Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy

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www.ted.com What's the key to using alternative energy, like solar and wind? Storage -- so we can have power on tap even when the sun's not out and the wind's not blowing. In this accessible, inspiring talk, Donald Sadoway takes to the blackboard to show us the future of large-scale batteries that store renewable energy. As he says: "We need to think about the problem differently. We need to think big. We need to think cheap."
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Comments 100
YeTenuousUmbrae 22 hours ago
Problem: theyre very expensive. If anyone's interested in a better solution. RUvid '1414 degrees'
John Orosz
John Orosz 4 days ago
Scientists with the United States Navy say they have successfully developed a way to convert seawater into jet fuel, calling it a potentially revolutionary advancement. Researchers at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) developed technology to extract carbon dioxide from seawater while simultaneously producing hydrogen, and then converted the gasses into hydrocarbon liquid fuel. The system could potentially shave hours off the at-sea refueling process and eliminate time spent away from missions. Currently, most of the Navy’s vessels rely entirely on oil-based fuel, with the exception of some aircraft carriers and submarines that use nuclear propulsion, reports the International Business Times. The ability to render fuel from seawater may change that.
Naasik Hendricks
Naasik Hendricks 4 days ago
Lol we not going to bomb our way out
James Cockroft
James Cockroft 6 days ago
Why can't your projected time line for the liquid metal battery be sped up by at least two years? It is needed sooner! With proper financing this acceleration may actually be possible.
mark lewis
mark lewis 7 days ago
...maybe they're keeping the BATTERY to themselves,
Sparkes TV
Sparkes TV 11 days ago
Bending light to electric 2012
Sparkes TV
Sparkes TV 11 days ago
Am in the numbers
joseph annett
joseph annett 13 days ago
Devices that seem to serve as batteries were found looong before the modern reference he makes.
dieselhead24 14 days ago
2MWh? Our local PWR is 2,000MWe!! There probably isn't enough antimony on planet earth to build one that big Unethically mined and supplied by the Chinese Government
richard rhodes
richard rhodes 21 day ago
Infinite source of hot air - all we need is a sterling engine...….. Not a humble man, bit of a man attached to huge gaseous wind bag ego
Miguel Ferreira Mouta Junior
Renew George Soros !
Brent Farler
Brent Farler 26 days ago
they failed. the seals wouldn't hold up to the heat supposedly coming up with a new battery next year. most of these companies have failed so far.
Juan Griñán Llor
donold sodowey
Lars Paulsen
Lars Paulsen Month ago
TED talks has become a place where ready-screened climate aware people can talk about what ever invention they want you to help them pay for...
Michael Linner
Michael Linner Month ago
I don't know why we just don't go to dimension C-137 and steal this technology from the "Rick"!
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller Month ago
7 years ago now. No batteries.
R. m
R. m 13 days ago
YodaWhat Month ago
Batteries? _Batteries???_ *_We don need no stinkin Batteries!_* ;) Try superconductive magnetic energy storage (SMES), liquid air energy storage, high-temperature thermal energy storage, high-pressure underground hydraulic energy storage, etc.
Stacy Clarkson
Stacy Clarkson Month ago
A giant Toxic Battery,replacing non Toxic CO2!!! Really!!
fm2dmax Month ago
He said " should be made out of earth abundant elements if you want to make something dirt cheap make it out of dirt! Preferably dirt that's locally sourced" Here ya go ... built in 1979 ... "The Bath County Pumped Storage Station is a pumped storage hydroelectric power plant, which is described as the "largest battery in the world",[2] with a generation capacity of 3,003 MW[3] The station is located in the northern corner of Bath County, Virginia, on the southeast side of the Eastern Continental Divide, which forms this section of the border between Virginia and West Virginia. The station consists of two reservoirs separated by about 1,260 feet (380 m) in elevation. It is the largest pumped-storage power station in the world.[3]" en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_County_Pumped_Storage_Station
Rof Lhard
Rof Lhard Month ago
All talk. Very confident. But nada.
