
Dean Summers
Dean Summers 14 days ago
Part 2 how to talk to teenagers 🤯🙈
Lindsay 14 days ago
Hot tub at vacation resort is on the nose
Jeremy Sickx
Jeremy Sickx 14 days ago
Was ight .......... was ight ....
Jasmine 14 days ago
Wait, I’m not supposed to tell girls they’re pretty? I just did this last week to my coworker. I’m just going to say awww next time.
Jasmine 6 days ago
Right. Idk. I guess I’ll just say hi, your mom always talks about you.??? I hate being awkward
cwazy345 6 days ago
That's even more patronising though
Brandy October
Brandy October 15 days ago
Child falls on sidewalk in front of you lmao
Luca Maximus
Luca Maximus 15 days ago
I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually became an update on Duolingo
Serena Flores
Serena Flores 15 days ago
Lmao there are actual people like this tho and it’s hilarious 🤣 a lot of adults sadly don’t know what it’s like to be kids anymore...
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