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Isaac examines Drizella’s full story to determine if she will ever begin a new and good natured life.
Cinderella: amzn.to/2jBpkdS
Cinderella II Dreams Come True/ Cinderella III A Twist In Time: amzn.to/2xNAwzb
Cinderella (2015): amzn.to/2xionRh
Cinderella by Charles Perrault: amzn.to/2refK6u
Anastasia Tremaine: The Evil Stepsister Who Turned Good: ruvid.net/video/video-zjsxFBYifVk.html
Disney Theory: Why Does Tinker Bell Need Wings If She Has Pixie Dust?: ruvid.net/video/video-Mvunj8en5j0.html
Can an evil stepsister who never ceased to ridicule, mock and destroy everything that came her way, ever have a chance of changing? On the night of the Prince’s famous royal ball, the Prince found Cinderella, his true love, and from that moment on nothing could stop her destiny to marry him and to become a princess. After Cinderella rose out of her adversity this is the part of the stepsisters stories where a nexus occurs for them. What can they do in the world when a woman they looked down upon achieves everything they ever desired? Although in many tales such as the original Cinderella by Charles Perrault, Once Upon A Time, the 2015 Cinderella and the original plans for Cinderella III: A Twist In Time are all stories where Drizella is forgiven, in Disney’s final version of the animated Cinderella series though, Anastasia seeks forgiveness and is redeemed while Drizella is not. Based on everything we know about Drizella though is their hope for her?
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Dec 27, 2018




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Comments 80
PurpleLover10 4 days ago
for some reason I kind of imagine Drizella winding up with the Duke
ATL KIDZ 5 days ago
Do a theory on who drizzella met to have dizzy
Sydney Pitts
Sydney Pitts 8 days ago
I'm glad Anastasia changed her ways because I knew that there was good in Anastasia's heart. She just needed help from Cinderella to find that goodness that was in her heart all along.
Danny Orange
Danny Orange 16 days ago
Maybe she's just the yang to Anastasia's yin. I could see her becoming a Disney witch.
artemisgirl91 18 days ago
This is old but I have that same shirt!!
Kaylan Modha
Kaylan Modha Month ago
Bruv why go so deep this is a movie made for 6 year olds but still nice vid
Cinderella's step sisters are good just corrupted by their mother.
Yuri Maxwell
Yuri Maxwell 2 months ago
You forgot about dizzy from descendants 2 She is the daughter of drizzela
Nessie Rey
Nessie Rey 2 months ago
I actually think that Cinderella 2 happened after Cinderella 3 or would’ve happened if they didn’t steal fairy godmothers wand. The timeline‘s kinda off but I still think that Cinderella did what she did in 2 for Anastasia in 3 as we see that the baker and Anastasia are together in a painting later at the end of 3. so...
Angeline Labrador
Angeline Labrador 2 months ago
Did you guys know that hes eyes are looking at the left?
Rebecca Heeson
Rebecca Heeson 2 months ago
I love these vidios.
Walter Nicholas
Walter Nicholas 2 months ago
Had to do a few days off and my sister had to go home tomorrow morning we will have a good day
MavieMikuto 3 months ago
I’m a sucka for a happy ending
iiSky_ Londonii
iiSky_ Londonii 3 months ago
It they actually tried to draw everyone on Cinderella except her step sisters
Aime Huddleston
Aime Huddleston 3 months ago
I love my life
I love my life 3 months ago
Y u kinda cute tho
Narcisse Sealy
Narcisse Sealy 3 months ago
Cinderella |||| Drisella wants more
Luna Oofer -3-
Luna Oofer -3- 3 months ago
Comments were 666, you’re welcome.
ଘNana 3 months ago
Bruh why does this remind me of Jesus forgiving the good criminal and leaving the bad criminal
Liz Rae
Liz Rae 3 months ago
cinderella 4 the revenge of tremayne
Kirstyn McKenzie
Kirstyn McKenzie 3 months ago
If the evil stepsisters went to Hogwarts they would be put into Slytherin, given their family values
Julimations 3 months ago
The more you look at her the more she looks likes the deformed version of Snow White
raven22at 4 months ago
Constants and variables... BioShock infinite
Raina Day
Raina Day 4 months ago
True story
Victoria Palferez-Siri
Interesting how desperate step sisters in wanting to be the ones...is like an old repetitive memory happening over and over again, sadly now the evil ones are in top of the game, never ending bag of tricks.