I have an idea for constant energy flow :) Imagine a bunch of water wheels positioned above each other, each one when spinning generates an electrical current not so unlike a wind mill does but with water. At the top is a big basin of water, as the water falls straight down it spins the water wheels generating electrical current. When it reaches the bottom their is another basin, but this one can be shaped some what like an up side down bowl and is slanted down so water flows into areas that are separate and in these areas the water is evaporated and then travels up tubes and back to the top where water re-condenses and falls back down. In these tubes the steam is traveling up through, there is a smaller tube coming down from the top and small windmill like contraptions protruding from it. The rising steam spins these small windmills and generates electrical current that travels through wires in the center of these inner tubes and can either be used for extra energy output or help to heat the bottom bassins or even the tubes themselves so the evaperated water stays evaperated all the way up. The energy to keep the bottom hot enough to evaporate water comes from as many of the water wheels spinning as needed. To get more energy output you just make the contraption taller with more water wheels, It will always only take so many wheels spinning to keep the water on bottom boiling so more wheels equals more energy output. The material in the top basin can be designed as a heat sink to help the water re condense into liquid form, if built correctly, so no water/steam escapes, it just keeps going and going utilizing natural forces to function. If the device was built inefficiently, in that water was escaping from it in small amounts over time. One could easily rectify this issue by attaching a device to the top of it that naturally gathers moisture (Water) from the air and releases it periodically into the system to replenish it. :) Now just add the proper electrical wiring and chargable baterries into its design so all the excess energy being perpetuated can be accessed from plugs on bottom and/or top of device and presto you got yourself free energy.(Free in the sense that you didnt pay for it :) Please share this Idea with Everyone. Signed Adam McKenzie Anderson Extra Note: If anyone uses my ideas for none profitable means great I hope it helps but if they are used to gain profit in any way I want 25% of anything that comes out of it. :) My EMail is starfire7654321@yahoo.com
saul2007t Month ago
Sadoway has the right logic. We need a super cheap battery to store that power that sun and wind generates. This tech needs some deep pocket investors with vision, or big government funding (where the public reaps the reward by lower cost electricity).
Dazed Maestro
Dazed Maestro Month ago
You either have to be stupid or ignorant to be against nuclear and to wanna build solar and wind. Anyone can have a discussion with me.
fm2dmax Month ago
With this "gravity water battery" built in 1979 we can defray delay and relay power from ANY source be that tital, geothermal, wind or solar to the time and place it is needed ... therefore nuclear is just another way to boil water and the most dangerous and expensive way to boil water humanity ever cooked up ... "The Bath County Pumped Storage Station is a pumped storage hydroelectric power plant, which is described as the "largest battery in the world",[2] with a generation capacity of 3,003 MW[3] The station is located in the northern corner of Bath County, Virginia, on the southeast side of the Eastern Continental Divide, which forms this section of the border between Virginia and West Virginia. The station consists of two reservoirs separated by about 1,260 feet (380 m) in elevation. It is the largest pumped-storage power station in the world.[3]" en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_County_Pumped_Storage_Station
KC Toh
KC Toh Month ago
I don't think 4 years is a long development cycle. Certainly their people are still staying at the Periodic Table for low melting point, high valency and high electrical voltage and materials for high power density. But I think much development too can be in external stochiometry so that capacity can exceed a daily cycle. Looks like we have to wait.
Andras Libal
Andras Libal Month ago
The problems with the batteries is the same as with solar and wind: energy density.
YodaWhat Month ago
Batteries and many other forms of energy storage are needed to even out the irregularities of *renewable power.* Many options are seldom discussed, like using ice and liquid air at large scales. Innovation and production of _renewables technologies_ has barely begun, and some should be approached with caution. While not an exhaustive discussion, consideration of many variables and options is covered, with references, here: www.newscientist.com/article/mg21328491-700-power-paradox-clean-might-not-be-green-forever/
Pablo Horteg
Pablo Horteg Month ago
2019, still no batteries. There are clearly issues with his theoretical batteries.
