DOTA: Dragon’s Blood | Official Trailer | Netflix

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They serve Selemene, the Goddess of the Moon - but do they really know whom they serve? This March, a dark hidden truth will finally be revealed as the battle of the ages begins.
Premieres March 25, only on Netflix.
SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood | Official Trailer | Netflix
A conflicted yet courageous Dragon Knight must use the power of the dragon within to stop a deadly demon in this epic fantasy based on the online game.


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Mar 1, 2021




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Comments 100
Kenko Kitsu
Kenko Kitsu 5 minutes ago
wait- the people who animated this are the same people who made Voltron!? XD
donatellothegraet 3 hours ago
I have just ravenously consumed your product Netflix. It is quite good! So good in fact that here I am on your RUvid channel commenting on what is basically an ad for your product letting you know. It's very Good! Engaging the algorithm in hopes that if there is a moderator or something they get word to those who make decisions to make sure this Anime is renewed for a second season because to leave such a compelling story unfinished would be criminal and most heartbreaking. The show is good. I will continue paying money so I can watch the NEXT SEASON! More please.
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 9 hours ago
He sound Sasuke English dub.
Erwahl 9 hours ago
Papa Ethan made it!
gazua aaa
gazua aaa 11 hours ago
man i loved this movie
Halim AY
Halim AY 13 hours ago
0/10 -Anime style -No anthropomorphic heroes
icenfire chase
icenfire chase 13 hours ago
Troy baker ftw
Erika Lim
Erika Lim 15 hours ago
Where is Elune?
When Gamer And Weeb United
Bob The builder
was hoping to see omniknight.
Kayla Silverstein
Holy crap, this looks like the same style as Avatar/Voltron!!
anyanyany anyanyany
anyanyany anyanyany 18 hours ago
same animation studio
Dr Bh
Dr Bh Day ago
Netflix season 2 please Im dying with anxiety.
Lelouch Britania
me mid or feed linhayan ng mga feeling malakas mag mid
Risyad Hannan
looks like naruto graphic.. disapointed 😭
Jors Manel
Jors Manel Day ago
We need more Marci screen time, she's so cute!
Alejandro Martinez Garcia
Noooo wacho que epico jajajja
Ryan Toth
Ryan Toth 2 days ago
This show is really good!!! Love a season 2
Generic Player
Generic Player 2 days ago
2 Triple Kills and 1 Ultra @f-bk
Matt H
Matt H 2 days ago
Wow, Dragon Prince season 4 does NOT look kid-friendly. (That was a joke)
Mak 3 days ago
Nunca joguei isso na vida, mas curti pra caralho o desenho... SÓ VEM SEGUNDA TEMPORADA!
B gamer
B gamer 3 days ago
Who's call the drogon night Mirana call the dragon night
Mischa 3 days ago
Where's Weaver?!
TheSarvadeep 3 days ago
Riki was at lvl6
vSyco 3 days ago
Its like the dragon prince, so good.
anthony anenias
anthony anenias 4 days ago
Christian Gab
Christian Gab 4 days ago
Thank you for sharing DOTA: Dragon's Blood official trailer you are truly awesome and wonderful ^^
Не трогай свечу
Zayah Branch
Zayah Branch 4 days ago
I’m reason for season 2 😩come on with it🤟🏾
NovaNation 5 days ago
its one of those series where you say you will watch it but then cant even get past the first episode and put it on bookmark lol
Callandor 5 days ago
Binge watched it, it was awesome.
Trevor Larsen
Trevor Larsen 5 days ago
I kind of find it funny that Davion looks exactly like Shiro from Voltron legendary defender. And it’s the same studio that made that show. They should’ve had his voice play this guy but they just have the guy voicing his sidekick.
cristian elar alccahuaman villa
ese anime parece para niños 5 a 12 años pésimo mejor veo warcraft es demasiado superior a esto
John Tanner
John Tanner 5 days ago
Good thing they‘re already working on ep. 24...
