Dressed For FAILURE! 🤩😂 | Funniest Fails | AFV 2019

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It's Black Friday so you know what that means? We are NOT leaving the house! Enjoy these #funnyfails while you shop online! There's nothing funnier than watching these #fails and trying not to laugh lol. Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we've put together a list that will get you through to Friday with a laugh 😆 Which #fail made you LOL the hardest?
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Comments 80
Farii Khan
Farii Khan Month ago
Manoj Prabhakar
Manoj Prabhakar Month ago
It was so sad looking at 04:33 . It was not funny at all. Made me feel insecure about my weight.
mya ann marsh
mya ann marsh Month ago
It's not like it was made to insult people so try not to take it personally
chunkymonkey123 Month ago
Cuz we got a HeLicOpter WhOoOHooo
Charts JvChonte
Charts JvChonte 2 months ago
You are so much better than Fail Army. THANK YOU for blessing us with quality videos.
Best Fails Ever
Best Fails Ever 2 months ago
J. P.
J. P. 2 months ago
Where's the dresses?
Purpl3 P0ny
Purpl3 P0ny 3 months ago
3:27 yeah like that hat would do anything to stop a concussion keep dreaming buddy lol
jory rzrz
jory rzrz 3 months ago
Zeus De Niro
Zeus De Niro 3 months ago
Purpl3 P0ny
Purpl3 P0ny 3 months ago
But they didn't so it's fine... You don't have a sense of humor for fails, do you?
gabe 25
gabe 25 4 months ago
You know it’s not like people needed to have studied physics to know things aren’t going to go well. It’s just plain ole common sense stuff.
HyborianAge 4 months ago
4:25 Some people were never supposed to get on a board.
Xneezy Art
Xneezy Art 4 months ago
1:27 that helicopter though 😂😂😂
Corey Quinton
Corey Quinton 4 months ago
I m done with U AFV. There are often repeats . Too often. I m unsubscribing.
Marilyn OConnell
Marilyn OConnell 4 months ago
That video is hilarious except the old woman and her tongue, that was just gross
Amycoral 4 months ago
Hhhaaaa, good try hhhaaaa,
SugarDome 4 months ago
Mandy! Why? - I DON'T KNOW!
ionutzescu 4 months ago
at 8:45 i pee myself laughing
박종근 4 months ago
Kritikitti 4 months ago
When The LORD said 'line up for brains', they thot they heard 'trains' & went to catch one. Let's hope these idiots don't breed.🤤💀
Lorenzo 4 months ago
Muy bueno es un cage de risas 👍👍
Ximena Barrios
Ximena Barrios 4 months ago
Hehe.............JoJo siwa🤓
Saxophone Edifier
Saxophone Edifier 4 months ago
00:48 . Almost a Darwin Award Winner.
nbooot8 4 months ago
5:45 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kashmiri Mujahid
Kashmiri Mujahid 4 months ago
Hus Hus k peeeshab nikal gya
Kelly Newbury
Kelly Newbury 4 months ago
Just think about how many fails we’re just not caught on camera
Purpl3 P0ny
Purpl3 P0ny 3 months ago
That's a double fail bro
evan truiyen
evan truiyen 4 months ago
I was hoping to see a death caught on video!
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Johnson 4 months ago
At 7:43 i know she hurt
Александр Antracsit
Уматовые жырдяйчики)
Dichotomous 4 months ago
3:02 I was 18, in college. My new girlfriend (just met a few nights before) had never been rollerblading. I'd only tried it once a few days earlier. We were at the top of the college parking lot facing a downhill slope to where I'd rollerbladed a few days earlier. She put on her blades and just faced downhill and took off like this lady. I knew it wouldn't end well, but couldn't do anything to help. I just kept yelling GET DOWN! FALL! GET DOWN! I started running (aka clomping) down on the grass next to the asphalt to help her once she inevitably crashed. She did. She hit a pebble or something and spun in the air like a starfish on the horizontal plane (seriously) and hit forehead first into the asphalt. I immediately took off my roller blades and started heading back UP the incline to get my car and take her to the hospital. 15 stitches. I'd love to say this is how I met my wife, and it could easily have ended up that way, but we both had plans after college that didn't coincide. Also, a month or so earlier, I was spinning a petite college girl around on my shoulders and lost balance and broke her collar bone. As a bit of a philanthropist, I've avoided social interaction ever since.
angelic children[happy days]
It's fun!!💗💗💗 ^^
Rochelle Thomas
Rochelle Thomas 4 months ago
And they say Americans don’t need universal healthcare 🤣😂🤨😏
Gonn Soka
Gonn Soka 4 months ago
I'm watching the same clips everyday, just in a different order.
Tech Stuffs
Tech Stuffs 4 months ago
mettugran 4 months ago
Nice compilation of compilations of compilations
smoke DJ
smoke DJ 4 months ago
Нихуя не понял, но очень интересно. 😂
Preston Roundtree
Preston Roundtree 4 months ago
Sean S.
Sean S. 4 months ago
6:22 Jobba the Hut’s mom
Ray Grange
Ray Grange 4 months ago
Skate boards boring.
