Draymond Green's stellar play doesn't devalue KD - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith claims Draymond Green's triple-double in Game 4 of the 2019 Western Conference finals doesn't devalue Kevin Durant's worth for the Golden State Warriors.
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May 21, 2019

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Comments 1 417
Brent Thompson
Brent Thompson 2 months ago
Max is on LeBron's payroll and was told to push LeBron as the best ever and any other players as futures star but lastly and most important discredit KD cuz he's better than LeBron and any one with eyes can see it.
Teddy Joned
Teddy Joned 2 months ago
If SAS could kill Lebron and get away with it he would.
Zhixuan Liang
Zhixuan Liang 2 months ago
MAX need to get his brain checked to make sure his not clinically insane. LeBron winning the East back then was like an ok player winning the Silver rank in the League of Ledends every season. Then when he came to the West and joined Lakers, he then realised the West is like Diamond rank (or beyond).
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson 3 months ago
Max hit it right on the money with this.
Eddie B
Eddie B 3 months ago
So we just gonna ignore Klay? 🤔
JayEm0235 3 months ago
That warriors needed kd excuse is so stupid
Patches O'houlihan
Patches O'houlihan 3 months ago
Max Just Needs To Stop Talking Basketball
James Dawny
James Dawny 3 months ago
So the diffence was that lebrons heat lost and kd didn’t lol ?
James Dawny
James Dawny 3 months ago
Wow Steven A good analogy.
99.9%CommonCents 3 months ago
SAS is such a hypocrite, a few years ago he was saying how it was weak for KD to join the well developed Warriors, now he's saying they're validating his greatness. Everyone who has any kind of sense knows the Warriors don't need KD. Why are they acting like this is some new information.
Joe Craig
Joe Craig 3 months ago
If I were Kevin Durant, I would be elated that everyone is still talking about me :-)
SideShow Bob
SideShow Bob 3 months ago
if max say championchip one more time 🤦🏾‍♂️💀💀☠
joe tigo
joe tigo 3 months ago
Warriors' philosophy is team first and keep on winning championships...KD can become the main man in an Iso-player team but he might not win any ring like Harden. It is his choice!
Conscious 3 months ago
I don't think Stephen A. even believes what he himself is saying here....smh
Edward Kasi Ayadiuno
Draymond Green and Steph Curry are this year’s NBA Finals MVPs’. Hmmm 🧐🤔😇
Mason Eugene Edwin Taih
Max Always Talking Bananas
AbrealFrank FromTheMitten
Stephen A, you're wrong on this one.
lfc fuzzy
lfc fuzzy 3 months ago
Jesus Christ molly stop talking
Netta White
Netta White 3 months ago
Thank you Steven A !!!!!!! ❤❤❤
KINGhotaru11 3 months ago
kd got carried PERIOD!!!!!
nathan titus
nathan titus 3 months ago
Stephen a missing the whole point... 1 word. Legacy. We talking about legacy not talent and becuase if KD snake maneuvers his wont hold up.
Tony Bargas
Tony Bargas 3 months ago
Draymond Green.ist not The GOAT.But better yet.D.G.is O.G
J M 3 months ago
KD is one of the all time greats of the game. It's rude for people to even speak of this. He is a valued asset no matter what team he's on.
Terry H
Terry H 3 months ago
Everybody forgets why Lebron left... Can I interest you in the original big 3??? K.G., Ray. A, Snd the cold blooded Truth. Nobody was beating those celtics.
Milos Levnajic
Milos Levnajic 3 months ago
This nigga legit just said Green contributed more to changing the game than Klay LMAOOOO
Edward Cui
Edward Cui 3 months ago
We all know KD is walking greatness, Stephen a. Thats why we want him to leave so badly, his greatness is so great that it sort of hampers steph, klay, and draymond’s greatness because they are smart enough to yield to durant. We can get the best out of durant AND steph if dirant leaves. Let KD do his iso ball more and let steph run around screens more and the NBA would be a better place
TricksTV 3 months ago
Stephen just hates the warriors.
Dinauste Muhammed
Dinauste Muhammed 3 months ago
The thing is just plain respect Draymond Green. Just respect him. When he comes down the court doing his thing because he is a master game reader do not respect him. There is no need to get mad playing a regular season game when championship status is at hand. Draymond showed how to pull rank when he is on the floor with the best shooter in the world and the second best shooter in the world. If you want to win you have to be coached. When there are flaws in the defense Draymond can see. Two triple doubles back to back. Durant because you are arguably the best player in the world today does not mean you are unreachable. We are learning that players play a certain role no matter how great you are.
