Doom Eternal: What We Think of the First 3 Hours

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Our thoughts on Doom Eternal after going hands-on with its opening chapters.


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Jan 21, 2020




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Alberto Portugal
“What we think of the first 403 hours”
Thomas Veysey
Thomas Veysey 4 days ago
Arener? Lol
KINDLE 6 days ago
I literally had a dream last night where I was playing this game. The hype is deafeningly REAL. When this comes out, Imma get a big bad of weed, a week off work, & coronary heart failure.
Humza Iqbal
Humza Iqbal 8 days ago
What's that at 3:53?
Luke Williamson
Luke Williamson 10 days ago
I won't bum bum
Spartanthechief '
Spartanthechief ' 12 days ago
Yeah but I want to know if they multiplayer has improved, like with *NO EMOTES* because that was just completely useless , I hope the xp system is similar or even bigger than 2016s, I hope the multiplayer along with the campaign will keep the game going on for a while
anonomus anonomus
anonomus anonomus 12 days ago
id : *lets speed runner play doom eternal for 3 hours* Speed runner: *finishes in game in 2 hours* id : you weren't supposed to do that
av3nger3 13 days ago
1:24 reminds me of terminators...T800
Gargf 13 days ago
4/10 not cod.
Eightosaurus Spelunk
This game looks frustrating
KReGaDeTH 14 days ago
Of there are spoilers in here I am going to pipe bomb the IGN headquarters
The6thMessenger 14 days ago
0:09 -- "Heavy-Metal masterpiece", gave Doom 2016 a 7.1/10, also the genre is more closely resembling prog-metal, post-industrial, and electronic rock. 1:02 -- "Safety net of pistol", the pistol isn't even really that useful. You got chainsaw and a bunch of other weapons, just switch to those. 2:34 -- "The new carcass", shows a trio of zombie soldiers with shields.
イ入 Asdrion TM
イ入 Asdrion TM 12 days ago
You know your stuff. So as a Doom noob, should i buy Doom 2016? Or Doom Ethernal? Or maybe even both?
Big Mac
Big Mac 15 days ago
Should be more gory like gears of war on Steds
OnceIWasYou 15 days ago
"...Myriad of..." - This doesn't make sense. It should be "There are myriad X".
Jousty Birdington
Jousty Birdington 15 days ago
If theres one source I can trust for completely unbiased information, its definitely the people at IGN. *sarcasm off*
Blessed Asf
Blessed Asf 15 days ago
It’s boring. Repetitive.
rockkiller124 15 days ago
I sense 10/10 or 9.5/10
Antonio Tyler
Antonio Tyler 15 days ago
I love the layered approach to these new DOOM games. If you want to go for skilled kills and exploration, it's available. If you also want to find collectables and go for challenge achievements, it's available. If you also want to read the lore, it's there for you, too. Or you just kill every demon you find. And that gameplay choice isn't lacking.
jastat 16 days ago
looking amazing!
Sage 17 days ago
Lol I never used the pistol in the last game so that's irrelevant
The Tea Obsession
The Tea Obsession 17 days ago
Doom 2016 was a masterpiece *gives 7.1* Doesn’t know what the carcass enemy is thinks they’re the possessed security Thinks the pistol was a safety net Says the reverent is deadlier than ever because of its cannons which they’ve had since classic doom Who still thinks IGN is relevant when they don’t even research the easy bits
Zapruder Gabriel
Zapruder Gabriel 17 days ago
_-Sticky-_ _-Bombs-_
Serious Pony
Serious Pony 17 days ago
There are no thoughts or opinions in this video, just a jarring uninformative rehash of the most obvious gameplay features and a bunch of basic phrases.
TATERplaysGAMES 18 days ago
Talks about the carcass, shows the possessed shield soldiers.
M00rtin 18 days ago
THOT HUNTER 18 days ago
Way to spoil the fun IGN! I wanna discover those strategies myself!
August West
August West 18 days ago
For the record Mick Gordon uses drop tuning so his bottom string isnt wound very tightly. Great video, I just had to be that guy though. Also you got which enemy is the carcass wrong...
serhat sural
serhat sural 18 days ago
3:33 one of the best doom II songs In this game take my money
dark light
dark light 18 days ago
its Doom but with more colors
B. O'Dell
B. O'Dell 18 days ago
0:48 “bottom string” actually means the lowest string
MsTaly99 18 days ago
Hope it's not a bug fest!
whispering crown
whispering crown 18 days ago
I have an idea for your future videos like these. Just say what you think about the game without vocally spoiling small details that the player needs to find out.
