Don't Charge Your Phone to 100%, Here's Why

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These days, our phones are basically part of us. Almost like your lift pinky. While they are magical devices that can do pretty much anything, phones aren’t invincible! Do you know, for example, that your phone uses the battery to search for reception? This will seriously drain it!
By the way, don't let your phone lose its battery completely before you charge it. Just wait ‘til it gets below that 30% line. If you plug in your phone every time it gets a little below 100%, eventually, it will have a hard time recharging. So check out these tips and tricks so that your cell can stay by your side for longer!
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Get rid of old apps 0:20
Use Low Power Mode 0:36
If you’re in an area with bad reception, turn on Airplane Mode 0:53
Be smart about putting your phone in your pocket 1:17
Clean your phone safely! 1:39
Know when to stop doing software updates 2:03
Power your phone all the way down once in a while 2:25
Your phone can tell you a lot about its battery life! 2:40
Staying at 100% all the time isn’t good for your phone! 2:57
Don’t charge your phone overnight! 3:24
Avoid charging your phone on your bed, too 3:50
So, what IS the best way to charge your phone? 4:12
Leave your phone alone while it’s charging! 4:40
Phones don’t like extreme temperatures 5:02
Invest in that screen protector 5:20
Using a black wallpaper can make your battery last longer! 5:41
Use the locking system on your phone 6:12
Set a short Screen Timeout 6:35
Try to make yourself check your screen less often 6:57
A tip for travelers: turn off your phone’s location tracking! 7:25
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- If you notice that you’re not using an app anymore, uninstall it from your phone.
- If you know you’re going to be in an area with bad reception, turning on Airplane Mode will save your battery.
- When you’re picking a phone case, get one that has a little plug for the charging port!
- Use a dry cotton cloth to clean the screen and the back, like what you might clean your glasses with.
- Your phone can tell you a lot about its battery life! Your phone might also be able to tell you when you last charged it.
- If your phone is hooked up to your charger and keeps charging after it’s reached 100%, it can drain the battery.
- Keep charging past that for hours while you’re in a deep slumber. In the morning you’ll find that your phone probably won’t stay at a very full battery for long!
- If there are any tears in the cord you haven’t noticed, or if it doesn’t fit just right in your phone’s charging port, you might be at risk for a spark.
- Don't let your phone lose its battery completely before you charge it; just wait ‘til it gets below that 30% line.
- If you keep using your phone while it’s plugged in, it won’t charge as quickly, and the battery will drain faster after you unplug it.
- If it’s super cold or super hot, it’s not good for your phone. Either one can hurt its internal parts!
- If your screen is black, your phone doesn’t have to “work” to light up any brightly colored pixels.
- Yeah, it might get a little annoying unlocking your phone more often, but setting a 15 to 30-second timeout can go a long way!
- Each time you light up your screen, it uses a little bit of battery. Think of how much battery you’re using just to check your screen that many times a day!
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Nov 24, 2019




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BRIGHT SIDE 3 months ago
Hey BrightSides! What apps do you use most on your phone? 📲
Matt Tube Channel
Matt Tube Channel 17 days ago
Mobile legends and Facebook 😍
Breylen Aliane
Breylen Aliane 27 days ago
Bush uwu
Bush uwu 27 days ago
Discord cuz yes
okay 609
okay 609 Month ago
RUvid definitely
Gemma Cochrane
Gemma Cochrane Month ago
Roblox and ovs youtube
Ja mes Carl
Ja mes Carl 13 hours ago
What if li-po battery?
jenna nadebaum
jenna nadebaum 14 hours ago
you have just contradicted yourself there Bright Side. I just saw another 1 of ur phone care vedio and you said in that 1 you can leave ur phone on charge over night but in this 1 say that u can't
Code Gamer
Code Gamer Day ago
A black wallpaper actually was a benefit for me because my tablet phone's battery lasted longer
Purim Settapokin
ha i do not have lithlum-lon Battery
brahmadathan c p
The black wallpaper thing only works in AMOLED display
ximerx 2 days ago
Here they say absolutely different things then in video a watched before :D
Tech Unboxing
Tech Unboxing 2 days ago
its just opposite to the myth video
Charleigh Anderson
I have an iPhone 11
Stephan 3 days ago
Wow wow I have a question How can I find a lost android device when its offline, (location is off, WiFi is off, and there is no network available) but the device is on.