Adrian McInnis
Adrian McInnis 3 months ago
Jaystarski 3 months ago
People need to understand these shows are opinion based. Max is not a NBA journalist he is a troll. Espn pays him to say shocking statements and push LeBron narratives for ratings.
weAllCin 3 months ago
🔥REAL NBA FANS ONLY💯👉 soundcloud.com/regularguys-nba-podcast/warriors-sweep-with-no-kd
Mohit Garg
Mohit Garg 3 months ago
SAS just wants KD to come to NY
XxRaw2013xX 3 months ago
@ 0:00 Curry got fouled!! LoL
jones oghuvwu
jones oghuvwu 3 months ago
Kd is kd suck a dick
Can't Beat The BAY!
Can't Beat The BAY! 3 months ago
KD seeing how great the Dubs are playing thinking about winning 80 games with them next year. HE IS GONNA STAY IN THE BAY!
Pablo Ramores
Pablo Ramores 3 months ago
KD found the right team in Warriors, he got a chance to perfect his skills and rhythm cause he has a great high IQ teammates around him and great coaching staff. Both benefitted with KD’s transfer, but, more on KD. Steph Curry is so selfless that is why KD soar to stardom.
Shun Freeman
Shun Freeman 3 months ago
DENELL TILLMAN 3 months ago
Do not forget Klay Thompson
Helder Mendonça
Helder Mendonça 3 months ago
Max u are a hater again... They are 73 win that lost the final.... Again u are a hater.... Let Durant play is gamming
Jabari Harris
Jabari Harris 3 months ago
Of course Lebron name has to be brought up
Jabari Harris
Jabari Harris 3 months ago
Max is a hater who doesn’t deserve to talk about basketball
Alcindor Jenkins
Alcindor Jenkins 3 months ago
DG is a star player defense is what he brings to the warriors
Curtis.Campbell JM
Curtis.Campbell JM 3 months ago
Smith we know u are biased. And u Said max couldnt speak 3 years ago yet he want and spoke about 5 years ago.
Delon Lawrence
Delon Lawrence 3 months ago
KD is staying.
Veuve RAY
Veuve RAY 3 months ago
they only needed KD to defeat LeBronos
Karlton Black
Karlton Black 3 months ago
Max, shut up.
Adrial Dyett
Adrial Dyett 3 months ago
It is becoming more and more apparent that all these talking heads who claim pundit status really don't know much about what they should. KD is so valuable to the Warriors that without him everyone, including the bench, have to play at a level that cannot be sustained for any extended period.
wuneth yiferdal
wuneth yiferdal 3 months ago
100% they don't need him.let him go as long as green and the splash brothers alive championship will always will be survive in Oakland
Dean Solistino
Dean Solistino 3 months ago
“you didn’t have facial hair 4 years ago- stop 🛑 referring to four years ago”; then makes reference to Bosch 6 years ago😂
Jason Konadu
Jason Konadu 3 months ago
1:32 Stephen A is always disrespecting Max 😂😂😂😂
Jorge Miguel Milano
Jorge Miguel Milano 3 months ago
The Warriors still need KD. They don't want to compete against him on another team.
Alex Madden
Alex Madden 3 months ago
Whenever max says don’t bring up stuff 4 years ago... but brings up heat 7 years ago
Mula Gang
Mula Gang 3 months ago
#Teamsport 101 it's not enough to go one anymore ask #LeBron he at home oh yeah call and ask #Kyrie as well.. The #Celtics had a #Team before #Kyrie came back from injury..
jay matthews
jay matthews 3 months ago
Kd was never needed obviously!
Jeffry Wharton
Jeffry Wharton 3 months ago
** Stephen is tired of Max bringing up things 4 years ago ** Stephen A.: References a player who hasn’t played in 4 years
Emilios Powerballer
Emilios Powerballer 3 months ago
let me get this straight. ESPN says lebron created a super team to win a title, as if his previous years were just him fooling around. lebron gets so much hate for not winning a championship his previous years yet people dont seem to understand who his teammates were. i dont remember any of lebrons teammates when he beat a pistons when kobe shaq fisher malone and payton played all together. sure he had kyrie in 2016 but other than that i dont see how the same with kyrie and without lebron could have achieved the same thing. give me a break, ESPN journalists get paid millions just to trash ignorantly anybody they wish. stephen a lost so many bets especially in the finals, yet he just 9 figure deal, picture that
Seven 18
Seven 18 3 months ago
Max explains every situation from the view of a non star..the higher caliber player max talks about the weaker his argument. hes just really convincing ,poised, and articulate..but if it came down to picking players for a team he'd start w all the players he downtalks..i GA RUN T it
mighty lo
mighty lo 3 months ago
Draymomd Green ,3 Rings 3-1 in Finals Lebum , 3 Rings 3-6 in Finals 😂😂 He’s Gonna Pass Him after this Finals
2815Juan 3 months ago
Max- warriors won 73 and lost because Dremond got suspended. Cleveland wouldn’t have won otherwise.
