DOOMSDAY TRUCK, Unimog Modified Episode 83

Ronny Dahl
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DOOMSDAY TRUCK, Unimog Modified Episode 83
0:00 Eye candy
1:32 UNIMOG U1300 L37
3:16 Bar work & Protection
10:41 Lights & Comms
12:36 Tyres & Suspension
17:06 Engine
19:24 REAR Camper
30:16 Interior mods
41:13 Q&A
50:23 Links
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Aug 1, 2020




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Comments 99
Tom Benderson
Tom Benderson 48 minutes ago
when do they have sex?
Hayabusa ML
Hayabusa ML 18 hours ago
It's freaking awesome ❤️
G An
G An Day ago
rich guys toyz...
Sunu Sunu
Sunu Sunu Day ago
Beautiful bro
Azmat Ameer
Azmat Ameer Day ago
really dont
really dont 2 days ago
wonder if he would sell his truck?
Monstertruck 3 days ago
Swedish viewer here. Started watching your channel for the "modified" episodes, and stayed for them and the rest. Please don't stop making them. It's the only way to see peoples rigs in detail that would otherwise not be possible.
redjackfl94 4 days ago
Awesome build and I review...👍 thanks
Leofred 5 days ago
Lol, here they are snow plow tractors
Rx7man 5 days ago
well, I'd definitely take this over any of the horrid F650 supertrucks and million dollar motorhomes
Ralph Macchiato
Ralph Macchiato 6 days ago
All it takes is a little time, a little effort and a shit-ton of money.
roger Rumble
roger Rumble 6 days ago
I have wanted to convert a unimog for about 20 years. This guy has fulfilled my dream. Lucky bastard.
Willy TheGrunt
Willy TheGrunt 6 days ago
are they ever letting you Aussie's off that Rock ? F'ing Covid SMH
Nachuak 6 days ago
One nice thing about going way out in the boonies in Australia is that you don't have to worry about anything eating you. In the Rocky Mountains where I live we have to think about mountain lions, grizzly bears, wolves and the occasional starving and crazy black bear.
Plants Tho
Plants Tho 6 days ago
Prepared for everything but a petrol shortage.
Ben Birch
Ben Birch 7 days ago
It's a cool thing, but 1) it wouldn't get down half t the tracks I can because it's so big and 2) 90kmh flat out? No thanks.
Stanley McFarlane
Saw this truck down in Denmark last year February was even more incredible in person
Silas Fox
Silas Fox 9 days ago
Kiatsumi 10 days ago
Therapist: "Terrorbyte doesn't exist. It can't hurt you." Terrorbyte:
Mike Crews
Mike Crews 11 days ago
you can install a alternator welder and ditch your welder
RUPAISM 11 days ago
artemazing, this is fit me, 2023 i will trip from Indonesia to Germany(Aachen) with my daughter, i am so happy i crossed this youtube channel and see this..i hope by time, i can manage to have it.
Felipe PD
Felipe PD 11 days ago
The best comedian ever!
In a doomsday scenario all of the fuel will be gone within a few weeks and even if you can find duel it will be bad in a few months-a year and no more fuel, tools or parts will be produced. Horses will be superior after that. That diesel chugger will be done in no time. Also, you WILL need guns either for protecting yourself or acquiring food. Edit: On second though, doomsday will probably be a world full of radioactivity and will actually be doomsday. Either way, that vehicle is an expensive toy that will turn into a paperweight if any doomsday scenario occurs, like all motor vehicles. The fuel chuggers will be the first to go though. Edit 2: You use the iPad for navigation? You'll need paper maps very quickly if doomsday occurs.
Kiwi Dave
Kiwi Dave 12 days ago
Nice to be able to afford such toys at such a young age.
unwrapping by mimi koteng
Does it hold up covid-19 well?
spencer d
spencer d 13 days ago
That thing is another level...I've never 350k spent so wisely.
Jafar 14 days ago
This is the best overlander / camper vehicle I've ever seen. And trust me I've watched a shit ton of youtube videos. So far this is my favorite. What a rig....
RF monkey
RF monkey 15 days ago
Ja, Wunda-waffen !
Lenny Escobido
Lenny Escobido 16 days ago
A lot of guys in the States do this to our Stewart & Stephenson M1078 but not at this level, but it does the truck to get to the snowy rocky mountains, ocean and any overland activity. Cool.
Ralston Dorn
Ralston Dorn 17 days ago
apparently it costs 500,000 bucks to enjoy the outdoors
clevername333 18 days ago
music suuuuucks
Ferd San
Ferd San 18 days ago
Now that’s an adventure rig
Richard Todt
Richard Todt 19 days ago
I fixed them for 11 years in the Army good truck
Terry Soule
Terry Soule 20 days ago
I had a girlfriend in high school named Vonnie Dahl. Is she related? Oh wait, wrong continent.
