Drake - When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle

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When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle (Official Video)
Dark Lane Demo Tapes
Director: Theo Skudra
Producer: Christian Tyler
Cinematographer: Theo Skudra
Editor: Theo Skudra
Production Company: Colossale
"When To Say When"
Producer: Gaetan Rousseau
Producer: Nico Thau
Production Manager: John Morrow
Location Scout: Conlan Olberding
B Cam Operator: Pierrick Reiss
1st AC (A Cam): Tsyen Shen
1st AC (B Cam): Luna Burns
1st AC: Vincent Howard
2nd AC: Greg Howard
Gaffer: John Ward
Gaffer: Amaal Mustafa
Best Boy Electric: Jonathan Mejia
Key Grip: Phil Sokoloff
Best Boy Grip: Kurtis Riley
Driver: Jonathan Charles
Equipment Van Driver: Iraki Kurdiani
Set PA: Sebastien Le Coz
Set PA: Achille Vanderhaeghen
"Chicago Freestyle"
Production Coordinator: Cameron Frangopoulos
1st AC: Nick Coffin
1st AC: Nick Petrie
Gaffer: Alex Poutiainen
Steady Cam: Greg Frankovich
Conform & Online: Assembly Reps
Colour: Artjail
Executive Producer at ArtJail: Leslie McCartney
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
Film Processed at FotoKem Los Angeles
Senior Dailies Producer: Mary Chamberlain