The Dragon Queen
The Dragon Queen 4 months ago
Cinderella 3 takes place a year after Cinderella’s happily ever after Cinderella 2 could’ve very well happened within tht year or after Cinderella 3
Dude Geeks
Dude Geeks 5 months ago
I think what changed Drizella. Dizzy her daughter. Dizzy is a good VK. So she's doing something right.
Pikagirl541 5 months ago
I like that only one stepsister got a redemption arc. It shows that although people can change, not everyone is willing to do so.
The sapphire leo
The sapphire leo 5 months ago
Who voices Drizella? She sounds like Pearl and kinda looks like her, too!
mindy trace
mindy trace 6 months ago
hi wotso can you please do descendents.
michael collins
michael collins 6 months ago
Hard to believe one of her daughters was actually sweet and kind
Brad Hedgehog
Brad Hedgehog 6 months ago
Drizalla? Change? I doubt that man.
Studio 73
Studio 73 6 months ago
That could’ve been an interesting idea
Marina Mastrangelo
Marina Mastrangelo 6 months ago
I love ❤️ your daughter dizzy 😵 is so cute
Kirsty Fraser
Kirsty Fraser 7 months ago
The King And I
Hannah Butcher
Hannah Butcher 7 months ago
faith barber
faith barber 7 months ago
If she found love with the baker. And perhaps a chance for her own redemption. How does she end up on the isle of the lost with her sister and mother?
faith barber
faith barber 7 months ago
So is there any books about the step-sisters side of the Cinderella story
The last Revolutionary
Can you do the incredibles all the glory day supers who got video
Red rosies
Red rosies 7 months ago
I though her name was Priscella..... oop
Blue Feathered Cub
Blue Feathered Cub 7 months ago
I'd like to say that so long as one still has chances in life, anyone can redeem themselves. But in some cases, as many of us have seen time and time again, some people just can't be helped, and the reason for that is, those people don't want to be helped. I think Isaac's right, in order for Drizella to change, she'll have to want to change. Something in Anastasia was different, she ended up being more susceptible to change, in part because Anastasia is her own person. But something tells me Drizella may be too hardened, too conditioned to Lady Tremaine's way of thinking. Many children of abusive parents can choose to go a better way, as Anastasia did, but unfortunately, many children join their parents and become as bad as they are. Again, it all comes down to nature vs. nurture. How much of greed and desires for luxury and wealth were instilled into Drizella, versus what she internalized and took on for herself? Unfortunately, it appears for Drizella that she has adopted more of her mother's viewpoints on things for herself. I'd like to see her life turn around, but she's gonna have to put in the work to change, as Anastasia did. And while it seems that work is not something Drizella is very inclined to do, you never know, maybe she still has a chance.
Steven Thorell
Steven Thorell 8 months ago
Drizella Termine in once upon a time
Nicole Joyner
Nicole Joyner 8 months ago
I found this video was mostly a repeat of the Anastasia video. Like most the time he is talking about her not Drizella
gloomysunday8 8 months ago
The short answer: NO
Doll Princess
Doll Princess 8 months ago
I love your videos!😊
Daniel Benitez
Daniel Benitez 8 months ago
Is this the story of Anastasia or of drizzella because you were talking more about anastasia?#answer
Sabrina Lui
Sabrina Lui 8 months ago
But Drizella has a daughter in descendants called Dizzy
Mench1e cosico
Mench1e cosico 8 months ago
u hav podcast?
D S 9 months ago
What about dizzy
soccerchick9841 9 months ago
I wish in the 3rd movie, they would’ve brought back the baker. I think Anastasia and the baker ending up together would’ve been a great ending for her story.
Paola VM
Paola VM 8 months ago
Latina Destiny
Latina Destiny 9 months ago
I never understood how Anastasia ends up with the Baker at the end of the 2nd movie but then the 3rd he's no where to even be seen and she's the one Lady Tremaine is trying to marry off to the prince. What happened that made that so? I would like to think that the 2nd comes after the 3rd but then Lady Tremiane and Drizzela wouldn't be maids and that would mean Cinderella sent Anastasia off to continue to live in mental/emotional abuse of her mom and sister.
