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I know this came a million years late, but because you guys wanted it, I wanted to give it to you. Hope you enjoy.
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I also like to include weightlifting/workout footage.
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Sep 8, 2014




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Comments 100
nada 7 days ago
Sarah Cashen
Sarah Cashen 21 day ago
I love Julien, but you know I'm only here for the J&J love story
Autumn Maddox
Autumn Maddox Month ago
5:15 I knew I had to do it (to em)
Miss Andrea
Miss Andrea Month ago
etherealkay 27 days ago
i think maybe they privated them?
founder freg
founder freg Month ago
Julien back in the day: I fell deeply in love with Kermit Julien in the video where they take bunny and Kermit to the beach: get away little rat dog
Tessa Hoff
Tessa Hoff Month ago
I was diagnosed with celiac in 2008. I was also born then sooooooooo
Kaity T
Kaity T Month ago
Tell Jenna we love her 🥺🥺🥺
Teisha W
Teisha W Month ago
"I fell in love with Kemit. He was such a sweetheart" ohhh kerm really is a manipulative king
AmethystEyes Month ago
Jenna took hers down 😔
Nom Nom
Nom Nom Month ago
Amp radio, yes
m.x2004 Month ago
Damn you should meet this RUvidr called JennaMarbles yall would be cute together
SyMpHOny Month ago
this is so precious to watch in 2020 🥺🥺
bonnie sensai
bonnie sensai 2 months ago
if you and jenna had a kid you could be catcher and she could be pitcher and your child could be a hitter. maybe have enough kids for an entire team
Good Gregory
Good Gregory 2 months ago
0:47 2:11 3:14 he drew himself as a swastika
Maya 3 months ago
"when u 12 and ball and snacc is life" -Julien Solomita, one of Jenna's vids
tessa miller
tessa miller 3 months ago
He and jenna has so alike childhoods lol
Hoi ya Whal
Hoi ya Whal 3 months ago
When he said “that person was Jenna” I screamed really loud
Kaylee MooYoung
Kaylee MooYoung 3 months ago
you are REALLY good at drawing
Ashley 3 months ago
Updated one of these for a video?
Jack A boi
Jack A boi 3 months ago
The divorce is a thing many kids have to go through part really got me sad because that’s really awful and I am fearing that constantly
King explosion murder fuck off
Plot twist: Julien had an affair with Jenna and Cermet
Breanna Walters
Breanna Walters 4 months ago
All she wanna do is party all night
Cabbage 4 months ago
Sophia Reece
Sophia Reece 4 months ago
I love Julien and Jenna ❤❤❤
Natalya Velez
Natalya Velez 5 months ago
When the ball is life
Lily_of_the_Forest 5 months ago
Was Jenna his first girlfriend? That would be so sweet
Kay Dawg
Kay Dawg 5 months ago
jess allen
jess allen 5 months ago
I ❤️ love this video
sasha deea
sasha deea 5 months ago
you are so amazing i m so happy for you guys . i wish you all the happyness in the world
bleebleeblahblah 5 months ago
He met her because she would go to the bar. From her hanging out with friends at the bar. What happens if you don't go out?
Trixie188 Video Productions
roxanne you say..... ROXANNE, ROXANNE, ALL SHE WANT 2 DO IS PARTY ALL NITE. 2020 tiktok jenna would appreciate
Rose R
Rose R 5 months ago
7 Years. Aw, Guys. I love you so much
Mia Lindley
Mia Lindley 6 months ago
Watching this in 2020 crying
m 6 months ago
I just watched Jenna's earlier. Thanks to both of you for the smiles ♡
Haziel Lopez
Haziel Lopez 6 months ago
How I Met Yout Mother but we are all Jenna and Julien's kids
Lillian Haaser
Lillian Haaser 6 months ago
Who is here in 2020 and just learned how Jenna and Julien meet. 🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖😍😍
Bursta Sunshine
Bursta Sunshine 6 months ago
Awwww ❤️🥰 I love this!
