Don't Leave Bathtub for 24 Hours

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Staying in a bath tub full of water as a challenge for 24 hours is not an easy and funny experiment, especially when it comes to ordering food, dealing with your family and playing games. Find out if my delivery driver found it as funny and if he thought this is comedy, or if I got my burger and fries delivered to the right to the tub. Will my girlfriend be upset? Does she think this challenge has gone too far?
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Oct 18, 2019




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Comments 2 653
The Infographics Show
What if... Susan met the girlfriend on her way out of the bathroom? 😲
Jquan The RAID
Jquan The RAID 5 days ago
lmbo it wouldn't have ended well....for susan lol experiment or not lmbo but in actuality you probably would've had your girlfriend bring the food in there and avoid WW3 lol
Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety 5 days ago
Imperial Blob hi lwioihuhi
L Ol
L Ol 9 days ago
The Infographics, Show She would die.
Games Army 2019
Games Army 2019 10 days ago
die E
Felicia Winslett
Felicia Winslett 10 days ago
@Gulpin Gypsies if she came back unexpectedly she would think he was cheat-NOPE NOT GONNA SAY IT ;-;
Emīls Luters Salmanis
What will happen to your tooth if you dont brush it for a week or two?
Reiny Wings of Respect Arclight
New Challenge: Live life as an Amish for 24 Hours
DaBigPig _YT
DaBigPig _YT 9 hours ago
Make him have to Naruto run everywhere
Pete 11 hours ago
so who let the dog out to go to the bathroom during that entire 16 hours..?
The Open Mind
The Open Mind 15 hours ago
Mr. Beast: Ha, I laugh at this attempt. But respected.
Jay Silver
Jay Silver Day ago
Awww he thought it was permanent 👉🏼🤣
prophet sriracha
Hey, this is Susan, your welcome man, your kinda weird though
Jawshy Day ago
Surprised he didn't mention how T mobile was bad
TruBirb _Edits
Fascist English Worker's Party
i swear if this dude asks a guy to come into the bathroom and give him food in the tub i'm going to eat my own eyes
Thora Staff
Thora Staff Day ago
T Th The The g The gi The gir The girl The girlf The girlfr The girlfri The girlfrie The girlfrien The girlfriend Can't be bothered to do test 🙂😃
Reaper Watson
Your writer should try to not exercise and leave the house for a month
Zachary Toney
Zachary Toney 2 days ago
Got a shower and watching this
Ben Siener
Ben Siener 2 days ago
One of the writers who was an inspiration for the French revolution had a skin condition that required him to stay in the bathtub all the time.
Racers Evolution
Racers Evolution 2 days ago
Does this guy have a girlfriend or what?
Nik 2 days ago
Me: sees the title Also me: * turns on bath water and watches people sell there bath water *
Nik 22 hours ago
minty cat ok
minty cat
minty cat Day ago
This joke: not funny Me: "this joke is not funny ...." .
glendy Calidonio
glendy Calidonio 2 days ago
Lol hour 0
Wolfz forever pack life
I'm a just the only one or have your parents told you where little that when u take a shower or bath to long u turn into a fish
Clete Robinson
Clete Robinson 2 days ago
I have and idea for another challenge have him sit in distilled water for 12 hours so we can see what happened
WisterTwister 3 days ago
Joshua Maua
Joshua Maua 3 days ago
New Challenge: Going shopping for 24 hours!!!
RC Gaming 77
RC Gaming 77 3 days ago
The hobbit trilogy is, better than lord of the rings .
Marco Merlin
Marco Merlin 3 days ago
This sounds like a Mrbeast challenge.
Dennis Wolf Cyclist
This guy speaks so much about his girlfriend to the poin where I think he's hiding something. Maybe his girlfriend is actually a boyfriend OwO
jarrett ankney
jarrett ankney 3 days ago
How long can you survive in cold, without heat or anything that'll keep you warm?
darknut 3 days ago
Now, we need you to sit in a bathtub filled with marinade for 24 hours. For science and discovery.
Ola Kolade
Ola Kolade 3 days ago
You make some great stories! You are awesome!
Stefan Knight
Stefan Knight 4 days ago
Can Susan confirm this is real?
ZhangJao 4 days ago
One time I slept in a bathtub for like 8 months straight because of bedbugs. They couldn't climb on the smooth surface and it was like the only safe place to sleep in the apartment.
Caged 4 days ago
Buffalo bill has a cute little dog.
Zack Weinberg
Zack Weinberg 4 days ago
8:48 running is a great sport
Katherine Hollingsworth
Alright we’re all drinking from now on every time he says girlfriend in these challenge videos.
D.H. Creates
D.H. Creates 4 days ago
wait he could’ve just turned off the faucet and stayed in the tub
The Banshii
The Banshii 4 days ago
Who took care of the dog tho
Gabrielle Valle
Gabrielle Valle 4 days ago
Why the hecc are the hands so big
Gay Banana
Gay Banana 4 days ago
why is your cousin black?
Trooper Hugge
Trooper Hugge 4 days ago
its not it takes me hours to get the dog to take a bath its it takes me and the girlfriend hours to get the dog to take a bath
Garrett Davis
Garrett Davis 5 days ago
This was the most boring video I've ever watched. It also has nothing to do what would happen to your body.
Killer Keks
Killer Keks 5 days ago
There is actually a RUvidr who had to stay in a whirlpool for 24h
Daniella the Human
"tHe GiRlFrIeNd"
mike todd
mike todd 5 days ago
Dangit he tricked me into looking up bed sores.
LegendaryGamer XD
Look up bed sores stage 4
NoName 5 days ago
2:55 puts phone in tub of water
SomeBlobDemon 5 days ago
Salute Susan
Sockspuppy 5 days ago
Bruh, you could have just chosen a different day to do it, but prepare for it next time.
darkfae 5 days ago
Are you challenging me
MCG_GrenadeDiver 5 days ago
don't leave the coffin forever
LittleRunningMan 01
Plot twist: he made it all up and there was no water in the tub
Mr Pendent
Mr Pendent 5 days ago
I can immediately see one specific issue rising to the surface here...
Sysco Mena
Sysco Mena 6 days ago
Challenge: be normal for a weak
Dan 360
Dan 360 6 days ago
Trench foot
Bear Bye the science bear
The girlfriend
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy 6 days ago
This is the best series on RUvid
Skybomb 6 days ago
The title seems like a threat
Josiah Archuleta
Josiah Archuleta 6 days ago
Love how he says the girlfriend instead of my girlfriend
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez 6 days ago
What would happen if you eat only hot sauce the whole day
Sarez 6 days ago
why did i google bed sores
Doug Banks
Doug Banks 6 days ago
*Mr beast wants to know your location*
SamusLovesMilk 6 days ago
I google bedsore while eating my dinner, no problems here
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