Don't fall in love with YEONTAN Challenge (BTS with YEONTAN)

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Don't fall in love with YEONTAN Challenge (BTS with YEONTAN)

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Feb 1, 2021




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Sniheet Aryal
Sniheet Aryal 2 months ago
How can yeontan be so cute 😭
Jagriti Nagda
Jagriti Nagda 2 days ago
I wanna be tani after reborn.
Isabelly Tomazelli
Isabelly Tomazelli 12 days ago
Taehyung V
Raaz Ali
Raaz Ali 27 days ago
MJ R Month ago
He’s so cuuuuuuuuuute I’m gonna explode!! (Explosion)
Sniheet Aryal
Sniheet Aryal Month ago
@Reeya Kattel No
Imaginas De BTS :3
Hay yeontan Te tengo envidia pero aún así te quiero xd Ósea un perro tiene más suerte q yo No Eso no se vale
Cahya Andin
Cahya Andin 4 hours ago
How and yeandtan so be cute🥰
Medarisha Nongsiej
Medarisha Nongsiej 5 hours ago
I want to be yeontan
army gril
army gril 13 hours ago
Yeontan bikin gua iri dah
Fitri Nurlela
Fitri Nurlela 15 hours ago
yeonta lucu❤️❤️❤️
Lina Chaverra
Lina Chaverra 17 hours ago
How l would like to ve that puppy 🙁😢
Vaanya Maheshwari
2:24 Why, i can watch this all day.
Jagriti Nagda
Jagriti Nagda 2 days ago
I am jealous of taniiii
kookie's fan
kookie's fan 2 days ago
Yeontan is a lucky dog😭😭😭
ویییی ننحححح🥺🥺🥺🥺🤧🤧💜💜💜💜 گوکولی مگولیه منه یونتان 🐕
yoongi latte
yoongi latte 2 days ago
I’ve seen a lot of cute dogs but Yeontan is especially the cutest. It’s not just because of Tae but there’s really something about Tannie that makes him so adorable. Idk what it is 😂
Melinda 2 days ago
Army sis jealous of Yeotan He has kissed and cuddled with every BTS member- 👁💧👄💧👁
Hanae ziani
Hanae ziani 2 days ago
🥰🥰프랑스 사람 많아서
Mohamed Hussain
Mohamed Hussain 3 days ago
This is how much tea will cry if yeontan dies😢 ⏬
hola jhola
hola jhola 3 days ago
Challenge- don't fall in love with yeontan Me- but I want to be in love with him
hola jhola
hola jhola 3 days ago
Which breed?
Moumita Maity
Moumita Maity 3 days ago
I want to be Kim Yeontan😭😭
Beatrische Ysabelle
Yeontan palit naman tayo ng puwesto kahit mga 1 minuto lang dali
Mohammed Manazir
Mohammed Manazir 4 days ago
Yeontan is a furry fluffy angel😘
Rajeswari 4 days ago
I think v is a pet lover Am i write
Rose Mariya
Rose Mariya 4 days ago
Me:can i reborn to yeontan? God:🙄
Gisele alves aves Alves
Como queria ser esse cachorro
Shyama Negi
Shyama Negi 4 days ago
I lose the challenge.
Amira Amira
Amira Amira 4 days ago
OLGA REATEGUI 4 days ago
Yo tengo un perrito de 3 meses 🐕🐩🐶🐈🐱
Dt 4 days ago
I am jealous of yeontan 😂😜😂
Hassa Moni
Hassa Moni 5 days ago
So cute doggy so cute doggy
Kittycorn Me
Kittycorn Me 5 days ago
How can you NOT fall in love with yeontan?!
Eira Agrawal
Eira Agrawal 5 days ago
Does someone know the BREED of Yeontan ?
krishika gheewala
yeontan is so lucky
Harun Ar Rashid
Harun Ar Rashid 5 days ago
this dog is v
kembar ber 3
kembar ber 3 5 days ago
I Made Suwena
I Made Suwena 5 days ago
Yeontan i love you cute❤️❤️
kanaga R
kanaga R 6 days ago
That dog angry with v
Yang Yang
Yang Yang 6 days ago
look how happy was bts
Yang Yang
Yang Yang 6 days ago
i just blow my mind because of that that so cute owwww😇
Irtaza Mushtaq
Irtaza Mushtaq 6 days ago
Sedef Akkaya
Sedef Akkaya 6 days ago
Maria Eduarda Tenório
kembar ber 3
kembar ber 3 6 days ago
Happy hr all' songs
V and Tani are like Shinchan and Sherro ❤️❤️❤️so cute 😘😘😘
BYS taehyung V fan
The puppy is very cute because his owner V is so cute 😍😍😘😘😘
Rani sharma
Rani sharma 6 days ago
Yeontan is soo cute and soo lucky😄😄💜💜
Efi Samsuri
Efi Samsuri 6 days ago
I❤️U semua
Jaismine Sharma
Jaismine Sharma 6 days ago
I wish I will be on place of Yeontan.❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭
Hero Brine
Hero Brine 6 days ago
idk what is my name- -c-
awwwwwww 매우 귀여운
Nurul 2020
Nurul 2020 6 days ago
sumathi shankar
