Donald Trump Is Promising ‘Big Action’ On School Prayer To Rally Evangelical Voters | TIME

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President Donald Trump is promising “big action” to promote school prayer, tapping into the long-controversial issue of religion in public schools as he seeks to rally the evangelicals who were key to his 2016 election.
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Donald Trump Is Promising ‘Big Action’ On School Prayer To Rally Evangelical Voters | TIME

Published on


Jan 16, 2020




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Comments 100
Natan 7 months ago
Most churches are not non-profit. They make money from the public like any other business.
Tony Glock
Tony Glock 8 months ago
In 1962, the Supreme Court banned government sponsored prayer. In 1964, Trump received his first of FIVE draft deferments. His corrupt father, FredTrump, was investigated by the State of New York in 1966 for profiteering. The Trump family never gave a flying f%ck about, prayer, God or the American people. Not then and not now.
ChillBilly 8 months ago
Prayer: When you want to appear as doing something, without actually doing anything.
Ll E
Ll E 8 months ago
Trump has done more then any other President
David Edgar
David Edgar 8 months ago
Of deep concern is the opposition to the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment prohibits tax-exempt organizations, both religous and secular, from promoting specific candidates from the pulpit. Things like pastors telling their congregations that they will go to Hell if they dont vote for certain candidates.
rich ernest
rich ernest 8 months ago
Beyond prayer.Lord must appear or an extreme revelation to save our souls.2020 must bring new great news.Emily enlightened independence chutzpah of Mike!
Charles Ramsey
Charles Ramsey 8 months ago
kevscranes 8 months ago
To the people of America who don't want Trump as POTUS send him over to us here in Australia as PM God knows we need some strong decisive leadership to replace the do nothing Leghorn Foghorn bag of wind we have here . Yes Trump's a bragard at times rude and arrogant egoistic ect ect but for all his warts he gets the shit done that needs to be done . Think yourselves lucky CNN MSNBC all lopsided lies . Nancy Pelosi what an embarrassment to your country .
Jason C.
Jason C. 8 months ago
U.S. Supreme Court held in Engel v. Vitale, 370 U.S. 421 (1962), “Government-directed prayer in public schools violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, even if the prayer is denominationally neutral and students may remain silent or be excused from the classroom during its recitation.”
President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020
is this from the movie "the purge"?
President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020
President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020
impeach, remove and prosecute the trump crime syndicate!!!
Tiger Azan
Tiger Azan 8 months ago
Promises religious liberty, monitors muslims. Joker president
Lori Gibbs
Lori Gibbs 8 months ago
Islam is not a religion. It's a political ideology. That's why they're monitored. Oh yeah and they cowardly kill innocent people. President Trump is the best President you'll ever lay your eyes on.
sitting eagle
sitting eagle 8 months ago
The United States will be a great nation again once all of you white Europeans leave this country that include you Donald Duck
Henree Henry
Henree Henry 8 months ago
If you find yourself at tRump rally you should check the color of your NECK.
Sharon Massetti
Sharon Massetti 8 months ago
I’ve asked everyone I know who went to public school. There was never prayer said. The pledge of allegiance yes every morning 1st thing. If you wanted to pray you did it privately. No one stopped you. It wasn’t against any rule.
The Scribe
The Scribe 8 months ago
And people wonder why Church attendance is at a historical low. No integrity.
Max Plank
Max Plank 8 months ago
0:11 all the nations will say America is the greatest nation on Earth wow it sounds pretty darn satanic do they have to bow down to the United States instead of bowing down to Mecca? And why does Paula White go apoplectic when the preacher gets to greatest nation
Terri Seaton
Terri Seaton 8 months ago
Thankfully God will judge Trump and punish him as He deems just. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
I Have Hope
I Have Hope 8 months ago
Terri Seaton he will judge us all.
Gino Furzi
Gino Furzi 8 months ago
Holy roller shit from a man who doesn't go to church.
