DON't TALK TO ME ABOUT MUSIC - idubbbz complains

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Thanks for watching everyone. The next documentary is filmed, edited. and ready to go online
We did a sponsor in this video so we dont have to put one in the doc. Thanks for understanding!!!!
Yes, i do love me some music, raggea rock, pop, punk, indie, folk, indie folktronica, you name it i love it. I love bands, musical artists, and song & dance.

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Jun 29, 2020




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Comments 100
Merlin Shmerlin
Merlin Shmerlin 13 hours ago
nah bruh, keep it blank, I know maps r commin big n shit but eh in the end u don't care and I gonna be whatevs I still watchin the kiddi filder patrol cauz like all the soibois have dis tolder grinder on yt now
Fabio Galvanized Knuckes
My gf and I , have determined that you look perfectly fine ma dude. Idk why people trippin saying you look repulsive. It fits your characters
KilBarz 21 hour ago
Lol don’t put Rap and Country in the same sentence again 😂
Shrrade Day ago
Definitely look better without the stache
Fu5t Day ago
what is in your nose?
Bearz DLC
Bearz DLC 2 days ago
Keep the stache
Charles Clements
Charles Clements 2 days ago
2:11 rice gum
Gamrax 3 days ago
My daughter:dad can we listen to some music on our way to school Me:sure*turns on sabaton*
Na St
Na St 3 days ago
My favorite singer is Waylon Jennings try making that a fun conversation with people my age lmao
person person
person person 3 days ago
The stache should stay imo
huflungpu90 4 days ago
Logic much
Jordan Stacey
Jordan Stacey 4 days ago
Listen to Brads beans
Jordan Stacey
Jordan Stacey 4 days ago
Oh shirt, I ment beastie boys
Tyler Hughes
Tyler Hughes 4 days ago
I'm the kind of person that will answer "I like hardtek, frenchcore, hardcore electronic, industrial, crossbreed, acid techno" and be told, "that's not actually music."
Jd Morgan
Jd Morgan 4 days ago
Soo like dubbbztep and lady gaga
Jd Morgan
Jd Morgan 4 days ago
For corn and country
WINTER MOOSE 5 days ago
No stache
Balooga 5 days ago
corn is pretty good I like corn but I used to not like corn
it's Connor Lmao
it's Connor Lmao 5 days ago
when i saw die antwood pop, knowing i just listened to them the other day, is a whole other level of happiness
Clayton Vogel
Clayton Vogel 6 days ago
Thank you mommy
Miyatoro 6 days ago
i got to know you without the mustache so i like you more without it
sean 6 days ago
with mustache
ShinraFugitives 6 days ago
You forgot to mention the people who are open to all types of music but have a primary genre
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork 6 days ago
I suspect that he just has a lot of awkward conversations
Edgar Navarro
Edgar Navarro 6 days ago
I hate when people talk music like it’s sports
kaseklan 7 days ago
I bet ur girl also eats corn like that.
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 7 days ago
TheBlackBullet3 8 days ago
but death grips IS my personality
Considering the video I watched before this one was a kickstarter crap, you shaving did not cause me to run away.
Tillson 8 days ago
Damn that felt good hearing you talk about that. Sounds cliche, but I feel exactly the same about music and never liked talking about it but everyone seems to unaccepting about that. Thank god I'm not alone. Btw. in my opinion, Mustache is the way to go for you, fuck what other people say. Not a lot of people can wear them these days but you quite literally look like a cop from the 80s who doesn't give a shit about what these other cucks say and I respect that.
Britnie Levi
Britnie Levi 9 days ago
I loved the mustache
Logan Mohler
Logan Mohler 9 days ago
Hey, idubbbz. Let's talk about music.
The sprite Is here
I always just say Indie
fish swim
fish swim 9 days ago
i like this question because i get to tell people about comethazine because somehow people still don’t listen to him
Olivia Oliver
Olivia Oliver 9 days ago
he is one, spitting facts, and two, what my boyfriend is like when asked about it.
The White Watcher
Raycons aren’t very good
HexagonalLemon175 10 days ago
My favorite animal monke
KimKillIll AsFuq
KimKillIll AsFuq 10 days ago
The only artists I shit on are aggregiously bad rappers who are bad at lyricism and every aspect of creating music yet are heralded as break out talents. Being shitty at music isn't an issue on its own, people grow as artists, so it's perfectly fine for somebody to be maybe not the best. Tyler the Creator is a good example though he's actually quite musically inclined but in his early career, his lyricism fell short in terms of objective quality compared to the music itself.
