Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman vs. MACE & T-BAR: Raw, April 19, 2021

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The Monster Among Men evens the odds as he teams up with Drew McIntyre to battle MACE & T-BAR on Raw. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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Apr 19, 2021




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mix_Songs_تقييم افظل الأغاني
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Lin2Waterfall 4 days ago
for those flipping about the unmasking in the video, that was more for Braun and Drew to humiliate and get a psychological edge over the 2. They are basically saying "fight us like men" This does not mean they will go back to their NXT names, let alone personas.
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar 7 days ago
Sir WWE join karana he please sir help me
ZEW Wrestling Channel
0:52 Maces mask fell off !
Sandro Figueiredo De Sousa
Too bad what they did with Strowman, what I really liked was that old Strowman, the one from the time he was part of "The Wyatt Family" and until mid-2018, when he was already established and famous, with his own style, with that bald hair on the sides and ponytail, with that classic black tank top, that was the BIG MAN SHOW! The unstoppable Monster that touched fear in all opponents, defeated everything that came ahead, from LESNAR, CENA, RINGS to the other Strongmans BIG MANS, like HENRI, KANE, BIG SHOW and CIA ... That yes was the real Braun Strowman . This "Strowman Express" that they invented there, from 2020 onwards, is completely uncharacterized, and walks away from that Dread Monster that once was ...
Tarun Boro
Tarun Boro 9 days ago
By u
Sanjay Akash
Sanjay Akash 15 days ago
Players after the match Yes i know no date
Sanjay Akash
Sanjay Akash 15 days ago
Omg who is this man
Vincenza Plescia
Vincenza Plescia 15 days ago
Drew and braun😁😁😎
Doug Van Minnen
Doug Van Minnen 15 days ago
I like them better without their stupid masks
Maverick 15 days ago
The hairdryer in the background is so annoying at times
sushil official
sushil official 16 days ago
🇮🇳💖Thanks for 188 subscribers please make it 200💖
🇮🇳💖Thanks for 188 subscribers please make it 200💖
🇮🇳💖Thanks for 188 subscribers please make it 200💖
🇮🇳💖Thanks for 188 subscribers please make it 200💖
Sakshi kumari
Sakshi kumari 16 days ago
🙏हर खानदान में कोई एक होता है,, जो गरीबी रेखा को पार करके आगे चला जाता भगवान करे कि वह आप के खानदान में वह आप हो!❤️🥰❤️❤️
yen Martinez R.D
yen Martinez R.D 17 days ago
Braun 💪
nick Persaud
nick Persaud 17 days ago
Austin Farris
Austin Farris 17 days ago
Braun strowman and Drew McIntyre would make a good tag team Champions
Mecha 17 days ago
BOORING, Same match
lilxxyplayz 17 days ago
Riley Sutton
Riley Sutton 18 days ago
2:37 This is what Mike Rome should have said. "Here are your winners, as a result of disqualification, the team of Dominik Dijakovic and Dio Maddin!"
White light Safe
White light Safe 18 days ago
None of these children have pain eyes like mine.... Rrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaa........
White light Safe
White light Safe 18 days ago
No one knows my pain!
