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Are you also waiting for Downton Abbey movie 2019? These characters aren't as popular as the Crawley family but they're definitely an important part of the Downton Abbey.
Watch this video about Downton Abbey cast and find out everything you want to know about Downton Abbey cast real-life partners!
0:16 Why Jim Carter as Mr Carson at first couldn't believe that his wife will appear on the same set?
2:21 Have you noticed that husband of Phyllis Logan (Mrs Hughes) also starred in a few episodes of Downtown Abbey?
4:40 Who is Joanne Froggatt's husband? And what she knows about Anna Smith and John Bates future?
6:22 What does Brendan Coyle think about his popularity?
7:39 Why Robert James-Collier hates Thomas Barrow character? And does he have a soulmate?
9:17 How did Lesley Nicol manage to find love at the age of 50? What does she know about Beryl Patmore future?
10:35 How Sophie McShera reacted when she was offered the part of Daisy Mason?
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May 3, 2019




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Comments 100
OSSA Year ago
Who was your favorite Downton Abbey downstairs cast member?
Elise Cooper
Elise Cooper 11 days ago
Sybil and Mathew and Jack Ross - only black person that existed on the show and no other black actor before or after 1914-1927 series of the show.
Shae-ann G
Shae-ann G 20 days ago
Mrs. Hughes
Lizzy 22 days ago
What nonsense: these characters aren’t as popular.... utter bullshit.
Akari Findlay-Robinson
Alana King
Alana King 2 months ago
Purely downstairs, it had to Mrs Patmore. However, Tom (Branson) is my favourite when it comes to bridging the divide. Upstairs, no one can beat Maggie as Lady Violet.
d zajac
d zajac Day ago
I liked most of the characters. Mr. Bates is quite handsome. Too bad Dr. Clarkson played by David Robb didn’t have much screen time. He is an excellent actor and very easy on the eyes. In his younger days in other roles, he was quite smashing.
lizzielh Month ago
it's not co-lee-ay it's coll-ee-uh
Andrew Skeen
Andrew Skeen Month ago
I wish you'd keep the democrat party ads from interrupting the videos.
Jojo Augustus
Jojo Augustus Month ago
I've waited you to talk about my favourite : Mrs Baxter !
Martin Cook
Martin Cook Month ago
I Think Dazy is My favourite Character and she speaks out because she cares not just about the Villagers but about her Employers as well and she doesn't want the whole area destroyed by Richard Propert Development
Alana King
Alana King 2 months ago
"Aren't as popular as the Crawley family." I think many Downtown watchers would say they were much more popular, aside from Violet, who thanks to Dame Maggie, was the queen of Edwardian shade.
Emmafeelsblah 3 months ago
woah - downstairs is WAY more popular! don’t say anything to the contrary, they’re the heart of the show
arctic light
arctic light 3 months ago
The voiceover is beyond annoying.
Sara Parker
Sara Parker 3 months ago
what’s with all these sleepy joe commercials in downtown abbey videos! what a turn off!
Truth Sayer
Truth Sayer 4 months ago
My favorite characters: Mrs. Patmore, Lady Edith & Miss O’Brien! Lol Mrs. Patmore because she’s hilarious and tough, but tender-hearted. Lady Edith because she’s survived being in evil Lady Mary’s shadow, had her life I just total turmoil, and ended up being the only independent female upstairs. Now, why Miss O’Brien? Because although she played the villain, she was incredibly challenging. The audience never knew if she was going to be bad or good! She always kept us guessing what she was up to! All in all, one of my favorite series of all time! Cheers
Dian Tope
Dian Tope 4 months ago
I,m going 2. B President of the Downton Fan Club
Rikki Slonce
Rikki Slonce 5 months ago
Thomas was honestly my favourite character, partially because of his growth, but also because I felt I could always see how his character thought, or why he did what he did.
Mandy Elverson
Mandy Elverson 5 months ago
Love all the characters
kay kendall
kay kendall 5 months ago
Collier is pronounced so very badly
K J 5 months ago
Did the writers make Barrow's character gay just to make him more sinister?
