Dude Perfect Celebrate Their Epic Shots 🏀 | Ridiculousness | MTV

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Dude Perfect show us epic celebrations worthy of their epic shots.
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Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast join Rob Dyrdek and a lineup of special guests as they watch the most hysterical and absurd viral videos out there.
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20 фев 2019




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MTV 7 дней назад
7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well... ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-dx_nQwOEimE.html
SKOL NATION 3 дня назад
Disc golf is the fastest growing sport in the world right now and it would be awesome to get one of the top players on the show. Everyone trashes disc golf so im sure ya could get some funny stuff. Some wierdos out there on the courses too haha. Paul mcbeth and Ricky wysocki the best in the world right now and simon lizzote holds the distance record!
Pi 5 дней назад
1:10 Why is Chanel humping that guy?
Leigh Ann Gregg
Leigh Ann Gregg 6 дней назад
Where is Garrett
Jonathan Mahoney
Jonathan Mahoney 6 дней назад
This is so unfunny. The videos aren’t very funny, but its the cringy host and laugh track that make it unwatchable
Rage Against The Dem-Machine
Rage Against The Dem-Machine 6 дней назад
Ugh..she's SO dumb it's painful.
Trevor Romberger
Trevor Romberger 6 дней назад
Gus Johnson Squad up!
Sage of Sixth paths
Sage of Sixth paths 7 дней назад
Where’s Garret(purple hoser)Hilbert
shayy songs
shayy songs 7 дней назад
They be so extra 😂
Will Hossack
Will Hossack 9 дней назад
is that black guy panda
Brady H
Brady H 9 дней назад
Stilo is the fucking dumbest person ever what is his homophobic childish ass doing on tv hes so extremely annoying I cant watch this show anymore. Where did you find that douche?
botaina orabi
botaina orabi 10 дней назад
917518CB 917518CB
917518CB 917518CB 12 дней назад
dude 25 seconds in guy in blue shorts. lol his shorts are ripped ass cheek to ass cheek
Акгул Абдувалиева
Акгул Абдувалиева 12 дней назад
Ty is so emotionaly:)))))
Miller Family
Miller Family 16 дней назад
Guys, is the black dude the mysterious panda??? omg
Shadow No Demon
Shadow No Demon 16 дней назад
Mystery_Man 16 дней назад
My favorite to things Ridiculousness and dude perfect
ALPHAWOLFIE VI 17 дней назад
What is she paid for
Mary Cullen McVay
Mary Cullen McVay 17 дней назад
He should call that dance The Lone Star
music league
music league 17 дней назад
3:11 they played every game except cricket.please anyone tell them to make a cricket trick shots
thomas pheniox
thomas pheniox 17 дней назад
Mtv btw
Ricardo Orejel
Ricardo Orejel 17 дней назад
I used to watch this show like 5 years ago
Flamez - Agario
Flamez - Agario 17 дней назад
Where ma Panda
Autumn Spinek
Autumn Spinek 17 дней назад
Where is Garret? And nice Dallas Stars hat Tyler
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow 17 дней назад
4:14 the best laugh I've heard in years
dan tsy
dan tsy 18 дней назад
is the blonde chick a tranny????
Ruby Bros
Ruby Bros 18 дней назад
Why isn’t Garrett there?
car new
car new 18 дней назад
Purple hoser is the best
Charlie Schmerzler
Charlie Schmerzler 18 дней назад
I don’t remember Garrett being black? I guess I’m the least racist person ever cause I can’t see color 🙅‍♂️
Santiago Urrutia
Santiago Urrutia 18 дней назад
This should be pretty old cuz cory still has eyebrows xd
Xxxtentacles Nigga
Xxxtentacles Nigga 18 дней назад
The dudes looked uncomfortable, there not used to that language 😂
Hector Cruz
Hector Cruz 18 дней назад
What about Garret
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia 18 дней назад
Were is garret
Fluff Draws
Fluff Draws 18 дней назад
RIP Purple Hoser
Base Ball
Base Ball 18 дней назад
I love Rob Derdeck
Elektro Nation
Elektro Nation 18 дней назад
This is ridiculousness Favorite Video The Scorpion
Kevin Doan
Kevin Doan 18 дней назад
The guys must’ve felt slightly uncomfortable when the host drops the bombs
ayden farmer
ayden farmer 18 дней назад
where is garrett
Theinfiniteabyss 18 дней назад
Wheres Garrett
Theinfiniteabyss 18 дней назад
Nvm i made this comment right before i read the comment bellow mine
Jamie E
Jamie E 18 дней назад
Whoever the presenter is, 100% dickhead
B Bell
B Bell 18 дней назад
This are like my two favorite shows
zebra lover
zebra lover 18 дней назад
apple cream
apple cream 18 дней назад
wheres garret
Zhar Borneo
Zhar Borneo 18 дней назад
This group is epic🔥🔥🔥
WDJS22 18 дней назад
This show has ruined Rob, it’s actually embarrassing now
LuhwizZ 18 дней назад
So why is Garrett black
IOS Terraria God
IOS Terraria God 18 дней назад
BTW Garret’s wife is pregnant, so thats why he couldn’t come
UrBoiAstro Boi
UrBoiAstro Boi 18 дней назад
The blonde is stupid and annoying, she laughs at everything and I hope she chokes and dies
Crazzy Hellmans
Crazzy Hellmans 19 дней назад
Lul, i thought the audience laugh was fake
R4M3N_N00DL3S The noodle man
R4M3N_N00DL3S The noodle man 19 дней назад
Is it just me or is this host not funny
Ryan Mairan
Ryan Mairan 19 дней назад
chanel lookin like a full course meal
JD Asian Fruit
JD Asian Fruit 19 дней назад
Hold up garret black now?