Luna Amore
Luna Amore 9 months ago
I think Cinderella 3 should have focused on Anastasia sister. Since Cinderella 2 already focused on Anastasia.
Benjamin Salise
Benjamin Salise 9 months ago
Excuse me sir but you are so cute
FeFe Cromer
FeFe Cromer 9 months ago
Awesome hey can u do one on Hades everyone wounding on descendants 3 if he was on the island of the lost for 25 years who is caring care of the underworld
cat gurl187
cat gurl187 9 months ago
Anastasia wanted to be happy and be free from her wicked mother and Drizella just wanted to have her mother’s approval and stood by her no matter what and at any cost
kristine derain
kristine derain 9 months ago
ashley hellsan
ashley hellsan 9 months ago
the sound is so quiet, can't you do some better sound mixing to make it so we can hear your voice?
Rivo Rox
Rivo Rox 9 months ago
4:12 that’s true tho
Çražy abõut Cãndý
Drizalla is not changing She is just like her mother But are we even sure that she is there mother NEW TERRITORY THE THE SISTERS ARE ADOPTED 😱
Zoe Wang
Zoe Wang 9 months ago
This is mostly focusing on anistasia
Akeli {•God of Death, Chaos and Destruction•}
Isaac, you're making me hungry for a drizzled donut!
Bikini ActiveWear History
She has Jughead Jones needle nose lol
_lovely_lyssy_ 9 months ago
Who doesn't love Dizzy?❤
Lu Lu
Lu Lu 9 months ago
This video makes me wonder why Anastasia got put on the Isle of the Lost in the Descendants universe. At least, she is mentioned to be there in the novels by Melissa De La Cruz
Puncake 9 months ago
In the original story one stepsister was nicer than the other
Breanne Lasorso
Breanne Lasorso 9 months ago
You know, I wonder what effect the death of their father had on them and how he interacted with them. Perhaps he was cold and they resented that Cinderella's father loved her so much. Perhaps he was warm and then they lost 2 fathers in quick succession and learned from that to only use men and not get attached because they only leave. It never really gets addressed, but they did have a father once upon a time.
Bridget Clement
Bridget Clement 9 months ago
Drizella is UGLY!! Anastasia is a Little prettier than her. Just a Little.
Kimber Boucher
Kimber Boucher 9 months ago
Oooooooooo Ooooooooo Oooooooooo Ooooooooo Oooooooooo Ooooooooo Oooooooooo Ooooooooo Oooooooooo Ooooooooo Oooooooooo Ooooooooo Oooooooooo
Captain Random
Captain Random 10 months ago
Why did the drizella get sent to the isle of the lost?
Alias Sea
Alias Sea 10 months ago
I think so, if you count Dizzy as her daughter
Kaittenz 10 months ago
Isaac, your glasses are crooked
lillyheartgachagirl 123
White Mickey: why am I alive Me:you are. White Mickey: whan wil I b free
Wobbles and Bean
Wobbles and Bean 10 months ago
Having just watched the Anastasia video, it's a little disappointing to see just how much of the script you copied.
Faye Pants
Faye Pants 10 months ago
Also notice how the two sisters' different personalities and will to change are evidenced in both Cinderella 2 and 3: it is *Anastasia* the one that looks beyond status and riches and stays with the baker, it's *Anastasia* the one that decides to leave the Tremaine property and venture into the woods and sees Cinderella's secret. *Anastasia* is the one that has a tendency to question, to see what's beyond, to wonder and explore and find for herself, that's why she also has that longing for love, while Drizella is more comfortable under her mother's watch, where she has the luxuries she wants and is, basically, in her comfort zone. It's interesting to evidence these personalities from their choices! Not saying Drizella can't or will never change, but just an observation of the sisters' paths and the fact that maybe a redemption arch was easier seen on Anastasia (at least in Cinderella 2 and 3) based on her choices than it would've been on Drizella.
SeeMyEvil 10 months ago
she was no diffent than her sister but plot will pick for her. plot armor
Anais Gonzalez
Anais Gonzalez 10 months ago
I just noticed how much she looks like her mother
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast 10 months ago
She needs a man
Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu 11 months ago
We can’t forget Shrek
Karen Elsayed
Karen Elsayed 11 months ago
He sounds like James Charles, but a million times more obsessed with Disney 🤔
Me 11 months ago
Omg you are the kind of cartoon nerd i want to talk with for hours
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