Drag Queen Styles An Introvert For A Week

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"It's ok to bring attention to yourself."
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Jacqueline Kennedy
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Apr 17, 2019

BuzzFeedBuzzFeed As/IsAs/Iswomen tryi get styled by a drag queendrag queen styles an introverti get styled by a drag queen for a weekstylefashionfashion challengePL0PtUxA4JeEIyQax3EuYHvauYqwJDD3C3womenbody positivitystyle challengejohnny reinhardwomen's lifestyleclothes challengeclothing swap




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Comments 753
encanta411 Day ago
...I want a Fairy Drag Mother!
Evelyn DeBlasi
Evelyn DeBlasi 28 days ago
yea but she didnt change her hairrr
funsized loca
funsized loca Month ago
Bruh am I the only one who sees some cat calls as something to tell me I look damn good lmao
Sleeping Cinderella
Introverts don't afraid to be seen. that's anxiety. introverts just don't wanna be seen.
Savannah Lol
Savannah Lol Month ago
Astor Reinhardt
Astor Reinhardt Month ago
Jumpsuit was FUGLY. Outfit 4 was my favorite...but the scarf didn't really match.
Xena Vola
Xena Vola Month ago
I like that classy red and black suit Johnny is wearing
Love all the Outfits ❤️
Elligons Month ago
Outfit 2 was a 50's waitress costume. Outfit 3 barely covered her cooch. They all lacked accessories.
Vanessa Crooks
Vanessa Crooks Month ago
i loved every single look, i'm a little disappointed at the nonchalant reactions of her friends and her boyfriend. she looked great!
Quaylonda Herman
This girl looks like she could be related to my great grandmother it’s kind of crazy
Quaylonda Herman
I wanna be styled by a drag queen
kmbrose Month ago
"Fairy drag mother" hhahahaha I love it.
E. Wyckoff
E. Wyckoff Month ago
*Is sobbing* Please style me.
Rockabyebecca Month ago
Aitana Montalvo
Aitana Montalvo Month ago
Libby Kibart Introvert That would the whole description of myself
Mikhailova Natalya
Heather Novak
Heather Novak Month ago
Razor left the chat.........
Charlea Month ago
Guessing she didn't feel comfortable in the neon green one then
Quirk & Folly
Quirk & Folly Month ago
Honestly, that striped top and skirt look was PERFECT 👌
Thea Stybe
Thea Stybe Month ago
Love that they were shopping together. Often I see buzzfeed going for the surprise version of make overs, and it works way better as the teamwork version that's happening here
Olivier Vaivrand
Guy compliments girl = cat calling Girl compliments girl = compliment Difference? Can someone explain? It’s pretty much you who decides what’s a compliment and what’s not.
안게리카 Month ago
Olivier Vaivrand There’s actually a very big difference between cat calling and a compliment. Cat calling is mostly just calling a random person on the street hot or just commenting on their body and a compliment is something a little more appropiate I feel like. I think you just have to watch the video’s of walking in NYC for 10 hours straight, then you can a little bit understand it. Sorry for my English btw, English is not my first language.
-- Month ago
I need a drag- mother. Where can I get one?
soph Month ago
Great video, awesome job plus I love that she doesn't shave her armpits!
tigerlily varron
Wow. I'm an introvert too.
JUIY J Month ago
Omg I love this fairy drag mother💕💕 Johnny keeps on encouraging and complimenting her.
IloveY Month ago
But can we talk about the Queen's jumpsuit outfit....!!!!!!😍😍😍😍
Karen Month ago
So i love the Outfit jonny wore and the one He choosed and i really want to know if He has an Ista Account or something like that to get some Inspiration.
rih Month ago
I want johnnie to style me!
Letrice Lynch
Letrice Lynch Month ago
He did a good job with her clothes but some one shouldve helped her get rid of the wilma flintstone hairdo it aged her and all of the looks wouldve been a 10 only if she were to do something with that hair
chocola4llusion Month ago
I like this video, but isn’t it like a ad for ASOS? XD
Mystery Toys & Games
I love how he was making her not go too full out with the outfits
kittymomo4031 Month ago
I wonder how the green outfit looked like!! Style me next lol!!!
Julianna Villanueva
Jonnie Reinhart sounds like Jeffree Star
cocoanouk Month ago
they look like sisters
Kumokun Domo
Kumokun Domo Month ago
Short? That's too short girl 😱
Dhelsyi Edafos
Dhelsyi Edafos Month ago
"Totally out of your comfort zone, but still your vibe." Omg i really like it❤️❤️
Jubilee Connor
Jubilee Connor Month ago
I think we all need this to be a series!!!!!!!!
