Dunk League: $50,000 Dunk Contest | Season 2 FULL

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The TOP 10 dunkers in the world compete in 16 INSANE dunk contests for $50,000 and the title of World's BEST dunker. Watch all 16 episodes of DUNK LEAGUE Season 2 here, the most ambitious dunk competition in history!
0:13 - Competition 1: 90 Second Freestyle
19:49 - Competition 2: How High Dunk Contest
33:48 - Competition 3: High Flying at 9
49:10 - Competition 4: Dunk Contest in the DARK
1:03:30 - Competition 5: Backboard Challenge
1:18:49 - Competition 6: Team Speed Challenge
1:30:06 - Competition 7: Team Alley-Oop Challenge
1:38:30 - Competition 8: One Chance Dunk Challenge
1:51:06 - Competition 9: Over The Wall Challenge
2:05:15 - Competition 10: Recreating NBA Dunks
2:23:16 - Competition 11: Longest Distance Dunks
2:36:15 - Competition 12: Class is in Session
2:47:26 - Competition 13: For The People Challenge
3:02:44 - Competition 14: Self Lob Challenge
3:19:06 - Competition 15: Dunk H.O.R.S.E.
3:35:50 - Competition 16: Dunk League FINALE
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In case you missed it:
Episode 1 - Finding the BEST dunkers in Miami: ruvid.net/video/video-whJCETeWe_4.html
Episode 2 - Finding the BEST dunkers in Los Angeles: ruvid.net/video/video-JXnYpw1N9ZU.html
Episode 3 - 90 Second Freestyle:
Episode 4 - How High Dunk Contest
Episode 5 - High Flying at 9:
Episode 6 - Dunk Contest in the DARK
Episode 7 - Backboard Challenge
Episode 8 - Team Speed Challenge
Episode 9 - Team Alley-Oop Challenge
Episode 10 - One Chance Dunk Challenge
Episode 11 - Over The Wall Challenge
Episode 12 - Recreating NBA Dunks
Episode 13 - Longest Distance Dunks: ruvid.net/video/video-MVLlx3EygDI.html
Episode14 - Class is in Session
Episode 15: For My People Challenge
Episode 16: Self Lob Challenge
Episode 17: Dunk H.O.R.S.E.
Episode 18: Dunk League FINALE
Season 1: ruvid.net/video/video-p6aYhOjToos.html
Dunk League Season 2 is the most ambitious dunk competition ever held. After holding auditions across the country, we brought the 10 BEST dunkers in the world to NYC to square off in 16 different dunk competitions to officially crown the world’s BEST dunker. We’ll be dropping new episodes of Dunk League Season 2 every Monday, only on Whistle.
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Aug 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Dream Clickz
Dream Clickz 7 days ago
Hype Much
TRU BLU DRU 7 days ago
That man, this man, that man...MY MANS vocabulary is astounding. Man.
chuchuchuchia 13 days ago
They should measure vert with ball on hand, really changes for some people
chuchuchuchia 13 days ago
Purdie was just nervous from day 1 and stayed nervous man
chuchuchuchia 13 days ago
Isaiah came from this to the best in the game rn
chuchuchuchia 13 days ago
Who measured Guy's 59inch lmao
chuchuchuchia 13 days ago
JC looks taller than 6'2 and definitely bouncier than 40inch vert
chuchuchuchia 13 days ago
This season is from 2017 right? I assumed 2019 since that's when all the RUvid uploads were.
Samuel Bako
Samuel Bako 14 days ago
kilgagon is 6'1 he is like the shortest it aint fair
Ethan Howden
Ethan Howden 7 days ago
CJ is 6'0. CJ is the shortest.
thebestpres 1
thebestpres 1 14 days ago
J Clark actually looks like demar derozan
RoyD RaGe
RoyD RaGe 21 day ago
The outcome was obvious but shocking at the same time
Elliott Diprose
Elliott Diprose 22 days ago
“The jumper” has the lowest vertical jump 😂
Liam Jameson
Liam Jameson 9 days ago
JClark has a 50 inch vert
-Vll- 24 days ago
Does anyone know the beat they use for Chris staple at 15:00 ?
