Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories

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I dropped the most iconic smartphones of 2019 to see which one holds up the best in this durability drop test!


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Oct 18, 2019




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Gladiator GamingTM
If u don't need that iPhone....plz give me ....😨😨😨😨 Like to have any gaming phone...
Clarity Meme :Gadgets Version
Jamyka Cabajes
Kung binigay nyo nalanag saken yan natuwa pa'ko senyoo haha
Patti Uy
Patti Uy Hour ago
I feel so sad for the Samsung Galaxy and the I phone 11 pro max!!
Atomshapeshifter A
Atomshapeshifter A 2 hours ago
Clearly fake real Nokia would’ve created a hole right through the earth’s core
Movie Food Travel Nature
But y like this... Should u guys give that to me 😔😔 dream Mobile phones iPhone ☹️
The Rotten Mushroom
Techrax for no reason: *And now we got the Nokia 3310*
Dinesh Singh Rawat
Dinesh Singh Rawat 2 hours ago
I am telling you in advance, that baby king kong (Nokia 3310) will win
Sukandar Santoso VLOG
wow amazing👍👍👍
August Diaries
August Diaries 2 hours ago
Pls dont do this stuff for views...
Black pink
Black pink 2 hours ago
wait. Are u mad.😑😑😑😑😑
sagar shaw
sagar shaw 3 hours ago
Aisa karna tha to Hume dedeta
lightning play band
Are you guys are kidding give me those nice phones
Deep Grewal0621
Deep Grewal0621 4 hours ago
Sir ek phone hame de do sir
aleena antony
aleena antony 5 hours ago
Arjun Kashyap
Arjun Kashyap 5 hours ago
jio phone girao
Sh Gaming
Sh Gaming 5 hours ago
You are rich give me iphone 11
Heath Burr
Heath Burr 6 hours ago
Why must you do these things
Julia Santos
Julia Santos 6 hours ago
Burro porque é os selulares são daora
Dr. Shak0
Dr. Shak0 6 hours ago
1:08 iPhone drops hits staircase 10 floors down and then falls another 6 floors before dropping on a stair Once he recovers it: oh yeah its in *horrible* condition, idk why? arent iphones supposed to be able to handle this daily stuff?
Ali Jutt
Ali Jutt 6 hours ago
Bro give the mobile to uss
U wasted all your money
Andrew Saga
Andrew Saga 6 hours ago
Him : imma do a drop test with these babies and let's see what will happened. Me: I can't afford those phones and I'm like watching them getting tortured.
prince panthappallil
Wat u trying to test here? Comparing a less functional phone with more sophisticated ones? Cmon u asshole....u fool...more functions means...more to be destroyed....
Singam Player
Singam Player 7 hours ago
Crazy men
Julissa Gonzalez
Julissa Gonzalez 7 hours ago
Give me those phones if you just gon throw them away 😭
waste that's it
No Internet.
No Internet. 7 hours ago
*Why?! Just WHY?!*
Santana Valdillez
Santana Valdillez 7 hours ago
its hard to watch the 11 go to waste considering i have a 6s
AWESOMEFRANK13 7 hours ago
How to waste +6k dollars
joko rusmanto
joko rusmanto 7 hours ago
Bisa beli aja udah sangat bersyukur ini malah di banting2
Akash Rawat
Akash Rawat 7 hours ago
Bhai fake kyu ra hai mughe de de 😜😜
LeanGamer360 7 hours ago
Omg the iphone
Nadesha Chambers
Nadesha Chambers 8 hours ago
Out here destroying an IPhone 11 Pro Max when u could give it to me🌚😂 I mean like yooooooo I’m using an iPhone 6😭😭😭😭😭
Dawn Keslar
Dawn Keslar 8 hours ago
OMG !!!!!!!!!!! 👍😯😶😖😵😱
tontonyngcong 8 hours ago
Jaleel Johnson
Jaleel Johnson 8 hours ago
Do you not do that again because that to me sounds one but it’s OK if you do another word actually you could do that make sure you have a screen protector in the won’t break openly dangerous
Hair By Will
Hair By Will 8 hours ago
What the Fuq you trying to prove? I don't get it
Aria Susanto
Aria Susanto 8 hours ago
Kekno aku ae njirrrrrr
Cristopher GC
Cristopher GC 9 hours ago
Wtf con este pendejo.
Team Os
Team Os 9 hours ago
Hay no manen también ustedes quieren un pinché teléfono indestructible jajajaja amo
Sreehari Madhu
Sreehari Madhu 9 hours ago
3:33 Just for the *fun* of it guys, we are gonna drop both the Galaxy Fold and iPhone 11 pro max.... This guy is filthy rich I guess •_•
Young_slime_v2 9 hours ago
That has to be a fake Nokia they can’t break
nathan 9 hours ago
I’ll still use that iPhone 11 for the flex lmao even tho it destroyed
Vsco Girls Are Demons
Why is everyone so shocked about the Nokia 3310 being destroyed? Plainrock124 literally destroyed it with a cheap blender he found at sams club
i i
i i 9 hours ago
my dream is to have a cell phone of this generation
Eli Vela
Eli Vela 10 hours ago
Lux Legend
Lux Legend 10 hours ago
eBay: Perfect condition! Also eBay: 1:20
Will Crone
Will Crone 10 hours ago
The iPhone is pretty impressive I would have expected it to shatter completely!! 20 stories is incredible
Seth Meeks
Seth Meeks 10 hours ago
1:36 my sister phone be like
dragon master 5
dragon master 5 10 hours ago
He drops phones im thinking no thats 3k
Aydyn Smith
Aydyn Smith 11 hours ago
You should’ve said “Siri, fuck you” before you dropped it
Vortex Sam95
Vortex Sam95 11 hours ago
Who buys fake nokias :(
mOly 11 hours ago
Can I get a phone because I'm still using iPhone 4s
N 11 hours ago
this isn’t a drop test. this is a fucking homicide..
Liu 11 hours ago
im sad
im sad 12 hours ago
*do a drop test on me next*
TECNOMUSIC_evo 12 hours ago
1:06 iPhone 11 Pro Max 2:25 Samsung Galaxy Fold 5:04 Nokia 3310 I KNOW YOU JUST LOVE ME 😂💪
evgen stepan
evgen stepan 12 hours ago
Привіт з України🖐🏻
William Rimmer
William Rimmer 12 hours ago
The iPhone 11 is a good iPhone
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