Alice Dobson
Alice Dobson 4 months ago
I like it
Aleena 4 months ago
3:03 part was hilarious
Sk Studio Official
hiii beby
Joseph Satterwhite
Joseph Satterwhite 4 months ago
It was a bunch of people falling
HSK Vlog
HSK Vlog 4 months ago
57 subscribers need 933 more
growth packaging
growth packaging 4 months ago
no fun in this video ok
manju devi
manju devi 4 months ago
At 6 33 what bike was she riding
Debbie Green
Debbie Green 4 months ago
9:23 was the best. That kid in the background is watching those guys thinking "Why are you even trying that? You're gonna get hurt!"
Sk Studio Official
Kragatar 4 months ago
0:37 I hope I don't crash and burn. ....EEAAAAGGGHH *CRASH*
Ana Marcelino
Ana Marcelino Month ago
akjsjstdshb this was comedic gold 😂😂😂😂😂
Andrea Dt
Andrea Dt 4 months ago
👏👏👏me encantó!!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😘❤🇦🇷
Cata Congiusta
Cata Congiusta 4 months ago
4:24 deooos
OneHairyGuy 4 months ago
These people are idiots.
Shawn Cook
Shawn Cook 4 months ago
AFV is way better when you don't have to listen to there annoying host Alfonso. I don't watch it because of him.
Xtal Syren
Xtal Syren 4 months ago
"There's grass in my headphones!" 🤣
vave schwenke
vave schwenke 4 months ago
“CuZ wE HaVE A HeLiCoPT33333rr!!!” 😂😂 1:25
vave schwenke
vave schwenke 4 months ago
Benjamin Zipser hahahah ikr . I was dead 😂lol
Benjamin Zipser
Benjamin Zipser 4 months ago
I like how he screamed so loud. Loud equals funny, everyone knows that!
The Gray
The Gray 4 months ago
If you're not gonna hold the camera still, why bother recording?
Very good video
TheBennedy85 4 months ago
3:25 glad there is an Ambulance nearby!
Cesar Nava
Cesar Nava 4 months ago
It took me a sec to relized there was a care with the word ambulance
1st amendment can be a bitch
4:32 what kind of water headed, blob of a family is this? Kid just said he almost were his pants? Product of GMOs and the internet.
Grace Verigan
Grace Verigan 4 months ago
He said "I wet my pants"
Enrique Abad
Enrique Abad 4 months ago
Minute 9:00
CherryCxla 4 months ago
4:10 from a fail to a win
Amarachi Ogbonnaya
Amarachi Ogbonnaya 4 months ago
Mandy why?😀😀😀😀😀😭😭😭
MrPoppyDuck 4 months ago
Thanks to skateboards we have lots of good videos. ;-)
Neilton Farias Filho
Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Robot831 4 months ago
4:26 was this made after thanks giving?
Robert Harmse
Robert Harmse 4 months ago
Mom when did we get rich 😂
Ben Riley
Ben Riley 4 months ago
9:39 that was dumb
Nathan Christian
Nathan Christian 4 months ago
3:04 "Mandy whhyyy!" I don't know" hahaha
LordReaper Del Real
LordReaper Del Real 3 months ago
That was the only reason I came for the comments as soon as I seen that lmfaoooooo she said I don’t knowwwwwww as she went to the horizon 😂
Irene M Jones
Irene M Jones 4 months ago
hahaha yeah, that was funny
Arjun s
Arjun s 4 months ago
That was hilarious :)
Darryl Wright
Darryl Wright 4 months ago
she was terrified! LMAO!
Peter Torres
Peter Torres 4 months ago
he is okey00000000000000
Vitaliy Raletniy
Vitaliy Raletniy 4 months ago
Fat chicks can't jumb and fat dudes can't ride scateboard
Anna Slater
Anna Slater 4 months ago
Cool 👍👍👍 as always 💋💋💋
Paula Collier
Paula Collier 4 months ago
4:25 ,,,,,,,Didn't stand a chance,,,,I would know,,,,I used to be a fatty! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Insta404 4 months ago
if anyone is watching like now
Jugz _05
Jugz _05 4 months ago
It's goin down for real
Erika Mccranie
Erika Mccranie 4 months ago
What kind of moron skates in a skirt???
Joshua Henry
Joshua Henry 4 months ago
Their failing to dress was a failure at least they tried to put on their dresses but it did not work for them so they fail.
Home Late
Home Late 4 months ago
Why Mandy, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyieeeeeeeeeeee
TheTenaciousVids 4 months ago
Was was a video of someone loading a large stuffed animal in this.... not really funny ... or a fail since they successfully loaded it.
Larry Lucas
Larry Lucas 4 months ago
I may not be 'The Seventh Son', I was 'The Seventh One' born.
Elias Erhard
Elias Erhard 4 months ago
4:37 did he said " I wet my pants " ???😂😂😂
jo an shir
jo an shir 4 months ago
Matthew Belford
Matthew Belford 4 months ago
yes,of course
Grace Verigan
Grace Verigan 4 months ago
Yes, he did! :) 😹😸😺
Goddess Briaunna
Goddess Briaunna 4 months ago
3:02 whyyyyy gurl
Evon Williams
Evon Williams 4 months ago
All I can say is okay
mencretoz 4 months ago
Mandy why ? ....i dont know...lol
sem magar
sem magar 4 months ago
Hey Hi there did you see my comments on this video actually I kinda lost my comment here if you see please let me know 😂
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