Dropping a bottle cap, but face down.

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Always face down😐.
I broke my camera lens while making this video 🤦🏽‍♂️ can you guess when that happened.
Oddwin - 8.16.18


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Mar 18, 2019




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Buckaneer 2 hours ago
And you’ll always find a piece of hair on it
rhai14 5 hours ago
Only a worthy person cab lift it
L 12 hours ago
On this day the world shall know pain
Blitz 14 hours ago
I dont get it
That Guy
That Guy 20 hours ago
You gotta drink the whole bottle at once now 😢
The Jwoom
The Jwoom Day ago
Why were we forsaken so...
Jacob Rodriguez
This is so relatable
M!CHAEL Day ago
Have already gon into a state of depression over the bottle cap lmao
isaac page
isaac page 2 days ago
howd he make the cap so bouncy
Tre' 2 days ago
I wonder how lonh it took to specifically get it to fall on its face WHEN YOU WANT IT TO and it prob took a lot of editing
Thomas Z
Thomas Z 3 days ago
This is how Covid started
Im a sock
Im a sock 3 days ago
U know u can just wash it right?
Xl Remix
Xl Remix 4 days ago
Just wash it off
Jad Daou
Jad Daou 4 days ago
One bottle cap to rule them all
lobdooks 4 days ago
What if you just save water bottle caps in case this happens. I might wanna do that, actually
holysinnerxxx 6 days ago
Call me nasty but I just pick it up, blow on it, and call it a day.
THADZ 6 days ago
Us? We just pick it right back up 😂😂😂
Red Kinda Sus
Red Kinda Sus 6 days ago
The bottle cap is obviously a paid actor
Instack Inc.
Instack Inc. 7 days ago
He's so sad the jacket turned white.
When that happens i just throw the drink away its a ride or die
BlueBarrier782 7 days ago
Imagine trying to explain this video to someone 50 years ago lolo
swegmanswag 8 days ago
that water is outdated now.
Far SENSA1 8 days ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t get this? Why did he get depression because the cap went face down? Plz tell me
Electric Lies
Electric Lies 7 days ago
That shit nasty. gettin hairs all up in the ridges.
Xuneham n2
Xuneham n2 9 days ago
nice shoe flex
MexaGodTVG 9 days ago
Bro u have 3 million subs you should already be in a nice ass house
Nexus 10 days ago
Me when my bottle cap falls face down:Looks around hopefully no one saw me I ain’t touching that again
ca ke
ca ke 11 days ago
And then he continues and chugs the water bottle
Legend-1 The Light
Legend-1 The Light 12 days ago
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming 12 days ago
Fun Fact:Caleb crying because it landed like that Viewers:Laughing because that cap landed like that and he crying Laughing and crying
Jeremiah Lavallee
Jeremiah Lavallee 13 days ago
I felt that. RIP
Jennifer Hoffmann
Jennifer Hoffmann 14 days ago
What's the problem with caps falling face down?
Lenn Joseph
Lenn Joseph 14 days ago
Top saddest anime deaths
Myles Kiyanda
Myles Kiyanda 15 days ago
I do skits on my channel too, some people say we look alike but i dont see it lol
Super Maairio
Super Maairio 17 days ago
I don't care when a bottle cap falls I already have vaccines wuts to worry bout?
I don’t know what’s the problem with that can someone explain it to me?
Remaster 18 days ago
Jahmari Watson
Jahmari Watson 18 days ago
Im srry for your cap
Broo the paper towel to open the bottle was too relatable😂😂
eky 21 day ago
And then he robbed a bank
Cycosaurus 21 day ago
Robert Lust
Robert Lust 23 days ago
You told over we were got that sound that thang. Columbus got a smell. I normally just ignore it like white noise. Like when 10 people bang in a van.
Joel Hamilton
Joel Hamilton 24 days ago
You could just wash it since your in the kitchen too
General Grevious
General Grevious 24 days ago
i felt that bro
literally every germophobe ever:
Cengo 25 days ago
I expected him to chase the bottle cap through his entire home
X3570R 25 days ago
That cap will never touch the drink again, it was infested with.. germs!
