Don't Cut the Wrong Rope! | Dunk Tank Challenge!!

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Hey guys! We made a giant dunk tank! What did you think? What other celebrities should we make trivia questions out of? Let us know what you think down below!
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19 фев 2019




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Комментарии 5 775
Kellen H
Kellen H 6 часов назад
umm did you just call Mamma Mia a horrible movie😑 you have been shunned😾
ZombiesKing [AA]
ZombiesKing [AA] 12 часов назад
1:30 They are gonna have a bad time
Vickey Porter
Vickey Porter 14 часов назад
The rules are stuipid
Liliane E Jesen
Liliane E Jesen 15 часов назад
I’m experiencing some bad days, watching u guys made me go from crying to laughing✨ I really love your videos and it cheers me up, your merch will help me remember those funny moments, thank you ✨❤️
Marcus Morrone
Marcus Morrone 15 часов назад
this makes video makes no sense whatsoever
Atli- A
Atli- A 17 часов назад
Bobby at 13:21🤣😂 Sub to me if i got you. And you dont need too watch the videos
Isabella Horan
Isabella Horan 19 часов назад
Press this if you’re over 8 👇🏼
Hunter Playz
Hunter Playz 19 часов назад
This channel used to be good now it’s all clickbait
Fury White
Fury White День назад
Jacksepticeye, Chris Hemsworth and Taylor Swift are the only ones I know 😅
Gabriel Walton
Gabriel Walton День назад
Im excited to dunk you. J-FRED IS SANS CONFIRMED!!!
Piper Davis
Piper Davis День назад
Excuses me!!?? Mamma Mia??! Being a bad movie??
AlphaFox8523 День назад
THE DANG COFFEE ONE WAS JACKSEPTICEYE He calls it the nectar of the gods
Abby Stevens
Abby Stevens День назад
Who else realized that at 7:29 Bryan almost fell???
Mario bartholomew-tangaro
Mario bartholomew-tangaro День назад
This is mario I love you’re
Destructive [GD]
Destructive [GD] День назад
2:25 what the heck
Louie Oliva
Louie Oliva День назад
wackest video ever
Louie Oliva
Louie Oliva День назад
This is confusing
Logan totten
Logan totten День назад
Alex Tanii
Alex Tanii День назад
Bryan: "Tell me why?" Everyone else in the comments: *_-AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A HEAAAART--_* *_-AAAACHE-_*
Badgerrod 2
Badgerrod 2 День назад
5:46 potis pow
Victor Jr
Victor Jr День назад
1:30 J-fred = Sans
Scruffy447 День назад
7:41 that's Jacksepticeye. That's literally the only question I knew 😂
Mini Clips
Mini Clips День назад
I thought that the title said the DRUNK tank
Poppy Is The Poppy
Poppy Is The Poppy День назад
I love Mama Mia.. ;-;
Davezex День назад
getting points was so confusing and somehow it went from 1-3 to 3-3
roll cake
roll cake День назад
Asher Loveland
Asher Loveland День назад
Jen Salas
Jen Salas 2 дня назад
Give me your war cry!!!!! 5:50
Elleanor Kokolis
Elleanor Kokolis 2 дня назад
8:30 sad boi hours mamma mia is a great movie J-fred! :'(
Unreliable :D
Unreliable :D 2 дня назад
Happy Hedgehog
Happy Hedgehog 2 дня назад
I disliked this because they said mama Mia was horrible.
MR. LIVING MEME 2 дня назад
Shout out to the googly eye music in the beginning
Jango Rekt
Jango Rekt 2 дня назад
1:30 - *Meglovania intensifies*
I love Undertale
I love Undertale 2 дня назад
Jake Paul’s Christmas merch song
gaming128 596
gaming128 596 2 дня назад
Get dunked on frisk
milkywaygurl25 2 дня назад
Dose Bryan have a twin
heidi salim
heidi salim 2 дня назад
There makin the rules up so the no offence white one could win 🤯
Gacha Angel
Gacha Angel 3 дня назад
2nd one I think is dar devil
Madeline Lovell
Madeline Lovell 3 дня назад
Ramiro Alvarado
Ramiro Alvarado 3 дня назад
Saaaaaaaaannnnnnnnssssss get dunked on
Julka Kerry
Julka Kerry 3 дня назад
The best way to squeeze merch into a video, put it IN the video. (Sigh)
Laine Mosley
Laine Mosley 3 дня назад
Remember when there where just three of the sitting in a corner. And none of their videos were click bait, and every one in a while Matt would do a video with Markiplier? Man those were the good ol days
Brower Family
Brower Family 3 дня назад
roses are red violets are blue like this comment if you miss matthias too
Razvan Terminite
Razvan Terminite 4 дня назад
The Fake Dude Perfect Battles
Nanners Loves Hi5
Nanners Loves Hi5 4 дня назад
lol i wouldnt recommend dunking someone in dry ice but ok
Darakin 4 дня назад
How does he have no clue who jacksepticeye is
Meme Plays
Meme Plays 4 дня назад
There warming watch’s rip
Gacha Razor
Gacha Razor 4 дня назад
Did anyone notice the sans meme
puffinplaz 4 дня назад
Get dunked on
John Christensen
John Christensen 4 дня назад
It’s like they didn’t even fully think about how this game works. Even THEY didn’t understand it and it’s their game.
