Dream - Minecraft Manhunt Assassins Extra Scenes

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This is extra scenes from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Assassins" video. We react to what happened during the video and talk about it.

Original Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXcLi...

This video was crazy fun and intense. Definitely one of the hardest challenges.

Minecraft challenge videos are fun to do :)

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Jul 27, 2021




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Comments 8 744
masterpig5 S
masterpig5 S 14 hours ago
Huh. No death message in respawn screen
Ariana M
Ariana M 23 hours ago
Why this not live make a live vid soon if you can Ma best friend to be honest you look like bob
Satvikk Singh
Legends are watching after 5 hunters final
Bac Ha
Bac Ha 3 days ago
Em mong dream sẽ thắng hơn mấy thằng bóc phép đây nếu anh dream bắt cua với em em like sập nhà anh luôn
PsHunter 3 days ago
How was that even possible
myaccount1 fake
myaccount1 fake 3 days ago
The description has the wrong video linked
Dream. You turned off the achievement for the hunters. So basically if the hunters go in the nether you don't notice
Lana Ferrell
Lana Ferrell 5 days ago
Their minds filming this bit: let's go in circles the whole time😂
Ming Han Chua
Ming Han Chua 6 days ago
George you are a - 10000000000000000000000000 Google brain cells
Ming Han Chua
Ming Han Chua 6 days ago
George dream sapnap why did you came up with bad ideas do you know how difficult it would be to break bedrock all the way to the void
Юлия Трубаева
Кто руский
Mazelシ 7 days ago
Thats going to the 9999 IQ compilation
Rrustemi Merita
Rrustemi Merita 8 days ago
you are ded, not a big suprise
Qamar Zakee
Qamar Zakee 8 days ago
Sweet Sushi
Sweet Sushi 8 days ago
Sapnap: I don't want to be the 3rd wheel anymore Shippers: Double date. DNF and Karlnap
Paul-Petrisor Protopopescu
Dream in July: Next video in 2 weeks Me in September:
The Night King
The Night King 9 days ago
Can someone explain to me how it’s possible that George got to the never with out an achievement.... i mean the achievements were on..... normally would have dream saw the achievement or am i wrong so this jumpscare would just not be possible
Donut 2 Duffin
Donut 2 Duffin 9 days ago
They're mocking us
But Vu
But Vu 9 days ago
I love you dream
Axed 10 days ago
Dream's best friend outplayed him for the first time.
bophal tep
bophal tep 10 days ago
Dream you are small brain then George and sapnap
Rasberry❤️ 11 days ago
DREAM AAAH u probably won’t read this but I never watched her and everybody started taking about u and now I watch u and obsessed 😍
YOUTUBENemesis 11 days ago
How did George not get the achievement but dream got it??explain this
Samuel Chai
Samuel Chai 11 days ago
Nikki Mae Delos Santos
Please dream let me in the smp please
Noah karlsson
Noah karlsson 12 days ago
shut up
yesi 13 days ago
Jacob Brummell
Jacob Brummell 13 days ago
Lil Zuko
Lil Zuko 13 days ago
Tuff luck.
•coco_lover• 14 days ago
Ok I just wanted to say...................................are u gay?
DreamNotFound 14 days ago
i love your vid dream omg :)
midou dream
midou dream 14 days ago
ok but how he dident get the achivement
Genopie 14 days ago
Holy George
DAshkiller Animations
George redemption arc lesssss goooooo
Kaila 14 days ago
George never got the achievement just like he was never found.
DionyoEnyo 15 days ago
2:26 George without glasses isn’t real , he can’t hurt you
Ahmed Rais Matuan
Ahmed Rais Matuan 16 days ago
Bois! The theory about george being herobrine is not true just look at this clip 2:19 (When George went to Dream)
Ahmed Rais Matuan
Ahmed Rais Matuan 16 days ago
Just for the memes
Rosangela Alves
Rosangela Alves 16 days ago
How áre you
Lonewolf 16 days ago
Dream you need to escape the prison, it boring
Brisa Eliza Maria UwU
xd no entiendo ingles pero por el lo aprendí xd
Synick Boom
Synick Boom 17 days ago
dream saying he would upload in two weeks time. it's been almost two months....
Eternal Gaming
Eternal Gaming 17 days ago
George actually did good for once
pain 17 days ago
Jay ar sarino Sarino
Please give me a Minecraft please
Noah karlsson
Noah karlsson 12 days ago
i can give you :D
Migstar32Gaming 19 days ago
Cream how we go in the Spectre mode
hakdog ka
hakdog ka 19 days ago
I got dizzy because of Dream running everywhere😭
Chiyamii 19 days ago
Dream is the biggest DNF shipper