R. m
R. m 13 days ago
R. m
R. m 13 days ago
That's not how technology works paw, the research is still ongoing.
samdee pride
samdee pride 15 days ago
In today's world you cannot keep on talking and wasting time...China is ready to kill everyone's dream..many startup companies are going bust due to Chinese aggression.Yes it's already 3 years now nothing is coming out.TOTAL and Bill gates have invested in his imaginary discovery....
M W 2 months ago
Wind and solar are terrible for it the environment. Nuclear has already been invented, no need to reinvent the wheel, or the battery.
Chris Van Bekkum
Chris Van Bekkum 2 months ago
You actually admitted , renewables wont work (as it is now anyway) people in ontario are going broke paying for electricity generated by windmills and solar collectors.
Lord Fnord
Lord Fnord Month ago
Chris, That's a lie. Ontario has made a very small investment in a small number of demonstration wind projects at prices which are typical of all pre-mass-production situations. Nobody is going broke from it. Cut it out, wouldja, please? You're polluting public discourse.
Oh tuyệt vời
William Finnegan
William Finnegan 2 months ago
Someone tell AOC, she will believe this hype. Shameless self promotion coupled with misleading presentation.
DrGrandpa 2 months ago
Seven years and counting. Maybe he should have hired a few of those battery experts instead of the student grunts. And these batteries seemed to have some much potential... 5 volts worth.
R. m
R. m 13 days ago
Greg Barton
Greg Barton 2 months ago
It's 7 years later and storage is just as far from being able to fully back up intermittent renewables. Watch the performance of the largest battery in the world, the Tesla battery in Australia: opennem.org.au/#/regions/sa Deselect everything except "Battery (Discharging)". Now select any other source. How large is the battery in comparison? Now select all sources again. Can you see the battery output?
MrBlueDevil93 2 months ago
Blatantly omits a massive number of variables. Exogenous variables galore. No way it is cheaper than fossil fuels on the face of what he presented. He projects costs cheaper than other processes; but, reality is aluminum re-cycling programs have been pushed so hard, because, cost of smelting aluminum is so great. GENERATING HIGH HEAT COSTS MORE NOT LESS. Finance returned on finance input will be negative IMHO. If now show us.
YodaWhat 2 months ago
It is not even _supposed to be_ "cheaper than fossil fuels"; that is not the purpose of ANY battery.
Jason Whittle
Jason Whittle 2 months ago
Cool. But if we use nuclear we don't need to wreck the ecosystem building a million+ gigantic batteries.
fm2dmax Month ago
Don't need either ... with this "Gravity Water Battery" built in 1979 we can delay, relay power from ANY source to the time and location needed: "The Bath County Pumped Storage Station is a pumped storage hydroelectric power plant, which is described as the "largest battery in the world",[2] with a generation capacity of 3,003 MW[3] The station is located in the northern corner of Bath County, Virginia, on the southeast side of the Eastern Continental Divide, which forms this section of the border between Virginia and West Virginia. The station consists of two reservoirs separated by about 1,260 feet (380 m) in elevation. It is the largest pumped-storage power station in the world.[3]" en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath_County_Pumped_Storage_Station
huibert bastiaan Deboon
this was in 2012; so where are these batteries. or is this another ploy to get more funding?
David Elliott
David Elliott 2 months ago
Why is a a generator technology that can only make power for 20% of the time such a good idea? All that equipment (power lines, transformers and associated support) are doing nothing for 80% of the time. But no worries all we need is even more money spent batteries. We need a power generation system that can beat coal on cost. Anything less will simply displace the coal to those who can' t afford fancy windmills and batteries. What then for climate change? There are nuclear power technologies cheap enough to beat coal and they are fundamentally safer than the massively expensive PWR plants we use today. All we need is the will to build them. At least British company called Moltex has mad a start. Their first plant a "one off" built on site will under cut CCGT gas plants. When they go to factory production they will undercut coal on costs. They are intrinsically safe and can even burn the high level nuke waste that today's PWRs keep piling up. www.moltexenergy.com/news/details.aspx?positionId=106
EGGBERT INKABOD 2 months ago
EGGBERT INKABOD 2 months ago
Ken Royall
Ken Royall 2 months ago
Another Ted Talk with a guy who is full of himself and crap. But hey, he got his applause.