DJR 6 months ago
Wheres Colliers spouse?
cell pat
cell pat 6 months ago
3:49 - Phyllis' hubby looks a lot like Carson here. lover her jovial smile.
Helluminati 6 months ago
If they ever made live action of "Treasure Planet" Jim Carter should play John Silver.
Tonja Lockhart
Tonja Lockhart 6 months ago
Maggie Smith is my favorite character . She's a real dramatic lady in this series and film I'm going to miss her in this if they decide to go further with D.A
wantitall4 7 months ago
pure crap video, the narration ruined the whole experience
Cindy Pierce
Cindy Pierce 7 months ago
Of course Maggie Smith
Carol Tilghman
Carol Tilghman 7 months ago
Virginia E
Virginia E 7 months ago
Anna, she was loyal and sweet!😉 Daisy was pretty cool too, she was strong and knew what she wanted.
Jennifer Trujillo
Jennifer Trujillo 8 months ago
Maggie was my favorite. Edith had the most beautiful dresses. I liked her too.
Sandra Browning
Sandra Browning 8 months ago
The title of this was Real Life Partners, but yet they forgot to mention Robert James Collier's wife and son. I would have loved to have heard their love story.
Cockertoo 8 months ago
James does not pronounce his surname Co lee aye!! He pronounces it Colly er!!
Dina R
Dina R 8 months ago
Does Rob James Collier really hate his character in Downton Abbey? That much?
Jolanta Januszewska
Jolanta Januszewska 8 months ago
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allisgoodallisbad 8 months ago
Carson's real life wife is my favorite actress, too
August Liu
August Liu 8 months ago
Thomas Barrow
Carla Deniston
Carla Deniston 9 months ago
I sort of let my house go while obsessing on this show. Didn't realize it only had 6 season's until BAM!!!! It was like a head-on car crash out of nowhere!!! It just stopped. I may need some therapy 😳
Gina/GiGi Griffis
Gina/GiGi Griffis 9 months ago
Oh dear...they were all my favorite! I can’t possibly choose just one!
Reina Selvage
Reina Selvage 9 months ago
Thomas is my favorite character because he’s complex! It makes me kinda sad that Rob wants to leave that role and what it stands for.
john ward
john ward 10 months ago
Anna is a hottie IRL.
Natasha J. Carrasco Stillman
Um. Yah. These characters are equally as popular as the 'Upstairs' folk. Did you guys even talk to anyone who watched the series?
Sheila Burns
Sheila Burns 10 months ago
Carson was a bit of a bully to his staff, he was a prig, very narrow minded and uptight, unbending, and had a way too high opinion of the upstairs family. I think he would have been quite unlikeable if it had not been for Mrs. Hughes who softened his rough edges.
Sheila Burns
Sheila Burns 10 months ago
The young man who played Thomas is actually quite handsome. While playing Thomas he usually had such a pinched, mean look about him, it took away from his beauty.
Chief Kurtz
Chief Kurtz 11 months ago
'Requiem' is not pronounced 'Ree-quee-em'.
Diane Stephenson
Diane Stephenson 11 months ago
Love Mosley. He’s disciplined, principled, analytical to his detriment, funny, vulnerable...just an all around incredible contribution to every storyline in his part. Love him
Loretta T
Loretta T 11 months ago
Thomas Barrow is not my favorite character but most respected actor. It's easy to play the role of someone likeable but truly hard to play a character where the audience would despised you. That being said, I hope he gets more TV/movie offers in the future.
tanhayk 11 months ago
And I appreciate him being honest about the consequences of playing a character like that and the risk of being typecast. You can tell he wants to always give it his best, so he won't take jobs just to stay on screen, he wants the roles to be constructive for his talent and career. I'm sorry he's not on social media, because I would have gladly followed him, but I understand that choice too.
Monique Lehnhardt
Monique Lehnhardt 11 months ago
I love Cora. She is strong, rational, and knows who she is. She walks the line so deftly as both an insider and an outsider.
paula dominick
paula dominick 11 months ago
I would watch this movie a hundred times, I love it
Lora Pronger
Lora Pronger 11 months ago
Tom and Daisy!
bigwille11 11 months ago
What a warm bunch of people 🥰☕️
bee connolly
bee connolly 11 months ago
ALL of them!!