ODST Niagara
ODST Niagara 18 days ago
I hope they bring bring back the Dogs of war just without dolph ziggler 😊❤️
fight by x
fight by x 18 days ago
Wa- wait... it is, its dominik dijakovic
Riley Sutton
Riley Sutton 18 days ago
2:24 BRAUN STROWMAN: Who do you think you are, hiding behind a clown mask?! (Braun smacks T-BAR across the face with his mask)
Michael Boney
Michael Boney 18 days ago
I wouldn't be smiling by winning by DQ, I'd be worried, you guys took a butt whoopin even though winning by DQ
Hsjw Hsjsv
Hsjw Hsjsv 18 days ago
الحمدالله على نعمة الايمان
akuok jaguar
akuok jaguar 18 days ago
Strowman is really a helpful soja,he is a clean hearted man
Drew he did not get enough Blows ,they can't fight one on one ,always jumping other fighters .Time for them to get some pay back
Love how Dew give him those Blows with the Mask 🤣 🤣
Moolchand Bairwa
Moolchand Bairwa 18 days ago
Bhai drew McIntyre ne ritrvation monster ki and kar diya, irick Roman ka pinja tohda kar monster ka and kiya
Imnaienla Aien
Imnaienla Aien 18 days ago
I love drew McIntyre
Edwin lopez
Edwin lopez 18 days ago
노재영 19 days ago
너무나 충격적인 경기인데 마스크를 벗기고 때리는 모습은 참으로 인상적임😱😱😱😱
Anushka DiPerri
Anushka DiPerri 19 days ago
I like Ron Stroman
seaf abdelrahman
seaf abdelrahman 19 days ago
طريقة عرض سيئة
Fadi Betances
Fadi Betances 19 days ago
Abusador 💪💪
juvejef 19 days ago
'Who do you think you are hiding behind some clown mask?!' That was Strowman's wake up call for all the afraid sheep in the world wearing their stupid mouth masks.
Muslum Kucuk
Muslum Kucuk 19 days ago
Wwe ❤
Muslum Kucuk
Muslum Kucuk 19 days ago
Marijuana Ravindra valayutham
Atif alvi
Atif alvi 19 days ago
Alif Najmi
Alif Najmi 19 days ago
I totally love when Drew and Braun Strowman just smacked Dio Maddin and Dominic Dijakovic with their own masks
Osama toty
Osama toty 19 days ago
إليك اكتب .. ايه اللي جاب بلوراتي عندهم ، مافي حدا بيشوف بلوراتي غيرك .. ! 😂😂😘😘💋💋💖💖
Wesley C
Wesley C 19 days ago
Brawn is so incredible
REAL FACT WWE 19 days ago
2 Million views on this video That means braun can attract viewers
Omar Tv
Omar Tv 19 days ago
I love the way braun just slaps T bar across the face 🤣
Rick Jason Obrero
Rick Jason Obrero 20 days ago
Braun looked like Sgt. Slaughter.
hirai momo
hirai momo 20 days ago
Now they look better without the mask 🤗🤗
Ich bin Unbekannt
Ich bin Unbekannt 20 days ago
Braun Strowman Looks like a trashbag
Toxic ツ
Toxic ツ 20 days ago
Jagabandhu Ghadia
Jagabandhu Ghadia 20 days ago
Deepak Commerce Channel
2020 के पहले के वायरल फीवर , फ्लू जैसे इंफेक्शन का डेटा नेट से डिलीट कर दिया गया।लोगो को सच्चाई ना पता चल सके।कि वायरल इंफेक्शन तब भी होती थी। कोई कोरोना नही। this is only news ok
Dean Miles GOD
Dean Miles GOD 20 days ago
You know it's real funny I posted a comment saying how out of shape Braun strowman was last year and suddenly he disappeared and his come back all muscles and fantastic looking wow looking good man
Red Panda
Red Panda 20 days ago
1:32 "You're bleeding, sunshine. You're bleeding, cause you're a man." Was that supposed to be trashtalk?
Usmanzz 19 days ago
I didn't get it too.. lol Perhaps I think it was something about menstrual periods or something idk 😕
Jordana Larson
Jordana Larson 20 days ago
Anyone else catch Tbar "you're bleeding because you're a Man" a shoot at Braun being known for years as The Monster Among Men LOL
normal ennard
normal ennard 20 days ago
Jake Llavore
Jake Llavore 20 days ago
*NO MORE* MACE!!!!! *It's time for Dio Maddin!!!!!!!*
Jake Llavore
Jake Llavore 20 days ago
I remember *LAST YEAR IN THE WORST YEAR OF 2020,* Braun Strowman was attacked by all of *UNKNOWN MEMBERS* of RETRIBUTION on *SMACKDOWN* as the other Superstars come and attack the RETRIBUTION!!!!!!!
Eunice Hayyah Balila
I hope they will have tag team
Techno Abbas Bai
Techno Abbas Bai 20 days ago
My you tube chennal subscribe now techno Abbas bai👌👌👌👌
Marsh Tushir
Marsh Tushir 20 days ago
Indian weresler where is Come
anasimeci lewaseni
anasimeci lewaseni 20 days ago
Too bad they met with the monster among man Braun Strowman.