Simply Minecraft
Simply Minecraft 20 days ago
you said this was a bonus video then decided not to upload for 5 weeks
GerardoM_33 20 days ago
so george linked portal with dream and entered first that is very smart
Delight Is Bright
Delight Is Bright 20 days ago
He linked the wrong video in the description lol
Pandemonium 20 days ago
I mean it was big brain but I feel like hiding achievements for anyone is kinda cheap, As it was stated in some of the early manhunts "No no, they're part of thr game so deal with them.
Alex 20 days ago
What if you make it so that George and Sap both have to hit you?
Tronf 22 days ago
So dream couldnt use his diamond sword or his stone axe to one shot them?
Gregorio Josh Vincent
is that you dream
Parker Isaiah
Parker Isaiah 22 days ago
How about with more than one assassin, each assassin only does 10/h damage, where h is the number of hunters?
Parker Isaiah
Parker Isaiah 22 days ago
The link in the description goes to the wrong video
Bskys World
Bskys World 23 days ago
make a vid where six or seven of your friend stop you from beatin minecraft
Skimsam y
Skimsam y 23 days ago
Only from the lenght of the video I already knew he would fail xD
Alpin Kentank
Alpin Kentank 23 days ago
Drean 200iq ❎ George 200iq ✅
Neo 24 days ago
The video was 16 minutes long... you cant beat the game in that time.. you need to fix thiss.
Neo 23 days ago
I know that he will lose. IF the vid is 16 minutes.
Einsteine 23 days ago
fix what?
sadig naji
sadig naji 24 days ago
big brain mboy
24 days ago
But for real, unless dream didn’t put it on the vid, where tf was George’s achievement for entering the nether
haekal vikaltev
haekal vikaltev 24 days ago
Wt how much RUvidR are commenting
Isabel 25 days ago
You did not upload in 2 weeks 🥲
Eli fello
Eli fello 25 days ago
i think i watched this 10 times
Anonymous Zombie
Anonymous Zombie 26 days ago
dis is big brain time
Sapnap: I miss these kinds of manhunts where there is like a little twist to it. Me: Speedrunner vs two hunters, but we can’t stop flying?
Brenden Latkovich
Brenden Latkovich 27 days ago
6:16-6:27 "free upload", "new upload in 2 weeks" -month ago from the newest video. Honestly didn't feel that free.
Hussain–AlJamri 28 days ago
No I want manhunt please
unstoppable 28 days ago
This is the second time I saw dream die in a manhunt
D Dmand
D Dmand 28 days ago
Im a simp super intense mincraft player
*_MØCHI_* 28 days ago
Is it me or does dreams voice sound different😳?
María Laura Murillo
Deni Luce
Deni Luce 29 days ago
NightMare_Vortex 29 days ago
How was the achievement not triggered?
adrian raul skrobek
He cant win even with 1 assassin but tries 2
Madhuri Rapolu
Madhuri Rapolu 29 days ago
Dream bo some normal videos
Jocelyn Tabar
Jocelyn Tabar 29 days ago
midnight oc
midnight oc 29 days ago
And you are amazing just the way you are
midnight oc
midnight oc 29 days ago
Hey dream I know there has been hate on your song mask so I wanted to tell you that: you are the light to the world so keep shining bright and let the light show the way never let people’s hate get to you and keep shining bright and let the light show you the way. I really mean this and I hope it helps you okie
minus garcello
minus garcello Month ago
sASi_ItA11 Month ago
It was a little weird because the video was 18 minutes long
Finley Heke
Finley Heke Month ago
RebelAttic 1945
RebelAttic 1945 Month ago
Where was the achievement
lock sans YT
lock sans YT Month ago
Julie Jena
Julie Jena Month ago
harleen samra
harleen samra Month ago
LOL 🤣😂
Mesa Player
Mesa Player Month ago
you might have to ban that strategy. Its the same as them entering the end first.
emily _cookie
emily _cookie Month ago
that isnt very fair tho- maybe like if u stair at one person they two like stop freeze but cool i love it lol it was like very intence
cat with pizza
cat with pizza Month ago
he said new episode is gonna be in 2 weeks it's been 3!
Kardaa_ Month ago
dream why did you delete the music video of the mask song? don't worry about haters, they just envy you
Oun Nak 21
Oun Nak 21 Month ago
0:01 WAITHOW!!!!!
itswardeena Month ago
Deez Nuts Forever 💚💙
BenCar Month ago
ur modpack is worse than my ass on saturday nights
fadly prabowo
fadly prabowo Month ago
RLcraft mod will be a nice twice
kingsley howcroft
can i join pls.
ice creajz
ice creajz Month ago
ice creajz
ice creajz Month ago
Gacha Outfits
Gacha Outfits Month ago
How to play 3 Man Chess
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