Mr. A
Mr. A 20 days ago
200kg spare.. on the roof. Fucking lol.
Capt. Nemo
Capt. Nemo 22 days ago
Love it... but...not for me...I live now for 20 Years in a truck permanently in Europe and you couldn't stay with this thing nowhere, wild ore town, as it is forbidden everywhere. Never been on a Camp-ground though as it would cost me an arm & leg and I`m poor. So I have to be "stealth-shady-underground" blending in the surroundings. Still have 5 by 2,15 by 2,15m living space and a super-duper complete Workshop, lathe, WIG, Plasma, Autogen, 3,5KW ect. + 4 Motobikes in a trailer. (BSA Goldstar Racer, Triumph Trophy 650, Matchless Metisse 500, and Harley XR1200) How it`s done? Old Delivery Stepp-Van on MB base, Alu Body with sliding doors, with the original Lettering, NO windows but a transparent roof. Nobody knows I`m inside. Behind a large Horse trailer with ingenious arrangement for the bikes. Like I said ... 20 years never got busted... What the heck, just wanted to brag.
Ciel Vert
Ciel Vert 22 days ago
On sale currently for just $325k nice
Michael Dalton
Michael Dalton 22 days ago
I spent the whole episode trying to figure out how this guy made his money....he is very intelligent.
Nico Nesta
Nico Nesta 23 days ago
Well if I ever find that bag of money... Most awesome truck I have ever seen.
Paul Marek
Paul Marek 26 days ago
Afraid to shake hands? NEXT VIDEO
Dan lickel
Dan lickel 28 days ago
The owner of this truck is kind of arrogant, sorry.. Suppose he is some born rich kid. Sure he didnt do a bit of the work himself.
Dan lickel
Dan lickel 28 days ago
Awesome, except the steering wheel is on wrong side!
Michael Nugara
Michael Nugara 28 days ago
I think the bloke with the ls3 canter would have to relinquish his title as the ultimate base camp vehicle. Lol. This beast leaves his for dead. You should have him come out on one of your trips Ronny. Like to know how he'll change a tyre?
craszhtube69 Month ago
I'm always fascinated by this vehicle and hummer. If I am a rich guy I probably filled a parking lot full of off road trucks/SUV. This guy is ready for Zombie Apocalypse.
how much is the truck? $?
ClankyRochet Month ago
My kind of truck truck to do school run.
Kingg _shuffle
Kingg _shuffle Month ago
Not really a doomsday ready if u can’t just drive away
John Russell
John Russell Month ago
Great camping chairs
samimlk222 Month ago
Nice machine 👏 lov. It. .
Aditya D
Aditya D Month ago
When doomstay strikes, this thing will run out of diesel in 3 days.
fuzz Month ago
Who is this guy and why is he so rich?
Brent & Kathy
Brent & Kathy Month ago
Great setup though please tell him it is illegal and unsafe to store gas bottle in non vented compartment with other items...
David Handley
David Handley Month ago
Hands down the most impressive setup I’ve ever seen! What a beast! There’s not much out there that could stop it that’s for sure sure.
Keenan Joya
Keenan Joya Month ago
Hallo australian...??
Adrian T
Adrian T Month ago
How much is 12 months rego? And are the ex army ones hard to get registered in WA?
Aref Eshghi
Aref Eshghi Month ago
It’s good to be rich! :)
Bernie T
Bernie T Month ago
Awsome truck, and I thought the "Oka" was a great truck! I have driven Mogs before and this set up beats anything I've seen, now all I have to do is win Lotto to afford one.
Ewing Fox
Ewing Fox Month ago
Wow! What a truck. Yep, we can call it a truck, officially without concern. I used to build expensive toys for rich people - they would either never get used or they'd be abused. This is clearly different - a total passion project for sure, used and loved. I could always tell a lot about my customers based on how they cared for their stuff. All the comments about him being a spoiled rich kid - well, looks like he's a Hospitality exec - if you've ever managed anyone or anything - well, he's earned it. I'd love to have such a capable vehicle - my only fear is that the threshold for trouble is so high, once you are IN TROUBLE - you're doomed! A unimog is on my list - but a 78 series once we can get em here in the states will probably come first unless just the right one comes along :D Thanks for another great episode Ronny!
Navenator Month ago
Respect, absolutely amazing!
magicmulder Month ago
Awesome ride but for the apocalypse I‘d rather get a Sherp.
dazaspc Month ago
A Larry Perkins overdrive? Does the hoist on the rear switch out to each corner to do a wheel change? Removing the spare from the roof would be no trouble but refitting would be challenging without a handy tree? Finally does the cab still tilt? Cheers
About Time
About Time Month ago
Some ego bloated narcissistic personality toy. Good luck on the monthly nail biting payments to the bank for the next 25 years. So crazy.