TheYoshiEGG 3 days ago
GreatDebaters 3 days ago
I have a iPad.📱not a phone.
Patrick 4 days ago
I will tell you my dad cleans his phone for better way. He uses spray. Before using a dry cloth.
Patrick 4 days ago
I have a lot of apps I don't use anymore.
Patrick 4 days ago
The phone doesn't have a black. Background
Patrick 4 days ago
I go on A phone while it's charging. Can I charge my phone to 100%
Zanelloyd Ninja’s
What about if you use a battery eating app
Romesh Waikhom
Romesh Waikhom 4 days ago
it is just for general...
pizza king
pizza king 5 days ago
Who uses youtube a lot?
Rachel Thompson
Rachel Thompson 5 days ago
I put my tablet on airplane mode and it died. Like it kicked me out of Google.
Sheila Zulkosky
Sheila Zulkosky 5 days ago
I charge my phone at night when I wake up it’s at 3%
Keyland PM
Keyland PM 5 days ago
Contradicting content. You said in your other video that it is okay to charge overnight.
Keyland PM
Keyland PM 5 days ago
They even said that it is okay to use the cellphone while charging. Dislike for this video.
Barbara Rodriguez
To get the most out of your smartphone's battery, you'll need to charge it properly. Most Smartphones have a lithium-ion battery that lives longer when charged regularly. Unlike the nickel batteries used in older phones, lithium-ion batteries do best when kept above a 50 percent charge. Repeatedly allowing the battery to drain fully may shorten its life and decrease its overall capacity. If this happens, you'll need to charge the battery more frequently and it may last only a few hours before needing a charge, for example. Leaving the phone connected to the charger (when the phone is completely charged) while you are using it may lower battery life if you do it repeatedly. Brightness, Vibration and Power-Saving Mode Your phone devours battery power no matter what you do, but you can lessen the burden by adjusting the device's settings. Most Smartphones have an auto-brightness setting that automatically adjusts the display's brightness based on the lighting of your environment. If you normally have the display set to full brightness, enable the auto option to save a chunk of battery life. Vibration also uses extra battery power, so if you don't need it, disable it. Your phone may allow you to disable vibration for certain items, such as notifications, while leaving it on for phone calls and messages. Some phones have a power-saving mode that allows you to disable the data connection when the screen is off or to slow down processor usage. Power-saving mode may also turn off Bluetooth, vibration, GPS and syncing when you lock the screen. Available options differ by phone model. If your phone has this mode, enable it, and you might see a significant improvement in battery life. Location Services, Running Apps and Notifications If you've enabled location services for maps or the GPS on your phone, the device is constantly scanning to determine your position on the map. Some location-based third-party apps do this, too. Your phone runs out of power rapidly if you leave location services on all the time. To save battery life, disable these services and turn them on only when necessary. Some apps run in the background until you explicitly shut them down. You may not even know they're running at all. Most phones have a usage menu where you can see running apps, shut them down and even determine how much space they're taking up on the phone. Check this menu regularly, and close apps you don't use. Many Smartphones feature a notifications system that alerts you to everything from new text messages to social-network updates. If you turned on automatic syncing for apps, email and other online accounts, the constant stream of updates can drain your battery fast. Disable notifications for apps and other unwanted services to save power. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Many public places, including restaurants, airports and hotels, offer free Internet access if you have a Wi-Fi enabled phone. Wi-Fi comes in handy when you want to browse the Web on the go, but it's also a huge drain on your battery. Turn Wi-Fi on only when you want to get online, and turn it off immediately after. If you've connected a wireless headset to your phone via Bluetooth, you may have noticed how quickly the battery seems to drain. Bluetooth allows your phone to communicate with other devices, but the connection requires extra power. Don't leave Bluetooth on all of the time, and remember to disable it when you're done with it. Disclaimer The above content is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the above content. If you require more information, please consult the user manual from our Manuals & Downloads page. 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Dr.Psychopath 6 days ago
Tatiana Comanac
Tatiana Comanac 6 days ago
Yeah i know
SOSAXP7 6 days ago
If you are the type of person that upgrades to a new phone every generation, don't even bother with any the advice on this video
Mitra Roshan
Mitra Roshan 6 days ago
That was very useful for me, especially some of them. Thanks
Manology 101
Manology 101 7 days ago
Yo number 16 is amazing black wallpaper is the best
liewang纷争 7 days ago
How about iPad??