sumathi shankar 6 days ago
Your so cute every one in bts and Yeontan
Mia Braun
Mia Braun 6 days ago
Yeontan is so cute !
Taaki MD Taalha Khan
Aww he's adorable 🥰🥰🤩🤩
DANIA farha
DANIA farha 7 days ago
Hi Jimin
Anita Laguri
Anita Laguri 7 days ago
Yeontan is sooo cute I want to be him😭🥺
Viyan Kılıç
Viyan Kılıç 7 days ago
Çok tatlı siniz sizi seviyorum 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
響 ִֶָ ᴍ ɪ ɴ ʜ ʏ ᴜ !! ִֶָ᯾
2:24 but Kim yeontan don't be like that, he's your dad 😩✋🏻
Theodore Christopher
Yeontan So cute😣🥺❤️❤️❤️
Ayushi Sharma
Ayushi Sharma 8 days ago
I want yeontan...🥺 He is so adorable and cute 😍😻❤️💜
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar 8 days ago
What's yeontan's breed ?
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar 8 days ago
Yeontan is so cute
Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar 8 days ago
V is really treating yeontan like a dad
Rajwinder Kaur
Rajwinder Kaur 8 days ago
Yeontan is so lucky
Nadya Nababan
Nadya Nababan 8 days ago
Yeontan lucu
سمسم الصغيرة
لوني انا الكلب كان بموت
Esma Gashi
Esma Gashi 8 days ago
And if you kiss dogs you will get CORONA
Esma Gashi
Esma Gashi 8 days ago
You can get him in your arms but dont kiss
BTS ARMY 8 days ago
kim taehyung
kim taehyung 9 days ago
Kim yeontan and V sooooo cute🥰🥰🥰🥰
Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen 9 days ago
He is soooo cute but its true after all because he is a Pomeranian
bts jimin
bts jimin 9 days ago
აუ უკვე იონთანის მშუურს 😂❤💋💜
Nilesh Shinde
Nilesh Shinde 9 days ago
I think taeyuang is lucky to have yeontan
Deyra sofia Chable
Deyra sofia Chable 10 days ago
Te amo jungkook
rajdip das
rajdip das 10 days ago
Yeontan is cutest puppy ever 😘😘😘😘 Love you yeontan 💜💜💜💜💜
Zulmi Perez
Zulmi Perez 10 days ago
Yo quisiera ser ese perrito😁😁
night apple is poison apple
Yeontan: **french kisses tae** Me: *oh shi-* Yeontan again: **french kisses hobi** Me: **dead**
siti hanifa
siti hanifa 10 days ago
Ana Musikk
Ana Musikk 11 days ago
4:00 Tani as really pissed off 😂😂💜💜💜
Ana Musikk
Ana Musikk 11 days ago
Yeontan is basically rich Me: 👁💧👃🏻💧👁 👄
Top Talent Development
So cute Yeontan🐶
Irene Celorico
Irene Celorico 11 days ago
So cute yeontan
Tongpang Longkumer
Tongpang Longkumer 11 days ago
I wish that I was yeontan
bts POKE girl
bts POKE girl 11 days ago
I will I would be yeontan
Akshay Navgire
Akshay Navgire 12 days ago
Yeontan is the luckiest dog ever 🤧💜
Snehil Gautam
Snehil Gautam 12 days ago
So cute
Vivek sharma
Vivek sharma 12 days ago
0:50 hi Yeonton and Taeyong Bhaiya
Sahana Mansuri
Sahana Mansuri 12 days ago
I have a disease it called jealousy 😭😭😭
itz_ reighn
itz_ reighn 12 days ago
I love taehyung
Daria Bonfim
Daria Bonfim 13 days ago
Queria ser o cachorinho
Tina Roy
Tina Roy 13 days ago
He's so cute.Cutie pie.😊😇
Isabella Victor
Isabella Victor 13 days ago
It's official, In my, next life, I, want to be Yeontan so Tae can GIVE. ME. KISSES( ˘ ³˘)♥
Kiruthiyaa 14 days ago
The fact that tae studied about dogs for 6 months before buying Tan
Almo 14 days ago
Other girls: Wow! Yeontan is so cute...I want a pet like him...😍 Me: Girl, I want his dad.😂
ملاك كريكر
Selin Gultas
Selin Gultas 15 days ago
Naomi Nelson
Naomi Nelson 15 days ago
Yeontan exist: BTS: It's free real estate
Sylvain Gautheron
Sylvain Gautheron 15 days ago
Je so cut
Sylvain Gautheron
Sylvain Gautheron 15 days ago
Be so cut
D.O.P.3 L.3.S.S
D.O.P.3 L.3.S.S 15 days ago
Now i got the whole clip what had happened after v found a bag of carrots in kookie's bag😂😂 Only real army's remember that😂💜💜
Cem Küçükşener
Cem Küçükşener 15 days ago
Yeontan so cute💜
Laxman Prajapati
Laxman Prajapati 15 days ago
Ágatha Uzumaki
Ágatha Uzumaki 15 days ago
Omg the cute
Arya Appumani
Arya Appumani 16 days ago
YEONTAN so cute and pretty 💜 I fall in love with YEONTAN 💜
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