Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. Then he invites George R.R. Martin, Steve Buscemi, the Black and Gold Marching Elite, and some fake real housewives on the show to illustrate how to pander to an audience without hurting anyone.
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Published on


Jun 23, 2014

Last Week Tonight with John OliverHBOGeorge RR MartinDr. OzNutrition SupplementsSteve BuscemiReal Housewivesblack and gold marching elite




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Comments 6 402
Raeanne Bedard
I’m disappointed with him, my mom loved his show and it was how we learned about the link between vinegar and higher metabolism (which works for me because I love pickles). Though he does bring up that exercise is necessary to go with diet supplements
africaRBG 9 hours ago
And westerners say that africa is corrupt LOL. Lobbyists are just professional bribing groups. How the hell can we have faith that the system works in the favour of the average american?
lazy homebody
All I know is, vitamin C drinks helped me alot! But then I couldn't find any Vit C without tons of other things I don't want. I can't drink orange juice because I have ulcers. I still watch Dr Oz, but after trying rosehips and Acai berries (zero effect) I ignore that stuff.
will crow
will crow Day ago
David Cross finally, finally, finally someone who brings a tiny bit of the old Letterman Show back with some improvisation and 'trauma' that used to draw people in. Letterman was original and it took years to pave over his actual show without a single speed bump. Corporate BS has bull dozed entertainment into a seamless runway of smooth, useless repetition.
Mr wonderful
Mr wonderful Day ago
Morning Joe is the worst morning show..besides fox and friends!!!!!!
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith 2 days ago
well all I can say is I take kratom in the fda's attacking Kratom and if they have the authority to Bennett they absolutely would so although I believe that people should be safe I do believe that the FDA having too much power is not a good thing because it's so corrupt
Sean 2 days ago
John, never heard of the Aspirin a day thing?
Jacquie gonzalez
Jacquie gonzalez 2 days ago
Mika and Joe your reaction is the same as the Republican towards Trump. The hipocracy.
Beanmachine91 3 days ago
dr oz thinks astrology star signs has jack all to do with personality and health, what a load!
very funny @lazy homebody
lazy homebody
All scientists believe that. They only believe what they are taught or read in textbooks, they don't think for themselves
Lee David
Lee David 3 days ago
3.2k dumbo. But thanks heaven common senses prevail
John Pruett
John Pruett 5 days ago
People are gullible dumbshits......the Vatican knows all too well.
Caroline Corbett
Caroline Corbett 5 days ago
Lmao. Want to lose weight-find a physical activity you love and become addicted to it, don't eat shitty processed food, and hang out with someone who thinks you are sexy just being you. Miracle pills, flowers, whateverthefaq are a joke to take your money.
Misspol222 5 days ago
poor lab mice... getting diabetes because of some scam doc
Just turn the main thumbnail sideways and it says Dr. NO.
Ld Adv
Ld Adv 5 days ago
He looks like Kenneth Copeland
Allison Whisler
Allison Whisler 6 days ago
I watch this one a few times a year. The best.
Jason Luong
Jason Luong 6 days ago
If you eat a well-balanced diet that is high in fruit and vegetable, that's it. You have all the necessary nutrients you need. Supplements are needed when for some reason, your body does not absorb a particular nutrient such as iron from food. Then you need to take a high dose of that missing nutrient for the short term. In short, supplements are not meant for chronic use. Unfortunately, that is the case. The excess useless supplements are excreted out in the urine. Americans spend billions a year on these things. Americans not so coincidentally have the most expensive urine.
JayeBird 6 days ago
Wish the FDA had that zeal with the pharmaceutical industry! Unfortunately they sleep with each other. No conflict of interest here, huh?
Claudia Marie Bermudez
Makes me laugh
Claudia Marie Bermudez
Robin Marie
Robin Marie 7 days ago
Was that the guy from The Profit handing him that puppy?
Little wizard
Little wizard 7 days ago
Dude you’re obsessed with feet just tone it down a bit 😂😂😂
Little wizard
Little wizard 7 days ago
Tuned into RUvid with the John Oliver effect is awesome af😊👊🏼
Atomic Monster
Atomic Monster 7 days ago
I've always known he was a scam artist. I spent almost half of 2013 in a Hospital for a severe medical condition and his show was always on.
GoGetUrShineBoxx 8 days ago
Hey Senator Harkin Senator Hatch, here's a shit-ton of money. Please tell everyone how great supplements are. Please pass a bill saying that they don't need to be regulated because in reality many of them can be dangerous to ingest. Isn't that exactly what bribery is?
G2 9 days ago
The supplement industry is the biggest con in the history of this country.
just me
just me 9 days ago
How could anyone trust his huge scam? I never understood when people said they loved his show.
TWSTF 8 9 days ago
Everything happens to always come back to which Elected Officials are getting how much from what Industries. And little will change until we start electing people who can pledge to NEVER accept money from anywhere but their VOTERS. END the corruption, end the problems, period.
Aso Aso
Aso Aso 9 days ago
Just remember that Donald Trump appointed Oz to be a member of his Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition in 2018.
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez 10 days ago
you could put rat feces in a pill this is ratshit
TheBroughamLlac 10 days ago
Garcinia works. Know someone who lost 200lbs
intheneck everyday
intheneck everyday 10 days ago
