Don't Mess With the Bull - The Breakfast Club (1/8) Movie CLIP (1985) HD

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Mr. Vernon (Paul Gleason) welcomes the Breakfast Club to detention, but is insulted by Bender (Judd Nelson).
John Hughes wrote and directed this quintessential 1980s high school drama featuring the hottest young stars of the decade. Trapped in a day-long Saturday detention in a prison-like school library are Claire, the princess (Molly Ringwald); Andrew, the jock (Emilio Estevez); John, the criminal (Judd Nelson); Brian, the brain (Anthony Michael Hall); and Allison, the basket case (Ally Sheedy). These five strangers begin the day with nothing in common, each bound to his/her place in the high school caste system. Yet the students bond together when faced with the villainous principal (Paul Gleason), and they realize that they have more in common than they may think, including a contempt for adult society. "When you grow up, your heart dies," Allison proclaims in one of the film's many scenes of soul-searching, and, judging from the adults depicted in the film, the teen audience may very well agree. Released in a decade overflowing with derivative teen films, The Breakfast Club has developed an almost cult-like status.
TM & © Universal (1985)
Cast: Emilio Estevez, Paul Gleason, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy
Director: John Hughes
Producers: Gil Friesen, John Hughes, Michelle Manning, Andrew Meyer, Ned Tanen
Screenwriter: John Hughes
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Jun 16, 2011




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Comments 894
Draco Aeris
Draco Aeris 2 days ago
Happy 35 years to The Breakfast Club.
Joe Greenleaf
Joe Greenleaf 4 days ago
Best movie ever made. I live the whole experience. It would’ve been great to see what happened on The next Monday
The legend_jlz
The legend_jlz 6 days ago
This is what my mom was watching when I was born, she said it was the ending when I was ready to come out
Hispanico //90
Hispanico //90 8 days ago
That's where Beeks is after Trading Places
CheesyTV 9 days ago
Can't believe this is 1985, that library looks like something from 10 years in the future.
Corey Meyer
Corey Meyer 10 days ago
Saturday Detention for 8 hours...Wow.
Holiday197 14 days ago
Technically they could have all just rewrote a line about themselves multiple times (I.e 100 x 10 word lines) and then when Principal Vernon confronts then then they could just say that they had chosen to do an affirmation essay haha
Victoria Dixon
Victoria Dixon 28 days ago
Eight hours of Saturday detention? What the hell?
Doyle 29 days ago
2:52 is dat sasukes rinnigon on that poster?😂😂
Redd Roxi
Redd Roxi Month ago
Hooking iioi JH jjjjjhhbjbbb
Redd Roxi
Redd Roxi Month ago
Do not euj v c cbbpfp ngine harness for me know Rd and that
Redd Roxi
Redd Roxi Month ago
Addressed to the rrderfdzz. KhhllhgxllzGr tf MN
Ava Flores
Ava Flores Month ago
2020 anyone
MRDH33.0 2 months ago
“ Sit down Johnson” “ Thank you sir”
sana amin
sana amin 2 months ago
Is this scene remade in Riverdale Season 3 when their parent's high school was shown? I wonder if it was inspired by this!
Brian Booker
Brian Booker 2 months ago
I was 11 when this movie was new. I'm now the same age Paul Gleason was at the time. Yet my personality is still far more similar to Bender than Mr. Vernon.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Johnny Lou
Johnny Lou 2 months ago
principal Krennic
Walter The Terrible
Walter The Terrible 2 months ago
What was all that you may not talk you may not move stuff? Doesn't the whole movie depend on that lmao
1chocolu 3 months ago
What DID Claire do again?
SnowyWolborg Month ago
master 82575
master 82575 3 months ago
excellent movie ...school on saturdays haha kids in detention what they did?
GARRY HIXON 3 months ago
EAT MY SHORTS......WHAT DID YOU SAY................EAT.......MY ..........SHORTS
KiamarMasterT 3 months ago
Anthony the blond hair guy grew up so fast right after Sixteen Candles. Lol
Aurora Riverdawn
Aurora Riverdawn 3 months ago
I don’t think there is any movie that describes being a teenager better than The Breakfast Club. What’s even more poignant about it is that most of what teenagers dealt with in the 80s is still applicable to the teenagers of the 21st century; it shows me how timeless this movie is. Nothing could ever top this film.
Ben Baxter
Ben Baxter 3 months ago
Yeah, but does Barry manilow know? 😕
Shawn Afshar
Shawn Afshar 4 months ago
Rip Paul Gleason he was great in this film
J Bro
J Bro 4 months ago
Breakfast Club sequel sometime within the next few years. Here's my take on it: All the same actors, Ringwald, Estevez, Sheedy, Nelson, and Hall, now grown and in their fifties. Thirty some odd years have passed and they're all broken individuals who strugge day to day. Each one of them, unbeknownst to me the others, decides to enter group therapy. Each one gets the instructions to report for the first session at 7pm at the Health/Resource Center which coincidentally is located in what used to be the old Shermer High School building. They each show up one by one to talk about their issues and are shocked, elated, and confused at seeing each other again and the coincide of it all. It's FATE.