Lexieguppy 2 months ago
I own 3 pairs of shoes and they're all vans.
Jfhklu Ffhhuk
Jfhklu Ffhhuk 2 months ago
Weirdly excited that one of them is a vegan. We need more vegan representation!
Jalynn Williams
Jalynn Williams 2 months ago
The second outfit, pink and black dress, reminded me of an older waitress outfit. Nothing wrong with that but once I saw it on her that's what I immediately thought of.
Yaryluz Weeden
Yaryluz Weeden 2 months ago
Yooooo i was looking at this video for the longest and I realized I have met jonnie when he came to my state for a drag brunch omggg😱
Rhythm F.
Rhythm F. 2 months ago
I need more of this increase the budget pleaaaase
Ally Wu
Ally Wu 2 months ago
Drag queen: how many shoes do own? Introvert: like 5.. *shook
benzin1614 2 months ago
No make up? ... Yeah, no make up.
kingikiller 2 months ago
So where do these “Sites” find these people who are so introverted but will still appear on camera.
Amelia C.
Amelia C. 2 months ago
I like how they treat introverted people like an underground community. I mean i'm an extrovert but still.
Siham Noor
Siham Noor 2 months ago
Where can i get a fairy drag mother 💟 more jonnie please
Graphic Jack
Graphic Jack 2 months ago
I definitely think she looked great in the "French" look, and her own dress with the boots was cute, but she needed darker tights... it was super short which surprises me that she owned it if she wasn't confident in it. Maybe she used to wear it with pants? The pink dress? No. Not flattering, but other than that and the shoes she wasn't used to, they did good. Clothes can absolutely boost your confidence. I an a natural introvert that's learned to be more extroverted... clothes actually have helped me enormously. Getting random compliments from strangers can be a really nice thing to happen in your day. Try going outside your comfort level just a little and you might be surprised at how nice it feels.
4nn4_ b4.n4.n4
4nn4_ b4.n4.n4 2 months ago
No one is talking about the green two piece hanging in the Background? Okay xD
Sylvia Smith
Sylvia Smith 2 months ago
First of all this was amazing! Second of all can getting styled by Johnny be a recurring series? because I AM LIVING FOR IT!
Selena Lerma
Selena Lerma 2 months ago
I thought she was in high school until they showed her boyfriend😂
Maddy Zinger
Maddy Zinger 2 months ago
i literally need those boots so bad but they're so expensive ughh
Stace D
Stace D 2 months ago
Not to nitpick, but being an introvert is not synonymous with being "afraid of being seen".
xVintage Pie
xVintage Pie 2 months ago
I love this video so much, Jonnie is so respectful with her style, as an introvert I somehow wanna try some of these outfits out !
KF Gonzo
KF Gonzo 2 months ago
Disgusting, what is society turning into
Omi McCadney
Omi McCadney 2 months ago
I don't understand what introversion has to do with spicing up a lowkey wardrobe. Jonie did a great job on this and everyone involved looked like they had a great time. However, as fellow introvert who owns quite a bit of "statement pieces," colorful pieces, and loves makeup, I am wondering why folx associate introversion with drab? Genuinely asking.
Roxy Mouse
Roxy Mouse 2 months ago
Can someone tell me if a cat call is something good or bad 🤔🤔🤔
Yesterday4 2 months ago
This is a great video but being an introvert =/= being shy or afraid to dress boldly
Pop Cultureholics
Pop Cultureholics 2 months ago
I am an introvert. I got anxious just by seeing this
Jamie Mccafferty
Jamie Mccafferty 2 months ago
Great video
Joan Telefoon
Joan Telefoon 2 months ago
Her legs are amazing
Gabby Watson
Gabby Watson 2 months ago
she looks amazing!! im so proud of her for going out of her comfort zone and im so happy that the queen respected her so much and didnt push her too much, this is such a great vid :)
sophia AKR
sophia AKR 2 months ago
She reminds me of Bridget Jones in that pink dress 😱
Hemmy 2 months ago
Great video! Loved the outfits. Would have loved to see some different hair styles tho...
Malea Bell
Malea Bell 2 months ago
What’s wrong with a cat call lol I guess it’s a personal thing. What’s the difference between a woman paying a compliment and a man? To me, a compliment is a compliment, period. I don’t think it has anything to do with entitlement but everything to do with someone expressing themselves about how your outfit made them feel. I don’t know much about her, but I’m wondering if that mindset stems from new-age feminism or just her introverted personality. However, I’m not a fan of her using the word “entitled”.
