Double CHEESE BALL BARREL Challenge!! (ft. Morgan)

Matt Stonie
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Cheese Balls!
Morgan & I attempt to consume an entire 28oz Barrel of Cheese Balls! 4200 Calories of Cheese covered... uh... balls...
For this challenge we used the 28oz Barrels. Didn't realize till later there are multiple sizes, so just FYI.
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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 14 048
Teru POW foi
Teru POW foi 8 minutes ago
Сheese ball top
Blade Raid
Blade Raid 42 minutes ago
Me : Legends are not born they are made Matt : ??????? 4:26
Rhys Tuala
Rhys Tuala 11 hours ago
Me by myself vs Me with friends
박지민 13 hours ago
왼쪽분은 전쟁하시고 오른쪽분은 느끼면서 먹는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Diva Zaire
Diva Zaire 17 hours ago
The way Matt looked at Morgan while chomping lmfaooo Morgan look high as hell eating lol
New change unlisted_viewer
Wtf I always remembered Morgan as a Steve Aoki look alike. I'm so confused 🙄
orinta sukiene
orinta sukiene 21 hour ago
مصطفى ماجظ هاشم
العراق من موس
Elisa Guy
Elisa Guy Day ago
Matt now eat ur own poo 💩
Funny Vines
Funny Vines Day ago
Are you Fu*king serious he done in 1hour😱
Crystal Bomber101
Matt: Has a bunch of cheese dust on his hand You know, that good stuff uwu Also Matt: *Washes hand even though it was full of cheese* Me: *ReNaGaDe*
morgans like taking his time and than theres matt eating like he never has eaten in 5 years
best opinion
best opinion Day ago
I can make a challenge: my whole fridge under 2 minutes.
prakash narale
I don't know what's wrong with margon......I think he is afraid that the cheese balls get end.......and he is never gonna find it again
Flazax 2 days ago
How can this dudu stay skinny when eating that, like I took 2 kg just by watching this video
ismail cem Öztürk
Orada bir yerde türk var biliyorum🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Jānis Dūrītis
Jānis Dūrītis 2 days ago
PHA NOOBS my dog wouldve swolowed that in 40secs btw hes a golden labrador retreaver and i LOVE him,.
Fortnite Default
Fortnite Default 2 days ago
love how morgan eats the cheese balls
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 2 days ago
Why the fuck does he wasch his hands
Yalorde 2 days ago
This is me when the movie doesnt even started
Living While We Can
Why tf would he try to do literally ONE at a time?
Gio Tampon
Gio Tampon 2 days ago
5 million just 3 months ago?, dude really got to 10 million from 5 million in just 3 months? determination if I’ve ever seen it
Lovinsky Pierre
Lovinsky Pierre 2 days ago
This is just enjoying his Chips
Ka378660 Bb
Ka378660 Bb 2 days ago
Luke Hazek
Luke Hazek 2 days ago
5:23 every hand of a call of duty kid
Luke Hazek
Luke Hazek 2 days ago
Morgan was going so slow while matt was just tearing throgh this barrel
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 3 days ago
Morgan just came for the food 😂😂😂 he's so bad at acting
le biker fou le biker fou
Team France 👍
One & Only Slav
One & Only Slav 3 days ago
Who got triggered that he didn't like the dust of his fingers after! 😡
Ray Tian
Ray Tian 3 days ago
"Beauty and the Beast"
Nivash is Da Best
Ray Tian nicely framed!
Shreyashpradhan 3 days ago
Your an animal 🙊 man
DaR TV 3 days ago
Morgan is fuckin high
BSUBGT 3 days ago
Visible _BotZ
Visible _BotZ 3 days ago
4:26 mattstonie watching morgan drink that coconut water like if hes watching a movie
IS not a challenge its just a Netflix night with some ship
Graffiti 3 days ago
I am from Poland, so I can't try them 😭😭😰...
bilzey coskun
bilzey coskun 3 days ago
Morgan so slowly
tipul ala trist mereu
i eat a barrel in two days
Hayley Waalen
Hayley Waalen 4 days ago
I really love cheese balls. I just a couple in a small bowl.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 4 days ago
Me *Morgan* Vs the guy she told me not to worry about *Matt*
camem 123
camem 123 4 days ago
Ok I freaking love cheese ball but clearly not as much as Matt does ! Holy crap !!!
Jennifer Nolasco
Jennifer Nolasco 4 days ago
Omg i love your vid i will like this milion
amierose bulatag
amierose bulatag 4 days ago
I want some.
Tupakshakur15 on roblox
Morgan chillin while stonie stuffing 50 cheese balls on his mouth
Tara Ge
Tara Ge 4 days ago
Matt is looking at morgen drinking milk
tony Morales
tony Morales 4 days ago
me when I’m at the movie theater and my mom says she’ll buy me more popcorn when im done with my current popcorn
in time
in time 4 days ago
*Tell me why **4:27** Matt looks like me, workin my DAMN ASS OFF and Morgan is my competition in ALL THINGS life related??!* 🤨🤨🤨
Razvan Gavrila
Razvan Gavrila 4 days ago
5:22 yoo that is the tastiest part
zentaionz lostgod
How isn't he fat 😂
Enzo Alessandro Y
Yelda Nur Yılmaz
4:26 Matt s look ahahah
Lyia Park
Lyia Park 5 days ago
It’s amazing how I just can smell the cheese balls 😭😭😭😭 (But can’t eat it,fuck)
elio gh
elio gh 5 days ago
the sound of matt eating is similar to minecraft eating
Jay Nelson
Jay Nelson 5 days ago
They are goated
Australian Dude
Australian Dude 5 days ago
What ametures, my 32 year old son who still lives in my basement does this everyday
Sean Chun
Sean Chun 5 days ago
Me and my friend at 2:00 am:
Sean Chun
Sean Chun 5 days ago
Matt: eating by the handful Morgan: eats like he has all the time in the world
NvM-NeverMind 5 days ago
Morgan sucks, hes eating so slowly, like a gay, my grandfather eating faster they him.
NinjaIndo 3 days ago
NinjaIndo 3 days ago
William Lau
William Lau 6 days ago
Morgan: taking my time Matt Stonie: have to finish really fast
shane wilkinson
shane wilkinson 6 days ago
Can you do jelly beans
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