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MTV's Ridiculousness
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Dude Perfect show us epic celebrations worthy of their epic shots.
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Steelo Brim and Chanel West Coast join Rob Dyrdek and a lineup of special guests as they watch the most hysterical and absurd viral videos out there.
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Feb 20, 2019




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Comments 79
MTV's Ridiculousness
11 Epic Dude Perfect Shots, Celebrations, & More: ruvid.net/video/video-tJQeu5tE6m0.html
Angela Stewart
Angela Stewart 2 months ago
Yeah I hope to be a ridiculous this whole day
Jeffy Longoria
Jeffy Longoria 7 months ago
One problem. Where's Garrett
sunnyleil 7 months ago
dude perfect company makes toys
Jorge Vega
Jorge Vega 2 days ago
Love this show
Mark Greenhowe
Mark Greenhowe 10 days ago
I was surprised at how often they try to get things right - The o e where the guy walks into his house and throws his keys onto the key hook without looking - it took 3 days of constant trying !! That’s nuts. I wouldn’t have the patience to do this over and over. Wonder what they’re up to in this lockdown?
Rhonda Kay
Rhonda Kay 14 days ago
So Funny I'm Dyieing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gary King
Gary King 16 days ago
I love Dude Perfect. I also love Ridiculousness. This video makes it even more fun!!!
patrick star
patrick star 17 days ago
Jackson Weaver
Jackson Weaver 23 days ago
Erica Dean
Erica Dean Month ago
2k ankel braker and game winners
1 black guy and about 4 White guys
Dubby Month ago
again de same clips.. come on, bro! make new vid or get lost, but stop puttin out stuff 3 times
Jackson Frank
Jackson Frank Month ago
Where’s Garret
Xavier Hawkins
Xavier Hawkins Month ago
Where the Purple Hosier?
The dolphins called they want there sound back
themulti121 Month ago
sum times grimy as f@#k definitely1of the best shows on tv
Chase Eisel
Chase Eisel Month ago
Where is garrett
Drago Slays The Universe
Where’s garret?
Sbonga Maseko
Sbonga Maseko 2 months ago
Ravi Hines
Ravi Hines 3 months ago
Where’s garr
Walter Hill
Walter Hill 3 months ago
Walter Seeganna
Walter Seeganna 3 months ago
I just notices Garrett wasn’t on the show
packman 64
packman 64 3 months ago
I love your legs Chanel
william dolezal
william dolezal 3 months ago
Hey Chanel tell us your full name..... wait for it.... Chelsea Chanel Dudley.
John Kinsey
John Kinsey 3 months ago
Chanel:veiny balls Rob:get the fuck out
AshTheBro0 3 months ago
The girl be like 🐬
Owen French
Owen French 3 months ago
Tall guy beard twins ....
Owen French
Owen French 3 months ago
Where’s garrett
Let's Go B-Town Bears
Gar has left the chat
Omgitsjoetime T
Omgitsjoetime T 3 months ago
Dude perfect is so gay
kentuckyfried meatballs
A cross over of Dude ridiculous Or Ridiculously perfect
Ty 420
Ty 420 3 months ago
🐬🐬all's I'm sayin
Michael lassiter99
Michael lassiter99 4 months ago
AlphaEnt2 4 months ago
*Veiny balls*
One Bulby boi
One Bulby boi 4 months ago
*i used to watch this show all the time, and had no idea they were on it*
Ciaran Stein
Ciaran Stein 4 months ago
BØØM Bøm 4 months ago
Then boots nice tho
Phoque Offndie
Phoque Offndie 4 months ago
The lowest time combined with the least amount of shots wins. Racing Golf!!!
Phoque Offndie
Phoque Offndie 4 months ago
I want to see high speed timed golf.
iera 4 months ago
How is this channel from 19 Jul 2019 and this video from 20 Feb 2019 ?
Doesn’t Care
Doesn’t Care 4 months ago
I want her to play with my veiny balls!
Eric Minor
Eric Minor 4 months ago
Bro if they were to create a channel the west coast vibrator for men and women, Everytime she does that dolphin laugh, it would make millions
Senior Freddy
Senior Freddy 4 months ago
3:46 BRUH!
Payton Hatcher
Payton Hatcher 5 months ago
I love it how stelo looks like he is part of the group.
jose radith
jose radith 5 months ago
Chanel was horny
Olivia Doran
Olivia Doran 5 months ago
Where's Garrett
Dogew00f owo
Dogew00f owo 6 months ago
621st comment
Giovanni Ramirez
Giovanni Ramirez 6 months ago
I grew up watching this
Cj Davis
Cj Davis 6 months ago
Didn’t even notice his pants were ripped 😂
Yuzuru Otonashi
Yuzuru Otonashi 6 months ago
Rob Dyrdek is an irrelevant loser
DUCKBOY 6 months ago
Is that DaBaby next to Ty??
Hunter Doucette
Hunter Doucette 6 months ago
Where's Garrett??? The 5 guy of dude perfect isn't there...
Greg B
Greg B 6 months ago
This show is still on the air?
Calebchristianson69 6 months ago
No one: Boys locker room: 2:24
Gaming Master
Gaming Master 6 months ago
Lucas Mendez
Lucas Mendez 6 months ago
Where is the other guy ?
JefftheEvilRobot 6 months ago
Samuel Pineda
Samuel Pineda 6 months ago
Way better on here then in tv fuck cable 😂
FuckFuckmcgee69 Fuckfuckmcgee96
The fucks this guy even famous for? Bein a 14 year old in a 45 year olds body?
Rollme1 Kenobi
Rollme1 Kenobi 6 months ago
Channel got a train ran on her by all these dudes
Paul Gentile
Paul Gentile 6 months ago
DatalysJR 6 months ago
Anyone came here due to the add?
Mojo THC Joe
Mojo THC Joe 7 months ago
Purple hosing from Kenya
GlennTheAlien 7 months ago
Lol veiny balls
Owen Marye
Owen Marye 7 months ago
Low key can’t believe they let her say veiny balls in front of dp
walsh fiddler
walsh fiddler 7 months ago
chanel said "burning balls" lmao
Captain Orca
Captain Orca 7 months ago
What happened to Garett
maxyourmusic 8 months ago
Who remembers in Fantasy Factory when they went against each other? (Bro Impeccable v. Dude Perfect)
MTV's Ridiculousness
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furry shrimp
furry shrimp 8 months ago
This was a ad the best ad ever
pappish 8 months ago
4.42 thats balls right there 😂😂😂 Chanel west coast i love your laughing.
Sammie Weddle
Sammie Weddle 8 months ago
how about you show them something
Yahir Arreola
Yahir Arreola 8 months ago
Where is this original video from? 3:52
Avery Martin
Avery Martin 8 months ago
Did Tyler really cuss
Omoney 1211
Omoney 1211 9 months ago
I noticed in one of the parts Tyler had a hole in the back of his shorts
hulio papi
hulio papi 9 months ago
Chanel = Janice from friends
MTV's Ridiculousness
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Wiz Mun11:
Wiz Mun11: 9 months ago
X estás Kosass pago el internet !KARAJO! Lv miren me umildad KARAJOOOO!
Rafael Mora
Rafael Mora 9 months ago
That white chick is so awkward
I'm a gamer 55
I'm a gamer 55 9 months ago
I'm a Patriots fan
Mike Pantaleo
Mike Pantaleo 9 months ago
Rob cracks me up lmao
Mafisto Waltz
Mafisto Waltz 9 months ago
i love this show!
Mafisto Waltz
Mafisto Waltz 9 months ago
Fuckin White dudes haha
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