Kim Cornelissen
The down stairs characters were just as popular as the upstairs characters who is this stupid american narrator?
Tracey Appleyard
My Favourites are Edith, Anna and John! xxx
Caroline Foey
Caroline Foey Year ago
Pronunciation in this is hilarious. An American trying to pronounce English names. Hahaha
Jeble Year ago
Thomas was such a heart throb in coronation street. Lol. However, my fave character is Daisy. 😁
Jude Frazier
Jude Frazier Year ago
❤️all of them
therealme viavsg
I have the biggest crush on Mr Bates. Nothing more attractive than a really good man with a big heart and a backbone.
Glenda Hawkins
He is not classically handsome. But, a good man, is a VERY attractive man.
Lauren Mckinnon
Oh my god Carlton is married to Umbridge im shook
Jlfitnessmiami Month ago
Alana King
Alana King 2 months ago
However, seeing Maggie and Imelda work alongside each other again (and once again, their characters not entirely agreeing with each other) was great.
Alana King
Alana King 2 months ago
Lauren Mckinnon, yes while they are acclaimed and outstanding actors, I do think to put Jim and Imelda in opposing roles (upstairs v downstairs) in the film was a wise decision. The various scenes aren't filmed in the same locations and let's face it, there's often the debate about how good it is to work alongside your spouse.
Tooth less
Tooth less 3 months ago
@kay kendall lighten up dear
Tooth less
Tooth less 3 months ago
Hahahaha yea i saw that too
marietta gartner
in real life they ALL look so much younger!!
Ellen Alterman
I wish they had a little profile on Tom Branson. He's the one who bridged the two classes.
Steve Okon
Steve Okon Year ago
I loved every character,, but Thomas was the guy I wanted to give him a punch or a hug, 😄 Loved his character !
Carol Hall
Carol Hall Year ago
Just finished all 6 seasons. Awesome. Loved Anna.
Mickey. Chelle
My favorite character has to be Mary. I identify completely with her strong persona & drive. She’s the mastermind that keeps the family afloat. I just wish her & Matthew could’ve lived happily ever after.
Jeanie Van Swearingen
Love love love them ALL!!!! Best time of my life watching Downton Abbey
Mrs. Southern Belle
I’m sorry I think the narration is terrible. She doesn’t pause for anything....Everything is a run on sentence.
james mcdowell
I loved thomas he was vary hateful but at the sametime he had a,heart
fifinette fifi
Bravo pour ces acteurs qui sont à fond dans l'histoire
Sheila meri
Sheila meri Year ago
I love the commercial for the air conditioner. Kudos to Mark and his son Tyler!!!!
H Knight
H Knight Year ago
I really like Bates and Anna, loved their characters and storyline.
Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle Year ago
Kevin Doyle And Penelope Wilton are most certainly NOT real life partners
Isolde Crawley
Odette Schubert
Lady Violet, without any doubts. She is so...British. Maggie Smith wears an ancient and remarkable British perfume in every act and a beautiful world came to life on this absolutely wonderful show.
anna Year ago
Zakiyya Thurston
Opening line these characters aren't as popular as the Crawley family!?!?! Are you dumb! Love the downstairs characters JUST as much as the upstairs maybe more! Come on!
Cathy Springfield
My husband and Iloved Mathew. He bridged working class and nobility and was ever so handsome!
MandyJMaddison 4 months ago
Cathy Springfield- he bridged middle class and nobility. The person who bridged working-class and nobility was Tom the chauffeur. There was a very big social difference between a solicitor and a chauffeur.
billy kraus
billy kraus Year ago
The Dowager Countess of course. Gotta love Maggie!
Teri Lange
Teri Lange 9 months ago
billy kraus just goes to show, you can’t just have just one🥰🥰
cnD64 Year ago
I loved Daisy's character, I was so intrigued to find out what good thing was going to happen to her next, she had such a good heart for helping others.