klaus kretz
klaus kretz 7 days ago
do i have to watch all this ? 3.04 thas what it advertised, i not interested in the rest
AymensWorld5 7 days ago
thank you for that
Amarmandakh Battogtokh
Dude I was like really happy that I can use my phone while charging because I watched your other video and your saying completely the opposite thing you said in the other video
JKH007 8 days ago
I was charging it wile watching this so I unplugged it
Lisa Peters
Lisa Peters 9 days ago
I'm sorry to say this but I charge my tablet to 100%
Jassi Bhairon
Jassi Bhairon 9 days ago
I don’t use my phone all the time actually a leave my phone all alone and my phone yeah I let my phone take a nap Yep yeah
Nikola Ramic
Nikola Ramic 9 days ago
I was charging my phone while watching this
Drayton Jones
Drayton Jones 9 days ago
I was watching this while charging my phone
All Hyped Up 8
All Hyped Up 8 9 days ago
I always have my brightness at around 15%.
rainbow playz
rainbow playz 9 days ago
the black works fine
Cons Gonzaga
Cons Gonzaga 9 days ago
"Power your phone all the way down once in a while" enough of this channel.
Amelia Harvey
Amelia Harvey 9 days ago
It works
Kitty cat youtube lover
OMG!RULE NO.16 ACTUALLY WORKED!!! Me:Check's what percent my phone is* Colored-85 Black-96 Me:😱😱😱
Prince Lackett
Prince Lackett 10 days ago
Man " dont use your phone while it's charging" Me: yea i totally dont do that heh Sister : yeets phone out hand " wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg" *looks at my phone* rlly *rolls eyes* then what are you doing now Me: not using my phone while charging it heh Sis: yeah right * walks away*
Prince Lackett
Prince Lackett 10 days ago
Why i have to wake up at 6:00 for school fine ill try Next day *doesn't charge phone at night* sleeps* Next morning *wakes up* hmm let me check my phone it was at 100% last night anyway *checks phone* umm why is my phone ON 1% i have FLIPPIN SCHOOL IN 10 MIN UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Michelle Robinson
Michelle Robinson 10 days ago
Yes It did
Gaming With Nevaeh
Gaming With Nevaeh 10 days ago
This Is How Many People Use Their Phones All Night Long 👇🏾
TyTube Tyhanna T
TyTube Tyhanna T 10 days ago
BRIGHT SIDE but what if I have to go to jail to see someone?You know they don't allow electronics but I can't leave it in the car?!Nor in the house!So what should I do?!?!
Rakshith 10 days ago
4:08 what you want
AKA techz king
AKA techz king 10 days ago
You rock dude
cookielover the Cat YT
Virgilio Galivo
Virgilio Galivo 10 days ago
100% is not good for your phone.
Rochelle Hughes
Rochelle Hughes 11 days ago
LIE al of it’s a LIE!!!!!!!!!!
greenfoxop67 11 days ago
Awwwww! I'm one of the brightsides Not *^brightsider^*
greenfoxop67 11 days ago
Also this is, "never use charging tips, here's why"
greenfoxop67 11 days ago
Me: *hahahahha*
produde 11
produde 11 11 days ago
2:23 nope not for me when i TURN it off if just gets stuck on a loading screen
Judah Smith
Judah Smith 11 days ago
I just did lol
Karim Naaman
Karim Naaman 11 days ago
Video: dont charge ur phone to 100% Me (android user): its not my fault that i have fast charging...
arscr1 11 days ago
Another brightside video said wireless charging no good because heats up battery smh
Roxanne 101 YouTube video
My phone is still on 7% and I’m using it🤷🏼‍♀️
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