Dove Cameron - So Good (Official Video)

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Director: Griffin Stoddard
Makeup Artist: Cupid
Production Company: Dreambear
Executive Producer: Evan Brown
Producer: Danny Pollack
Director of Photography: Peter Pascucci
Pop the champagne
I’m feeling elevated
Feeling motivated
Oh there’s something happening in my brain

I guess
It’s just one of those days
I’m waking up to someone
Feeling fucking awesome
I’m not sad when I’m watching him leave

Low to high
Oh my my
I’m feeling so fucking good right now
I just wanna get drunk right now
I feel so damn alive
I don’t wanna come down
I’m feeling so fucking good right now

I can’t contain it
Maybe it was the breakup
Maybe I just woke up
On the right side of my empty bed

Maybe it’s nothing
Increase the dopamine
That keeps on stoking me
But I like what it’s done to my head

Low to high
Oh my my
I’m feeling so fucking good right now
I just wanna get drunk right now
I feel so damn alive
I don’t wanna come down
I’m feeling so fucking good right now

And I can’t explain it
But I hope it stays here
No I can’t explain it
But I hope it stays here

Cuz I’m feeling so fucking good right now
I just wanna get drunk right now
I feel so damn alive
I don’t wanna come down
I’m feeling so fucking good right now
#DoveCameron #SoGood


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Nov 1, 2019




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Comments 4 031
Brian Murillo
Brian Murillo 7 hours ago
I want to be you for hollowen
Brian Murillo
Brian Murillo 8 hours ago
raisarodriguez1 8 hours ago
Dove camron I'm a big fan
xXxLlamasxXx 8 hours ago
nice song but holy shit that's a lot of auto tune
Manoela gamer l
Manoela gamer l 13 hours ago
Berefo 😘😘😘😘Love Dove
JaquêTáLinda 3422
JaquêTáLinda 3422 16 hours ago
Afrodite, é você?
Isabella Thorn
Isabella Thorn 21 hour ago
If they did a remake of tangled live action dove would be the perfect go to her or paten list
Isabella Thorn
Isabella Thorn 21 hour ago
Listing to this for the 10th time in the hour and it’s 11: 01am I started at 10:01
Isabella Thorn
Isabella Thorn 22 hours ago
She reminds me of the goddess Persephone goddess of spring
Kellynda Day ago
I am totally in love with her music And I hope she gets big in the music industry She deserves to be on the top with Ari Fr
Samuel White
Samuel White Day ago
This song is my ducking jam
Brian Tafanji
1. OOHHOOO IM SOOO READY FOR AN ALBUM OR AN EP OR WHATEVER THE FUCK UR MAKING RN OMFG 2. Tbh...i never really saw her as...a “disney star”. I just always saw her as like an actress (artist) who had a contract with disney at one point and now that phase is over...yk? Like she was never DISNEY to me...its like shes Dove- oh and she was also on disney for a while. Idk....the disney image thing just doesnt really come to mind when i think about her. 3. DOVE U ARE LITERALLY GORGEOUS WTFFF
Stop cussing Dove Cameron
Marisa Larkins
Make music now the is so me my a as be me Marisa L arkins G we're make more they happy
Felicity Beaumont
do you have to swear dove it dosent macke you fell good your perfict the way you are not swearing
Iris Nguyen
Iris Nguyen Day ago
I played this song like 5 times before I found out she swore...
is it weird that I feel like drawing after watching this?
puppet fox
puppet fox 2 days ago
So good!!
Vampire Crazy
Vampire Crazy 2 days ago
Vampire Crazy
Vampire Crazy 2 days ago
It’s not because she grew out of it, it’s just a average pop song.
Agony’s Song
Agony’s Song 2 days ago
I love you Dove 😍 What an inspiration! Stay yourself!
Elyssa Van Oosten
Venkatesh Punekar
This Disney girl went so far 🔥💓
Lilibeth Abcede
Lilibeth Abcede 3 days ago
This is real music just saying. Love it
Vernice Chang
Vernice Chang 3 days ago
Loved Dove until she swears. First song I heard that she swears. I love Sophia Carson now. I am a big fan of Sophia Carson
Ksusha Cherry
Ksusha Cherry 3 days ago
So good)
Alejandro El increible
Estupidez puros vídeos baratos.
Aniyah Ford
Aniyah Ford 3 days ago
i feel the pain she,s feeling in these songs.i hope you feel better ms.dove cameron.i miss mr.cameron boces to.my mom told me be polight.
Gabriel Rodrigues
Faz uma música com Alan Walker e Au/Ra que concordar da like
Aya Nurahan
Aya Nurahan 3 days ago
I love you 😍😇👑♥️👍
Girls World Girls
Just be you dove!
Maria Guadalupe Medina Franco
I love you Dove Cameron
Fragkeska a
Fragkeska a 4 days ago
Fragkeska a
Fragkeska a 4 days ago
Erica Escalada
Erica Escalada 4 days ago
Erica Escalada
Erica Escalada 4 days ago
Sigue asi con tu gran exito ... recien empesas y tenes mucho exito divino y UNICO ...Te Amo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Sigue siempre con tu bellez unica Te amo muchooooo
A chicken nugget that wants subs.
3 plastic surgeries later....:
Angel Kavs
Angel Kavs 4 days ago
got selena vibes. So good
Alexx Love19
Alexx Love19 4 days ago
Disney: dove contract ends Dove : im feeling so f*** good right now
Naomi Śliweczka
Naomi Śliweczka 4 days ago
Dave - like👍 Mall - coment
Yzabella Joie Crisostomo
Pam Ladrillo
Pam Ladrillo 5 days ago
What a beautiful art 😍😍😍 Oh. I like background too.
I Love dove cameron 😍
Dimi Granger
Dimi Granger 5 days ago
She fucked up her lips :c
Alana Lopez
Alana Lopez 5 days ago
someone said she sounds like selena gomez and i can’t unhear it
Naomi V
Naomi V 5 days ago
the way she curses doesn't even sound right in the song....sorry thats just my opinion😞
Sara Jane
Sara Jane 2 days ago
Naomi V oh shut up 🤣🤣
Terisa Nicole
Terisa Nicole 5 days ago
Why are you guys so surprised? Don't you remember her in Shameless? She's amazing. ❤️
Clarissa 5 days ago
Do they call this a music these days??
Mattia Zoe Abels
Mattia Zoe Abels 5 days ago
I love the vibe of this. It's happy and intense and relaxing
Khia Sterling
Khia Sterling 5 days ago
So it's about about weed, and getting high asf. 😂😍😍😋
Zenande Mantyontya
Oh damn she swears. The number of times she said the f word😂😂 reminds of me when I'm speaking I general. I have a sailors mouth😂😂😂😂😂 and the f word is my best friend😂 All her songs have exceeded my expectations and I had some pretty high expectations🙂
tucker ray
tucker ray 6 days ago
literally every disney star does this after theyre contract ends
Caylin A
Caylin A Day ago
Kerry Hodges
Kerry Hodges 4 days ago
But they mature after they get it out of their system
Keyoca Griffin
Keyoca Griffin 6 days ago
So why is this not on the radio?
Laura B
Laura B 6 days ago
She’s so underrated:(
Gabi 6 days ago
descobri essa música no aleatório hoje e amei
Miss Madness
Miss Madness 6 days ago
Dove: curses Comment section: 🙀
Lindo o clip
carly fallon
carly fallon 6 days ago
This video is me after I keep a grocery store bail plant alive for more than three days.
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