MaRiahh Turner / Political-Makeup
im crying watching this in 2020
Fıñđłəý Bāřńətţe
Elif Koç
Elif Koç 6 months ago
Isn't it so heartbreaking that both Jenna and Julien came from divorced families
Anakin Crywalker
Anakin Crywalker 6 months ago
*bunny has entered the chat*
share bear
share bear 6 months ago
Is it cermet or kermit?
Dots 6 months ago
this made me cryyy and idk whyyyy
Nichole Cicchillitti
Honestly.. everyone deserves a Julien. He’s magical.
Justin Time aka comet
Im so sorry but at 0:53 you look like a swastika
wittlebehr65 V
wittlebehr65 V 6 months ago
I was wondering if you have any culinary training. You have mad knife skills.
Shelbi Hoo
Shelbi Hoo 6 months ago
"Northern California"
Savanha Shaffer
Savanha Shaffer 6 months ago
Yes puppy🖌 puppy fluffy far we Robbie Cavanagh be done
Here for the Vibe
Here for the Vibe 6 months ago
Jenna’s heels are beautiful
A J 6 months ago
Loving an cermet is agieanst the rulez. This is bizness orangment.
Candace Farrell
Candace Farrell 7 months ago
This makes me so proud of you! Moving past some really hard stuff, needing to change your path in life, and you coming out the other side somewhere you would have never guessed. You found so much happiness and success
Amayah Llewellyn
Amayah Llewellyn 7 months ago
Roxane Roxane all she wanna do is party all nigh. She think Im a a:::: she think ima player only running back tho only cuz i pay her
Deja Entendu
Deja Entendu 7 months ago
Shout out to marlon! I also had guillain barre.
Bekah Meyers
Bekah Meyers 7 months ago
Julien and Jenna both loved baseball awwww
Imaleena B
Imaleena B 7 months ago
It’s so good that Juliet hasn’t had any exes
Maria Ruthberg
Maria Ruthberg 7 months ago
And this was five years ago😭 they’re so perfect toghether😩💖💖
Elise 8 months ago
i gasped when he said guillain-barre syndrome im so glad he's okay!!
liz evelsizer
liz evelsizer 8 months ago
My mom got Guillan Barre from a flu shot. It was horrible because we had no idea what was wrong with her because it's so rare. Luckily there is a treatment and I'm glad to hear your brother went through it with such a positive attitude!
liz evelsizer
liz evelsizer 8 months ago
Also dont mind my 5year too late comment I'm just on a RUvid deep dive 😂
egg frog
egg frog 8 months ago
Roxanne roxanne all she wanna do is party all night lol Help me I'm dieing inside
Natalie O.
Natalie O. 8 months ago
I used to listen to AMP radio as a little kid because it used to broadcast on the east coast where I was. I wonder if Julian was ever on the air when I was listening?
Tal Vashoth
Tal Vashoth 8 months ago
Watching this in the end of 2019 is wild cuz now the two of them are going stronger than ever, got a house together and another dog! And tbh this is very heartwarming, especially as a young adult who is also confused and doesn't know what to do with life. and I'm legit crying fam.
Jake Wickett
Jake Wickett 8 months ago
Kermit is my spirit animal.
Ashley Mendoza
Ashley Mendoza 8 months ago
It's so cool to watch this in 2019 and see how far you've come
6ViolinRed 8 months ago
Oh my god! Literally watching this in first graduate year at Chapman! I had not idea Jules.
Floatable 9 months ago
Ted: How I met your mother.
Xd Terrorizer
Xd Terrorizer 9 months ago
Sometimes you drew your character like a swastika
Callie Bland
Callie Bland 9 months ago
I like how his stick figure is always sprinting
Ruth Correa
Ruth Correa 9 months ago
Wow this is so beautiful
Akbota Abisheva
Akbota Abisheva 9 months ago
Jezebel von Tex
Jezebel von Tex 9 months ago
so ehh running kids look like swastikas? - I learn that from this :D
MeganRjones_ !!!