Jane Boucher
Jane Boucher 8 months ago
Please he don’t know how to pray these white rich evangelicals just wanna rule the world!!!! And his trade deals are the ones HE put tariffs on and he’s putting things back to what they were what a BS ass..try to make us look dumb
v KEITH v 8 months ago
And the award for *WORST TITLE* goes tooooooooo *TIME MAGAZINE* Honestly you guys are absolute horse sh*t
Tom Johnston
Tom Johnston 8 months ago
So this is where the God hating people hangout
President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020
which god? Agasaya Agathodaemon Agdistis Agrona Agurzil Ah Puch Ahura Mazda Alala Alaisiagae Alberich Allah Amaterasu An Anahita Anann Anansi Anat Andarta Andraste Androktasiai Andvari Anshar Anu Anubis Apedemak Aphrodite Apollo Apsu Ares Artemis Asclepius Astarte Athena Athirat Athtart Atlas Baal Ba Xian Bacchus Badb Balder Banditry Bandua Bast Beelzebub Belatucadros Bellona Belus Bergelmir Bes Bia Bishamonten Bixia Yuanjin Bragi Brahma Brigit Camaxtli Camulus Cariocecus Catubodua Ceres Ceridwen Cernunnos Chac Chalchiuhtlicue Chang Hsi See Heng-O. Charun Chemosh Cheng-huang Chi You Cicolluis Cocidius Cybele Dagon Damkina (Dumkina) Danubian Rider Durga Davlin Dawn Dayisun Tngri Deimos Demeter Diana Di Cang Dionysus Di Qing Ea El Enki Enlil Enyalius Enyo Eos Epona Ereskigal Eris Farbauti Fenrir Flying Spaghetti Monster Forseti Fortuna Freya Freyr Frigg Fukurokuju Futsunushi Gaia Ganesha Ganga Garuda Gauri Geb Geong Si Great Gish Guanyin Guan Yu Gurzil Hachiman Hades Hadúr Hanuman Hathor Hecate (Hekate) Helios Heng-o (Chang-o or Chang Hsi) Hephaestus Hera Heracles Hermes Hestia Hod Hoderi Homados Honos Hoori Horus Hotei Huitzilopochtli Hsi-Wang-Mu Hygeia Hysminai Ifri Imhotep Inanna Indra Inti Iris Ishtar Isis Ixtab Izanaki Izanami Janus Jehova Jesus Juno Jupiter Juturna Kagutsuchi Kali Kapo Kartikeya Kathyayini Keres Khepri Ki Kingu Kinich Ahau Kishar Kokou Kratos Krishna Ku Kuan-yin Kuebiko Kukulcan Kvasir Kydoimos Lakshmi Laran Leto Li Jing Li Jinzha Li Muzha Liza Loki Lua Lucifer Lugh Luna Maahes Macha Magna Mater Maher Maia Makhai Mangala Marduk Mars Matrikas Mazu Medb Menhit Menrva Mercury Mimir Min Minerva Mithras Mixcoatl Montu Morrigan Mot Mummu Muses Nabu Nammu Nanna Nanna (Norse) Nanse Neith Nemain Nemesis Nephthys Neptune Nergal Nerio Neto Nike Ninazu Ninhurzag Nintu Ninurta Njord Nugua Nut Och Odin Ogoun Ohkuninushi Ohyamatsumi Omoikane Orgelmir Oro Orunmila Osiris Ostara Otrera Oya Pakhet Palioxis Pan Pap-nigin-gara Parvati Pele Perses Phaethon Phobos Phoebe Phoebus Pilumnus Polemos Polyphemus Poseidon Proioxis Prometheus Qamaits Quetzalcoatl Q'uq'umatz Rama Re Resheph Rhea Rudianos Sabazios Sabazius Sarapis Sarasvati Satis Sebitti Segomo Sekhmet Selene Shaushka Shiva Sia Seshat Seti (Set) Shala Shamash Shapsu Shara Shen Yi Shiva Shu Shulmanu Si-Wang-Mu Sin Sirona Sol Sopdu Surya Susanoh Tages Tanit Tantalus Tawaret Tefnut Teutates Tezcatlipoca Thanatos Thor Thoth Tiamat Tianhou Tlaloc Tohil Tonatiuh Toyo-Uke-Bime Thracian Rider Tumatauenga Tyche Tyr Utu Ullr Uzume Valkyries Vediovis Vegoia Venus Vesta Vica Pota Victoria Virtus Vishnu Volturnus Vulcan Wang Shan Wepwawet Winalagalis Wurrukatte Xipe Xiuhtecuhtli Xi Wang-mu Xochipilli Xochiquetzal Yam Yang Jian Yarikh Yahweh Yhwh Ymir Yu-huang Yum Kimil Zeus Zhang Daoling Zhao Lang
rotten otten
rotten otten 8 months ago
😂 bye Trump ✌
McNulty's Sober Companion
When I was growing up I remember always seeing Trump in the gossip columns, cavorting with this harlot or that one. He used to subtly brag on Howard Stern about his womanizing. These days, evangelicals, amazingly, seem to have attached themselves to his crazytrain anyhow. Personally, I don't see Christ's Ministry reflected, even remotely, anywhere in President Trump's rhetoric, politics, or lifestyle. But hey, I'm not a narrow-minded evangelical who (seemingly) confuses bigotry with..."faith". Whaddo I know?
