Don't Leave Bathtub for 24 Hours

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Staying in a bath tub full of water as a challenge for 24 hours is not an easy and funny experiment, especially when it comes to ordering food, dealing with your family and playing games. Find out if my delivery driver found it as funny and if he thought this is comedy, or if I got my burger and fries delivered to the right to the tub. Will my girlfriend be upset? Does she think this challenge has gone too far?
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Oct 18, 2019




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Comments 80
The Infographics Show
What if... Susan met the girlfriend on her way out of the bathroom? 😲
Kenneth Evans
Kenneth Evans 7 days ago
At least cartoon girl friend is cute. need to do infographic show on what it is like do be in 24 hour quarantine together with only a pan of water and some instant noodles. That will get the romance going.
Shimi Shimi
Shimi Shimi 21 day ago
from "girlfriend" to "friend"
Cyprus Chan
Cyprus Chan 22 days ago
She might tell the girlfriend what happened and she'd go ballistic
Haytem 25 days ago
If the girlfriend ever crosses Susan’s path, wrath and chaos is sure to come.
Chi Brown
Chi Brown 25 days ago
The Infographics Show that would be crazy
Amelia Elize Sabijon
New challenge: stay in sleep or just stay in bed for 24 hours (just a suggestion 😁)
270 Izzy Bae
270 Izzy Bae 17 hours ago
I like how he fw a black girl 🤣
Daubeny 2 days ago
"How much time does a person has to stay in the bathtub before the skin starts falling off" imagine seeing that in the top searches on google
Go Kart Gang
Go Kart Gang 2 days ago
Who’s taking a bath while watching this
Freaky Fetish
Freaky Fetish 2 days ago
You know technically there was no rule saying that the tub had to be filled with water or that you had to lay in one spot in the tub or even lay down in the tub you just had to stay in the tub.
britney brown
britney brown 2 days ago
I have noted that infographics mostly use black/dark skin cartoons for negative things
F**k Off
F**k Off 3 days ago
Why do you always portray your girlfriend as black??
Canadian Disclosure
The man who kicked off the French Revolution had to live his life in a bathtub because of a skin condition
Otniel Mikes
Otniel Mikes 4 days ago
Mr beast : "hold my money"
Hans Rivera
Hans Rivera 4 days ago
7:36 um why did they zoom in on the hips?
CAITLYN LIE 5 days ago
(i might be commenting on a video that is from a while ago but who cares anyway) new challenge: send him to indonasia and go to bali. bali is very nice you should go there for a new challenge
Shaylee 6 days ago
Who’s watching this while in the tub😂😂
AlecGTO467-Glitches And Movies
When i get in the bath i feel like i cant breath
Führericki 7 days ago
Does he have a black girlfriend or it's just a matter of correctness?
Melissa Romanoff
Melissa Romanoff 8 days ago
"The" girlfriend? Why not just "My girlfriend". What's wrong with that?
Zicadoe 8 days ago
hey which animator did you use[
Jaden How
Jaden How 8 days ago
Why do i have to be curious :( 11:08
Mala S.
Mala S. 9 days ago
Sometimes I wonder if these stories are even real.
Tiago Reeves
Tiago Reeves 10 days ago
Do a video about what happens to your body if you don’t catch sun for an entire year xD
Communist Luigi
Communist Luigi 10 days ago
Poor Susan
Dr. Legend
Dr. Legend 11 days ago
It's ironic how this is on RUvid and his Postmates deliver was named Susan
SmellyWing Gaming
SmellyWing Gaming 11 days ago
If it can really make your skin off k would do it to get rid of my fat Maybe it can..
killeing 11 days ago
"What serial killer owns a happy little dog?" Infographic has never seen John Wick.
i Devil Jack I
i Devil Jack I 12 days ago
24 hours is not 12 hours
Boss Queen
Boss Queen 13 days ago
*And the meat came off her knuckle in the coffin, I could've died!*
RedRum Rover
RedRum Rover 14 days ago
“my fingers”
Erson Brahaj
Erson Brahaj 15 days ago
nobody mr beast:hold my beer
Zoya Nadeem
Zoya Nadeem 16 days ago
AND here I am wanting to be out from the bathtub after 45 mins max as it starts feeling stuffy and my hands getting wrinkled. cant stand being in there too long.
Parkman29 16 days ago
mr beast almost already did this
Alex Heller
Alex Heller 17 days ago
Denys 277
Denys 277 17 days ago
My dog loves bath
hunn20004 17 days ago
Fun fact: you do not need to eat every 24 hours
Mimi 18 days ago
4:34 hope you have a underwater cellphone
Cocaine Minaj
Cocaine Minaj 18 days ago
Was the water warm?