Hirens 18 days ago
I don't know why I keep getting recommend videos from you guys. I don't want to see your content! I'm not interested in your opinions or rating.
Hirens 12 days ago
No offense
No Fun Intended
No Fun Intended 18 days ago
We’ve gotten so used to having “relatable” dialogue heavy, chronically depressed protagonists that when DOOM comes back with its completely unattainable impossibly OP main dude, we’re reminded of the thrill of rooting for someone who will easily win.
STONEY STONE603 18 days ago
So it's Rage 2 on steroids without the open-world and called Doom which everybody wanted 😆
Tiago Barriga
Tiago Barriga 18 days ago
It can't be 2016 one because eternal does not have deathmatch
Redditbro 19 days ago
It's a masterpiece now? You guys gave it a 7...
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 20 days ago
You hypocrites...u gave the doom 2016 a bad review and now you're calling it's campaign a masterpiece... I mean it is ... But y'all can't even stick to your own review
Sheppard Of Fire
Sheppard Of Fire 20 days ago
1:41 nice Pantera reference
DanTheMan33088 22 days ago
Seems like people are just looking for an excuse to hate IGN at this point. People don't seem to realize that the guy who reviewed the game in 2016 and the guy who made this video are 2 completely different people. While the original reviewer may not have thought that Doom 2016 was a masterpiece, this guy does. Had he reviewed it, I'm sure he would've given it a much higher score. You guys act like IGN is one person. It's not. It's made up of a LOT of different people who all have different opinions. Stop hating them just for the sake of hating them. It's getting old and annoying
IYeet dog
IYeet dog 22 days ago
It feels like yr in hell IGN 9/10
Kjetter King
Kjetter King 22 days ago
Tuned more sharply than the guitar string..... You got that right. 8 string tunes to F# standard and then 9th at C# Someone at IGN djents
SpaklesDr 23 days ago
Just here to see footage of DOOM...Like I give a Sh*t what IGN thinks...lol.
Luke Bannon
Luke Bannon 23 days ago
Politicians : video games incite violence Me: putting down the controller to sip some camomile tea and pet my cat
Chris J
Chris J 23 days ago
online multiplayer death match?
Chump Lord
Chump Lord 24 days ago
“What we think of the first 3 hours” “Here’s what we saw in the first 3 hours” Absolutely no opinions given
wafflcoptr 25 days ago
"The first 3 hours" You mean there's an FPS campaign that's longer than 3 hours??
Redresseny 24 days ago
i've heard mention it's like 20ish hours.. i think the first one was 10/12ish?
Immanuel Kikau
Immanuel Kikau 24 days ago
Yay finally
SaltySkramz 25 days ago
IGN: "Doom 2016 is a masterpiece" *gives it a 7.1* *gives CoD Ghosts a 8.8* And no, nobody cares if it's "mOrE tHaN onE rEviWeR" Also stick aiming in doom, just stop.
SwoleRadroach 25 days ago
The game looks great but I don't know about the cutscenes and the freeze grenades, doesn't really fit in to doom imo
Sanath1970 25 days ago
Now to wait for the review. ''gulp''
orangefishblood 26 days ago
This dude called the possessed security “the carcass” 🤦‍♂️ Completely different demons.
Death Metal War Machine
Jack Galley
Jack Galley 26 days ago
They call doom a master peice gave it a 7.1 back in the day
Andrew Peters
Andrew Peters 27 days ago
No MP in game....end of story....
Black White
Black White 27 days ago
BirdsEyeView 25 days ago
Green Saint
Green Saint 27 days ago
"Since you no longer have the safety net provided by the unlimited ammo of the previous games pistol" Yeah because everybody relied on the pistol's infinite ammo. Not like there were ammo pickups anywhere in the game or via the chainsaw. And I'm not nitpicking but you try doom 2016 on nightmare and use the pistol as a so called "safety net" against a baron and his boys.
paul clark
paul clark 27 days ago
I'm concerned this is set up for microtransactions.
Tselel Leb
Tselel Leb 27 days ago
Full camp Oezdemir
Full camp Oezdemir 27 days ago
Those shield bearers are not a new "carcass" enemy. They are just dudes with shields, similar to 2016 shieldguys. The Carcass enemy is a demon that spawns shields in front of you… so no rocket launchers when fighting them. Also, comment #666
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 27 days ago
I feel sad that ID never continued the Quake 2 (stroggos) storyline
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