Lance Morrison
Lance Morrison 8 months ago
The panderer in chief ladies and gentlemen!
Shilonious Monk
Shilonious Monk 8 months ago
mcmanus family
mcmanus family 8 months ago
Every single piece of U.S. currency States clearly "In God We Trust"
MrTommyboy68 8 months ago
Jason C.
Jason C. 8 months ago
Yeah, so?
MrTommyboy68 8 months ago
ONLY since Congress decided to put it on in the early 1930's I believe. I'd have to Google it to be sure.
Ethan McLaughlin
Ethan McLaughlin 8 months ago
Disgusting, do you even know what Separation of Church and State is? Its to ensure the Government is not affected by Religious views and doctrine, as they never take into account reality and as such cannot run a nation. A Government must be impartial toward reality and its people.
patrick price
patrick price 8 months ago
Just remember, this country was NOT founded on religion.
v KEITH v 8 months ago
patrick price and a conversation you willingly joined
v KEITH v 8 months ago
patrick price they literally state that god created all men equal. That’s a huge part of the founding of this country and our constitution. They didn’t live up to that for the first 150-200 ish years and also I’m not flaunting it in front of your kids, this is a conversation on a political news video..... where politics are
v KEITH v 8 months ago
Tom Johnston ^^^^^
Tom Johnston
Tom Johnston 8 months ago
Correction this Counrty WAS founded on Christian Judeaic princables. Any American SHOULD know that. Learn our country's history. Not meant to be disrespectful
patrick price
patrick price 8 months ago
@v KEITH v yes there was a mix of religious/non religious in our founding fathers, but that doesnt mean that this country was founded on "god given rights".....whatever the Hell that means lol. In my opinion, religion is like a dick, its ok to be proud of it, but its not ok to wave that shit in front of my kids. Have a nice day.
M87 8 months ago
Left: REEEEEEEEE!!!!!! No God!!!! Right: we just want to pray... Left: 👹👿😈👿🖤
DeimosEclipse 8 months ago
Very divisive. Almost as if you're dumb enough to think that there are no christians on the left.
James Pharris
James Pharris 8 months ago
Is there nothing he won't lie about?
Jason Judd
Jason Judd 8 months ago
All these so-called Christians passing judgment!! Don’t forget take the log out of your eye before you can take the sliver out of your brethren’s
Mr. E
Mr. E 8 months ago
Who is the wicked lady with the blond hair laying hands on the president? Should never be a woman doing that during prayer. Especially one with a false gospel. Looks like Paula White. She's a liar too.
Jackie Bilder
Jackie Bilder 8 months ago
What a joke!! That snake TRUMP ..is using these ignorant people...are they that blind??
Van Dyke Brown
Van Dyke Brown 8 months ago
How about "Big Actions" on School Shootings? I think praying that you don't get shot is already a part of active shooter drills
Tony Todd
Tony Todd 8 months ago
I really thought we as people would not argue over a president that is just a face in the white house god for bid when the mark is and at hand's at least we will no what part of our country will reseve it but think about this the number of man ssi number its rememberd in our mined and most give it out with there right hand could it be that simple that would mean we better pray because the shit done hit the fan.
Rodney Smart
Rodney Smart 8 months ago
Cult of gullibility.
DVDA 8 months ago
I don't see how any of them can be in the same room as that con, Trump.
DVDA 8 months ago
Raja1938 hucksters all.
Raja1938 8 months ago
They're all grifters. No surprise.
Tony Todd
Tony Todd 8 months ago
He is the wolf in sheeps clothing.
highwayrockstar1 8 months ago
What about Muslim? What about atheism? What about Satanism? Is everyone given the same respect for their beliefs?
