Dude Perfect Celebrate Their Epic Shots 🏀 | Ridiculousness | MTV

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Dude Perfect show us epic celebrations worthy of their epic shots.
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Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast join Rob Dyrdek and a lineup of special guests as they watch the most hysterical and absurd viral videos out there.
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Feb 20, 2019

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Comments 560
MTV 4 months ago
7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well... ruvid.net/video/video-dx_nQwOEimE.html
Elizabeth Hammond
Elizabeth Hammond 11 days ago
Where is Garrett
Terry Brown
Terry Brown 26 days ago
alanjrkaminski Month ago
Adam Spellman
Adam Spellman 19 hours ago
I love dude perfect
Adan Martinez
Adan Martinez 10 days ago
This still exist ?
Benny Fernandez
Benny Fernandez 10 days ago
The dudes look low key uncomfortable
Charlie Bennett
Charlie Bennett 11 days ago
These MFers are a cancer!!!!!
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega 11 days ago
That one girls laugh is so annoying
Joshua Bradley Sports and music
Where’s garret
Ghata-Lora-Mera Lorrra
That Girl Fake Smile make me Cringe. Like Seriously WTF who smile like that. 😳😳😳
Allen Fepuleai
Allen Fepuleai 12 days ago
Veiny balls is the reason she’s out of a job
Rachel Brightwell
Rachel Brightwell 12 days ago
Where’s garit
devyn tillery
devyn tillery 12 days ago
Who else saw Cody's tan😂
Quinn Zachary
Quinn Zachary 12 days ago
You could tell how uncomfortable dude perfect was- such great and clean guys
Benny Fernandez
Benny Fernandez 10 days ago
Quinn Zachary fo reals
Woowww Ok
Woowww Ok 12 days ago
Pats fo life
clean_ nissans
clean_ nissans 12 days ago
You guys overreact on something funny but its really not funny
Jordan Tam-Turcotte
Garret has been out in the sun a little too long
Tasty_Toad Gaming
Tasty_Toad Gaming 12 days ago
Was Cody still “un-tanning” from his Wheel Unfortunate spin?
James Baron
James Baron 12 days ago
Dumb af
Gage B
Gage B 12 days ago
3:31 real question. So the “categories ” are made before the actual show. And so when he asked that how did he know that they’d say the all sports golf battle?
Gage B
Gage B 11 days ago
I feel like they doesn’t work either
Gage B
Gage B 11 days ago
TheGamerBoy HDTV I’m gonna rephrase it because I said it horribly, what I meant was, if the categories are made before the show, and he asked if he felt like they created a sport to lead into it, I wanted to know how he knew what dp was going to say.
TheGamerBoy HDTV
TheGamerBoy HDTV 11 days ago
da boss
da boss 12 days ago
Where’s Garett
bmb react
bmb react 12 days ago
We just gonna act like she didnt just kill the vibe fr at the end
Chandler Morillo
Chandler Morillo 10 days ago
Menace Nick no she’s not you fucking dumbass
Menace Nick
Menace Nick 11 days ago
@BucketManBlu btw shes a Transgender not tht it matters
BucketManBlu 11 days ago
bmb react That’s what that white girl does on a lot of episodes and says the most dumbest things
Pink bros Production
Whose the black dude
Balli5tic_I4n 12 days ago
Dime 12 days ago
RandomSauce141 12 days ago
Whats the outro music?
pickle rick
pickle rick 12 days ago
Where is purple hoser or garret
Matthew Griffin
Matthew Griffin 12 days ago
Celebrate big every time 2:25
Chrome Fusion
Chrome Fusion 12 days ago
This host is cringey af
ThunderGaming566 12 days ago
Lol me chrome fusion head ass
ghosted 13 days ago
Why is that girl on the show
Got Em
Got Em 13 days ago
He’s a masshole and a pats fan what u expect
Jhabari Owens
Jhabari Owens 13 days ago
Broverload I have learned a new word
tgirard1995 13 days ago
0:19 is definitely a fake shot. The cut was terrible 😂
Jacob Muntz
Jacob Muntz 13 days ago
Just subbed
Martin Lacker
Martin Lacker 13 days ago
That dude who hit the ball the most got a concussion now
Miriam Giron
Miriam Giron 13 days ago
Where is garret
Brennus 13 days ago
i didnt think this show was still around
Jalen Mitchell
Jalen Mitchell 13 days ago
Where's the other guy?
Eli Tiller
Eli Tiller 13 days ago
How come I haven’t seen this until now!!
Young NKY
Young NKY 13 days ago
0:18 nice edit
Mart Weijtjens
Mart Weijtjens 13 days ago
where is garret?
Moldy_ Skittles
Moldy_ Skittles 13 days ago
Dingaling dong ding
Shadow gaming
Shadow gaming 13 days ago
Hahahaahahahhahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhah the girls laugh
TheCapri48 Gaming
TheCapri48 Gaming 13 days ago
Why not show how many tries it took them to do it
Logan Dorris
Logan Dorris 13 days ago
Holy hell the spray tan...
Daddy Panther
Daddy Panther 13 days ago
I thought this show died.
Uncover The Truth
Uncover The Truth 13 days ago
I am Mitch
I am Mitch 13 days ago
How to be a perfect dude member. 1 - have patience 2 - know how to do retake after retake 3 - act like its your first time trying when you get it in the hole (murr) 4 - look cool
Jazmin Hernandez
Jazmin Hernandez 11 days ago
And be a Christian
aviato287 x
aviato287 x 13 days ago
Why is that white girl there?? She brings nothing
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 14 days ago
Christopher Finn
Christopher Finn 14 days ago
I asked my girlfriend if she thought any of these guys were perfect. She didn’t like any of them
Reighter 13 days ago
you dont have a girlfriend
Cristian Tapia
Cristian Tapia 14 days ago
I love rob he’s so funny bro
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