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One of the dudes SHAVES THEIR EYEBROWS in our wildest Overtime yet!
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Feb 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Year ago
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Dylan Panepinto
Dylan Panepinto Month ago
So cool
Ana Eleamar Hinojosa
_Romeo Serrano_
_Romeo Serrano_ 2 months ago
Katrín Helga Hallgrímsdóttir
Dude Perfect yes
Sulichah Sulichah
Sulichah Sulichah 3 months ago
Emma Cole
Emma Cole 6 hours ago
Ty is not the Burger King he will always be TT
Abdullah VloGz
Abdullah VloGz 9 hours ago
Haha look him without eyebrowz
TheCryptiWolf 10 hours ago
Anyone notice how Garrett looks the same in the thumbnail?
Crazy me Tanvi
Crazy me Tanvi 16 hours ago
I feel bad for cory
Austin Bosston29
cody looks so cunfuzeled in the bigining of the overtime hahahahaha
Evley McConnell
RidgeMonster Day ago
Did anyone notice Ned said his favorite was milk a cow straight into your mouth and in a later overtime ty had to do it
Luca Pompey-Buslon
How come in the thumbnail Garret looks the same?
Carl Carr
Carl Carr 2 days ago
Milk a cow staight into your mouth. Fire the wheel unfortunate bts guys.
tarek alawady
tarek alawady 2 days ago
Travis Atwood
Travis Atwood 2 days ago
Garrett Did NOT get 3for5 he went 2for5
Ben Neal
Ben Neal 2 days ago
Ned: please milk a cow into your mouth that's all I want! Ty: has it done to him 😂
YT_Nubz 2 days ago
How ironic that Ty did his favourite consequence
Mridhula Sankar
Mridhula Sankar 3 days ago
What person would slip and fall and throw there mug!!!!!!!!!!!!
75ryanh 3 days ago
Said they’d but his links in the description.... fam there’s nothing their but their own instagrams selfish...
UCanDoIt24 3 days ago
Maybe Cody wouldn’t break his bones if could drink milk
Anandu M
Anandu M 3 days ago
മലയാളി ഒണ്ടോ... ❣️
art univers
art univers 3 days ago
2:09 befor he realises... if u don't understand watch more overtime episodes
Brent Silvey
Brent Silvey 3 days ago
Hey you
ASMR_IS_ Amazing
ASMR_IS_ Amazing 3 days ago
9:03 they were practicing for Corina Virus
Oliver Stolz
Oliver Stolz 3 days ago
Is anyone wathing in crona time
Anirudh Ramanan
Anirudh Ramanan 3 days ago
Cory actually looks cool without eyebrows ( no offense)
Svetlana Asai
Svetlana Asai 3 days ago
Does anyone notice that Ty never gets chosen for wheel unfortunate because he is Ned the golden boy?!
Isaiah Kim
Isaiah Kim 4 days ago
Isaiah Kim
Isaiah Kim 4 days ago
When Tyler put on the nose warmer he looked like a dog or a cat 🐈
Isaiah Kim
Isaiah Kim 4 days ago
And I kinda want to have
Isaiah Kim
Isaiah Kim 4 days ago
Cool not cool is definitely my favorite segment but some of the stuff I like a lot
Daniel Dionne
Daniel Dionne 4 days ago
Is there a reason Tyler needed to be fed, meanwhile Garrett handled like 5 glasses of coffee after drinking them? 😅
Chonger296 4 days ago
Nose warmer is perfect for now
Isaiah Kim
Isaiah Kim 4 days ago
I feel bad for Cory so much
Caitlyn Briggs
Caitlyn Briggs 4 days ago
Who else is just binge watching these over and over and over....? 😂🤣
Opto Nigghuu
Opto Nigghuu 4 days ago
No difference in Garett
Silver 4 days ago
Cory: "Eyebrows, now you see them... NOW YOU DON'T."
An_ eko
An_ eko 4 days ago
Wow we had the same hot tub
Noah Friesen
Noah Friesen 4 days ago
I feel bad for Cory.
