Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. Then he invites George R.R. Martin, Steve Buscemi, the Black and Gold Marching Elite, and some fake real housewives on the show to illustrate how to pander to an audience without hurting anyone.
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Published on


Jun 23, 2014




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Comments 6 634
Hmmm. the whole Me Gibson thing on vitamins is true... at least 10 years beforehand.
Sean James
Sean James Day ago
Wrel Rel
Wrel Rel Day ago
No no no doctors are bad they give opiates out like candy, and never have a good plan to get a person off of them.
Josip Miller
Josip Miller Day ago
Revolving door business system.
Nonya Damnbusiness
This whole segment is a demonstration of how stupid the majority of people are. The idea that adults fall for magic beans is just pathetic.
Adam Romero
Adam Romero 4 days ago
Notice how Oprah has stayed radio silent
byron p
byron p 5 days ago
John Oliver: making the stupid silly so you don't have to.
AGGROBERLIN615 7 days ago
11:23 onward. Just brilliant
Jillian Smith
Jillian Smith 7 days ago
Mehmet is not attractive. Because he has little integrity. John Oliver is incredibly attractive, because he has a great deal of integrity. Quantity does matter.
claire bigelow
claire bigelow 10 days ago
IF i saw Dr. Oz walking into the operating room to do my surgery..i would jump off the table and run like hell..... NO way would i ever take any medical advice from this QUACK !!!! ever !! he should be barred from ever practicing medicine !!! his dopey daughter Daphne is total airhead
Juan Betancourt
Juan Betancourt 11 days ago
Dr. OZ. Seems GaaaaY To Me
dylan bellerose
dylan bellerose 11 days ago
Oz is no doctor, HE'S A PUBLIC MENACE.
jolymac 11 days ago
"Like the sunlight shines on the hidden, grassy meadow, so does chlamydia cast a warm glow on your private parts." That is such a Monty Python-esque moment.
Team Optimistic
Team Optimistic 11 days ago
And if he's got magic coffee beans I want some of that. 🤔 What??? I like Dr. OZ to 🤗😂😂😂😂 Oh Lord!!! 🙄
flikkeringLightz 13 days ago
He is soooo young in this.
Thighland 101
Thighland 101 14 days ago
Okay, unpopular opinion, there is good lobbying.
Over Toasted
Over Toasted 18 days ago
I'm surprised Dr. Oz hasn't promoted ayahuasca or other psychedelics yet.. Just a matter of time (hey, at least they have science behind them)
H 20 days ago
he didnt thank the puppy
Manecki Neckbeard
I know a doctor who passionately studies the work of great composers, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t say it’s a scientific pursuit. And if he recommended Chopin for blood sugar issues, I’d find another doctor...even if he was REALLY likable and passionate. But then, I’m no Morning Joe.
Brian K Krieger
Brian K Krieger 21 day ago
Joe Scarborough looks like Beaker from the muppets
Jacob Opstad
Jacob Opstad 22 days ago
It's amazing how many celebrities they get to participate on LWT.
Jeffery C
Jeffery C 22 days ago
Manni A
Manni A 22 days ago
"Dr" my ass, this Oz guy is the biggest charlatan next to Alex Jones
Yassine Barnaoui
Yassine Barnaoui 23 days ago
It's crazy how obssessed Americans are with suppliments, when everything is in their food, but I guess food is cheaper so
David Allen
David Allen 24 days ago
He never did shoot that shirt cannon. :/
Paulo Cruz
Paulo Cruz 24 days ago
2:44 : I am rewatching this in September 2019 and i still cant believe that he didnt mention the senzu beans here
U Nah
U Nah 26 days ago
So funny. He should market Chinese herbal tea for miracle weight loss.
Anym 26 days ago
"people want to be able to live a healthy life." THEN LIVE A *HEALTHY* LIFE!
Dominicano Digital
Dominicano Digital 26 days ago
I love marching bands!
Justin Case
Justin Case 28 days ago
garcinia cambogia worked for ne and ive never seen dr oz
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Month ago
So are vitamin supplements bad? I want to be clear because my doctor told me I have to start taking some for vitamin D.
loveld Lu
loveld Lu Month ago
Good morning good afternoon and welcome to finding America so on the news today there's talking about homeless people living on the streets special in California because they are Renta tension to their self oh wow can you believe this is like it's something new and you just Discover it no I got news for you this is been going on for the longest time and everyone who become president in the White House was ignoring the problem didn't want to face the truth homeless people been around from 1920's theme for the back and what does the Senate do representative United States nothing they ignore it and once in a blue moon the sun me address the issue and then just sweep it under the rug so the homeless people are now on the sidewalk with a star's whatever that's that sidewalk so now they get like 2 minutes of fame and it just disappear what can American do about homeless people well first of all let's talk about the backs yes the ones who promised you a great loan for a fraction and then you end up paying big interest so what happened to these families they lose their home because of a lie and they draw you in because you can get a beautiful poem for this Mount off money and then Sun Lee everything hit rock bottom you end up in these shelters where it's not even safe for children who get hurt kill assault so what now no one is paying attention to finding a solution just like student loans Public School an affordable house it these are the issues is upon us every single time only once in a while they bring it up just to get attention so that you know that it have a Consciousness and awareness no it's not enough how do we solve this problem first of all this talk about fordable housing hoc is permanent open of course it is they don't have any money there's no opening for housing for anyone this is a solution to this problem no because you know what happened was you decided which is the Senate you represented give land to these real stayed who only interest is to make a profit they don't give a damn about fordable housing cuz they're not making money from it is all about making money for their self and every part of the United States wherever you go you find these expensive Condominiums townhouses this single family houses over $1000000 and let's talk about the bank who literally Mac there own loans for the customers and make it seem that is no problem nothing's going to happen and you're good lying to you because you do not read the fine print they tell you about the interest that you have to pay trusting them no don't do it so here is what is going on out of here is the the loans the real estate let's not forget about the jobs that people lose so once in a blue moon again I say this you find someone trying to figure it out let's give them some housing oh yeah that's fine how are they going to pay their bills I'll take care of what they need to do without a job you can't just give them a house or an apartment to live in it.. 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Ayan Ray Baruah
Ayan Ray Baruah Month ago
SO, Basically, add "Your Right" in any supposed Protest and Americans will get their Beast Mode will be On. Very Interesting.