Yohann Taieb
Yohann Taieb Month ago
Ken Royall I invite you to go watch his MIT open classes free on RUvid then come back here and edit your answer once you see how brilliant he is.
Abaddon Bolero
Abaddon Bolero 2 months ago
Think I'll leave the BATTERY TECH to Elon. He's proven that HE can get it DONE. And I like his idea of 'personal production & use' of energy, but I STILL think we can use a newly-designed SMART GRID in the AMERICAS (all of them) so that small producers, solar farms, wind folks and anyone ELSE with a new idea can ALL sell their energy on a fair & level playing field...getting the same (or BETTER) price for 'renewables' as the fossil fuel-derived sellers (who should PAY MORE for TAXES than green producers). But that's ME.
Ken Marriott
Ken Marriott 2 months ago
The most practical stortage may be hydrocarbons. If you can cut through the doomsday belief. The CO2 release is good for agriculture. It works for your butane lighter, car, air transportation and everything in between.
Martin Růžička
Martin Růžička 2 months ago
This video is 7 years old. Where are the batteries? :(
TheDaikashido 2 months ago
electroplating existed long before volta was even a spark
Lord Fnord
Lord Fnord Month ago
"Relying on Volta's voltaic pile as a main source of electricity, the Italian chemist Luigi Brugnatelli invented electroplating in 1805. His early attempts at electroplating evolved until he successfully plated a thin layer of gold onto silver." Google is your friend. Fool.
daan ieuhejh
daan ieuhejh 2 months ago
wouldnt a stack of these produce enormous amounts of heat? and isnt heat electicity loss?
Scott Bros
Scott Bros 2 months ago
March 2012 preaching a new battery?? February 2019...where is this magical battery???????
Patrick Lambert
Patrick Lambert 2 months ago
lol...7 years ago....no battery...must have been bought up by the Saudi's
R Pasco
R Pasco 2 months ago
Has anyone noticed the "600 pound gorilla in the living room" in Sadoway's talks? He mentions it, but never adequately addresses its repercussions. Think about it: Temperatures around 475 degrees C, nearly 890 degrees F. It's no wonder he hasn't shown us an operational prototype.
jimstand 2 months ago
And he never will!
High school Hottie
High school Hottie 3 months ago
yeesh, a battery commercial. Musk will out battery this loser's company's -- and WITH NO BATTERY TED TALK TO CLICKBAIT US > :):)
J J 3 months ago
And now it is lithium/salt/lead. This is looking less and less environmentally friendly.
J J 3 months ago
15 min commercial, “Buy my battery, it will fix all your problems”.
Tom Mallard
Tom Mallard 3 months ago
The aluminum-ion battery is being held back, cheaper, safer, recharges faster ... no lithium required.
Hypergeometrical Universe
If you want to buy some liquid metal battery go here: www.ambri.com/ Reality is that there are tremendous forces working against this initiative.
John Augsburger
John Augsburger 3 months ago
Odilo von Steinitz
Odilo von Steinitz 3 months ago
*This guy is accomplished at outbloviating common prolixity!*
Paul Keith
Paul Keith 3 months ago
Six years ago, now!
Jan Ski
Jan Ski 3 months ago
I'm holding m breath ........
Matt Dathew
Matt Dathew 3 months ago
wow, I can't believe you made 2MW
Grogster2007 3 months ago
I get the undoubted genius of creating these batteries....but surely it's the way the power is generated to charge them that's the important thing....or as usual have I missed the point completely??
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 3 months ago
Words are cheap, give me a website were i can order some of these batteries, then we can talk.
Corrine Tsang
Corrine Tsang 3 months ago
IN 2019,China is going to the far side of the moon to mine Helium-3 for nuclear fusion.To protect the shipment of Helium-3,China has developed a hybrid bomber called the light of five stars (H-11)
Lord Fnord
Lord Fnord Month ago
Uh, no, Corrine. But the Chinese are to be congratulated on their excellent space effort.