Hunlover123601 2 months ago
i love that the queen didnt go like " EXTREME" but rather " girl i want you to learn to be comfortable in a slightly different style, feel beautiful!"
Ashley Duchemin
Ashley Duchemin 2 months ago
Please give Jonnie a series! This was the best makeover I’ve ever seen on BF.
Celeste Castellanos
Celeste Castellanos 2 months ago
dorkywatersrundeep 2 months ago
You look so AMAZING! I loved every look! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍
Michelle Cluck
Michelle Cluck 2 months ago
Can she do that for me? Please?
Shahira Saleem
Shahira Saleem 2 months ago
The queen’s makeup is BOMB!!💄
Fabiola Martinez
Fabiola Martinez 2 months ago
Give me more!yes, loved this
MohawkedMommy 2 months ago
What website did they order from? Cuz I need those boots.
Lynne Hashim
Lynne Hashim 2 months ago
she looks amazing ❤️
Pauls Pankratz
Pauls Pankratz 2 months ago
I want him to dress me everyday so I don't have to think about it anymore
Marleen B
Marleen B 2 months ago
should have paired the pink dress with high black boots
Molly Fletcher
Molly Fletcher 2 months ago
Our girl there is quite French under the arm.... represent!
Kyren Lherisse
Kyren Lherisse 2 months ago
the striped shirt and skirt suited her so well!
RumChickenBiscuits 2 months ago
I love watching these makeovers. Im an introvert who hasn't bought clothes in ten years b/c of multiple issues. Living vicariously through this.
My Togepi
My Togepi 2 months ago
*Ok, that's ridiculous. Introverts aren´t unicorns or freaks from a distant planet. I hate it when people trying to fix introverts. That isn´t necessary at all.* Not everyone wants to scream 'hello party here I am' (extroverts). Some just want to drink a cup of tea and read a book (introverts). #Sorrybutnotsorry Being an introvert isn´t a disease that needs to be cured. It is part of the personality and it should be accepted as well as any other personality or sexual orientation, rather than constantly changing Introverts. Who doesn´t notice how wrong the sentence is * come out of the comfort zone *, didn´t really understand anything. *And let's be honest, the fact is:* - That is discrimination of personality. - Being an introvert is not a disease that needs to be cured. - The world would not work without introverted personalities.
RESPECT WAMEN 2 months ago
Omg I need her in my life
Steph s
Steph s 2 months ago
Good posture could help her outfit pop even more
Arif Islam
Arif Islam 2 months ago
Nice stip
Arif Islam
Arif Islam 2 months ago
Nice stip
Kim Seokjin Born from planet everything is perfect
All I wear is a pair of high waist jeans with a shirt that’s not too fitted which is tucked in my pants then some high cut converse shoes but when it’s called I change the shirt into either a hoodie, sweater, or just some jacket to put on top of my shirt
Kim Seokjin Born from planet everything is perfect
I also don’t like wearing shirts because of my hairy legs lol
kkullmx 2 months ago
I only liked that sweater dress. I want it.
The Family Bree
The Family Bree 2 months ago
the pink dress was too short but the sweater dress wasn't? nah.
Blue Hood
Blue Hood 2 months ago
Wow she look like a rich lady that like to travel...
AR Knight
AR Knight 2 months ago
Does Jonnie Reinhart have a RUvid channel?
Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith 2 months ago
I love that they're like wearing a violin on there jacket. Ahhh
Cornelia Eboh
Cornelia Eboh 2 months ago
Whatever happened to the green two piece?!? I was looking forward to it cause it looked so cute 🤧😭
Jess_Marie_G 2 months ago
Libby is adorable, and the wardrobe sprucing up just highlighted that. Also, I kinda wanna copy Fairy Drag Mother's second outfit!
Thea Sinclaire
Thea Sinclaire 2 months ago
Johnny is so cute as a 50s pinup!
Kelsey Burroughs
Kelsey Burroughs 2 months ago
Jonnie's red and black outfit and hair/makeup are giving me Vida Boheme vibes and I could just cry.
Ancuta Staicu
Ancuta Staicu 2 months ago
Does he have a YT channel?
Ancuta Staicu
Ancuta Staicu 2 months ago
Zoe Wheatcroft
Zoe Wheatcroft 2 months ago
meruga811 2 months ago
Such a fun video!
Romy Noach
Romy Noach 2 months ago
Y E S Honey! you do you!
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