Maria Vrabel
Maria Vrabel 4 дня назад
I hate you you don’t like Mamma Mia
webworks09 4 дня назад
Common joe this the first thing you said that made me hate you but not the way that I’ll hate u always
webworks09 4 дня назад
Mamma mia was great!!
Sean Gabriel Saturno Oca
Sean Gabriel Saturno Oca 5 дней назад
This some makes me so confused
Gaming Bros
Gaming Bros 5 дней назад
Love how they have the GOAT Carli Lloyd in this!
Manny Talamantes
Manny Talamantes 5 дней назад
Snip snip!
Juliana Cromey
Juliana Cromey 5 дней назад
So what if u already cut a rope that was a wrong answer?
trp stik
trp stik 5 дней назад
My first time watching a video from this Chanel in a while and I can already tell that they don’t put thought or effort in it anymore
SSuper Ant
SSuper Ant 5 дней назад
This was a weird game
Jamie Ruth Michelle
Jamie Ruth Michelle 5 дней назад
Is that Matthias' brother??
Rheyan Gabriel Fontana
Rheyan Gabriel Fontana 6 дней назад
i like trains
H Plays
H Plays 6 дней назад
I'm pretty sure that they just ask a question, you pick a random rope, get it wrong ,but still get a point
Ashley McCune
Ashley McCune 6 дней назад
Tell me why 🤣🤣 1:18
Lillian Morzuch
Lillian Morzuch 6 дней назад
Mama Mia Is the best movie ever how rude
Sofia Baldwin
Sofia Baldwin 6 дней назад
“Im really excited to DUNK you!” Megalovania intensifies
Luigi  Kapeller
Luigi Kapeller 7 дней назад
Alejandra Solis
Alejandra Solis 7 дней назад
Mama Mia isn’t a horrible movie!!!😤😤
SunSet Gaming
SunSet Gaming 7 дней назад
I love you
Shaley Allnock
Shaley Allnock 7 дней назад
I don’t understand one thing 😂
Samantha Murphy
Samantha Murphy 7 дней назад
Christian Arcinirga
Christian Arcinirga 7 дней назад
Why does Bryan remind me of Fe4rless
Katiebear 2007
Katiebear 2007 7 дней назад
I liked them until he said mamma Mia was a horrible movie
Cross 7 дней назад
1:30 *_J-Fred is sans._*
MELLOW MAN 7 дней назад
9:38 I could not stop laughing 😂
Sascha Goldsmith
Sascha Goldsmith 7 дней назад
They were naming the celebs in the first round and Bryan in the background rett and link rett and link
Captain NoLock
Captain NoLock 7 дней назад
How does this game work?
Hufflepuff Happiness06
Hufflepuff Happiness06 7 дней назад
Ittzyoboimatt670 1
Ittzyoboimatt670 1 7 дней назад
I get it
Daila و BTS
Daila و BTS 8 дней назад
Love ❤️
5 Elements
5 Elements 8 дней назад
1:30 sans?
Tick Tock
Tick Tock 8 дней назад
Disappointed, there was no Pewdiepie.
Phoenix 8 дней назад
Wait what I thought this was posted like over a year ago?
Minecraft and animal jam lover22 Wow
2 people were harmed in the making of this 🖥 💻
YNoodles 8 дней назад
that’s gay cuase j fred keeps getting them wrong but he is getting points
Jason Profitt
Jason Profitt 8 дней назад
salty gamer101
salty gamer101 8 дней назад
This game is so confusing
Veronica Brown
Veronica Brown 9 дней назад
You make a good videos
Kingz_Never_D13 Night_Bro352
Kingz_Never_D13 Night_Bro352 9 дней назад
Aren't you too tall to be sans Joey?
Brody sappington
Brody sappington 9 дней назад
Not a Lord
Leo Dewstone
Leo Dewstone 9 дней назад
Jacksepticeye is a RUvidr
Ihaseverything Plays
Ihaseverything Plays 9 дней назад
Wait how did Joey and Bobby’s team get 3 points?
Elizabeth Clarke
Elizabeth Clarke 9 дней назад
Why did the guy get the easy answers and J-Fred (I think) get the hard ones Read more if you are savage YOU ARE A GOD AT FORTNITE ALL HALE THE KING!!!!
Wolf Boy
Wolf Boy 9 дней назад
Who else noticed the Sans from Undertale reference
Rachel Porter
Rachel Porter 9 дней назад
How do you not know candance Cameron bure? Shes the one and only DJ fuller full house
Tandric McGahey
Tandric McGahey 10 дней назад
I see the undertale refins
vulture king
vulture king 10 дней назад
if it was i like coke it would no dout be good ol jacky boy and his little boy head GO JACKSEPTICEYE!
Momo Tube
Momo Tube 10 дней назад
7:14 what the heck 😂😂
Anthony 10 дней назад
Bobby and I have the same socks
nightmare 9
nightmare 9 10 дней назад
" I'm super excited to dunk you" Do You wanna have a bad time?
Mochi Wochi Pochi
Mochi Wochi Pochi 10 дней назад
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