Vuinable -
Vuinable - 26 days ago
My 2nd time watching this full🖤 I fkin love dunk league 😤🔥🔥 still can't believe C.J. Champion dunking like that at my height
BigJon 27 days ago
Kilganan should have won
Mart -EL
Mart -EL 24 days ago
I wonder when they plan to make a 3 point league or a shooting league.
DaSilva Morata
DaSilva Morata 28 days ago
”That man” did alot of dunks bruh
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper Month ago
And they say dexton can dunk 12 feet😂
Mr. & Mrs. Miles
So we not gonna talk about CJ's dunk at @ 9:21?????
Alternate Universe
Poor Isaiah 🙁 he look like he gave up
Dolphinreacts 22 days ago
He's leveled up about 17 times since this contest and hes since beat a lot of the other guys in competitions
Ieisbdhsj Nwjsjz Zb
the commentator is so anoying
Charles Curry
Charles Curry Month ago
Kilganon a lame
Kay T
Kay T Month ago
why do i feel like the MC is the same one from NBA Street Vol.3
Dolphinreacts 22 days ago
He's the mc that does all the venice beach events
Asher M
Asher M Month ago
I feel like Jonathan Clark deserved some wins that he didn't get
FNG 2 months ago
Jonathan Clark is the most athletic nerd I've ever seen
Warpath 2 months ago
i thought at first it was guy dupuy bit it was gee dup-wee
Braiden Elizondo
Braiden Elizondo 2 months ago
C.J did Jordan kilganons dunk I wasn't expecting that
The g of the day
The g of the day 2 months ago
38:49 don’t mind me just saving
Kris Fingers
Kris Fingers 2 months ago
How tf kilGanon lost the dunkoff
JR Pua
JR Pua 2 months ago
Man, Dupuy and Kilgannon either of those 2 shouldve won
Habibi Family
Habibi Family 2 months ago
I prefer to watch ( Dunk King )
Habibi Family
Habibi Family 2 months ago
I got bored from him saying “ A K A “ , and boring program needs more creativity.
Matija Maver
Matija Maver 2 months ago
money tyreace
money tyreace 2 months ago
59 vertical, I'm sorry what
Lisandro Pined
Lisandro Pined 2 months ago
If jordan kilganon didn't mess his arm up he would of won 💯
A Warrior
A Warrior Month ago
😂Absolutely not! 😂
Ieisbdhsj Nwjsjz Zb
pls no spoilers
Wes McNutt
Wes McNutt 2 months ago
Enis YAVUZ 2 months ago
SKY 5INGH 2 months ago
Zion should be in this
Dylan Clarke
Dylan Clarke 3 months ago
chris staples
Jimmy pop
Jimmy pop 3 months ago
never disrespect pound from professor he real ankle god
Dr.AJ.10 3 months ago
Bruh, these guys be dunkin on near 11.5 feet while I can’t even dunk.
It’s Jamal_1
It’s Jamal_1 3 months ago
3:16:53 Why that noise that guy is making
Kaden Brown
Kaden Brown 3 months ago
David Holmes
David Holmes 3 months ago
Chris Stamples is the best dunker PERIOD
Lef 3 months ago
Does anybody know any of the instrumentals and beats?? Thanks!! 😁😁
Clex de los santos
Clex de los santos 3 months ago
Man?! This is crazy
Conner Jones-Taylor
Conner Jones-Taylor 3 months ago
Guy dupuy won the elimination round his dunk was 10 times better and he jumped over 6 people
LeoLowPoly 3 months ago
wanted to see kilganon get comp 13 but gotta respect staples ✊🏼
JMSTek76 3 months ago
Can't have the white boy winning eh?
ÒS Month ago
Jorden if his arm wasn't broke
Amos Fletcher
Amos Fletcher 3 months ago
Take a shot everytime he says H E L L O ! ! !