Mit Navn
Mit Navn 3 months ago
Well done :-) Impressive science. But where can I buy a battery like that ? And by the way, I believe 20 foot containers are the better size.
Sander Alphen
Sander Alphen 3 months ago
Probably a fake. Now 2019 .. but nothing..
amadeusb4 4 months ago
LMBC is now Ambri but the company still looks like a bunch of grad students in a lab. No products or manufacturing to speak of. Sad.
Michael O'Malley
Michael O'Malley 4 months ago
Why don’t people talk about geothermal energy? We already have geothermal HVAC.
Jack Liu
Jack Liu 4 months ago
No commercial products after 7 years with such a straightforward and simple design? How many hours have your team been working?
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby 4 months ago
I promise you he's wrong. Storage (batteries) isn't the answer for energy. The answer is "On Demand Energy" and I can do that, I'm using it right now without wind, hydro or sun and it's 100% green. I've had this working since 2009. This TED Talk video is ignoring one fact. His battery is useless without FIRST generating the energy his battery needs. I skip the battery while generating and consuming energy from one device 24/7/365, again without any type of storage (battery). I built this with extremely low cost off the shelf parts, I only rearranged what already existed.
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby 3 months ago
+apollo Fm It's an invention, it's not public domain.
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby 3 months ago
+Andrew Radford No, no moving parts and I'd never waste my time inventing anything related to fossil fuels.
Andrew Radford
Andrew Radford 3 months ago
Generator using biodeisel? Still not very clean.
apollo Fm
apollo Fm 3 months ago
ok so where is it i would love to see this system and maybe create my own or even just a written example maybe with diagrams
Lorenzo Blum
Lorenzo Blum 4 months ago
Congratulations. So you've created another solution to energy storage. Well let me please tell you why I disapprove all this GREEN-WASHING. Because you don't point out one of if not the major responsible for the GLOBAL POLLUTION problem. Our GLUTTONY. OUR GREED. There was a time how big a car a house you owed was your wealth indicator. You can add HOW HUGE IS YOUR GARBAGE AS A WEALTH INDICATOR. So professor Sadoway could you please in your next conference point out the fact that renewable energy alone will not save the pollution crisis. IT MUST BE FOLLOWED BY A DECENT WAY OF LIFE, DECREASING THIS consumption pattern which has been a frantic race toward mass destruction of our ecosystem. It's criminal towards the future generations !!! Thanks in advance professor Sadoway for pointing out this major issue next time. Because it is important that people realise solar and batteries won't have much use on a soon to become dead planet if we keep that greedy pace. Keep up the good work
exponent mantissa
exponent mantissa 4 months ago
Wow. There is a time tested an much simpler way to to store energy. It is called a dam. During periods of excess supply you pump water up and behind the dam and in periods of peak demand you run the turbines to produce power. No fancy molten salts, no high tech engineering required and it lasts for decades. Build a dam in a valley and pump water behind it. The capacity is enormous.
D Loui
D Loui 4 months ago
ssst.... china is lurking
June Kreps
June Kreps 4 months ago
Had to layoff 1/4th of staff because their original design failed due to seal problems. They took a couple years to redesign their battery using different liquid metals and now they are re-testing its scalability. They'll have to produce a viable commercial product before they exhaust their current venture capital investments.
Janice Plante
Janice Plante 2 months ago
June Kreps+ Where did you get that info?
Graeme Mudie
Graeme Mudie 4 months ago
Coming up for 7!years now looks like Tesla beat him to it.
USER112358134711 4 months ago
I met this gay 2 months ago in Athens and asked him what about the Thorium reactors. Why aren't they getting a boost in commercial scale, due to their better security characteristics etc? He claimed that thorium solution is not preferred because it's not responsive enough to grid supply demands. Is this acceptable?
Flash 4 months ago
Futuristic TED Talks so often come up short. LIKE we are going to be colonizing Mars 2027. I admit making better batteries at an affordable price and with mega power would be wonderful and change the world. But as time goes on where is it? Well, just top putting predictive time stamps on these futuristic products and simply say, “This is our goal.” Instead, too often we have futuristic product (false) prophets. Hope you can do it sometime this decade, or half-century, or whenever.