Cocaine Minaj
Cocaine Minaj 18 days ago
You came out a resin
Gabbi 18 days ago
F in the chat for Susan
Budgeted Raccoon
Budgeted Raccoon 18 days ago
Who orders a salad
Thomas Casey
Thomas Casey 18 days ago
how would you spend your day in a tub? me: in a tub
Archie Derby
Archie Derby 18 days ago
I looked up bed sore and I was ready to go and close RUvid on my laptop because at the time of watching I have a rash and minor thing going on with skin around the froin
Death KillR091
Death KillR091 19 days ago
3:10 y so many people dont like the hobbit its betternthan LoR
Escapade Channel
Escapade Channel 20 days ago
am just happy Susan got a huge tip .
Jessica Steinhauer
Jessica Steinhauer 20 days ago
How do u go to the bathroom?
Omer Askin
Omer Askin 20 days ago
The girlfriend emoji looks mischievous and evil lol
• Buttercup •
• Buttercup • 20 days ago
Ok..no face reveal, but hear me out, *dog reveal*
King of the dead Azi
How much your water bill is
Muhamed 1
Muhamed 1 22 days ago
Bina grav 24 awhrs
123JakeyB 22 days ago
1:33 "It was a blast! My fingers would get super pruny and the first time it happened I cried"
D3ATHROWGAM3R 22 days ago
Jhon wick is a killer with a cute dog
Joey Persinger
Joey Persinger 22 days ago
He said that he left Susan a VERY big tip 😂🤣😂🤣 I bet you did!!!!😂🤣😂😂😂 but I wonder if it was just the tip?!?!?
Grant Phillips
Grant Phillips 22 days ago
John Wick
Paul Santos
Paul Santos 23 days ago
Where is SUSAN?
Supreme Enchilada
Supreme Enchilada 23 days ago
Polt twist the girl delivering the food was his girlfriend
I looked up bed sores you could litterly see the inside of a women’s bowels
Babu Frik
Babu Frik 23 days ago
Why his cousin black and he's white
Allahni Jefferson
Allahni Jefferson 24 days ago
Susan doesn’t need to do that ever again
Stella Hernandez
Stella Hernandez 24 days ago
Right Legos in a tub
Summer Fish
Summer Fish 25 days ago
the girlfriend is not happy
Tito Duray
Tito Duray 25 days ago
NETHER MANIACS 26 days ago
Are bright side and you the same people
Gracie gaming Tube !
Ohh I’m scared of drowning in water in my sleep in a random flood or pool or bath
Joel Ruma
Joel Ruma 26 days ago
ytusabledariusyt 27 days ago
Who else though you heard a amber alert
salam kabad
salam kabad 27 days ago
Ikr... What if his gf comes, seeing her get out of the bathroom, where he's also just laying there in the bathtub
Emilio Carias
Emilio Carias 27 days ago
So the bed sore... I will get some bleach and try to get my brain washed as I have seen it all xd
Russell Neff
Russell Neff 27 days ago
I feel bad for this guy but I’m also curious about what his name is
Cornell Burke
Cornell Burke 27 days ago
Tub: exist Me: one day!!!
KING_ glokkz blangin
Hyped 18
Hyped 18 28 days ago
The grinch owns a happy little dog
Dr Ivo Robotik
Dr Ivo Robotik 28 days ago
ok I won’t
Cap'n Kronk
Cap'n Kronk 29 days ago
"What serial killer owns a happy little dog?" DO YOU EVEN WATCH SILENCE OF THE LAMBS? 😂
William Vongphanith
kayleigh Mcmyne
kayleigh Mcmyne Month ago
Not being able to see for a week Cause a day wasnt enough
Jessica Bellandy
How about tackling or just showing a video of trying to mail somebody in a box? I don't think it's possible but a few people have claimed it. Anyway it would be funny to see.
『Deadly Rainbows』
Wait..did that character just put the phone in the water a bunch of times...I-
Bffwouj 3472
Bffwouj 3472 Month ago
mr beast did underwater
Nunchucks Month ago
Morgz has entered the chat
Ray Akuma
Ray Akuma Month ago
Sees Title: ,,Okay I wont" -Makes Bathwater ready -writes comment before going in -doesnt watch the Video because the title is self explanatory.
Wolfy Toofy
Wolfy Toofy Month ago
Anyone gonna talk about that hour 12 transition 😂😂 7:37
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