MegaBulldog 5 days ago
So many Heroes to choose from and you did this
Zeb 5 days ago
I dont play dota and dont know anything about the story/lore and i still really enjoyed watching this!!!
SpaceCowboyMugen 5 days ago
Strong Castlevania/Shingeki no Bahamut vibes. I know literally nothing about Dota other than it exists and I'm hyped to see this show....
the growth
the growth 5 days ago
8/10 still more enjoyable than actually playing DOTA
Tyestor 5 days ago
so fucken good. i wish it was more than 8 episodes. invoker is a beast.
Troy Baker also voiced Talion from the Middle-Earth games and the voice actor for Davion is also the voice of Ben 10
Troy Baker also voiced Talion from the Middle-Earth games and the voice actor for Davion is also the voice of Ben 10
Jello Ace
Jello Ace 5 days ago
I just finished book 1. I want more. I hope this gets more books, seaons, whatever you call it. Just don't drop it. Please. I beg. Hehehe.
Teeno 5 days ago
My brain is trying to wrap its head around an Australian accent in a fantasy world
Aery Garney Anak Francis
Watch this on Japanese version. Epic💥
marshrutka 5 days ago
zxc всех разьебет
Warren S.
Warren S. 6 days ago
This show is doooooope!!!!
born2doubleup 6 days ago
just finished watching the first episode. good stuff 👍
Humble Gamer
Humble Gamer 6 days ago
I never expected this show to be this good
Jhon moy
Jhon moy 6 days ago
ya quiero ver la segunda temporada
Wayne Szalinski
Wayne Szalinski 6 days ago
totally boring and wonky animation.
dnniscc 6 days ago
Even character design are not the best, the story is
Kronus24 6 days ago
Ugly plot ugly character design
Abynav Avaya
Abynav Avaya 6 days ago
Great show! Waiting for season 2
Captain Nero
Captain Nero 6 days ago
First they stole warcraft 3 and copied it .. now they stole the lore of warcraft and made a tv show out of it.. hahaha so ruthless honorless
Jovana Stojanović
This good
Rafael Bagão
Rafael Bagão 7 days ago
1:55 I don't know who she is, but i feel like a should leave math to her
Trichamp 5436
Trichamp 5436 7 days ago
All because of Ricardo milos this series came into existence
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos 8 days ago
"Do you know what a Demon calls a god who does not know worship? A god who does not know love?" "Food!"
I bet he call everything that
Oussa ma
Oussa ma 8 days ago
I really hate when an anime with such a good story has a bad animatiionnnnnnnnnn foockckkkk
Melfi Silver
Melfi Silver 8 days ago
If you just invited the original voice actors though...
Mukuro 8 days ago
I would be really disappointed if I won't hear either "Who calls the dragon knight?" or "The dragon comes for war."...
Leo 8 days ago
this needs some basshunter
Adam Syamsurya
Adam Syamsurya 8 days ago
Where's tiny ? (Toss stun dagon)
Kiaa 9 days ago
Can't wait to see enigma using his ultimate
Adam Herčík
Adam Herčík 7 days ago
Unfortunately, no fundamental is featured in this book 1 of the show.
X Game
X Game 9 days ago
What i waiting for is, Japanese voice actor/actress
james monroe
james monroe 9 days ago
This show is so good. sucks there's only 8 episodes.
james monroe
james monroe 5 days ago
@danielwga when
danielwga 7 days ago
there will be more,
Jan Apolsid
Jan Apolsid 9 days ago
It is so good!!! 1000% recommended 😍😍😍
bryan condori surco
porfavor hablen en español no entiendo ni miercoles
Rekovni 9 days ago
we need axe
quinn saph
quinn saph 9 days ago
atleast the voice actors are good
Anonomius0 9 days ago
Anyone else think the episode of voltron where they played an rpg inspired this series?
Peugeot Gatwick
Peugeot Gatwick 10 days ago
An English anime
Seaweed Banana
Seaweed Banana 10 days ago
watched it 9.5/10 theres no boring episodes
Lucas B. N. Saavedra.