Lambda Frog
Lambda Frog 4 months ago
I'm a bit stupid, what is the cost of 1Kw/h and how much watts per KG it has? Thanks!
ppns2726 4 months ago
The earth is a giant generator. Why not figure out how to tap into that. Also the heat inside the earth is a lot of energy why not tap into that
Rory Christel
Rory Christel 4 months ago
For those who watched this video in 2019, the team plans on mass market around 2022.
mrgomelonsolaris 4 months ago
+Rory Christel I agree that the key point is cost. Sadoway was following the right lead to go for the abundant resources, but! there is NOTHING he can improve now by more research on his battery. It works and it's a simple design. What needs to happen now is mass scale production and optimization of the logistics chain (this lowered the price of Li-Ion batteries).
Rory Christel
Rory Christel 4 months ago
Yes, but that's missing the point. You can put any amount of storage on the grid if you don't care about how much it costs. Until Musk can convince Texas it's worth it to get grid-level energy storage, I'll keep waiting for a cheaper method.
mrgomelonsolaris 4 months ago
Meanwhile Tesla puts out working 129 MWh storage. In 2017.
muzicplyr111 4 months ago
sir, gates is no good
Lorenzo Catalano
Lorenzo Catalano 4 months ago
2019...what about those batteries? Still no news! Hmmmm.... not very coherent
zhp500 4 months ago
Another Canadian dreamer who ends up spending billions with nothing to show for it.
Mew mew
Mew mew 4 months ago
six years and counting, we need this bateries running.
Ishan Alam
Ishan Alam 4 months ago
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan 4 months ago
He sounds like the marketing manager. Poor post doctoral students who invented this snake oil will never get the credit
Hansjörg Reister
Hansjörg Reister 4 months ago
At least the basic principals are explained. But that is pretty much it for facts. Availability of the elements? Cost of energy effort to prepare them? How long will it last? How much will storing a given amount of energy really cost? At what rate do these batteries load and emit electric energy? This is a horse and pony sales show. It is there to sell the idea to more investors. And using students is the only affordable resource for an University professor - they cost almost nothing. Hiring professionals is expansive. Let's see if this ever shows up in large scale out in the field.
Rotor Thermotech
Rotor Thermotech 4 months ago
Now 6 years later, where’s this battery ?
Mack Carson
Mack Carson 4 months ago
Solar is fine. to a point. I've used it, and wind genny's since the 'late '60's. on yachts, caravan and home. Unfortunately. although it is fine for homes. and lighting. It would require battery's the size of factory's. To supply the huge power VOLUMES to run industrial machinery. It WILL help homes and light shops etc. and possibly replace 10 or 15% of capacity required. but will never. with today's technology, have the ability to run Industry. Unfortunately. He's a dreamer as far as replacing the huge power required.
Avanti2Man! Uscgsam
Avanti2Man! Uscgsam 4 months ago
This is more tree hugger bullshit to fool those who don’t know the facts. Solar and wind are insignificant and unnecessary. Dig more coal and drill more oil wells. His battery is much more dangerous and expensive than traditional energy producers. I don’t want one near my house. He’s a modern film flam man.
01harvey 4 months ago
It is all Vaporware.
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson 4 months ago
I do not think the solution to our energy needs is low-IQ, greenie, renewables. I believe the solution is at the quantum level. William Francis "Willie" Sutton, Jr. once said he robbed banks because that is where the money is. I say we apply Einstein's equation of E=mC2 at the quantum level. There is so much energy there, that, we would never need greenie stuff or big storage batteries.
YodaWhat 2 months ago
Yes, 99% of all _apparent_ rest mass is actually kinetic energy being exchanged between the quarks and gluons inside protons and neutrons. (See * below.) But how do you propose to get it out??? * _Your Mass is NOT From the Higgs Boson_ - An update to the the quark model based on recent developments in Physics... ruvid.net/video/video-Ztc6QPNUqls.html
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson 4 months ago
This man appears to me to be more hype than true science & engineering.