Rex Lee
Rex Lee Month ago
doctor Oz's face is a perfect image of what a total hack looks like
Aron Tesfay
Aron Tesfay Month ago
There are a number of studies that have shown that there are dangerous side effects to taking most supplements. They are incredibly simplistic compared to the form they come in natural food. I personally take two B12 pills a week since there is a chronic shortage of B12 in the modern world of antibiotics. Other than that, I stay far away from all that stuff. Just eat your fruits and veggies. Trust me, you'll be just fine
R. Whitaker
R. Whitaker Month ago
Can we appreciate that three of the little lab mice are visually impaired and have tiny canes?
dogonsister Month ago
You can't make this stuff up!
Rachel Fox
Rachel Fox Month ago
Only people with dietary and/or health issues need to be taking nutritional supplements. If you don't trust your own diet, talk to your doctor with your food diary to hand and they'll give you some advice. If you don't eat enough veg because you don't fancy eating them much of the time, just remember that your gut is a second brain and you can train yourself to like certain foods by eating more of them. If you're already in reasonable health, you can do simple things yo make yourself healthier without reaching for pills. And I know many of you may not be able to afford fresh fruit and veg, so let me tell you -- frozen fruit and veg is just as good, as long you cut down on cooking salt and don't overboil them.
gspendlove Month ago
_What Your Poop Should Look Like_ with Cameron Diaz. I'd watch that show.
gspendlove Month ago
"If you're a lab mouse with diabetes, you got off easy. Good luck getting any sympathy in the lab mouse support group. 'Oh, I'm sorry you can't have any candy. I've got an EAR GROWING OUT OF MY F***ING BACK! JEFF'S GOT HERPES! Sorry, Jeff.'" That joke would be hilarious enough on its own, just the way it's typed. But delivered in John Oliver's British accent, with the visual representation right over his shoulder? Beyond hilarity.
Bob Fischer
Bob Fischer Month ago
Orin Hatch is one of the truly evil people in US history. Nowhere near as evil as Moscow Mitch, but evil nonetheless.
Mathletics Month ago
Many plant extracts do not preserve genetic material. A DNA test would be pointless and somewhat stupid in that context.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper Month ago
I think a solution would be to feed senators Hatch and Harkin the supplements they shill for and they can be the Canary in the coal mine and if they snuff it they're exposed to the same risk as the consumers affected by them.
o Month ago
i love the marching band!
JTCS Derp Month ago
Bruh i got L U M B A G O
WormholeJim Month ago
6:05 sure puts a perspective on the gun debate - like all good comedy whether intentional or not. "Only one who can stop a bad guy with vitamins is a *good* guy with vitamins."
Speedy Chicken
Speedy Chicken Month ago
Greed FTW
eric stanke
eric stanke Month ago
Our government is so corrupt. Without campaign finance reform nothing will change.
pearl lee
pearl lee Month ago
Magick coffee beans are roasted, ground & with caffeine. I like mine dark, I tried beans from several different countries. Raw & unriasted? You're not supposed to ingest them like that. Right now I wish I could easily fart.
Adam Scott
Adam Scott Month ago
It was not arya it was Daenerys and he meant character in a whole new way
John Doe
John Doe Month ago
Porn site: When were you born? Me: 1728
Violeta Brdar
Violeta Brdar Month ago
Ppl are obese and desperate, unfortunately.
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann Month ago
Hes obviously a sell out now.. He needs to be taken off the air.
Damaged Provider Module
Why the hell can't we approach regulations with common sense? Some people are pathologically opposed to regulations for no logical reason. But there are cases where the FDA or other regulations are a bit too much. But each case should be taken on its own.
Onkel Pappkov
Onkel Pappkov Month ago
Almost like extremes are rarely good, it would seem.
Andrew Trout
Andrew Trout Month ago
"How you doin' fellow snake oil salesman?"
David Anderson
David Anderson Month ago
Oz is a huge phony grifter. Do yourself a favor - avoid ALL like him: anybody from Oprah, Oprah herself - Goddess of fake medicine, "Dr" Phil, disgusting G Paltrow, etc... All frauds. Just listen to your doctor or do REAL medical research from legitimate sources. Never "mommy blog"s etc. Avoid chiropractors, osteopathy, naturists, acupuncture, TCM woo-woo also. D.A., J.D., NYC
Pebble Person
Pebble Person 2 months ago
🎶We're off to see the fibber, the wonderful fibber called Oz! Because because because because, because of the backhanded things he does! 🎶
Elizabeth Athineu
Elizabeth Athineu 2 months ago
I work in natural supplements and vitamins where we are required to emphasize that these things enhance health, not help conditions, and even years later ads online and things mentioned on television shows (including re-runs of Dr. Oz) get bought up in hordes by people. The presentation of anything on television is marketing; no doctor should be allowed to talk about any one product on television unless it's a congressional hearing about a drug's lawsuit issues!
Woland 2 months ago
This oz thing is likable?!? To intellectually challenged only. To me, he's an obvious crook.
bruce clothier
bruce clothier 2 months ago
Another comedian that people give too much voice too. Though I do agree Dr. Oz is a fucking joke
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