Dropping a bottle cap, but face down.

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Always face down😐.
I broke my camera lens while making this video 🤦🏽‍♂️ can you guess when that happened.
Oddwin - 8.16.18


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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Tashana Mattis
Tashana Mattis 13 hours ago
*When someone takes no-cap too far*
Sushi 3 days ago
I have the same kitchen tiles lmao
bruh momento numero 39
crap, gotta drink it all now.
Prince Ali
Prince Ali 4 days ago
I'd if it hits the floor
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez 4 days ago
Cap lands face down gerbaphobes:no Cap lands faced up germaphobes:still no
MrFancyPanCook .
MrFancyPanCook . 5 days ago
This is just sad.
Royce Wihapi
Royce Wihapi 6 days ago
He wears shoes in the house, yeah in the house shoes
Nathan Ojahan
Nathan Ojahan 6 days ago
that is one of the realest "fuck" scream that i have ever heard
Galactic Bolt
Galactic Bolt 6 days ago
Bro this is way to fucking relatable
Xiomara Estrada
Xiomara Estrada 6 days ago
I really felt that
Blue Stitch
Blue Stitch 7 days ago
Bruh that’s such a nice outfit😭 I love ur shoes and hoodie so much
Robbie06261995 7 days ago
Is that bad luck or something, why is this bad?
Cruptic. .Blank
Cruptic. .Blank 7 days ago
I know I'm a year late but I think you broke your lens when you dived into your camera when it was standing up?
Karolyn 7 days ago
Zueby Velez
Zueby Velez 8 days ago
The sound effects though XD
Is concerned about the sanitation of the water bottle cap but slaps his hand on the ground.
Joestar Lineage
Joestar Lineage 10 days ago
The slow motion FUCK got me good😂😂😂
TheOGRichGuy 11 days ago
I hate when that happens because that makes the cap dirty so you can't put it back on the bottle without rinsing it
Not Me Seriously
Not Me Seriously 12 days ago
Nicky Speed
Nicky Speed 12 days ago
redemptionbio essence
I feel this dude's pain
இறை நேசன்
I can't relate to this I always use a sipper
Jorge Lujan
Jorge Lujan 16 days ago
Y'all being dramatic about nothing with this. Even IF like a couple germs get on the ultra-thin rim of plastic, none of the thin rim makes contact with the opening on the bottle. And even if it did, and you somehow transferred germs, what's gonna happen? You think your whole house not already covered in germs?
Shadow 17 days ago
Uhhhh...... What's so bad.. When you can just pick up the cap like nothing happened...?
Jorge Lujan
Jorge Lujan 16 days ago
Yeah I really don't get this. People are dramatic about nothing on this one.
Abraxas Virus
Abraxas Virus 18 days ago
0:42 when you see your crush kissing another person
LeMarte Young
LeMarte Young 18 days ago
When did you break the lens @calebcity
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott 19 days ago
Relatable Love that outro what’s the song called?
Gseric47 21 day ago
And now you have to walk AAALLLLL the way back to the sink and properly get it washed off 🤦🏾‍♂️
Leo Sanchez
Leo Sanchez 22 days ago
He really let it marinate
Zikra dvd
Zikra dvd 22 days ago
if only the floor was clean
UniGameVerse 22 days ago
Am I the only one that is like: Just wash it bruh...
Maheer Huq
Maheer Huq 23 days ago
Bro wtf I thought only I did this
omar wanace
omar wanace 23 days ago
Bro what the song called in the video that he keeps putting ?!
DRD thats me
DRD thats me 24 days ago
Me shaking my head while watching this 😞😩 srry about the bottle cap bro
Ahaha _
Ahaha _ 24 days ago
Did you break ur lens when you were dolphin diving?
XMGX 25 days ago
Wait, is that a bad thing? I just pick it up and just carry on with my business
Cxlx ツ
Cxlx ツ 25 days ago
now he has to finish the whole drink :( Copied btw
Random Faggot • 69 years ago
Dropping a ball and it bounces and breaks your balls
oofer and oofest
"i can relate"
skOsH Month ago
I actually would prefer it land like this, imagine it landing the other way and then stepping on it with just socks on
Sandra Castaneda
Love the video and the hoodie! Where is it from? 😍
Adøre Month ago
This is very relatable
FAZE_HOXTON _ Month ago
Soooooo true
naipeu Month ago
Deadpool99017 Month ago
Wait this is a problem?
bbie momo
bbie momo Month ago
img: “the floor was clean.” we give it a 0/10.
PurpleCyanide Month ago
I don’t understand how this is an issue. Like even if it falls like that the only part that is touching the ground is the edge of the cap which won’t touch anything you are drinking... I feel like this is just for germaphobes.
Ozzie Filmlover
Ozzie Filmlover Month ago
Just wash it, bro.
*DeltaBlazin'X* Month ago
"Damnit...I can't believe it...all I had to do was turn the bottle cap...but it fell...and I was too slow..I couldn't stop it...now I have to waste water just to wash the bacteria off of it....I'm so stupit.."
Heather D
Heather D Month ago
No, I'm not going to say he should've rinsed it off ...but I would so I'm not NOT saying that he should not have not washed it at least once.
Latriece Williams
Hey dude whats funny you dont need the center but me
Reveloen Alberto
Sounds like a Japanese dragon ball z transformation hahha
Kurisu Month ago
I'm guessing he broke his camera lens at the 0:32 shot. I don't know if I'm right tho...
Lee Month ago
Caleb knew about corona before anyone else
I thought I was the only one that related to this
demon masterX
demon masterX Month ago
That just a tiny bottle so just drink it faster and finish it
AramDD Month ago
Your fault if you walk in your shoes indoors
Mr Slim
Mr Slim Month ago
I can feel emotional pain from this
aaron bacchus
aaron bacchus Month ago
Jeremy Nicholas YAP
Geraldine Anang
Geraldine Anang Month ago
Worth the drama 🤣
Alex faller
Alex faller Month ago
always 💔💔
John O'Neill
John O'Neill Month ago
So where do you live now after you had to burn your house down?
Timmy Hussell
Timmy Hussell Month ago
Oh, my god, please tell me you hadn't broken your camera by dropping it lenses down? 😣
Da anime budget be to low To make them cry
Them germs got it now
Goji01 Films
Goji01 Films Month ago
Why won't this fucking video load?
Mr. Jax
Mr. Jax Month ago
Was expecting him to say "Why am I so stupidt..."
Dan -
Dan - Month ago
Now it's got literal doo doo water on it
fireguy 92348
fireguy 92348 Month ago
Everything is so slow but his arms when he said “no” we’re moving at light speed
nack0002 Month ago
Why is this relatable?
Zack Rosado
Zack Rosado Month ago
It be like that
Blood :P
Blood :P Month ago
Its worse if you just started drinking it
Kayla Campbell
Kayla Campbell Month ago
It might as well just stay there cuz I’m not picking it up 😭😭
Bruh x 2 is Bruh Bruh
Outro music?
• Scx_tty •
• Scx_tty • Month ago
Gabriel Teller
Gabriel Teller Month ago
Bruh, maybe it wouldn't be as bad IF YOU WEREN'T WEARING YOUR SHOES IN YOUR HOUSE.
Said Kaguirov
Said Kaguirov Month ago
How it is face down? I see it face up
Stephanie Allen
Stephanie Allen Month ago
So...clean your floors and you won't be as upset, right?
Miss Fanfic
Miss Fanfic Month ago
This happened to me once and it was heartbreaking
Noah An
Noah An Month ago
If i drop the bottle cap either ways ill still pick it up and drink it.. Like whats the big deal?
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