Tim Bloop
Tim Bloop 26 days ago
Real men use the cap anyway. I'm a real man
red boi
red boi 26 days ago
Nigga finish the shit tf
Ej White
Ej White 26 days ago
Bottle cap is a paid actor
Silverdouser Gaming
MVP 27 days ago
Who else saw that big ass bug on the wall in the background
Callum Hill
Callum Hill 27 days ago
Just a heads up, but you probably spilt your drink too.
Ender Gourdon
Ender Gourdon 28 days ago
Hey don’t they usually exaggerate these videos?
Noodlenado782 28 days ago
I never done had emotions this intense abt a water bottle but okay😂😂
Nate watson
Nate watson 28 days ago
what was the original title of this video DON'T MANDELA EFFECT ME CALEB.
Noah hayes
Noah hayes 29 days ago
Why is that scream so convincing
Kalpana Chadha
Kalpana Chadha Month ago
thought it was only me
duckxrec Month ago
[Music] [Applause]
Druid Spoe
Druid Spoe Month ago
I feel the pain ive done that on a floor with dog hair
When ya germophobic:
leon palmer
leon palmer Month ago
hes run out of ideas
Tenchigo Month ago
If my friend ever started screaming over a bottle cap like their dog just got ran over I'd immediatley leave the premise.
Amaxandaryan .R
Amaxandaryan .R Month ago
How many times did you drop that cap to get the shots you needed!??😂😂😂
F. B. I
F. B. I Month ago
Caleb : SCREAMING Subtitles : [Applause]
Ebb Hector Navato
Literally everyone in lockdown
Dyst1nct Month ago
Donut Animation
Donut Animation Month ago
So relatable. That doesn’t really happen to me. Thanks gravity
Donut Animation
Donut Animation Month ago
Ian Hall
Ian Hall Month ago
did it break when you dove at your camera? it isn't as obvious as I was expecting it to be XD
Yeetasaurus Rex
Yeetasaurus Rex Month ago
0:21 Looks like we found the next Dragonborn.
Matt J. Dylan
Matt J. Dylan Month ago
Remember when our major health hazard used to be a bottle cap falling on the floor faced down? Good times...
Max Gray
Max Gray Month ago
You knew about Covid and didn’t tell us?
T-juce Games
T-juce Games Month ago
it really be like that tho
Hitrover Month ago
Is this why water gives him flashbacks?
Egi Boi
Egi Boi Month ago
The bathroom stalls especially.
Ummmm... You could wash it out in the sink. Instead of holding a funeral for “bottle cap”. 🤣
Diamond Comedy
Diamond Comedy Month ago
So I’m not the only one
Shrek The ogre
Shrek The ogre Month ago
Wash it?
LittleFoxx comics
R.I.P. water bottle cap, you'll be missed on the floor😔
NotepadBalisong Month ago
Man spent 100s of dollars on a slowmo camera to film a bottle cap
blaiir_xox Month ago
*he had 5 seconds and lost it... Sad*
Uzma Arif
Uzma Arif Month ago
The pain, ive felt it before
Xazny Month ago
Now you have to drink all of it 😔😔
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Month ago
Thought it was bad because it was a pain to pick up face because you couldnt get a good grip on it 😂
Booster Prime
Booster Prime Month ago
Havent heard of the 5 second rule?
Blessingb Month ago
Da background music thoo😂😂
Stone Sage
Stone Sage Month ago
Lol what theme is this ?
DarkShock XYZ
DarkShock XYZ Month ago
O:44 look at the subtitles
Stone Sage
Stone Sage Month ago
Applause lmao this guy
Ypstra Felix
Ypstra Felix Month ago
so relatable
Swixtor Singh
Swixtor Singh Month ago
just wash it
Random Guy
Random Guy Month ago
Tip: Put rubber bands around a tight lid now open it
samurai2871 Month ago
I always just pick it back up and put it on.
Marcus Vince Valencia
Bottle cap: falls face down Me: NO ITS TOO DIRTY NOW Bottle cap: falls in poop but up Me: oh it’s ok
Forever Nerd
Forever Nerd Month ago
When you drop the soap
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido Month ago
Bottle cap will be remembered
Slots 777
Slots 777 Month ago
When the cap hit the floor I felt that
Sup Tanner
Sup Tanner Month ago
so people do this, but can wait 10 seconds for a bannana on the ground?
FE4RR ACE Month ago
*In terms of bottle cap we have no bottle cap*
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