Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories

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I dropped the most iconic smartphones of 2019 to see which one holds up the best in this durability drop test!


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Oct 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Puppy Fan
Puppy Fan 6 hours ago
Why the hell do I get scared when I watch this
LoL NAIBAL 6 hours ago
прикинте туда плюнуть
chong chirs
chong chirs 6 hours ago
you guys are wasting money like if you don't wanna waste money
KicklerFake 6 hours ago
You have money...right!?!? 😟😟😟
مقتدى عباس
خرب الخلفك
Dark Army Gaming
Dark Army Gaming 6 hours ago
Hey can u give me that iphone 11 pro?
Shivom deb
Shivom deb 7 hours ago
AZ170 7 hours ago
Unicorn Princess
Unicorn Princess 7 hours ago
Are you crazy
Dat Child
Dat Child 7 hours ago
*guy calls keypad keyboard* Boomers: tHesE kIdS wItH tHeIr fAnCy tEcHnOlOgY (Yes I know this is a very shitty meme)
Jorge Ariñaga
Jorge Ariñaga 7 hours ago
Where they on airplane mode bc if not then not accurate
Carlo De negri
Carlo De negri 7 hours ago
Why bro
Aftab Iqbal
Aftab Iqbal 8 hours ago
Who else came here just to see how the phone gets folded 📁 😆😆
VALDAN 8 hours ago
Aubriel&Zay 8 hours ago
Everyone subscribe to our RUvid channel Aubriel&Zay. We do pranks, challenges, vlogs, etc. go check us out 💜
gafra harahap
gafra harahap 8 hours ago
My favourite content
Haverus Z
Haverus Z 8 hours ago
Waaaiiit. The other phones fell in the surface halfway through. The 3310 fell *ALL* the way through. *Unfair verdict*
Raihan Fitriansyah
Raihan Fitriansyah 8 hours ago
Kok gua ngerasa sakit yqh pas dia ngejatuhin hpnya. Mending hape nya di sumbangin dari pada beli mahal² cuma buat diancurin🤣🤣
Mexual 8 hours ago
that moment when he lets go
Elysia Kendyyy
Elysia Kendyyy 8 hours ago
image having the money to drop phones from the top of the staircase.. *cant relate*
ShadowSlayerz _
ShadowSlayerz _ 8 hours ago
This is how many phones/money he’s wasted ⬇️
Martin 765
Martin 765 8 hours ago
Ese Nokia es falso
Shu-Shin Jeng
Shu-Shin Jeng 8 hours ago
How much is the phone
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 8 hours ago
I could really needed that
Art Life
Art Life 8 hours ago
Imagine walking the tall stairs from top to bottom
Rock hell
Rock hell 8 hours ago
Are you full and supported? Know how much resources are required to produce an advanced mobile phone and how much environment is destroyed? Otherwise, if you jump from the third floor, you will test whether you will fall to death.
CiBzOct 8 hours ago
the nokia drop test was fake the phone is a payed actor
Shaka Bakhtiar
Shaka Bakhtiar 8 hours ago
Give to me
The Leviatan
The Leviatan 9 hours ago
WTF the Nokia gets rekt
XXX DRAXX 9 hours ago
Tudo idiota
Aaron Castañeda
Aaron Castañeda 9 hours ago
ThatOneRandomGuy 9 hours ago
Why am I watching this 😅😅😂
Dario Bellantone
Dario Bellantone 9 hours ago
but give them those phones to me you destroy mine
Star Miner
Star Miner 9 hours ago
What to do when youR phone has a free dot: Drop it down 100 floors
Sampreethi Swaminathan
Anyone else get really dizzy when he showed the height he was dropping the phones from?
Cal1 9 hours ago
It’s the stairs from gta 4
Paniz Karimi
Paniz Karimi 9 hours ago
بیشعور کصافت
Samuel Frans
Samuel Frans 9 hours ago
Yourself drop test pls
Maya Romero
Maya Romero 9 hours ago
_-JOHN LEONARD flores-_
Sayang eh kung binigay mo na lng saki。 natuwa pa ko😢
Alona Tabajonda
Alona Tabajonda 9 hours ago
youre just wasting money so to not waste can you give me samsung flip pls im from philiphines so you can LBC it
꧁๏гคภوє III
Instead of dropping phones U should give it to me
WRS YT 10 hours ago
Jiwa kemiskinanku meronta ronta
Social _ anxiety156
Social _ anxiety156 10 hours ago
Which insane person thought to do this spend all the money just to waste it and who’s going to clean up all the glass and stupidity that was put into this video
Shivansh Singh
Shivansh Singh 10 hours ago
I disliked the video coz, first Mobile phones are a medium to entertainment...not for breaking them. Second not everyone is as rich as these guys so they shud respect what they have instead of wasting it...😡
lizi tetelo
lizi tetelo 10 hours ago
Why you dont give me😭😭
Real's Thought
Real's Thought 10 hours ago
I dont know why but it's not fair comparing nokia 3310 to touch screen phones. And iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Fold? Nah, for me... I dont like Samsung and I never had an iPhone but it is not fair...
