Dropping a bottle cap, but face down.

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Always face down😐.
I broke my camera lens while making this video 🤦🏽‍♂️ can you guess when that happened.
Oddwin - 8.16.18


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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 5 768
Joker — PK
Joker — PK 4 hours ago
Just wash it
pieordie7 Day ago
i just finish the bottle.
Andrew Horne
Andrew Horne Day ago
What is that piano tune
SNGaming Day ago
I don’t get it
AADavis Starlight
I understand
Mista Jones
Mista Jones 3 days ago
Lmao You jus gotta drink the whole bottle then!!
B.A Trifi
B.A Trifi 3 days ago
5 seconds rule, I think it s ok if you catch it within 5 secs
Koreda Haiyatto
Koreda Haiyatto 3 days ago
Meanwhile, I always get it right side up. Because physics is on my side.
Riddle 4 days ago
The bottle cap was a paid actor
omar alaa
omar alaa 4 days ago
First world problems.
Mr Mccargo
Mr Mccargo 4 days ago
Depression in a nutshell
Black Death
Black Death 5 days ago
0:43 Welcome too... Jurrasic park
ViVi 5 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn't understand? Can someone please explain?
Bless Jizz
Bless Jizz 5 days ago
This isn't funny
Kitty Katarina
Kitty Katarina 6 days ago
Anyone know the song that plays? (not the outro)
Orchid Braid
Orchid Braid 6 days ago
You hate to see it...
Teeqo Merrell
Teeqo Merrell 6 days ago
When this happens I just rinse it in the sink it’s not a big deal
samler pill
samler pill 6 days ago
Just realized it makes literally no difference 😂
Joe 6 days ago
This is the one time that an episode from this channel doesn't make sense to me. why is this an issue?
Quensi Threadgill
that scream remind me of when godzilla roared lmao
byVentrex 6 days ago
SavageRush012 7 days ago
Just wash it off with dish soap and hot water.
BdogDoes Stuff
BdogDoes Stuff 7 days ago
That outro bumps on my badass gaming headphones. Wish it was longer lmao
Verxill 7 days ago
bruh outro got that young don
Animosity 8 days ago
Don’t understand
Anthony Cadet
Anthony Cadet 8 days ago
Why did it bounce so high and why did it bounce so much
A Dank Coder - Memes
Gury Singh
Gury Singh 9 days ago
new use of hoodie😂
Thomas van den Belt
Y’all too hygienic
ProBro X
ProBro X 10 days ago
_"Don't cry over spilt milk"_ _Do cry over bottle cap dropped face down_
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 11 days ago
that scream was raw af
Space Legends
Space Legends 11 days ago
Imagine having to record this over and over until it actually dropped face down
dacool 66
dacool 66 11 days ago
You call that side the face?!
Kevin Abrigo
Kevin Abrigo 12 days ago
I hate that
Ryu 691
Ryu 691 13 days ago
“Welp time to throw the cap away and drown myself by drinking all at once”
David Acosta
David Acosta 13 days ago
The .01 of the bacteria felt that
Nitro Gaming
Nitro Gaming 13 days ago
I thought this was only me lol
Dev 13 days ago
You gotta blow it hella hard
RonTron 15 days ago
Grey 15 days ago
Smh.. I thought I was the only one.
harvey gamer 6
harvey gamer 6 16 days ago
I don't get it
jere miah
jere miah 16 days ago
the fact that the cap does that roll 0:34, where it makes sure the entire fucking lip touches the ground..... thats just the extra insult
Shawn C You
Shawn C You 16 days ago
I'm guessing he broke his camera lens when he dived straight at it.
NorbiZ 17 days ago
What happened to thee bottle though
Digital Pickaxe
Digital Pickaxe 17 days ago
Its like head or tails but your life depends on it
Master PBM
Master PBM 18 days ago
You know you can wash the cap right?
Craig Cardwell
Craig Cardwell 18 days ago
My life (sigh)
Invalid 19 days ago
I can relate to all his videos lol
Koin 19 days ago
I'd understand if you were outside, but there is a damn sink over there
Morton Fork
Morton Fork 19 days ago
I don't get this at all.
Gabe's Galaxy
Gabe's Galaxy 20 days ago
Y’all really can’t just rinse it off
JeVanni Lyn Napoleon
So relatable.
Ebrahim Hakimi
Ebrahim Hakimi 20 days ago
yo its sooooooo annoying even when i read some of your titles it makes be cring not in a bag way but like dropping a cap facing down u get it right
chunky boomer
chunky boomer 20 days ago
It really do be like that sometimes
Tepm 20 days ago
Am I stupid for not getting this?
ksubi 20 days ago
literally thought i was the only one
Drillkicker 20 days ago
Do people really care about this ? Do people really waste paper towels like that ?
HxSKy OP 21 day ago
Plot twist : *the Bottle cap was a paid actor*
xMrDaily HD
xMrDaily HD 21 day ago
am i the only one that says fuck it and picks it back up 😭
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 23 days ago
Simple yet unthought of: Wash it
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