Default_ Gamer
Default_ Gamer 3 months ago
Stephen A is a savage hahahaha
elbert cates
elbert cates 3 months ago
Stephen A. Your wrong!!
Dan , McGill
Dan , McGill 3 months ago
MAX, KD did lead them that is why he has 2 finals MVP's!
Jerome Gee
Jerome Gee 3 months ago
So, the media still cooks the same old narrative for KD, a used up but sure fire way to earn a quick buck.
locodagodbx81 3 months ago
KD ran that team! Yes they can win chips without him... Except they won with KD as KD the MVP. Curry and klay and Green play excellent together but KD does all that as well. They won without him and they lost without him. They haven't lost with him. Chips will stack
lenny ash
lenny ash 3 months ago
SAS since KD mom came on you have not told the truth about KD do you really believe in your hart that KD could've lead that cleveland team to the finals
Cedrick Phillips
Cedrick Phillips 3 months ago
Max made a good point.Stephen A.will disagree with God him self smh. He was pulling for LBJ to win when he was in Miami,but I guess he forgot about that.Stephen A is full of shit.guy just talk to here his self talk. If KD leaves golden state warriors won't win another championship.
Yeye Manaois
Yeye Manaois 3 months ago
when kd was playing, the rockets beat the warriors , the clippers !! the 8th seed! for crying out load! beat GSW twice! coming back from 31 pts to humilate the warriors at home!!!! when kd was down... cousin and iggy was also out!!! the warriors "walis" the blazers. boom!!!!!
Yann Courtel
Yann Courtel 3 months ago
Max before playoff starts: Warriors are not the invicible force without KD, they limped to 6 games against a depleted Cavs team in 2015 and lost the next year. Max after Blazers series: Warriors nearly won 2 championship without KD so he should leave. Seriously, you are a Lakers fan, of course you want KD to leave, just admit it already.
Black Mason
Black Mason 3 months ago
The credit KD is looking for or the credit you wanna give him. KD already said he can care less and might not play that long so hes just looking for the money now.
Financial Freedom 101
How is it bad for KD? KD becomes a champ with lesser effort. What's bad in that? But if you are talking about KD's EGO, if it is important with him, then yes. But remember, this team is functioning well, because they put their ego aside. This will only be bad if KD lets his ego come first. WHICH IS WHAT MEDIA IS TRYING TO IMPLY...
Jack Meiov
Jack Meiov 3 months ago
Is it bizaar Boogie is now in the Finals ? Hahaha
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan 3 months ago
No juggernaut wins 73 games and loses in the final up 3-1 gth
jdl619 3 months ago
# greën is Brady and Steph is gronk get over it
jdl619 3 months ago
you have been talking about the same $hit every show you write this or someone else cause you sound like you stuck with nothing to talk about but 1 thing it don't matter
Charlie 2k
Charlie 2k 3 months ago
The rockets are better than the blazers smfh they were two bugs down too
jdl619 3 months ago
you know what happens when you try to blow smoke up some ones a$$ it blows back come up with something new already
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan 3 months ago
Green and good decisions with the ball is a lie
jdl619 3 months ago
why do you guys only wanna talk about two players that are not even playing I thought this was about now you guys just wanna talk about the past you can't change it give up
jdl619 3 months ago
GS is great with KD or not.
Georgia Bragg
Georgia Bragg 3 months ago
That LeBron James left the cavaliers to join the Miami heat but he still left his team, 🤔 A 💍 matters where you won it ..or how you got it , look at Chuck and Jalen Rose . Reggie Miller and Grant Hill ; Dell Curry CARMELO ANTHONY, CARLOS BOOZER just to name a few this is a great narrative to make KD in happy HE'S already 31 oF age ! why would he leave when he's already established then have to start all over again , let the man be ok he's seems happy and blessed to be able to ball out of control, REAL TALK 🤔💯
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