Robert Dickey
Robert Dickey Year ago
Mr Bates and Carson
Oma Cool
Oma Cool Year ago
Oma Cool
Oma Cool Year ago
Would love Thomas to be given a more positive chance. Id love to see Collier as a good man to a good woman.
Nicolaus Hess
Nicolaus Hess Year ago
Well, movie is fiction and illusion, so I am not interested in their real lifes.
Nicolaus Hess
Nicolaus Hess Year ago
@emme just to make sure how much nicer fiction is.
emme Year ago
then why did you watch this?
Fcutdlady Year ago
In defence of swimming with men it's not high art but it's a nice little Pick me up film. Jim Carter is an amazing actor. Look for him in the film brassed off too.
parrotprodigy productions
I'm pretty sure the "downstairs" cast was as popular as the "upstairs" cast...
Truth Sayer
Truth Sayer 4 months ago
parrotprodigy productions - Downstairs actors are much more interesting. Upstairs isn’t relatable. Well lady Mary isn’t relatable anyways; being too rich and too bitter isn’t interesting imho.
Aleksander Ringsrud
Aleksander Ringsrud 9 months ago
Downstairs rules!
tanhayk 11 months ago
I can only speak for myself, but all my favourites were downstairs.
Rossana Glasgow
My favourite Tom branson and sybil, and Lady Granthamand Mrs Crawley conversations
Inkwell Co.
Inkwell Co. Year ago
Wow, so interesting!
JKL Year ago
I love it when my favorite actors are married to my other favorite actors!
Charity Menditto
Why didn't they mention Rob James has a child with his girlfriend? They mentioned everyone else's partner...
Lil Adickes
Lil Adickes Year ago
I loved Thomas. He was so afraid and alone. I t broke my when he was alone outside and cried. I just wanted to hug him and tell him he'd be alright.
Shane Brown
Shane Brown 3 months ago
When Sybil died, it made a huge impression of losing someone Thomas cared about because Sybil had been kind to him & not many in this world had shown kindness to him. It justified to a degree how alone Thomas felt in the world. The reason Thomas broke down into tears and allowed Anna to comfort him.......
Sammie R.
Sammie R. Year ago
Lil Adickes same. I still love him. I hope he finds happiness and love in the movie 😊
daniele p
daniele p Year ago
Ossa in Italian it means bones 😉
sarto2010 Year ago
Collier? Pronounced "call-yer". 🙄
Cory Collins
Cory Collins Year ago
Maggie Smith is one of my favorite actresses, and this was a peach of a role for her. I’m sorry you didn’t mention Tom Branson played by Allen Leech(?). Sorry if I have the name or the spelling wrong. It’s been awhile. He seemed the most sensible character in the house, even with his radical (for the time) politics.
Woo Han
Woo Han Year ago
Anyone remember Lady Grantham as the young suicidal teenager in Ordinary People? (A brilliant oscar winning film starring Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore). I knew it was her as soon as I saw Downton Abbey.
Pamela Gunn
Pamela Gunn Year ago
I absolutely loved this show! I miss it so much! Such good memories watching it. I will be at the movies as soon as it is out! Bring the show back! Please!
Woo Han
Woo Han Year ago
@Bridget Gray Oh, thank you!
Bridget Gray
Bridget Gray Year ago
@Woo Han No, your thinking of Dinah Manoffs character. Her character and Conrsd were good friends.
Woo Han
Woo Han Year ago
@Bridget Gray But she committed suicide?
Bridget Gray
Bridget Gray Year ago
Her character wasn't suicidal, her love interest (Conrad played by Timothy Hutton) was.
Sherry Burns
Sherry Burns Year ago
I wish they'd lose this narration style. It's so overconfident and dorky.
Bluewren Reilly
Bluewren Reilly Month ago
Fitting tho
Theresa Lawson
I thought while viewing (for 15th time) that a committee wrote the dialogue ! The way the characters changed “character”overnight was mind numbing. Come on, folks it’s a freaking soap opera, British to be sure but still a soap. Just enjoy. I look on the whole bunch as family ! I love Rose’s character, she is soooo innocent .