Jake Baker
Jake Baker 10 days ago
Cmon Ian, we both know raycons are trash. But take their money if they give it to you. Thanks for putting the ad at the end of the video 😘 xo
PepperMintLime 11 days ago
I just say I listen to whatever sounds good and I don't really have any favorites. Usually they just repeat the question because they can't take a hint. I mean no matter what you're gonna end up with a blank stare if you mention anyone who isn't constantly in a headline so why do they even bother asking? And now that I've watched a bit more of the video I see I'm not alone. Fucking hell even down to "except country and rap". Except I've actually warmed up to country, even what I like to call "pop country". My job forced me to listen to it for 3 years straight 8-10 hours a day.
DatLlamaDoh 11 days ago
Ask "what artists are you listening to right now"
João Antônio Camargo Cachoeira
Good to see how good Ian's gag reflex is.
unknown 11 days ago
i always just say nah u wont like the music i like.
Gregory Hugo
Gregory Hugo 11 days ago
He actually ate corn the long way
JokerOnline 11 days ago
This is by far the most petty idubbbz video
Koreno 11 days ago
But for real tho, what is ur favourite artist?
Cam 11 days ago
Currently preparing for buds and I can say the first thing I was taught was to always deep throat corn
Shrek Orgre
Shrek Orgre 11 days ago
Hey Ian what music do u listen to???
Faris Abuain
Faris Abuain 12 days ago
It’s definitely not a you thing. I would rather die than let my family know the absolute garbage I listen to. Musics a personal thing; let’s leave it that way ...
aesthetic rex
aesthetic rex 12 days ago
It is downright embarrassing to explain vaporwave to somebody.
Accounts & Junk
Accounts & Junk 12 days ago
Wow, you’re just a contrarian with an inflated ego, and you’re not very funny.
Caitlin 13 days ago
I personally like you better with the mustache but you look fine with or without it. I think there is probably no right answer because both looks are good.
Shri Siva
Shri Siva 13 days ago
Person: Who is your favourite artist? Me: My favourite artist is Carly Rae Jepsen Person: Omg are you gay?!
I am definitely a human And don't question that
You like charmander pizza? I prefer bulbasaur pizza tbh
WhiteBoy Frosty
WhiteBoy Frosty 13 days ago
He’s like the uncle you meet every holiday that you Listen to and never take his advice but still enjoy his company
René 13 days ago
if you dont like avant-garde-jazz-punk-blackened-trash-world-fusion-techno-drone-crossover-rap .. ... .... you suck as a person and I dont want to talk with you
zorb ef
zorb ef 13 days ago
0:35 - 1:08 too relatable
SAOnline 13 days ago
I absolutely love how you phrased that. "I don't play the game of favorites with music." That's exactly my perspective on music and really all forms of entertainment. It's incredibly difficult for something to be so damn good that it beats out all the very different reasons I like other things in that medium. Like the reasons I enjoy EDM aren't the same reasons I enjoy Rock/J-Rock.
Alberto Moreno-Torres
Death Grips? Based!
Preslav Nedyalkov
Preslav Nedyalkov 13 days ago
he proly listens to pink guy XD
Not Ideal
Not Ideal 13 days ago
He looks like Walter white with his mustache
sylveon 69
sylveon 69 14 days ago
i only ever listen to the caretaker. please help me
madshocky 14 days ago
Marilyn Manson is my favorite musical artist
antek 14 days ago
I watched whole vid and I still don't know what point are you trying to make
Nosehimily 14 days ago
Simp music
Kryptic 14 days ago
Also please do a collab with AngryCops...
Kryptic 14 days ago
Iananannan. Next time youre in australia, if youre in brisbane, Ill buy you a beer or 2
Silvomeda 14 days ago
hope you liked the corn, im from iowa so i basically am the sole reason you have any
Alexis 14 days ago
I died when he started talking like a kid
Nikolai Moskaliov
Nikolai Moskaliov 14 days ago
5:14 that violin thing got me laughing like shit
Platinum_Chaos 15 days ago
He didnt cook the coRN
Holy Light Of Judgement
I don't really agree, I love music so much that I just can't help but share it with people.
