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One of the dudes SHAVES THEIR EYEBROWS in our wildest Overtime yet!
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Feb 11, 2019

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Comments 29 597
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 5 months ago
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Rayne Canon
Rayne Canon 13 days ago
Oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok oh ok
Rubina Gaffar
Rubina Gaffar 2 months ago
Even meeee๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
Eben Cole
Eben Cole 2 months ago
Did You See That Trick Shots no
Matthew Mottola
Matthew Mottola 2 months ago
Dude Perfect k
Evelyn Battiston
Evelyn Battiston 4 months ago
Already seen it
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman 3 hours ago
i wish ty would have left the sweater on
The King_Of Queen
The King_Of Queen 5 hours ago
We love you cory
zuky he
zuky he 9 hours ago
dude to 888111
Cooper Robb
Cooper Robb 11 hours ago
Hey. Thanks for the shoutout! (Iโ€™m Thomas)
Yung Cryp Baron
Yung Cryp Baron 12 hours ago
Cory looks like an alien
Ethan Park
Ethan Park 17 hours ago
DUDE TO 888111
Michael Soltis
Michael Soltis 18 hours ago
I love dude perfect .where do you live in dphq.
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor 23 hours ago
We love you cory
Lauren 306
Lauren 306 Day ago
OML! Tyler said 20 degrees is cold! or im just dumb cause i think America has different ways of saying weather because in ireland 20 degrees is like mega hot
OneDog Day ago
Need to add Brody to the description.:)
LazySeal Day ago
3:32 Ned says to spin on milk a cow into mouth, look what happened in overtime 10
Adam Wayne Cantrell
ROFL he says his personal favorite is the milk a cow in your mouth and he ends up having to do that one i am glad i did not watch them in order now haha
Rachata Kunakitkumjohn
Cory looks like an alien
thafna said
thafna said 2 days ago
I want to have every things
alexia strawder
alexia strawder 2 days ago
I've never had a burger from any of those places
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 2 days ago
They need to make all of the episodes like these
mtndewkid 2 days ago
ned: sorry, dude...i'm *staight*
Doggie Gaming
Doggie Gaming 2 days ago
Say it with me guys!! "let's torture Cory"
YeBanana Ethan
YeBanana Ethan 2 days ago
Tyler: Lets all wear hats and not tell Cory...
Gabriel Davenport
you have to pour melted chocolate inside the cookie glass so it does not leak
Gacha Lover
Gacha Lover 2 days ago
Does anyone else think that they rig wheel unfortunate so that only Cory gets picked....well like if you do...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
pupsik serg
pupsik serg 2 days ago
Cindy Jackson
Cindy Jackson 2 days ago
Core is creepy
Anthony Dinh AKA InsultedIndustry
Um you needed to make chocolate barriers for the cookie glasses.
Rochelle Piavanini
So Cory did bring da cheese hat from Wisconsin
Svpreme Zai
Svpreme Zai 2 days ago
Cory is the alien that Iโ€™m gonna come out with after me and they boys raid Area 51
Tymon Bros
Tymon Bros 2 days ago
your intro is so bad
Lukas A S Giles
Lukas A S Giles 2 days ago
The thumbnail gave me nightmares
Scarlette Aries
Scarlette Aries 3 days ago
I love Ty's shirt
Tastypizza Brawler
Ned canโ€™t spell str
Tastypizza Brawler
Ned: said that his Favorite Penalty is milk a cow straight from ur mouth the Few overtime episodes later he did it lol
Tastypizza Brawler
Wow so JP is not ur favorite sweatshirt
EzRobot7 3 days ago
Cory: Shaves eyebrows Eyebrows: Are we a joke to you?
Valentin Locklear
I like cool not cool and the song
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 3 days ago
Dude to 888 111
Smarty Brian
Smarty Brian 3 days ago
JJ m. ., h
Jebbyman bob
Jebbyman bob 3 days ago
18:23 you slip you fall and you yeet your mug and smash the mug XD
Team Shadow
Team Shadow 3 days ago
Fire Wolf57
Fire Wolf57 3 days ago
I think that mug made from cody's 3d printer did break because at 19:23 a blue piece passed by near cory. Try looking at it in .25x speed.
Sue Lee
Sue Lee 3 days ago
Coryโ€™s wife was not happy with his no-eyebrow appearance. Now theyโ€™ve grown back.
Noah Kraft
Noah Kraft 3 days ago
We love you Cory
Littlebrofree 98
Littlebrofree 98 3 days ago
3:19 I hope u have to milk a cow straight into your mouth 3 episodes later Tyler dose it
santiago Bernabรฉu victor y ravi
He passed his bad luck to his twin at ep 8 9
Max Cheng
Max Cheng 3 days ago
Donโ€™t do this to cory
Shelly Zhang
Shelly Zhang 4 days ago
Tyler: lucky chicken Garrett: bold eagle Cody: a little bit too tall Cory: very unfortunate Coby: ...idk, donโ€™t be triggered Coby plz
Lenyx Davis
Lenyx Davis 4 days ago
2:59 SO FUNNY!!!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Rupert Lublow-Catty
Garret only got 2 on taste test and ty got 3
Brigitte 4 days ago
Actually Ty beat Garrett. Garrett got 3 wrong and 2 right. Ty got 3 right and 2 wrong. Just thought I would point that out.๐Ÿ˜
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