Driving mistakes I made ft my dad

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Jun 13, 2019




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Comments 3 084
Master Blaster25
Master Blaster25 7 months ago
Little Ginger Girl brutally murders mailbox (2019) (Colourized)
anime is my medicine
Ajpw Person
Ajpw Person 13 days ago
I’m ginger lol
Marvel And gaming only
Refined Pyro
Refined Pyro 2 months ago
R.I.P mailbox. Now I will give it a honorable funeral. *buries it*
MrScottyh1973 2 months ago
Ur Chinese
GachaRoblox Day ago
Lol her phone has a PINEapple instead of an apple LOL
Jinhunter Slay
What happens if you drive away, and nobody saw your face or your license number?
kene alex
kene alex Day ago
I subbed😂
MonsterLegendsGamer Martínez
Mature SOOOO MATURE noice
Gabriella Griggs
Gabriella Griggs 2 days ago
bonnie faz drifts
I'm getting a datsun 100a I'm calling it satsoom
sag cap08
sag cap08 3 days ago
*_you hurt the darn mailbox..._*
Hexago_46 3 days ago
I subd to you pls heart
Bruz 3 days ago
fun fact : that’s the car startup sound of apocalypse rising on Roblox (the original one)
Crimsn R3X
Crimsn R3X 4 days ago
your dad sounds like Mr. Incredible lol
Anthony's YouTube Studio's
Any GTA game sim is this human
Bart Van de Loo
Bart Van de Loo 5 days ago
I love when they really do something with the sponsors not just say they are great try them out
imAlone whyisnobodyanywhere
Kasey Marriott
Kasey Marriott 5 days ago
I think Charlie and Lightnin’ should meet
David Morquecho
David Morquecho 6 days ago
Nobody: Swiper the fox: 1:11
bilboyou 2
bilboyou 2 6 days ago
My middle name is Charlie and my brothers dog names Charlie
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 7 days ago
I kept reading “driving milkshakes” and I was so confused
Shalaura Tyson-Griffin
Ok no lie am I the ONLY one wondering WHY the seat had blood on it?!
Indominius Rex Finder
*At least I didn’t hurt me or any other person” wHaT aBoUt ThE mAiLbOx HuH
Not Me 45
Not Me 45 7 days ago
Also as a car guy I really want to know what cars you owned xD Feel like it was a Pontiac
Not Me 45
Not Me 45 7 days ago
I was playing My Summer Car with a Logitech G27, I was texting and driving and ended up flipping the car in a ditch Never again .__ .
Aricorn ,
Aricorn , 8 days ago
The dad’s car license plate said dadmoble And Your car in the back said chaos😂
Cherry blossom YT
That draco malfoy impression tho XDD
HUNter 8 days ago
Oral for $5? What a deal!
WaterIsReal 8 days ago
Sounds like the daughter and father from incredibles
Marius Møller
Marius Møller 8 days ago
I'm 34 and I still don't even know how to drive a car
Hillary Diaz
Hillary Diaz 8 days ago
RIP mailbox 2019 - 2020
SiamMostafa9000 8 days ago
Earrape dise magi
SiamMostafa9000 8 days ago
SiamMostafa9000 8 days ago
SiamMostafa9000 8 days ago
Teresa Martinson
Teresa Martinson 8 days ago
ahhh the takada airbag recall. fun.
Kenyarri Benjamin
anomatronic sound 0:47
Kenyarri Benjamin
turn ur volume up on 0:21 and try to not shiver
Fin Cowling
Fin Cowling 9 days ago
Pricilla Montgomery
Anyone gonna point out how sweet her dad sounds! ❤️
Discover Your World
I'm gonna guess a Ford escort or Toyota tercel
Die Tuhle Kiwi
Die Tuhle Kiwi 9 days ago
When I was younger I went to the dentist and he said that my 2 teeth on the left side of my mouth "needed to be fixed". My mum didn't see anything so we went to another one. That dentist said the same thing, except now 2 teeth on the RIGHT side "needed to be fixed". When we went to a third one we found out there was nothing that had to be fixed. Everything was perfectly fine. These two dentists pretended that my teeth weren't okay so they could make some money with that lie.
Andersson Dyke
Andersson Dyke 9 days ago
She seems like someone I'd be friends with like at school. XD
Kaitlyn Ibarra
Kaitlyn Ibarra 10 days ago
What was that cut on your wrist...3:40
Charlie Kozak
Charlie Kozak 10 days ago
LOL my name is Charlie
Brandon Enriquez
Brandon Enriquez 10 days ago
Your dad sounds like Gabe Newell
Phoenix Potato
Phoenix Potato 10 days ago
Illy:turns into malfoy "You just wait till my father hears about this"
TsumTsum Marvel
TsumTsum Marvel 10 days ago
I thought texting and driving wasn't that big and it's fine but then I started replying gta 5 and I realised how bad it is
Deshaun the man
Deshaun the man 10 days ago
You know some car dealerships try to rip you off and get my money off of you even if you just want your oil changed will still charge you for something that they think is wrong which it most likely is not so be careful out there
Depressed cookie c.
no blood stains- *little gasp* *o nu*
Queen jen
Queen jen 11 days ago
I'm 16 and I don't even have a phone. Like not even those button one.
Hell Fire
Hell Fire 11 days ago
Lol she got dat Honda civic wif da takata bag recall
Joseph Singleton
Joseph Singleton 12 days ago
Finally I found someone as pale as me on the internet
Rhysispieces 12 days ago
You came from Virginia?
DisplacerKatSidhe 12 days ago
Oh man! I know that mechanic thing. When I was 17 a shop did that to me when I took my mom's car in for an oil change. They kept telling me "legally we can't let you lEaVe! unless we replace ALL YOUR BRACES AND ROATERS! RIGHT NOW" and I was like "...hmmm I feel like you're lying. Lemme call my mom."
Puppet 12 days ago
It’s 2020
Zeke III De La Fuente
0:47👍 if you hate this noise.
Cameron Cormier
Cameron Cormier 13 days ago
Girl your videos are funny
Empress E.
Empress E. 13 days ago
Illy: Where I can listen to showtun- Me: *instantly starts singing the whole cast recording of ‘Hamilton’ ‘Hadestown’ and ‘Bare: A Pop Opera’ simultaneously.
Lysander .O.C.
Lysander .O.C. 13 days ago
Oh fuhk you had liahtnin' mkween
SWAGCOW 13 days ago
i ran into a curb at 70 miles per hour while racing to mcdonalds. the rims turned into pac man. I still own and daily drive the same car.
alpan 14 days ago
Illy stay away from raid shadow legends sponsor big scam game don’t receive it
ShadowShader0 15 days ago
When she hit the dads car I accidentally threw my tablet out of my hand out of shock
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