Theresa Lawson
Mrs. cook can’t recall her name “Pat something or other” great actress !
Theresa Lawson
Ah, Patmore !
Jordan Tippin
Jordan Tippin Year ago
Daisy mason from downton abbey
David Barneby
David Barneby Year ago
It is difficult to choose a favorite among such a wonderful and talented cast of totally believable characters. The wonderful writing of the script and direction gave value to everyone. If I had to choose one, it would be Daisy, the most diminutive role superbly played.
Alice Needham
Alice Needham Year ago
Brendan coyle he's so awesome and a great actor
Debbee Year ago
My favorites are Anna and Mr. Bates. Upstairs: Lady Edith and sadly Lady Sybil and Tom.
tompatriot12 Year ago
For myself, Downton Abbey represents that special show like Upstairs, Downstairs from the 1970s. It has heart, wit, class, taste, and style. The characters are so delightfully complex and yet so relatable to people of numerous classes. Its progressive views are still very suitable for the conservatives, but manage to strike a chord with more modern individuals.
Dorothy Campbell
I love, love Downton Abby, watched just about every episode, guess you could call it my, "guilty pleasure" Now I'll have to turn in my "black card" 😀
Li Ki
Li Ki Year ago
Mein Leben mot den Down Syndrom anklicken
Richard Van Riper
Lady Edith had a heart of gold! First she's stood up at the altar. Second, she was impregnated out-of-wedlock by a man who aspired to be her husband, but who left for Germany, and then died there under mysterious circumstances. And then finally, in Season 6, Edith met the man of her dreams--Bertie Pelham--who truly swept her off her feet. It turned out that Bertie had a heart of gold too--he, without reservation, unconditionally accepted Edith and her illicit child, Marigold, into his life. Has any woman ever had worse luck than Edith?
Sheila Burns
Sheila Burns 10 months ago
@Theresa Lawson No, she was not sweet to Mary, but Mary certainly was not sweet to her. However, when she wrote to the Turkish Consulate and exposed Mary's liaison with the dead Turk, she could have brought scandal to the entire family, not just to Mary. Besides, with family, even if a sibling is not nice, pettiness should stay within the family.
TheLincolnBlogs 11 months ago
I'd say not even close to any woman ever. And on the show, I'd say Mrs. Drew was the unluckiest -> her husband lied to her about the circumstances surrounding Marigold; then the child she loved and cared for since nearly its birth was stripped away from her because of Edith's breaching of the agreement. Then the Drews had to leave their home.
RenShiWu 11 months ago
Bad things happened to Edith, sure. However, another way of looking at it is 1) She was stood up at the altar only because her fiance loved her too much to let her go through a life of being his caretaker (he was older and wounded from the war). 2) Her second romantic interest gave her a job, an inheritance, and a child, and he only went to Germany in order to gain German citizenship whereby he could achieve the legal means to divorce his clinically insane wife. 3) Edith married a lovely man, who accepted her scandalous past, as you mentioned, and she thus became the wife of a northern grandee who outranks the Crawley family. Meanwhile, Sybil married the chauffeur who was a Fenian; they had to escape back from Ireland; and she died in childbirth. Furthermore, Mary had an illicit liaison with a foreigner who died; she was rejected by Matthew; then she had a nouveau riche fiance, who was an @sshole, and who threatened to reveal her secret affair; then her husband died; then she had another liaison which threatened to go public; and she married a car salesman. Edith has had a much better life than either of her two sisters.
Score Animation
@Theresa Lawson You have to keep in mind that they were teenagers when Downton started. Off course, they seem much older because of the actual age of the actresses (20ish), but they were just kids playing grown ups (like what happened in those days, sadly). For me, Lady Mary is the most inmature of them all, specially after Mathew's death.
parrotprodigy productions
Edith lost a ton of battles but won the war!
vik sin
vik sin Year ago
not as populare??? what are you being about?
Ingrid Hindell
I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Tom! He was forever walking the tightrope btw. upstairs and downstairs after he married Sybil. Most handsome member of the cast too.
Yes ❤️❤️❤️
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