Dragonball: Evolution - Hilariocity Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Master Monkey
Master Monkey Hour ago
This shit ain't funny bro I have a deep hatred for this movie, the creator of Dragonball decided never to make a DB live action again because of this monstrosity :(
Evan 14 hours ago
Try this, take a shot of jaeger every time this movie breaks continuity. Trust me you’ll be drunk within 10 minutes.
Alexa Soundzen
Alexa Soundzen 19 hours ago
PS: you should put up BEEP warnings, for moments like @21:18 and the violence at the end, for younger viewers LOLOL
Alexa Soundzen
Alexa Soundzen 19 hours ago
REVIEW --> the intro black screen tells me you where either in a pitch black room OR asleep all dressed up, with your eyes shut from light, when someone knocked on your door, 1 meter from you (because of the pristine loud sound AKA a table?) but the mysterious visitor (not an AMAZON delivery man who must wait for you, long enough to knock a second time, before dropping the package and leave) - makes me believe is a fan of your YT who wants you to review his OWN Dragonball Evolution movie, since the package is torn open, across the Amazon black tape ---> Grade: C+
Tregeta 20 hours ago
I though the Resident Evil movies were bad as far as butchering source material..................I had no idea.
Clous von
Clous von 23 hours ago
It really is just a bad Power Rangers episode
fox b5
fox b5 2 days ago
What is this crap
Swaroop 2 days ago
My dumbass thought the goku's actor was Aron paul all along
Climacksofficial 2 days ago
Yamchas ass
Omar Monzon
Omar Monzon 2 days ago
I love lil goku
Gaming Hub
Gaming Hub 2 days ago
After getting ndb evolution merch Shits going down prepare yourself
bean gang
bean gang 2 days ago
My fav review by far. I laugh my ass off every time
pedro arroyo
pedro arroyo 3 days ago
This movie and The Mknightshatupon version of what I assume was supposed to be The Last Airbender, are the worst pieces of shit this world has to offer.
Abu Amaan Pal
Abu Amaan Pal 3 days ago
A very fun fact: 20th century fox rejected the best script of the creator himself, Akira Toriyama. 👏👏👏👏👏👏. Also.....Krillin was in the script.
Albert Camacho
Albert Camacho 3 days ago
I remember when i first watched this movie. I only lasted 14mins in and then i stopped it. It was crap x infinity.
ukE _Ashutosh
ukE _Ashutosh 4 days ago
Like a movie this review is also hilariocity...
Erik Benitez
Erik Benitez 5 days ago
Subscribed. It feels good knowing others feel the same as me. We need a reboot!!!
smoking1212 5 days ago
wait they actually made a video game of that.
Luke Schroter
Luke Schroter 5 days ago
I honestly thought it was the emoji movie that was your least favorite movie
Aaron mann
Aaron mann 5 days ago
I would have liked to see him use a can of wd40 and a lighter to destroy the figure while he did that crazy laugh.
Jay Fry
Jay Fry 6 days ago
You know the electric chair and defibrillators both use electricity, right? A low power punch to the diaphragm can cause food to dislodge from a blocked windpipe. A high power punch to the diaphragm can collapse lungs.
Casey Bator
Casey Bator 6 days ago
I would love to see Superman as a super sayin like on you're shirt also were did you get that shirt I want one
Druovanni Defoe
Druovanni Defoe 6 days ago
This movie needs to be put to sleep forever and completely wiped from any and all historical records...
Jose Prendes
Jose Prendes 7 days ago
Hands down the best version of Dragonball. 😂😂😂😂😂
Dyi Mi
Dyi Mi 7 days ago
To this day i never finished dragon ball live. Just so unbearable to watch
Laura Alexander
Laura Alexander 8 days ago
No one: Me giggling: Look at the good boi. Look at the good boi destroy. Good boi. meanwhile doggo: nawnawbitefetch
ziauddin29 8 days ago
24:51 seems the effect of watching all the bad movies for us is slowly showing that bizzare outcome on you 😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Akshay s
Akshay s 9 days ago
Akshay s
Akshay s 9 days ago
GamEch GT
GamEch GT 9 days ago
Worst acting worst movie
I actually genuinely feel sorry you had to rewatch the movie
Bradley Persefield
I forgot about this POS fuck this movie
Jamal Childers
Jamal Childers 9 days ago
I hate most all live action adaptations. These fucking movies are made by people who don't read the stories. The fucker who directed this shit stain never watched the anime. He never tried, pisses me off.
Joshua Matney
Joshua Matney 10 days ago
The moment when you realize Chris ordering food is more interesting than this pile of shit "film"
Ryan 2e
Ryan 2e 11 days ago
In the quick jump shots of the vision of the future he has they literally use a scene from independence day with the fire moving through the buildings. I noticed this the first time I saw the movie and at that moment turned it off.
mr_nobody 13 days ago
wait you are saying, there was a mid credit scenes. the horrors
TheHero136 14 days ago
Because the script is fucking dumb that's fucking why!!!!!
Przemysław Olejniik
15:36 oh no! Yamcha been yamcha’d !
MIX ZONE 14 days ago
I do not know how to laugh or cry because of this film😭😭😂🤣
What the F . Dragon Ball Evo is a *Master piece* of *$#;+*
Diswob Bajgain
Diswob Bajgain 14 days ago
dbe 's full form is douchebag
rick louis
rick louis 15 days ago
I rather set myself on fire than to watch that movie again
Cow Slayer1989
Cow Slayer1989 15 days ago
I wouldnt mind getting another live action DB if done right.
Antwuan Butler
Antwuan Butler 15 days ago
Goku always wants to fight bit I hate this goku he is nothing like the original this goku is a whiney shithead
billz co
billz co 16 days ago
agasa marak
agasa marak 16 days ago
I guess im happy at least the dragon balls were ROUND in shape 😌
Kaveesh Birju
Kaveesh Birju 16 days ago
This was a good guilty pleasure movie for me
david santiago
david santiago 16 days ago
This skit was worse than back foot cancer
Chan Whittington
Chan Whittington 16 days ago
dragon this movie can suck my balls
UBI fan
UBI fan 17 days ago
Chris did the world a great service at the end of this video give man all the god damn metals
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