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One of the dudes SHAVES THEIR EYEBROWS in our wildest Overtime yet!
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Feb 11, 2019




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Comments 29 969
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 7 months ago
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payton champney
payton champney 25 days ago
Basil Vogel
Basil Vogel Month ago
Logan Troutman
Logan Troutman Month ago
I love you
Raynë 2 months ago
Oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok
Rubina Gaffar
Rubina Gaffar 4 months ago
Even meeee😁😁😁😆😆😆
Rainbow pug A.C.
If your siting how do you slip
Jesse Boy
Jesse Boy 4 hours ago
Cory looks like an alien... and then they took away his eyebrows which made the resemblance even stronger.
Zachary Haskin
Zachary Haskin 16 hours ago
I'm Zach.
Nine Awsome Cousins.
Dude perfect I am unable to send fan mail right now so I am saying this. Dude perfect, yall should make a segment called CAKING IT. Where you see who can bake the best cake!
Timothy Lim
Timothy Lim Day ago
please the fans
Beylikduzu Istanbul
I am sad for you Cory
Beylikduzu Istanbul
Food luck Cory
Am I the only one who thinks the intro song was faster than normally
trashy boi content creator
we love you cory
Daniel Lara
Daniel Lara Day ago
Can’t they use a marker?
TTV_indi 2 days ago
Do guess the guest again in overtime 12
JBP500 2 days ago
I want more Guess The Guest...
Nic O Rourke
Nic O Rourke 2 days ago
S M I L E 2 days ago
《Gacha Honey Buns》
I literally cant stop blaming myself, your intro song might be my favorite song xD
Mat Graham
Mat Graham 2 days ago
Dupd. To111888
Gabriel Marin
Gabriel Marin 2 days ago
Dude to 888111
Gabriel Marin
Gabriel Marin 2 days ago
Dude 888111
HUDDO GAMES 2 days ago
Can you shout me out I was your one millionth subscriber my RUvid Channel is HUDDO GAMES can you sub to me
Rainbow pug A.C.
Rainbow pug A.C. 3 days ago
18:20 lol
Rainbow pug A.C.
Rainbow pug A.C. 3 days ago
Wait a min if your sitting how do slip
Tonchi 490
Tonchi 490 3 days ago
Ty: My personal favorite, milk a cow straight into your mouth Overtime 11: Ty gets that one
Jonas Hundeide
Jonas Hundeide 3 days ago
OreoTMD 3 days ago
I sub :D
Christina Shelby
Christina Shelby 3 days ago
We love you cory
Benjamin Snook
Benjamin Snook 3 days ago
After Cory shaved his eyebrows he looked like an alien from Area 51!
Normally NoahR
Normally NoahR 3 days ago
Who else thought it was “tall guy weird twins purple hoser” instead of “tall guy beard twins purple hoser”
Rainbow pug A.C.
Rainbow pug A.C. 3 days ago
Lol 18:24
Aleisha Collier
Aleisha Collier 4 days ago
You saw Ty’s face 😄
lionbearking cadenday
cory i now how you feel i have eye brows but you cant see them
Sabine Brendt
Sabine Brendt 4 days ago
I just like overtime
Logan Lauterbach
Logan Lauterbach 4 days ago
I’m sorry but you look creepy. So sorry 😢😭😭😭😭😭
Rixx 1
Rixx 1 5 days ago
The klk
Gaming with Ultimate Cobra
My person favorites milk a cow right into your mouth Near future: has to do it
Ralfa Serenito Zebua
I want burger
Milind Topno
Milind Topno 5 days ago
Send these creatures back to area 51
Ethan S
Ethan S 5 days ago
19:00 um that's a recorder
uLxss 5 days ago
Melanie Ponting
Melanie Ponting 6 days ago
I love 5he overtime theme song
Isaiah Neo
Isaiah Neo 6 days ago
3:00 *DANCE!!!!!!!*
Grayson Van Rossum
Garret went 2 for 5
John Coetzer
John Coetzer 7 days ago
2:34 "And then my personal favorite, MILK A COW STRAIGHT INTO YOUR MOUTH." If only you knew what lies ahead of you my friend
Siobhan Symonds
Siobhan Symonds 7 days ago
How on earth did Cory pick his own name
Nasreen Jawed
Nasreen Jawed 7 days ago
Dude to 888111
Julian La Rosa
Julian La Rosa 7 days ago
Javier Acosta
Javier Acosta 7 days ago
Garrett got 2 out of 5
p6n 7 days ago
Garret you had a super cool on the first overtime
Chip Bourne
Chip Bourne 8 days ago
Apex Freak
Apex Freak 8 days ago
Is cor from area 51
Lorenzo Croce
Lorenzo Croce 8 days ago
feahani 8 days ago
You looks like a japanese people hahahahahahaha
MrPaladan03 8 days ago
Wheel Unfortunate is the best segment its too funny. Cory is so unlucky. But it is really fun when someone gets picked 2 in a row or 3 in Cory's sake.
Steven Wishnowski
I love how garret dosnt look any different
Footfartfootface 8 days ago
i just can't
Famous Tiger
Famous Tiger 9 days ago
1 like = 1 prayer for Cory
Wendy Mullin
Wendy Mullin 9 days ago
Dylan Curtis
Dylan Curtis 9 days ago
"My personal fav, milk a cow strait into your mouth" oh little did he know
baby vinu
baby vinu 9 days ago
I love cory and coby
Coolagentofficial Youtube
My Question Can You Make a RUvid Channel Name overtime To make it separate the series though
Daniel Wi
Daniel Wi 9 days ago
Why? All the videos are organized in Playlists on this channel. So it's easy to watch your favorite kind of videos
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