Melvin Yancy
Melvin Yancy 3 months ago
Season 3 lets get it
Nicolas Commisso
Nicolas Commisso 3 months ago
I miss this so much
Gogoje Original
Gogoje Original 3 months ago
Matt Albers
Matt Albers 3 months ago
Man's just put the right amount of money through the machine for "DRAMATIC" effects
Matt Albers
Matt Albers 3 months ago
Can you guys just mute this guy's microphone?
thanh phan
thanh phan 4 months ago
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez 4 months ago
2:44:24 heartstops
Chanleap Say
Chanleap Say 4 months ago
33:01 that money is a bit ripped
Reece Berry
Reece Berry 4 months ago
that dude really dunked at 11’8’’ with a broken hand
David Welde
David Welde 4 months ago
I turned the volume down lol hello!!!
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
Y'all crying about the GUWEEEEEE DUPWEEEEEEEE, but i kinda missed it
Bear Wolf
Bear Wolf 2 months ago
Cork Soaker ( **Guy Dupuy**) and Chris staples is the best out there
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
3:26:26 ffs let my man sit, he has elimination dunkoff to beat 😂
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
I found the second part, kut on the street kinda boring. I don't know if it was the place, or the challanges, but the first half was more entertaining. Or maybe because my top 3 dunkers have been eliminated 😀 maybe im bias, ignore me 😂
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
3:21:03 why is that girl look8ng dicerly into my eyes
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
I lf there are backflips in the D. U. N. K. game i swear to buddha, im coming for you
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
Killganon i a nerd, why does he always look like he's about to cry 😀 have some selfesteem, you're amazing
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
No Ball or Killganon on finals. This hurts to watch
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
*that man*
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
C. J. Is a star
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
Kilganon dissapointed me. There was nothin wrong with his arm exept it miht've hurt a bit
Bear Wolf
Bear Wolf 2 months ago
He’s not tho y’all mega 🧢ing
Boobie Miles
Boobie Miles 3 months ago
Faxx he got stop fooling around and do all his viral dunks the others can't even think of doing
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado 4 months ago
He hands down the best dunker here
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado 4 months ago
Cork Soaker well he was just being cautious
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
i am rarely proud of ein a white man :D
drazen preradovic
drazen preradovic 4 months ago
Mate have to! Saying your name in a irish or scottish accent 😂😂😂😅😅😅
Cork Soaker
Cork Soaker 4 months ago
The announcer is a Craig Robinson knock off
Lee Su
Lee Su 4 months ago
congrats idol Chris i LOVE YOU
Lil ReeSe
Lil ReeSe 4 months ago
When is season 3?
Krissbajo 4 months ago
Can you had one more
Jason Vazquez
Jason Vazquez 4 months ago
It was obvious from the beginning who Staples was gonna win. Dude makes his dunks look so effortless and smooth. The only one that had a real chance of beating him was Kilgannon, unfortunately they had to face off too early.
Mert Imeri
Mert Imeri 2 days ago
And doug anderson
-Vll- 24 days ago
It really was obvious given the second time I watched this I noticed they always did a little “extra” with him nice little beat most of the time he dunked that they didn’t use for anyone else always a little more when he was up to dunk too whether it be backstory or more talking he’s a beast though well deserved
Bora Cebecioğlu
He won because jclark fucked it up like everytime. Jclark has more bag that he can do on a contest than everybody there but man just cant decide what to do .
Karl Lee
Karl Lee 4 months ago
I literally watched the entire thing in 2 days. Thanks for the entertainment!!!! I wish I could fly!
Carlos Idiot
Carlos Idiot 4 months ago
sneeKy 4 months ago
I like the filming, seems very professional.
Raymond Turner
Raymond Turner 4 months ago
The cinematography here is hella bad.... too dark... hard to watch.
Raymond Turner
Raymond Turner 4 months ago
The Mythbreaker.... still the one throwing all the lobs... guess he ain't broke that myth.. lol
ShadowsAndDust 2
ShadowsAndDust 2 4 months ago
Lose the dark court in my opinion
Drew Boucher
Drew Boucher 4 months ago
He said I like balls at 58:06 haaaahaa
Paul Nathan Delubio
Paul Nathan Delubio 3 months ago
cmon maybe you have a problem in understanding things man!
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