God knows we have a snake oil vendor in the White House.
Luka Šauperl
Luka Šauperl 10 days ago
Hello Jesus
Tracy Grantham
Tracy Grantham 11 days ago
I don’t think the Dr is as much of the problem as stupid people believing and buying this crap. We all have an amazing thing in our head called a brain learn to use that. Maybe the Doc could come up with a vitamin supplement which would stimulate your brain to recognise bullshit.
Bunny Ra33ot
Bunny Ra33ot 11 days ago
"Lobbyist" is a term for the self reported positions people have due to their relationship with others in power. Make lobbing (sic) illegal and you just make it illegal to peddle influence. Influence must be peddle-able or it isn't influence so, you may as well have the people who do it, registered as lobbyists , so if they start going way too far, you might stop it or know who is talking to who. There is no simple answer to your mind, however Rivera.
12 days ago
We are doomed
Alan Laiter
Alan Laiter 12 days ago
All I noticed is Dr Oz looks exactly like Michael Bluth😂
David Martinez
David Martinez 13 days ago
I miss my Ripped Fuel with ephedrine. That stuff worked. Let people take their damn pills in peace. Jk
mjt11860 14 days ago
it's so ez to criticize the supplement industry, & yet turn a blind eye to rx drugs that cause more deaths than all illicit drugs combined. some of what is stated about the supplement industry is also true about the drug industry. for example, the drug cos police themselves. the FDA takes in money from the drug cos for approval of their drugs after research funded by the drug cos, "proves" their safety & efficacy (does anyone smell conflict of interest here). the l-tryptophan deaths & sicknesses were traced to a manufacturer w/bad sanitary practices, which resulted in a tainted product. it was not the fault of the supplement itself. drug cos & the supplement industry r in competition. how great is it for the drug industry have a govt agency as their ally?
mjt11860 14 days ago
how butt hurt do u have 2 b to have to comment on it. poor baby.
Ingrid Dubbel
Ingrid Dubbel 14 days ago
How lazy to you have to be to abbreviate a four letter word like easy?
Anthony Gonzales
Anthony Gonzales 15 days ago
america is a shit hole country full of assholes and idiots who believe in this medicines
2d40 16 days ago
The wizard of Oz. Don’t look behind the curtain. Just eat your magic beans and wait for a sprout to pop out of your back end.
Morio Murase
Morio Murase 16 days ago
Financial industry: We need to sell high interest loans to suckers, er people who can't possibly pay them! Deregulate us! Supplement industry: We need to sell random stuff to people with minimally verified claims of health benefits! Deregulate us! Fossil fuel industry: We need to extract every last bit of carbon to be burned, and we don't care if we render the planet far more painful to human life! Deregulate us!
NoLongerHuman13 16 days ago
Ephedra doesn’t do shit when compared to the problems Advil and aspirin cause yearly when taken as directed. In the hundreds of thousands. Then look at pharmaceutical drugs. They kill 179 Americans a day. But ephedra killed people that were also doing performance enhancing drugs at times. Also at times, it was found in the system along with cocaine. They don’t mention this when they go after the supplement.
Bob Smithereens
Bob Smithereens 16 days ago
Dose niggas at da end can reely beet dose drums
Willy Beamish
Willy Beamish 17 days ago
Hatch and Harkin shouldn’t have still been in office. The rules for who gets those positions are WAY too weak. Those 2 idiots were WAY to old to represent their constituents, and WAY too out of touch with how their constituents live. It’s ridiculous how many of our government officials are geriatric white men that haven’t had to go shopping for necessities in over 40 years.
YOU JUST GOT 'SOLD' YOUR GOD IS GOVERNMENT FEDERAL TV PROGRAMMING. Statutory 'Law' is not law. There is no such thing as law, making that Contractual Policy, you individually, contractually make Law, not law, by signing Contracts written in Shall Not means Shall in Legalese One Sided Open Ended Contracts you cannot possibly read any of by design, since they are Legally Stating things in Legalese, not saying things in the English language on an Artificial Person to other Federal Corporation basis, making what you only can anti think make believe is 'the law', you false programmed belief that Government is your only Actual and not real God /not god, also all by design,, also 'In The World of Commerce /The One World Order /'world wide already having infected the entire planet with Vatican Debt Slave and Extermination World Wide 100% Contractual Policy, (, like 'Your Taxes as a Constitutor'd Federal and not just US Citizen of, by an for The Holy Roman Empire Standing Under 'The Roman Canon Law /Anti Law in every Total Scam /Federal /Constitutional /Legal /Corporate /Commercial Court on earth, whicheven includes Murder, a Contractual Policy Violation that can never be against the law that cannot exist, 'Google It). -marc27
Slappy K
Slappy K 18 days ago
Why did Steve Buscemi suddenly become sexy? (and Dr. Oz is a horses ass - his show should be cancelled and his license to practice medicine should be pulled).
Laura Brooks
Laura Brooks 12 days ago
Are you kidding? I've had the big time hots for Steve Buscemi 4 eva. Look at those bags under his eyes! Woof!
EightySix 18 days ago
I cannot be the only one to think, for a split second, that at 14:39 that was Kellyanne Conway... which... and let's be honest, would have been fucking brilliant.
Darth nataS
Darth nataS 19 days ago
Sir, I've never taken a dietary supplement in my life, and I don't need the government to take and spend my money so that bureaucrats can supposedly protect me from myself.
Maher Aljubari
Maher Aljubari 19 days ago
We need zealous regulation by the FDA.
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