MeganRjones_ !!! 10 months ago
2019 still with Janna!!
Полина 10 months ago
I don’t know why ... I cried in the end, it’s such a cute and powerful video, it impressed me🔥🔥
AwkwardWhispers 10 months ago
"I discovered I could eat sushi, so I gained the weight back..." RELATABLE CONTENT
Anastasy Mad
Anastasy Mad 10 months ago
Hey Julian! please tell how did you understand that you have celiac disease? what were the symptoms?
карась 10 months ago
So sweet
Karen Butcher
Karen Butcher 10 months ago
"Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In All The World, She Walks Into Mine."
Catherine Duran
Catherine Duran 10 months ago
J+J’s draw my life
Leilee Pishva
Leilee Pishva 10 months ago
hes 6 years younger than jenna, that explains why he acts like a 6 year old around her.
Elle 10 months ago
Funny how your step siblings all have J names so you automatically fit in perfectly lol random thought of mine
Gabi Benavente
Gabi Benavente 10 months ago
J O 10 months ago
So now 5 years later... what do you think is in store?
Ivy Edwards
Ivy Edwards 10 months ago
Why is marbles not in this :(
Stacey Archer
Stacey Archer 11 months ago
Watching this now is so adorable
ghostin subliminals
ghostin subliminals 11 months ago
the way how the end of the video is asking about his future and the next recomendad video is “we bought a house” *im not crying you are*
hahah 11 months ago
AYEEE celiac disease ganggggg🥴🥴🚫🥖
camden svec
camden svec 11 months ago
representingweirdos 11 months ago
Oh my... This was really amazing. You're such a great person and I'm so happy for you guys. From what I get from your and Jenna's videos I can say that I hope I'll find a true love like yours someday
Elaina Palka
Elaina Palka 11 months ago
This makes me so happy watching this in 2019! Love you Julien! Always will support you guys
Puffley 11 months ago
This makes me so happy after I cried watching Jenna draw her life years prior. Thank you for being in her life. She is an amazing inspiration and a hero in my eyes. The world needs more of you two!
leezabit Year ago
4:02 “chois- choices*”
Marisol BG🤍
When he said “and that girl is Jenna” I almost cried lmfao why am I like this
borednow Year ago
wait so julien played baseball... so why did jenna have to teach him softball?????
borednow 11 months ago
@Dorlan really? i didnt know
Dorlan 11 months ago
cause softball throws are different than baseball
Maddie Carney
Maddie Carney Year ago
9:03 your girlfriends gonna turn into a chair, a green screen, a disco ball you’re gonna get a greyhound, named Bunny you’re gonna cook gluten free and vegan foods for us to watch and scream while throwing a softball
Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna 3 months ago
I think he knows?
bleebleeblahblah 5 months ago
Quit telling him the future. 😋
Addisyn Bostic
Addisyn Bostic 9 months ago
dink valeria
dink valeria 9 months ago
Patricia H.
Patricia H. Year ago
Damn! Im just now watching this. I got GBS (Guillian-Bare Syndrome) a year after this video was published. It was HELL.
Annie Thiel
Annie Thiel Year ago
Oh, the story about his brother made me cry 😭
Lucy O.
Lucy O. Year ago
Your life is literally Drake and Josh.
Desiree Smith
Desiree Smith Year ago
Little did he know, he would be the proud owner of Aries kitchen.
daria Bingham
daria Bingham Year ago
Ok so julien never dated before jenna???
Gemmaphobic Year ago
How does everyone else have an interesting childhood? Like all these draw my life videos depict all these eventful lives and im just here like hmmm...
Mr. Poopy Butthole
We love you Julian please always stay in Jennas life
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