Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Before his interview with Jimmy Fallon, Donald Trump interviews his "reflection" in the mirror.
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Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror




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Comments 80
Alamelu Rao
Alamelu Rao 35 minutes ago
😂 super!!
Nasser K
Nasser K 53 minutes ago
Oh look it's racist Trump America's leader...
That Call of Duty Gamer
I want Trump back on Fallon
Kaely 2 hours ago
I'm still waiting for Melanie Martinez to comment.
jose Gonzalez
jose Gonzalez 2 hours ago
I thought Donald will be mad
plasma 2 hours ago
I can't believe he agreed to this 😂
Ashley Mayfield
Ashley Mayfield 3 hours ago
What’s better than this, just guys bein dudes
Aakash Khanal
Aakash Khanal 3 hours ago
Keep scrolling😊😊 Nothing over here...
Yohe Idk
Yohe Idk 3 hours ago
Mary Mary
Mary Mary 4 hours ago
I always had a soft spot for Mr Trump , after watching this video I confirmed it even more so.Chapeau bas Mr Trump !
Body Sherman
Body Sherman 4 hours ago
Sugarr Weebs
Sugarr Weebs 5 hours ago
Who else is watching this cuz of quarantine
M H 6 hours ago
I love this? XD
Jessica Summers
Jessica Summers 6 hours ago
Lol the fact that that’s the real president
Alex schwalb
Alex schwalb 7 hours ago
Trump is a great sport here and I really commend him, but I somehow get the feeling that he thinks the sketch is still going on in 2020
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale 7 hours ago
"How will you do it?" "I will just do it."
FAKE NEWS 8 hours ago
Trump trump trump...Love my president
Natti Nasha
Natti Nasha 9 hours ago
I think jimmy is a better donald trump than Donald trump himself..
L a k e n
L a k e n 9 hours ago
Omg this is from 2015?
Anna Nguyen
Anna Nguyen 9 hours ago
Aha, one of the Trumps is trying to look like him
Captain Rookie
Captain Rookie 9 hours ago
What to do during Corona Outbreak?? Conan Fallon Kimmel
Christopher Gaspar
Christopher Gaspar 9 hours ago
Me; how do you get girls so easy Nobody; One F*ckboy; 3:20
kian heath
kian heath 10 hours ago
What a good political stunt 👏
Meggan Bxrry
Meggan Bxrry 10 hours ago
Mrs. Marie
Mrs. Marie 10 hours ago
This is awesome!!!! LOVE It! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
tatertotmike 11 hours ago
He always ready yet he’s also the reason why Coronavirus is taking over the US🙂
Dalton Lewis
Dalton Lewis 12 hours ago
You can tell jimmy is surprised with how well trump is doing
Dalton Lewis
Dalton Lewis 12 hours ago
He nailed this interview
LIN 12 hours ago
Who is watching these during 一COVID一19一 Lockdown? ☹️
XxThe DreadedxX
XxThe DreadedxX 12 hours ago
So this how crazy people talk to their reflection
Gabriel Chin
Gabriel Chin 13 hours ago
People like Jimmy Fallon makes money out of insulting n making fun of others is pathetic.
C Wilkie
C Wilkie 13 hours ago
Jimmy Fallon is such a cornball. Sad that the roots are forced to co-sign his corny ass.
HunterMZx23 13 hours ago
Trump can suck my ding dong
YourGasbill 15 hours ago
What a great president
Leon W.
Leon W. 15 hours ago
Ironically Jimmy Fallons wig looks way better than Trumps real hair
Lina's Channel
Lina's Channel 16 hours ago
Hahaha Fantastic! 🤣😂👍
Shadow 17 hours ago
The title made it sound more stupid lol
Mrs E Commerce
Mrs E Commerce 17 hours ago
This is so funny I love this
Sani girli
Sani girli 19 hours ago
haha i like youuu 😂😂😂❤️
Zora Baumann
Zora Baumann 19 hours ago
this is hilariouss😂😂😂😂😂😂
therealpro198710 19 hours ago
I like how they actually put trump in there
洪秀錦 20 hours ago
I laugh so hard no matter how many times I watch this!