Rian Montano
Rian Montano Month ago
Hi, what brand iPad holder was used?
lost moose
lost moose Month ago
".... a standart German citymog " 😉😉😉
Zac Month ago
Was in the army when we had these in service, obviously they were older and I can tell you one thing. There is not anywhere these bad boys will go!
Jonathan David Henning
Do you mean not anywhere they won't go?
Luis Küm
Luis Küm Month ago
Sorry mate but i doubt that the unimog is from Germany cause we got left steering ... 😬 so this truck has to be built for australia or england
Jesus is King Amen
It was converted by UNIDAN in Queensland Australia
turkeydog9 Month ago
Great doomsday truck.. not a part for 10000 miles, but bug out in it.
Naga Zaki
Naga Zaki Month ago
That thing must get great mileage, like 2mpg.
Phil Healey
Phil Healey Month ago
From experience, a surprising 15 mpg is possible with a Dokka, even with a very un-aerodynamic rear body. Admittedly on less agricultural 395/85R20 tyres, intercooled and refueled up to around 200 bhp with a Claas splitter overdrive gearbox. From experience also, Mercedes originality is more reliable than modifications and the non- electronic OM 366 LA motors here is more dependable than your heartbeat.
Lusty Wench
Lusty Wench Month ago
I'm noting your distinct lack of spikes and flame throwers.
vesa vartiainen
vesa vartiainen Month ago
iLovewood Month ago
What a waste of time.
Jaime Lebrone
Jaime Lebrone Month ago
Beautiful looking car...
Uchuujin tamanegi
from what I've seen from Unidan I can say with a straight face that this is the cheapest model they remodeled. By far.
janitor zero
janitor zero Month ago
spare tire is not 200 Kilos...that is 440LBS. even a strongman cant lift that. a 36inch tire is 105lbs 80 kilos per wheel is more reasonable, 160lbs ruvid.net/video/video-7QyxY0KAqSs.html
CJC Month ago
Well done but not my cup of tea,Suzuki man. lol
Gazzore Month ago
Thanks for chopping up the trails for everyone, 👎
Andy Dixon
Andy Dixon Month ago
The presenter is ridiculous awkward and I kept thinking I’d switch off, but the vehicle is so interesting it’s got me completely hooked. The dude has thought of literally EVERYTHING. Absolutely every eventuality has been catered for.
Sebastian Messina
Them’s tractor tires & that is a big hog.
D Webster
D Webster Month ago
Nice truck, but the vice on the front ? how can that be legal ?
Peter Month ago
Doomsday is coming upon a wicked world that rejects the gospel of Christ and no 4X4 will save you
Jesus is King Amen
Amen brother in Christ, eyes to the sky our redemption draws near...!!
cholin1111 Month ago
how well does it do in lose sand and dunes
IloveBaklava Month ago
Owner seems like a trust fund baby.
James Noonan
James Noonan Month ago
sleipnir is like a little baby
RJM Month ago
Way too long a video.
Topanga Reyna
Topanga Reyna Month ago
Shitty setup!!
G- Low
G- Low Month ago
@18:10 good luck trying to have problems with those old Mb 352 and 366. ive seen them turn the odometer to cero.... twice on long haulers down here in argentina. (thats 2.000.000 km or 1.242.742 miles for those in the imperial system)
E D Month ago
400 pound tire 14 feet off the ground has to add a little to the instability. Neat truck. Thx.
MrGunboat78 Month ago
Tire's not the issue, it's the wheel! Yeah, a lot of overkill - titanic winches too; a lot of pointless dead weight to drag about.
KingBoxer 82
KingBoxer 82 Month ago
I'm gonna need this but first can you put the steering wheel back on the correct side as I can't drive like that in Texas
iiredeye iiredeye
wow...what a truck.
ka4172 Month ago
Ok nice Mog to tow my Sammy ha ha!
Avon G
Avon G 2 months ago
And here i am in my 40's still dreaming of a $20k 4be
clayto 2 months ago
Awesome rig . Job well done, go anywhere you want.
Andi526 2 months ago
Unison.... Is this the guy from Reddit?👀😏
countryside_guy 2 months ago
Impressive but no solar! Maybe there was nowhere for it to go.
Evloftis 2 months ago
i want one !!!!!!!!
Aaaahaha, that vice at the front :D The traffic authorities over here would immediately fall into a coma if you'd show up with one of those :D
Conexus X18
Conexus X18 2 months ago
Mount a 50 mm canon on top of that thing and you’re good to go.
FBicoolshaman 2 months ago
What do you do for a living to make something this cool
Роман Шалагин
лучший думсдей трак - это полноприводный бензовоз с полным танком соляры .
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