Tony Todd
Tony Todd 8 months ago
You will care this blood on your hand's forever no money will buy your way out its easier for a camel to go though a eye of a needle than a Rich man to inter the kingdom of hevean. So that means we all should have the same amount of housing same amount of health care same amount of pay same amount of trade if this was so what would we have then to argument over granes of Sand.
jefe 45acp
jefe 45acp 8 months ago
Robert Reyes
Robert Reyes 8 months ago
One nation under god...
Nancy Howard
Nancy Howard 8 months ago
Wonder what's going through that small mind of the presidents when prayers are being said
asonofabitchface 8 months ago
What happened to separation of church and state
alfred teengar
alfred teengar 8 months ago
Big action your bone spur foot! You bigly, tremendous lier.
Chad Boswell
Chad Boswell 8 months ago
If this title is true, because this video has no evidence of the contrary, I'm sure they wouldn't object to Muslim, Jewish and any other non-Christian prayer as well, yes? Remember Muslims must pray 5 times a day. Are they really going to allow that to disrupt school time?
George Rae
George Rae 8 months ago
That opening made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Such hypocrisy, in our faces. I assume prayer in school includes all religions, if not then just another dog whistle
chris KD2TFJ Luckett
Wait so a minister says the US is the best place on earth isn't he not supposed to say that
Mark of Excellence
Mark of Excellence 8 months ago
We are searchlights, we can see in the dark We are rockets, pointed up at the stars We are billions of beautiful hearts And you sold us down the river too far What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about all the broken happy ever afters? What about all the plans that ended in disaster? What about love? What about trust? We are problems that want to be solved We are children that need to be loved We were willin', we came when you called But, man, you fooled us, enough is enough, oh What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about all the broken happy ever afters? What about all the plans that ended in disaster? Oh, what about love? What about trust? What about all the plans that ended in disaster Sticks and stones, they may break these bones But then I'll be ready, are you ready? It's the start of us, waking up, come on Are you ready? I'll be ready I don't want control, I want to let go Are you ready? I'll be ready 'Cause now it's time to let them know We are ready, what about us? What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about all the broken happy ever afters? What about all the plans that ended in disaster? Oh, what about love? What about trust? What about us?
Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice 8 months ago
MindYoBiniss 8 months ago
How is this the greatest country on earth? Load of bullshit
Paul Lorenzini
Paul Lorenzini 8 months ago
The godless communists that own this "news" netwrok love to stoke division.
What Me Worry
What Me Worry 8 months ago
Lmfao!! Such hate from a "Christian". Phony.
xAlpaca Zeu
xAlpaca Zeu 8 months ago
Praying in class, and all those other religions? Mohammad is dead
Prisoner Zero
Prisoner Zero 8 months ago
It was another great day for Trump, the USA and the World as he also advanced the new NAFTA and China Trade Bills as well as allowed worship in schools and public places. Meanwhile Nancy and the Clown Circus were busy making fools of themselves again.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 8 months ago
Good luck with that🔥🙏🔥
Salee Sellers
Salee Sellers 8 months ago
This mans God is money . He has been divorced 3 times . He has been bankrupt 3 or 4 times . He has cheated on each and every wife and paid off a porn star . He has broken the emoluments clause. He has never showed his taxes . He has lied over 10;000 times . He is currently being impeached . What he is doing with Putin could in effect be Tre45on. The list goes on and on . If Christ was alive today do y’all idiots think he would align hisself with this clown ? This is how the fall of this empire starts . It is no different than Rome and he is our Caligula .
Wanda Roderick
Wanda Roderick 8 months ago
If they had prayer back in school like we had when I was growing up 70 years ago the kids learn right from wrong they become decent adults kids nowadays have nothing to hold onto only evil if they were top prayer they would think twice before committing evil and being a hateful person they would have something to look forward to something to pray to something to talk about and blessings would be high that's what they need to bring prayer back into the schools for these kids nowadays to give them something to look forward to to talk to to hold on to
Brandon Myers
Brandon Myers 8 months ago
@Wanda Roderick if in your mind, spousal/child abuse, racism, sexism and homophobia is "right", I'm glad we dont live by your value system.
Wanda Roderick
Wanda Roderick 8 months ago
@Brandon Myers damn that was the good old days man they're good old days children learn right from wrong they have nowhere to guide them today except in the wrong direction that all evil is good and good is bad
Brandon Myers
Brandon Myers 8 months ago
Ah yes, back when it was ok to beat your spouse, be outwardly racist and chastise homosexuals. The good ole days according to you
Barbara Hering
Barbara Hering 8 months ago
Such a phoney he is not a Christian and he would pander to anyone if he could get a vote. Worst president ever
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 8 months ago
cant wait to pray to allah.