Eric Bridgman
Eric Bridgman 20 days ago
Why is Corey graves on raw isn’t he smackdown commentator?? And this new guy sucks what happened to Tom Phillips??
Riley Sutton
Riley Sutton 18 days ago
Pat McAfee replaced Corey Graves on SmackDown commentary, while Adnan Virk, a former ESPN commentator, replaced Tom Phillips on Raw.
Hudson Coombes
Hudson Coombes 20 days ago
wheres tom phipps cn please make a vdieo where he is
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez 20 days ago
Expected cole to say it's dio whyyy vintage dio
Godfred Obeng
Godfred Obeng 21 day ago
TBar and Mace is gonna get away with this. But next time against Braun and Drew no escape for them. Come ooon🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🔥💪💪💪💪
edward barnath
edward barnath 21 day ago
Drew & Brauw Hacen mejor equipo 2021
Bryce Cartwright
Bryce Cartwright 21 day ago
Wonder if they was suppose to be damasked
Julie mae
Julie mae 21 day ago
T vs S magic vlogs
Explosive strowman and Scottish legend is team up.. thats means any man in the world can't defeat this team
Dr. Remix
Dr. Remix 21 day ago
Why Should They Have Been Dq if They didnt Pin they dont win
marie lourdes cherizier
Godo Fwar
Godo Fwar 21 day ago
The unmaskings reminded me of Aces and Eights
Mikela Perry
Mikela Perry 21 day ago
Awesome DREW MCINTYRE & BRAUN STROWMAN 💜✅💚🌈🤍🌼💛🇺🇸🧡✴💫⚡🤎👑🤎💥🔥💋♥️💯💢🖤💘🥰😍🤗💖💙💎💙
ReaperHunter23 21 day ago
1:50 "It was me, Dio!"
pro gamer 69
pro gamer 69 21 day ago
Congrats for 76 million subscribers
Dave Hollis
Dave Hollis 21 day ago
Notorious Neo
Notorious Neo 21 day ago
1:27 This is what we lack in wrestling commentary- References of past feuds and events. We don't get enough of these.
John 6:35 And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.
zeeshan abbasi
zeeshan abbasi 21 day ago
bot time k bad brabr ke takr dakhny ko mli
Alex Trevor
Alex Trevor 21 day ago
Hihiii...i love Strowman's reaction towards T-Bar, hihiii....Who do you think you are???😂😂😂😂😂
María del Rosario Cruz Hernández
Mark Shanon
Mark Shanon 21 day ago
1:59 EPIC MOMENT....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dhaneswar Singha
Dhaneswar Singha 21 day ago
W0W n1c6
Matze2903 21 day ago
The Bartmen to the top!
emma ambili
emma ambili 21 day ago
mehul chaudhari
mehul chaudhari 21 day ago
Bro video end song neme please
T-800 21 day ago
imagine this happens on Kane's debut lol
M Anju
M Anju 21 day ago
I literally said fk off to them when they won the match 😂😂😂
Outhouse John's
Outhouse John's 21 day ago
Brad Strowman could never get past last place during the one and only major strongman event he ever entered the 2013 Arnold Strongman Classic.
Ezekiel Atoute
Ezekiel Atoute 21 day ago
is MACE's mask made out of metal
Xavio VL
Xavio VL 21 day ago
Drew vs Mace
Thirawut _OHO
Thirawut _OHO 21 day ago
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Thirawut _OHO 21 day ago
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Elian Soler
Elian Soler 21 day ago
I Like Drew Mcintyre
Natural Star
Natural Star 21 day ago
Drew Mclntyre is waste Mclntyre
ThotbreakMeek 21 day ago
Mace was looking like a black Kane when the mask came off 😂😂😂😂
Aayush Basfor
Aayush Basfor 21 day ago
It would be awesome to see Drew Mcyentyre and Braun Stroman vs T Bar and Mace rivalry
Big Roberto
Big Roberto 21 day ago
The commentary is so bad lmao