Lilah Small
Lilah Small 4 days ago
I feel so bad for Cory
Lilah Small
Lilah Small 4 days ago
I feel so bad for Cory
Lilah Small
Lilah Small 4 days ago
I feel bad for Cory
Cali cali
Cali cali 4 days ago
I used to watch these and i thought that it said tall guy wierd twins purple hoser
jeremi jounn
jeremi jounn 4 days ago
Bro when cory shaved his eyebrows it looked like he just got a bigger for head than before even with the eyebrow he had a big for head but without eyebrows it just got bigger
Roblox Pheonom15
Roblox Pheonom15 4 days ago
When he was wearing the nose warmer he looked like a rinder
Amy Macdougall
Amy Macdougall 4 days ago
We love Cory
XD_ superman
XD_ superman 4 days ago
Look at ty’s shoes and then ned’s
Lachen Singh
Lachen Singh 4 days ago
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Angelo Salinas
Angelo Salinas 4 days ago
*my personal favorite* *milk a vow staight into your mouth* Ooooh theeee ironyyyyy
Anwen Lokier
Anwen Lokier 4 days ago
In my dream that crossbow is powerful and I used it as my jamer to stop dread drax weapon system and nom showed up as a ally and for some reason he started singing and dread drax got badly messed up
Getme34 Gaming
Getme34 Gaming 5 days ago
In n out is so much better than Wendy’s
Diego Bessuejouls
Viggo Stanton
Viggo Stanton 5 days ago
If ty had to give all of the fans on the vid he whould have to spend 2,911,928,400 dollars 💰💰
Jarrett Eskridge
Jarrett Eskridge 5 days ago
what are you talking about that is a cool sweatshirt
MK Studios
MK Studios 5 days ago
Cory:” this has to be the worst punishment ever” Me: “are you sure about that”
Michael Dellacroce
2:13 XD
Caitlyn Rose
Caitlyn Rose 5 days ago
Cory's Unfortunate!!!
gamer Bhavya
gamer Bhavya 5 days ago
I really want to show u french toast little did he know
Gergely Egyed
Gergely Egyed 5 days ago
Cory is very scarry!!!!!
CP Kansas city
CP Kansas city 5 days ago
I love you DP
Hema Maheswari
Hema Maheswari 5 days ago
Then when is rocket battle 3
Dan Richards
Dan Richards 5 days ago
nose warmer looks like clown XD
DANIEL CILMI 5 days ago
ty looked like a kind mouse 🐭 in the nose warmer
DANIEL CILMI 5 days ago
every time I watch this video I am grateful that I have thick eyebrows
DANIEL CILMI 5 days ago
cory shaving his eyebrows gave him luck cuz he won the next 3 battles
MasterDoge987 4 days ago
DANIEL CILMI actually he won the battles AFTER his eyebrows were completely back
TRex30 5 days ago
We love cory
Alejandro Ciccanti
Anyone watching in 2022?
Lauren Barrett
Lauren Barrett 5 days ago
I love dude perfect 🤩
Owen Urbach
Owen Urbach 5 days ago
John Smith
John Smith 5 days ago
SonOfTheSea 918
SonOfTheSea 918 5 days ago
"One of my. personal favourites... Milk a cow straight into your mouth" Few episodes later... *Chosen for the first time, Milks a cow straight into his mouth*
krish Mahajan
krish Mahajan 5 days ago
i watch this for theme song , cool not cool ,
Charlie V.
Charlie V. 5 days ago
Cody calls a recorder a flute
Abhimanyu Acharya 24 7 10
The 3D printer was sick Impressive 👍👍👍
Batsheva Popack
Batsheva Popack 5 days ago
who noticed this 0:45 from the new into and also in one of the later OT segments, Tyler got to do "Neds favourite" thind on the wheel 2:09 yay
Pixel Swordfighter
Can I point out that in cool not cool Cody calls it a FLUTE!?!
Sugar 6 days ago
I feel like Overtime just doesn’t have that same spark of excitement without Wheel Unfortunate....😔💧 But atleast its back!! 🥳🎉
Thatcher Kidd
Thatcher Kidd 6 days ago
That is on fortunate plus why would you ever do that
Thatcher Kidd
Thatcher Kidd 6 days ago
Love it but have you guys tried roblox
Robert Lincoln
Robert Lincoln 6 days ago
at 0:38 cody sticks his tohng out
Cool Boy
Cool Boy 6 days ago
This is scary
Cambeast22 YT
Cambeast22 YT 6 days ago
They said Tyler and garret tied but garret got 2/5 and ty got 3/5
BR Admissions
BR Admissions 6 days ago
u shuld do more guess the guest
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