I Have Hope
I Have Hope 8 months ago
Ace Diamonds go ahead I don’t care
iahm mei
iahm mei 8 months ago
did that pastor just pray for favor over others? so sad
Vue Lee
Vue Lee 8 months ago
Those people with our great leader on that stage, what a joke..... $$$$
Greg Moore
Greg Moore 8 months ago
....and we're bringing back witch burnings......maybe during halftime!!!!!
Selena Lulamoon
Selena Lulamoon 8 months ago
For the love of any god no. This is horrible. RELIGION DOESN'T BELONG IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS!
Mr. Smug
Mr. Smug 8 months ago
The Rich get tax breaks while the little people get thoughts and prayers.
MrTommyboy68 8 months ago
And rolls of paper towels thrown at them.
R13h D
R13h D 8 months ago
Nothing in here about school prayers useless media... If its just to ALLOW children to pray, I will support it. If its to FORCE children to pray, I will be against it.
Septicon Warrior
Septicon Warrior 8 months ago
I'd imagine Trump supports how it was in the 90s and before, when it was to allow students to lead open prayer at the start of events. Nothing was forced about it, and you can choose not to participate or not listen.
Septicon Warrior
Septicon Warrior 8 months ago
I'm not religious or anything, but if he brings school prayer back to the decision by the students and schools, he will get my vote with confidence. Removing the ability/freedom for schools to have open or student-lead prayer was literally the dumbest move that occurred during the 90s. The decision should be made by the school, city, or state. The students who grow and are raised by the teachers and students within their school, deserve the faith, community, discipline, and togetherness that comes from it.
Chris E.
Chris E. 8 months ago
Is this a promo for another Trump "reality" show?!? Because no one with half a brain believes Trump is a Christian.
I P 8 months ago
Nicely done, Time. Click baiting liars.
Atilios Bastard
Atilios Bastard 8 months ago
Americans are hilarious
Jay 8 months ago
Manipulative liar!
Spencer 8 months ago
His is were I draw the line. I like him but, keep your religion to yourself and if it’s that important to you go to private school.
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali
I Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali as a Somali Moslem my age 65 years living in the Horn of Africa at this local hour 17:2 Friday 17th January 20. I must suggest personally a prayer concerning the rituals in public places and schools in the USA and else who yearn to pray as believers. A prayer that will relinquish the inter religious conflicting beliefs. A prayer that can solve and bring a compromising common reference which could enhance the misunderstanding between different communities that believe in Heavenly Deities: "O our Lord thou are One, with thee there are no peer or partner you are sole GOD the Creator of the universe and all things. You are the bestower of light and mercy, we pray for your wisdom, You propose and dispose because the census and the source are from thy command "So it be" which suffices and suits to be from your wish. O GOD help and guide us to your light and wisdom so as tranquility may remain and spread to heart.... Amin
Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan haji Ali
That was the first paragraph of part I. There is another three paragraphs, two for Part II. and one paragraph remaining from Part I. They are from my personal intuition.
D ES 8 months ago
Trump fits in perfectly. They are just as crazy as he is.
June's Outside Contact
My children WILL NOT be made to say prayer! It is insane this shit is still happening in 2020. You people need to get over this fairytale belief that an invisible man in the sky is real. It's just pathetic at this point.
Testa Rossa
Testa Rossa 8 months ago
Go to a religious school then. Also if you have prayer in school yk it’s not just Christians right? Satanist will have a right to their prayers..so will muslims...Hindus and any other religion..let’s see how that goes 🙄
Testa Rossa
Testa Rossa 8 months ago
@Marshall Cain lmao you and your imaginary friends...
Marshall Cain
Marshall Cain 8 months ago
Deanna Marie God give you peace in your heart.