Ryan Linden
Ryan Linden 4 months ago
What are the deminishing returns? How long does the metals take to degrade, how long does a specified output stay high enough until it's need to be replaced.
John Car
John Car 4 months ago
We are going into 2019? Where is the battery? 8 years later nothing?
Vincent Robinette
Vincent Robinette 4 months ago
Not counting the heat to maintain cell temperature, what is the round trip efficiency of this battery, compared to pumped hydro and other forms of grid scale electrical energy storage. What is the cycle life of the cells? Cycle life is every bit as important to the levelized cost of stored energy, as the initial commissioning cost. I haven't heard anything in the last 6-1/2 years. Another fascinating idea was flywheels in a vacuum, suspended on magnetic bearings. they installed a prototype system, but they went bankrupt. We really need to bring some of these solutions to fruition!!
Russ Gallagher
Russ Gallagher 4 months ago
I'll boil it all down to one word: Buffering!
markiangooley 4 months ago
Antimony is somewhat rare...
Road Kamelot
Road Kamelot 4 months ago
How do you keep the metal and salt liquid?
timobrienwells 4 months ago
More than 6years ago. Where are the batteries?
Jim Harris
Jim Harris 4 months ago
Pretty much what I have been saying. We need energy to power innovations. I don't care if the planet is getting warmer or not, and why it is getting warmer or not. Instead of whining about it, let's get some actual solutions.
Lord Fnord
Lord Fnord 4 months ago
He's wrong from the git-go. It is very highly unlikely that "the electricity used in the lights in this theater was generated just moments ago." If it's day-time it might, just might, be true, but it's not a general truth. The major steady use of day-time electricity in California is pumping it uphill into water reservoirs for use at peak time. If's he's in an air-conditioned theater, the electricity he's using now was re-generated, was taken out of water-storage, from electricity generated hours, or days, or months ago. I'm outta here at 0:21, Who needs TED lying at us?
Lord Fnord
Lord Fnord Month ago
+YodaWhat Good article. Thanks for the pointer -- although I stopped reading New Scientist in about 1965 when they told us that Earthquakes are caused by the planets lining up in a straight line. Even assuming they've cured themselves of that, I'm not impressed by being cut off in mid-article after two and held up for "only" $2.70 a week or something. But that article, at least, was good. Thanks.
Lord Fnord
Lord Fnord Month ago
+YodaWhat What's the difference in albedo between plastic and sand at the wavelengths where most of the energy is? (Is that really the infra-red? Anybody out there? I don't know, and I'd appreciate it if somebody would tell me. Questions first, then maybe the answers. Obviously, the premises of the questions, e.g. which carries more energy, the Sun's infra-red or the shorter more energetic wavicles, are more interesting.) We're not really trying to radiate out the waste, we're trying to cut down the incoming to get the sort of dynamic near-balance we want or need. So the albedo is what counts.
YodaWhat Month ago
+Lord Fnord LOL, yes, that would be one way to get rid of more waste heat, and it is in fact closely related to a method proposed by a very smart Chemist I know. He proposed to cover large areas of desert with white plastic. But that would degrade after several years to a brittle and non-recyclable mess. Metal plating could extend the lifetime somewhat. Aluminum plating is more likely than silver, for obvious reasons. But we would need to cover quite a lot of desert to reject our global excess heat, which is about 400 TERAWATTS now, on top of the 120,000 TW we always need to radiate to space. Consideration of many variables and options is covered, with references, here: www.newscientist.com/article/mg21328491-700-power-paradox-clean-might-not-be-green-forever/
Lord Fnord
Lord Fnord Month ago
+YodaWhat Agreed. Long run the problem will be radiating the waste out to space. I've told the Fed to reserve all the silver they still own (from when the government used to issue Silver Certificates) so we can silver- plate the Sahara...
YodaWhat 2 months ago
+Lord Fnord Note that I ASKED. It was only a guess, not an accusation. But to address the larger topic: I think we have barely begun to innovate w/regards to power production and energy storage. There are already *many* ways to do things which are seldom heard of.
Lavee Yang
Lavee Yang 5 months ago
Beautiful!!! INspiring!!!
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