XioC652 10 hours ago
And the winner is- the iPhone. Because, even in that super shitty condition, some asshole can still sell it for 800 bucks on eBay as "used" condition.
Yuri_9000 10 hours ago
*Me sad because I don't have a phone and my younger sisters do* Also me: Can I have one please😢
Sam's side
Sam's side 10 hours ago
MaKe HiS pOcKeTs HuRt
اف ار تي / F R T
حياكم الله في قناتي اتشرف فيكم باقي لي ١٠ واوصل ١٠٠ مشتراك انشالله فا لاتحرمونا من دعمكم ruvid.net/show-UCtfbJ6UWs6k5OMQQDN-gySQ
Alexia Culles
Alexia Culles 10 hours ago
You need to see a Psychiatrist couse you are Crazy!!!
HANG UP GT 11 hours ago
You are wasting your money lol
Rowlet GamingYT
Rowlet GamingYT 11 hours ago
:( you guys breaking phones when I cant afford anything :(
MWOK 11 hours ago
WHY THE FUCKING FUCK BUY A FUCKING PHONE TO BRAKE IT here's why Him: this gets me views and money so I buy a phone to brake Three days later: bus new I phone 11 max
柯翁阳 11 hours ago
Jumana mazen
Jumana mazen 11 hours ago
to everybody saying its a waste of money(even tho it really is) look at the views..... 19*MillIOn* views on people breakimv their phones😂
TJ Hawley
TJ Hawley 11 hours ago
GG like to stop mobile wars
straberry tube
straberry tube 11 hours ago
Literally crying most people. Can't buy one of those
Yael Eduardo
Yael Eduardo 11 hours ago
No los tires dámelos Ami..!!😂
Annika's Vlogs
Annika's Vlogs 11 hours ago
Imagine they drop the camera..
Zach 11 hours ago
Its hurt! ITS HURT! seeing this makes me want to cry
Cryz Fox
Cryz Fox 12 hours ago
But when I drop my phone 1 foot it shatters
Bessam .f
Bessam .f 12 hours ago
whyyyy 😥😥😥😥😧😧😿😿😿😿
ricardo vasquez 9193 gamer
A ti te sobra el dinero, me regalas uno? ( que esté Bueno si)
Corrina Bacci
Corrina Bacci 12 hours ago
When I saw that phone screen I had chills go up my spine I was almost crying cuz I have when I was just watching it on my own phone I was scared and I was like why did you drop it that was not good you Bruno phone why do you spend your money on the phone if you're just going to drop it
Nadine Britz
Nadine Britz 12 hours ago
You are wasting phones!!!!
이승현 13 hours ago
아..... 떨어뜨릴꺼면 아이폰11하고 갤럭시폴드 나한테 주지 ... 그럼 네 핸드폰주는데....
The money
Felps Manbia
Felps Manbia 13 hours ago
Please give me a galaxi fold
cengkerik pagi
cengkerik pagi 13 hours ago
Drop sound like a jumpscare part hahahahaha
Dillon Dimmer
Dillon Dimmer 13 hours ago
{DICK} 13 hours ago
Eu querendo celular novo e ele só quebrando os dele ;_;
Byron Mott
Byron Mott 13 hours ago
He's also going to drop a phone that is a phone that folds out
Byron Mott
Byron Mott 14 hours ago
He just broke the screen
Mr. BuenardoU
Mr. BuenardoU 14 hours ago
Pio millonario
Rumbumptious ζ
Rumbumptious ζ 14 hours ago
I can afford that , but it's really a waste. No matters how rich you are and how much money you can get from your contents. It's pretty dumb. Especially if you posted it somewhere. Just saying.
masonrobins 4
masonrobins 4 14 hours ago
Apples cameras are tougher than they’re actual phones
Tahir Parham
Tahir Parham 14 hours ago
that is a waste of money
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