JustaWeeb 15 days ago
I have never related to a video so much
AlphaElectricX 15 days ago
Shadowbeatz approves of the Sandslash choice as favourite Pokemon idoobz
DataPug 15 days ago
He looks like Gus Johnson in the thumbnail
M1rza 15 days ago
Ian is kinda lazy, his videos aren't that long and he uploads them rarely
M1rza 13 days ago
@Danny Fenton UwU ur so entitled bruh I have been watching iDubbbz for a long ass time, and I just feel like he should upload more often. Don't overthink it bud. He doesn't make long ass documentaries like for example Pyrocynical so he can't be excused for that reason. "Why are you so entitled to want his content" dude we legit give him money. If he doesn't feel like doing youtube then he should say it. He legit said multiple times he wants to keep on doing this stuff. Unless he's working on a documentary or content cop he doesn't have an excuse to upload monthly.
Danny Fenton
Danny Fenton 13 days ago
@M1rza he doesn't owe you an upload... If you don't like it then go. RUvidrs upload when they feel like it, if that's on a tight schedule then good if it isn't then that's good too. Why are you so full of yourself that you feel entitled to videos when you want them?
M1rza 14 days ago
@Vickysqueeze Nah, I would be fine if he took a month or two but came out with a great long documentary-style video, not a fucking iDubbbz complains. These vids are ok, but are they really so good they take months to make?
Vickysqueeze 14 days ago
@M1rza i think ur just not a very patient person
M1rza 15 days ago
@Vickysqueeze uhh a lot of people care, which is shown by his stagnating sub count.
SoJuicee 16 days ago
Alexander Hawk
Alexander Hawk 16 days ago
so many great edits
MDK 8 16 days ago
It’s hip-hop rock and shakira
Sabo Bros
Sabo Bros 16 days ago
Does the title drive anybody else insane.
Half Life
Half Life 16 days ago
Didn't FilthyFrank make this video like 5 years ago?
Thegn Penrose
Thegn Penrose 16 days ago
The mustache SUCKS
George Johnson
George Johnson 16 days ago
You dont like rap Tf is wrong wit u
Friggin Mustard Tiger
I like your mustache Mr. Ian C.
Itai Elman
Itai Elman 16 days ago
Sandslash is a solid pick
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 16 days ago
Im glad he brought this up. Listening to music has always been scary out loud cause its very.. scary when other people are around
SAOnline 13 days ago
Ehh, I don't care if other people HEAR my music and don't like it. It's only annoying when they're such children they insult you personally for listening to whatever it is.
Ddhfacetyy 16 days ago
Ian no one cares, no one cares about this, you’re crying over nothing
Ddhfacetyy 11 days ago
@DoomXshoT whatever
DoomXshoT 11 days ago
@Ddhfacetyy Bruh chill, what i said was a joke too. No one cares, no one cares about this, you're crying over nothing.
Ddhfacetyy 11 days ago
@DoomXshoT what are you talking about? That was literally exactly what Ian said 4:25, I wasn’t being serious it’s called a joke
DoomXshoT 11 days ago
Like you?
DillPhobia 17 days ago
Bring back 2015 idubbbz that partied with max joji and Chad dude you looked dapper as hell 👌
Acid Metal
Acid Metal 17 days ago
Idubbz is confirmed noided. D E A T H G R IP S
Dude Dude
Dude Dude 17 days ago
It seems to me that unless you are in the music industry or atleast have some no how musical conversations just won’t carry because only a very small number of people probably choose one artist to love. It’s not like movies or books where you develop a solid taste I don’t think.
Stash for sure
I don’t listen to anything on the radio, most of my music is not very known artists.... mostly old country and what they call outlaw country or independent artists.
Young MC
Young MC 17 days ago
But Ian... I really do listen to just about everything. Also: bring on the beard Ian, I wanna see it.
SmellTheL 17 days ago
Girder Strong Productions
I love the music question because I can use it as a segue into telling them I play guitar, which is literally the only thing I’m good at
teda 17 days ago
Answer a
kiko o
kiko o 17 days ago
yo its idubbbz
russki 17 days ago
I like apashe and 40s and 50s songs
Rodney Jennings
Rodney Jennings 17 days ago
Anyone else mad at the one piece of corn on his shirt and his shirt stuck on the top?
happyrocket 18 days ago
i met one of my best friends over talking about music
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