faiz yazdaan
faiz yazdaan 19 дней назад
where's garett
Toxic Vortex334
Toxic Vortex334 19 дней назад
Did anyone notice Purple Hoser wasnt there
RJRacers 19 дней назад
Garrett is more tanned than I remember.. Is that racist? Sry
PRO SNIPER_YT 19 дней назад
this show is still a thing
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 19 дней назад
Anyone else think that the girls laugh is very annoying?!
Stephen Higgs
Stephen Higgs 19 дней назад
We are so happy 🦄
Where’s Garret?
george acker
george acker 19 дней назад
i will never watch ur show again u fools have started taking Gods name in vain on your show what a shame u fools are lost God dosent like that why do you think it is one of the Commandments i will pray for your lost souls
Sleepy Sloth
Sleepy Sloth 19 дней назад
When you notice Tyler's tan line
Wally At Me
Wally At Me 19 дней назад
Nice tan Tyler 😂
Neil Hatrick Harris
Neil Hatrick Harris 19 дней назад
I thought at some point they were gonna try to make a trickshot through Chanel's earrings........my god those things were huge.
Eli Rodriguez
Eli Rodriguez 19 дней назад
Misho Gordeza
Misho Gordeza 19 дней назад
I don't like host he looks so not natural
KnockBackPlayer 19 дней назад
American humor
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 19 дней назад
What a shit fucking show. The forced laughter from the audience is cringe af, especially that annoying woman’s laugh on the right.
Hulk 19 дней назад
Anyone going to talk about how fucking annoying the woman's laugh is
GFEAST 19 дней назад
They need like a skate trick something with rob lol
NaRRoS 19 дней назад
NA humour WeirdChamp
Ross Quigley
Ross Quigley 19 дней назад
What a shite show. Americans humour is actually the worst
Caliou The fireman
Caliou The fireman 19 дней назад
The girl was trying to take all the attention away
cody spence
cody spence 19 дней назад
Where’s panda and Garrett
Food Drinkers
Food Drinkers 19 дней назад
I see that Garret got darker
OJD Creative
OJD Creative 19 дней назад
That laugh..
OJD Creative
OJD Creative 19 дней назад
Tgat laugh..
Neonatta 19 дней назад
Chanel is so pointless
K 19 дней назад
Title says it all...RIDICULOUSNESS!!!
Colin Miller
Colin Miller 19 дней назад
2:26 Lol
Piu_Piu 19 дней назад
This show is soo cringy
Metastabillity 19 дней назад
I wish they showed their Final Four video at Cowboy Stadium because I was in that one lol.
Fast Internet
Fast Internet 19 дней назад
I came for vainy ballz
Will Moody
Will Moody 19 дней назад
If you watch overtime you can see that Cody has a tan
Elan Gorham Siegler
Elan Gorham Siegler 19 дней назад
You can’t talk about that interception. I’m sorry , but shut up.
Leif carlson
Leif carlson 19 дней назад
That lady deadass sounds like a dolphins when she laughs
michael hardie
michael hardie 20 дней назад
" one of the most, Uhhhhh"
Casey Crofts
Casey Crofts 20 дней назад
Dp is the best face it period
iankeith 20 дней назад
Oh good, more shows about several-year-old internet videos.
Andrew Hay
Andrew Hay 20 дней назад
What season did this one air in?
Oskii 20 дней назад
Back when He still had eyebrows
Anto57 20 дней назад
i hate the animator
Makeida 20 дней назад
I'm starting to feel like Wendy left the Wendy show back in 2018
PJ O'Neil
PJ O'Neil 20 дней назад
This show is not funny
SuthernShea 20 дней назад
This comment was already used but Nobody laughs: Chanel: 🐬
Jerson Moran
Jerson Moran 20 дней назад
put this on Hulu
Aman5 20 дней назад
2019 and rob hasn’t changed his show one bit in
John Michael McAwesome
John Michael McAwesome 20 дней назад
how did this show manage to get me to dislike it dislike it so quickly
Sherry Gingrich
Sherry Gingrich 20 дней назад
Garett has left the chat
Michael boss12
Michael boss12 20 дней назад
Where was purple boy
Zachary Sheppard
Zachary Sheppard 20 дней назад
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