Petie Sabala
Petie Sabala 8 months ago
I’m sorry but the Christians are nothing but a bunch of crazies
Prisoner Zero
Prisoner Zero 8 months ago
@patrick price You're proving my point Patty.
patrick price
patrick price 8 months ago
@Prisoner Zero awww someone is in their feelings lol. All hail the flying spaghetti monster
Prisoner Zero
Prisoner Zero 8 months ago
@patrick price I'm pretty sure that when you enlisted you boy into gender therapy because your purple haired ex wife's stapled face girl friend told you to, was really crazy.
patrick price
patrick price 8 months ago
@Prisoner Zero or the crazies could be the ones that believe in a invisible sky daddy while reading a fairytale book that was written by a sheepherder..... But ya know, to each their own😕
Prisoner Zero
Prisoner Zero 8 months ago
We are all crazies on this bus. But the real crazies are tattooed and pierced from head to toe and don't know what sex that they are.
Pepe Aguilar
Pepe Aguilar 8 months ago
Bunch of fools being led by a hypocrite...
Loose Connection
Loose Connection 8 months ago
Almighty God knows the truth
Aerospace Patriot
Aerospace Patriot 8 months ago
School Prayer?!? Wouldn't it be wiser to focus on Better Education?
Tan 8 months ago
Aerospace Patriot you’re going to keep waiting on this one. To push for the actual increase in quality will require a complete change of course from how school is implemented today. The entire school system has to go and no president, in recent decades, has had the cojones. So the right gives us prayers and the left gives us more funding-lmao complete jokes
Andrew Hardy
Andrew Hardy 8 months ago
the lines between church and state if churches are involved in politics by steering members endorsements for political parties or people then they should pay taxes trump is as religious as Putin this is another ploy notice religious freedom while barring muslims smh white people people aren't dumb they are prejudice if you're not of white Jesus's religion
Loose Connection
Loose Connection 8 months ago
He’ll try anything before they get rid of him
Malaka Harris
Malaka Harris 8 months ago
And he's only got 5 years left to do it... damn
季东特 8 months ago
Show the entire clip
CaixasSong 8 months ago
So god is against everyone else only America is the best lol. they don't know anything about the bible!!!
frosty mutt
frosty mutt 8 months ago
Bet the PEOPLE DON'T get to vote on this topic neither. Just like all the rest of trumps orders none of them ever got voted in by the people. ...makes ya think did he really win in 2016 or was a executive order issued to make him president.
Lemon Lollipop
Lemon Lollipop 8 months ago
Absolutely everything about this is fake
Rooster Blues
Rooster Blues 8 months ago
Stop it Time, we know you’re anti Trump and anti Christians. We see you and know you’re bought and paid for by democrats.
I'm The Best
I'm The Best 8 months ago
Science > religion, knowledge > ignorance
Angel 1973
Angel 1973 8 months ago
Christians be careful of who you follow.
sinohui3 8 months ago
The Chosen One Illuminati
Go read your bible, and read the book of Act's
Alfred Vallejos jr.
Alfred Vallejos jr. 8 months ago
Bradley Wells
Bradley Wells 8 months ago
Yes Trump2020!
Alfred Vallejos jr.
Alfred Vallejos jr. 8 months ago
tRad Dad
tRad Dad 8 months ago
Just remember what the DNC and MSM have been telling voters for 3 years now: Patriots= deplorables Foreigners= dreamers
tRad Dad
tRad Dad 8 months ago
@Angel 1973 "Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying civilization" *Aristotle*
Angel 1973
Angel 1973 8 months ago
That's a lie! And the truth isnt in you!
Robert Leighton
Robert Leighton 8 months ago
Keep Prayer OUT of Schools, and make the churches pay their share of taxes! For FAR too long they have been exempt from paying taxes when some of the "Ministers" or whatever they are called are literally living like kings! The original spirit in which this was created has been taken advantage of, and therefore we should taken away. A large portion of "Religious" organizations obviously don't need, or appreciate it.
moe bezz
moe bezz 8 months ago
I can't believe I'll always Bible Belt people still can't get it yes I am a conduit of the Lord only me in this house wood colored glass that's so expensive and you must only funnel through me and before you leave please give as much as you can cuz we are nonprofit We don't pay tax and we use all your money for big houses 10% of your gross would be fine
Jake Haddad
Jake Haddad 8 months ago
I love how Evangelicals keep taking actions which only further ensure their demise.
DeimosEclipse 8 months ago
@Joe Dawood Atheists tend to know the bible better than christians. Reading the bible is actually one of the best ways to become an Atheist.
Joe Dawood
Joe Dawood 8 months ago
Jake Haddad yeah because you know so much about religion right?
Clayton Barfield
Clayton Barfield 8 months ago
Reading these comments, I see indeed we live in a wicked evil time and world. The old testament all over again.
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