Published on


Feb 29, 2020




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Comments 80
Kshawnofficial 4 hours ago
ִ 5 hours ago
Alexander Kavin
Alexander Kavin 6 hours ago
You did steal the last bit from eminem tho, the “i do know one thing tho” but the rest was on point
Trapp Marley
Trapp Marley 8 hours ago
That was not cool taking Eminems flow at the end ..
Trapp Marley
Trapp Marley 8 hours ago
Whats the name of the original song again?
rebekah jane
rebekah jane 8 hours ago
He really copied eminem 🥴🥴
187nellybelly 10 hours ago
2:58 Does Drake have a starry night roof inside his Rolls Royce? Damn, that's hot!
Aroah Player
Aroah Player 16 hours ago
drake por que coño mataste a xxxtentacion, gracias anonymous por demostrarnos la verdad ...
adam acosta
adam acosta 17 hours ago
Devon Booker!!
Mckenzie-Leigh Nicholson
Blipps 19 hours ago
Chicago freestyle in Toronto lmao
Jacob MSP
Jacob MSP 19 hours ago
Kevin Mark Torres Leonhart
I cant be your superman. Drake you boss man.
M._ J.J
M._ J.J Day ago
Devin Booker tho 🔥🔥🔥
Agatha Kipkenda
i have a problem that yall are sleeping on Giveon.
edeline ferreira
That Michael Jackson line...r i d i c u l o u s. You don't know what respect is. Você é nojento.
borredd Day ago
I like how he said "I'll split heads and break necks for my lil man"
Lavon Hickonbottom
Curtlynn Ray
Curtlynn Ray Day ago
He done did it again!!!!!!!!! 🙌
Nicholas Alarcon
and he also said the n word
Nicholas Alarcon
this is dumb and it sucks
Joel Garza
Joel Garza Day ago
MY GOD 💯💯💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Mr Flip
Mr Flip Day ago
I love the jackson jersey raven nation
MurdaM4tt Day ago
Subscribe to me NOW!
André Pontes
Man this OVO emblem RR is incredible 2:31
genieus z
genieus z Day ago
The second beat needs its own song.
Yash Thakur
Yash Thakur 2 days ago
bhai ek number song bus ek bari india aja bus majey kreygey
Sir Ecthelion
Sir Ecthelion 2 days ago
Yeah dude you are garbage.
Frank Wonders
Frank Wonders 2 days ago
My idol Drake!
VenomousRaven 2 days ago
19K Dislikes, Okay.
VenomousRaven 2 days ago
Harold 2 days ago
And we still trappin FOR the MOTHERLAND 🙏
Comedy Bros
Comedy Bros 2 days ago
2:18 is Chicago freestyle
ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ᴘᴀᴘɪ
Drake the Michael Jackson of Hip Hop
George Asinyo
George Asinyo 2 days ago
Half way through the freestyle he was spitting like Kendrick . i like the vibes
groalerable 2 days ago
why is he rapping in front of some projects he's not from what the hell lmao
K. p
K. p 2 days ago
El Prof
El Prof 3 days ago
JAY-Z. Song cry.......
Yasin Muhammad
Yasin Muhammad 3 days ago
Richard Johnson. Steve harvey .R Kelly.
Kamohelo Mahlatsi
I still dont understand how OVO is full of successful black men. Shit don't make no sense. Just look at 0:57
Atrain973 main4life386
Drake looking more serious now with the lyrics.
Atrain973 main4life386
Other times I'm trying to see if compliments really true. Some versus said like that
Fox Kidd
Fox Kidd 3 days ago
Chicago Freestyle's the best. 🇿🇦🇿🇦
Javani Robinson
Javani Robinson 3 days ago
Bruh second part of the song is litttttttttt if you listened to that part multiple times hit the like button!!!
Ibrahim Saad
Ibrahim Saad 3 days ago
The flow of the first song reminds me of Weston Road flows from Views album
G1 Realer
G1 Realer 3 days ago
He's sicker I'm Realer so die bitch can't be ur Superman with the flow looking ass, shit they call me Jesus cause I'm slaving I'm saving these hoes 😇 from ur bull shit Man Drake got ear rings in both ears bisexual looking ass. Nagh I'm just hating I like his swag on this song🤗 earrings in both ears is suspect Chubs know what u like nigga Lol that shit cra cra
G1 Realer
G1 Realer 3 days ago
Now I now why he got Charlemagne them bottles wats done in the Dark must come to the Light I see👀 and Here. I'm Realer Man I'm Elijah and Elisha in this Bitch I got a double portion of the mojo I guess lol
Fxst xL
Fxst xL 3 days ago
U stole a little girls beat
Jacksepticeye 2.0
Drake is so trash that he has to use other rappers music he literally stole lyrics from eminem (Superman)
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 3 days ago
Drake love em too lol.
Duong kuac
Duong kuac 3 days ago
6 God for a reason 🙏🏾👌🏾
Djamel Eddine
Djamel Eddine 3 days ago
Eminem ❤️🙏
Brannon Raines
Brannon Raines 4 days ago
No cap
Finno M
Finno M 4 days ago
The greatest artist of all time, The versatility of his music is what sets him apart from the rest.
fredricka jackson
Love how he put that Eminem & the weekend in it
AbdullahYounas 3 hours ago
Where is The Weeknd reference??
Yung Hustle Records
My song
YON WORLD 4 days ago
I need that October Very Own print sweater my bday October 7th
Son of Odin
Son of Odin 4 days ago
There's a reason why he driving at night to that second beat
Danny Moua
Danny Moua 4 days ago
This two songs go hard asf. Folks be sleeping on this
Ionut Daniel Andrei
Thank God for Eminem. I don't know if this is liek a way to say thank you in a subtil way to him for the collab that I think It played a great role in your career. Damn we grew up. Time flies.
7digreese 4 days ago
3:48 my friend ganesha just chillin in the back
Sal 2 hours ago
And Natraja along.
Pr33sa96 Armani
Pr33sa96 Armani 4 days ago
if only they knew chicago is my best friend kanye (U) loss
@ 2:23 that hook it's just pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Paaz
Matthew Paaz 4 days ago
Remember when he said in I’m Upset “the shit is in the box to the left to the left?” He was referring to the safe at 4:12
Matthew Paaz
Matthew Paaz 13 hours ago
Streamer_ BTW can you please briefly share it here with all of us?
Streamer_ BTW
Streamer_ BTW 20 hours ago
Matthew Paaz look it up
Matthew Paaz
Matthew Paaz 20 hours ago
Streamer_ BTW what do they say?
Streamer_ BTW
Matthew Paaz perhaps idk if you look at genius and their interpretation it explains it better
Matthew Paaz
Matthew Paaz Day ago
Streamer_ BTW That’s plausible. Perhaps it’s a double entendre.
Louie Leo
Louie Leo 4 days ago
leen 4 days ago
The second part must have a full song alone the first part ruin it
Labronski Milan
Labronski Milan 4 days ago
zaza genge
zaza genge 4 days ago
"Haaayi ngeke sbali"
donna Blatchford
donna Blatchford 5 days ago
Fateh Abro
Fateh Abro 5 days ago
3:40 he stole Eminem lyrics from Superman 😮
Lucio Malgor
Lucio Malgor 5 days ago
Diego MasterYT
Diego MasterYT 5 days ago
Dude... I can die with some chilling
Ronald Dominguez
Ronald Dominguez 5 days ago
Chicago makes it cool to be sad lmfaoo how
Ronald Dominguez
Ronald Dominguez 5 days ago
Navigator the Great
Jacob the Jeweller Snitched in Big Meech BMF fuck that Rat Jacob the Jeweller
Ronald Dominguez
Ronald Dominguez 5 days ago
Chicago freestyle i get Goodfellas vibes!
Von Krieg
Von Krieg 5 days ago
Reminder that Drake is a pedophile and should be sent to jail.
Trizzy Ray
Trizzy Ray 5 days ago
Trizzy Ray
Trizzy Ray 5 days ago
Trizzy Ray
Trizzy Ray 5 days ago
Trizzy Ray
Trizzy Ray 5 days ago
Trizzy Ray
Trizzy Ray 5 days ago
Trizzy Ray
Trizzy Ray 5 days ago
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