Felippedavid Brasil
Felippedavid Brasil 20 hours ago
Sean Kenney
Sean Kenney 20 hours ago
I love how despite this being a comedy skit he still made good points about the economy
Alaska 21 hour ago
The fact that Jimmy is basically mocking THE president is kinda insane... (Well, now president that is.)
Audrey Gatties
Audrey Gatties 21 hour ago
I can’t believe Donald Trump actually agreed to do this and at first and the thumbnail I thought it was down from staring at it himself LOL
Tyler Farias
Tyler Farias 21 hour ago
You know after all the stupid shit he's done now you know wouldn't agree to do this nowadays
Waleeja H
Waleeja H 21 hour ago
I don't think that's Donald Trump
Dr.abusemywife 21 hour ago
Him and Obama r the most clever and funniest presidents
Senora Oogway
Senora Oogway 22 hours ago
Wow they played cheerleader at the end. Even 5 years ago was a different time.
Dylan Demarco
Dylan Demarco 22 hours ago
This makes me like Donald trump 50 times more
Bella E
Bella E 23 hours ago
It’s huggggggggeeeeeee” 😂😂😂
Tim Ramage
Tim Ramage 23 hours ago
HILARIOUS!! How have I missed this video in all the years of watching RUvid.
Alice Sasso
Alice Sasso 23 hours ago
This is the highlight of my year
Ana Zepeda
Ana Zepeda 23 hours ago
its me from the future 2020 trump has lied to us all.
Mo omgittfac
Mo omgittfac Day ago
People say he can’t laugh at himself
Julian Villalobos1
I hate him rasist
Vinícius Soares Andrade
Judeale8 Day ago
When it comes down to it trump obv aint that bad 😂
Javier Alarcon
Rémi Guzzi
Rémi Guzzi Day ago
This video's been hiden for five years years
M_nxy YT
M_nxy YT Day ago
Fun fact: u didn't search this up
Awsum Recorder Covers
Trump: No, no, no, WE look fantastic USSR anthem intensifies
ThatWeeb Day ago
Donald Trump how's quarantine
Anton Nygaard
I really disagree with what Trump stands for but you gotta love this guy.
Rook k
Rook k Day ago
I don’t like trump but I like this
wxldflxwrr Day ago
For a second i thought this was actually real OH CRAP I JUST REALIZED IT IS SORRY
Yirmi753 - Gaming
Where’s Jimmy in this video? Also to the editors: 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 amazing job with the editing
Mediocre Gaming
How are you going to create jobs in this country? “I’m just going to do it.” Well he did, lowest African American unemployment rate in US history
Marcus Garcia
Marcus Garcia 17 hours ago
Donald Trump did create thousands of more jobs. It's the specific persons fault who don't have a job. Prolly shooting up some place right now
Say what you want about America’s democracy, being able to mock the president to his face shows that we at least live free. That being said, Trump dodges pretty much every single question, what the fuck
sppooky Day ago
*you’re awful, Jimmy Fallon. Playing my video, bringing me on here. You just wanted to make fun of me*
The One
The One Day ago
Yesssss Donald trumppppp
Bambi Gibson
Bambi Gibson Day ago
Jimmy is funny but donald is super hillarious gir doing this!
The cave spider
2:05 the best part is he did it
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks Day ago
I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!! HE has my vote all the time....👍🏻
Xá Productions
The best president ever
Jessica Madrid
“We have to cut government spending” *2020 strikes with corona virus nation against nation happens and Merica sees the second depression*
•Mxxn Edits•
**spiderman meme intensifies**
LolaLotta Day ago
This is insane😂😂
Shiv Verma
Shiv Verma Day ago
when trump says we look great that's communism
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