Brian Booker
Brian Booker 4 months ago
Judd Nelson was already in his mid-twenties when he was in The Breakfast Club, so he may be 60 by now.
Alex Wu
Alex Wu 4 months ago
don't mess with the bull, you'll get the horns - referenced in Teen Titans Go in an episode about wrestling (modern being fake) by Cyborg
Odette Vieira
Odette Vieira 4 months ago
Is this a test? lol
Brian Booker
Brian Booker 5 months ago
They didn't have all-day Saturday detention at any school I went to, at least not at that time. I went to school in the 80s and early 90s. Detention was always either an hour before or after normal school hours.
Psycho Dad
Psycho Dad 5 months ago
Looks like principal Skinner
Andrew’s Station
Andrew’s Station 5 months ago
Fun Fact: The library in the film was actually a set built from scratch in the school gym since the actual library was considered too small for the movie.
Austin Dick
Austin Dick 5 months ago
The Breakfast Club is #161 on the list of 200 essential films
PastEazyE 2
PastEazyE 2 5 months ago
"You'll get thĂŚ horns" tf is wrong with the subtitles
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil 6 months ago
Principal Vernon looks like Gandalf without beard
martinishot 6 months ago
This group needed a teenage Angelina Jolie to be a teenage Lisa from girl Interrupted here. To Vernon -” It’s our first detention so we figured we would have a little read aloud,celebrate all the wisdom you are carrying into the world. Try to learn something, grow as people” To Allison - “you are a nymphomaniac?!?! You gave guys a rim job.Big fuckin deal!! Im sure they were begging for it and they were all pencils anyway!! To Clair “I’m playing the villain baby, just like you want. You know, there are too many buttons in the world, just begging to be pressed. To Bender - “ tell me you don't run a razor along your wrist and pray for the courage to press down. To Brian - shoot yourself with a flair gun? go ahead and i’ll jam this pen into my aorta!! To Andrew- “I’m free!! you’re going to go choke on your average mediocre life!!
Gg Gg
Gg Gg 7 months ago
ابيه كامل مترجم الي يعرفه بلييز ❤️💔☹️ دورت لين عجزت 😢
Rogelio Ayala
Rogelio Ayala 7 months ago
Heifer? 😄😁😆
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman 7 months ago
*Beginning:* You'll probably forget about me *End:* Don't you...forget about me
C Delga
C Delga 7 months ago
The ending was super rushed, making it make no sense. #why 😞
Sting 19k97
Sting 19k97 7 months ago
The ending was super rushed, making it make no sense. #why 😞
ZaLO 7 months ago
Vernon looks like Vince McMahon
Chris Fernandez
Chris Fernandez 7 months ago
i messed with the bull before breakfast ....i ended up eating steak for lunch
Lane Boy
Lane Boy 7 months ago
yall evil
yall evil 7 months ago
Bender:Did barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe Principal vernon:i give you the answer to that question next saturday 😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀
Cookie 7 months ago
I wish the showed us what happens on monday☹️ Or had like a sequel but not like a whole other movie but like Red Nose Day actually just so we know what happens after that
Polo Loi
Polo Loi 8 months ago
eeny meeny mini.... mo your mother was a.......
Francis Serra
Francis Serra 8 months ago
8 hours my balls.
Wei Hao
Wei Hao 8 months ago
crap i wanted bite
Wei Hao
Wei Hao 8 months ago
yeah true
Get money
Get money 8 months ago
"Not another teen movie" anybody? lol
seapickle69 8 months ago
Goddamnit Bonney!
ejl423 8 months ago
Just finally watched this movie for the first time last night, man have I been missing out.
Jake Day
Jake Day 9 months ago
That moment when you realize the principal is the LA Deputy Police Chief from Die Hard.
Hussein Rizk
Hussein Rizk 9 months ago
34 years wow
MIKHI ESQ. 9 months ago
You keep eating your hand, you're not going to be hungry for lunch. I've seen you before, you know. Damn Judd Nelson was a GREAT actor
Sandra Lewis
Sandra Lewis 9 months ago
Did he or did he not give him detention next Saturday at 1:58?
Gianni Bleya
Gianni Bleya 9 months ago
M. Hall
M. Hall 9 months ago
All you need are a bunch of idiots as stupid as you are. - Moral Of Story
Koko Lee
Koko Lee 10 months ago
Mess with bulls, my specialty
Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones 10 months ago
And When I Say Essay I Mean Essay 😎😎🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😎😎😎📄📄📄📃📃📕📖LOL
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