Sooooo... Where is Griffith????
Lucas B. N. Saavedra.
@Tyestor Isn't this 'Berserk'????
Tyestor 5 days ago
in berserk?
Zachary Lewis
Zachary Lewis 10 days ago
This had castlevania vibes. Edit: I just binged it
giancarlo ramos t
giancarlo ramos t 10 days ago
Necesito la 2 temporada 😅
AmazeWeety 10 days ago
what what what is this. how is it possible
Behruz 10 days ago
DK just feeds, I think he ll be reported :D
Uesugi Kenshin
Uesugi Kenshin 10 days ago
I wish season 1 was longer :( I don't want to wait another year. I might die
Bill Toulias
Bill Toulias 10 days ago
Zyre 10 days ago
i dont even play dota but ima watch it anyway :v
iste Ahmed
iste Ahmed 10 days ago
garen my boy is that you?
JF 11 days ago
This show was good but man that nose shading line is just awful, sometimes its completely distracting
Rashmi Ranjan
Rashmi Ranjan 11 days ago
1:53 - Never knew Mirana's Tiger can attack
Factor Gaming
Factor Gaming 11 days ago
I just finished watching this and it was absolutely Amazing. The story and animations were fenomenal! We need season 2 and we need more characters. And please bring Techies as an Easter Egg!
Eliot Hernandez
Eliot Hernandez 11 days ago
Dungeons and Dragons should invest in this type of animation for there story's
Jan Apolsid
Jan Apolsid 11 days ago
100% recommended!!! Its really worth the watch!!! Didn't expect it to be this good ❤❤❤
Doge The wise
Doge The wise 11 days ago
I need....TINY!!!
LR _Vibes
LR _Vibes 11 days ago
Is that the Sasuke voice actor
Pongsakorn Bantee
Pongsakorn Bantee 11 days ago
Who gonna be "Phantom Assassin"? but we already saw "Undead".
GabrielBerran Unto
GabrielBerran Unto 12 days ago
I like that Valve finally has a show aired based on their game DOTA, but I gotta say this... When will TF2 get their turn?
xBustedHeart 12 days ago
this reminds me of dragon prince, imma watch this!!
Mamycules1 Mamycules1
what can i say netflix know s my weakness.... dota
Kaneda_0079 12 days ago
Great show.
cristian rubiolo
cristian rubiolo 12 days ago
I love how this anime doesn’t have Moe UwU girls or boring harem protagonists,just badass characters everywhere,definitely worth watching
Hani 6 hours ago
well since it's a American Korean production you wouldn't get any of the typical Japanese traits you'd see in anime
cristian rubiolo
cristian rubiolo 3 days ago
@Nazi Zombie yes!!Or high pitched moaning UwU girls...
Nazi Zombie
Nazi Zombie 3 days ago
Or those stupid anime effects and overdramatic expressions. It is just perfect
Josh Starnes
Josh Starnes 12 days ago
More episodes!!!!!
Liam McKenna
Liam McKenna 12 days ago
who would have thought that the creators of Voltron legendary defender did this
Leveste 10 days ago
They didn't. I'ts only the animation studio that's the same, not the Voltron writers.
p 12 days ago
how can i see the anime in youtube?
Eric Daly
Eric Daly 13 days ago
Salad Mayonnaise!
Lagos08 13 days ago
The most toxic game of all time haha
Last Virtue
Last Virtue 13 days ago
Anime about Amalur would be nice
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 13 days ago
Finally, a show that puts some respect on the artwork of Dragons
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 8 days ago
@Cumber Cookie Bet. Ima jump on it asap
Cumber Cookie
Cumber Cookie 8 days ago
@Papi Chulo the last season was 🤌🤌🤌 *chefs kiss*
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 8 days ago
@Cumber Cookie A long time ago. I have to catch up
Cumber Cookie
Cumber Cookie 8 days ago
Have you seen dragon prince?
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