DON'T BLINK! Shin Lim Performs Epic Magic With Melissa Fumero - America's Got Talent: The Champions

America's Got Talent
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Shin Lim blows minds yet again with his incredible card tricks. Watch as he performs with Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn Nine-Nine!
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DON'T BLINK! Shin Lim Performs Epic Magic With Melissa Fumero - America's Got Talent: The Champions
America's Got Talent

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Comments 100
ZodiaX Myth
ZodiaX Myth 43 minutes ago
Btw who's that Girl beside shin lim
RuCa Lyn
RuCa Lyn Hour ago
Only man golden blazzer dont deserve him
賜龍怜音 4 hours ago
Wow he just woke up and perform that magic immediately. How dedicate.
Charles O'Connor
Charles O'Connor 6 hours ago
Harry Potter has left the chat
Frag Asher
Frag Asher 10 hours ago
One of the few winners that aren't a singer
Naim Shobutolibov
Naim Shobutolibov 10 hours ago
We don't actually need that card .....Takes it BE SURE IM NOT TOUCHING IT
Mohamed Chergui
Mohamed Chergui 13 hours ago
He is going to hell I can do that easily but its Forbidden in every single religion .
Zach Burger
Zach Burger 18 hours ago
bru bru bro how the heck does he that! 🧐
Silas Zauro
Silas Zauro 19 hours ago
A dama de copas não tinha a marca do beijo que ela deixou!
Ojeese Ogy
Ojeese Ogy 21 hour ago
0:48 Shin lim throw Melissa phone and nobody care since his magic more important.
h s
h s 3 hours ago
Did you see how her face changed after he did that lool, pissed off
Rafael artiga
Rafael artiga 22 hours ago
That was creepy af
Mukhtar Siddique
Mukhtar Siddique 22 hours ago
AT 1.14 he take card on his right hand and then. Notice that at 1.51 card is below his right hand on the table later He put it at on top of the deck at 1.55 This is about first trick. Not sure how he did second.
dipak singhania
The trick was flawed and very easily detectable. After he takes card from her after she kisses it, camera does not show hi hand. He gave her the 2 of hearts and when he shows that he has the 2 of hearts it was a heart but the number 2 is not visible. Its covered by his fingers. So clearly it was another number. And then the camera zooms out again and he takes the queen of diamond and puts in his mouth.
gerald lapid
gerald lapid Day ago
at 1:10.. pay close to his right hand (the one on the left) he took the queen of diamonds even before she shuffled it.. then He put the queen card under the table... then took it at 1:45.... then when he said "right there" at 1:55.. he already placed the queen on top..
Late Game
Late Game 5 hours ago
gerald lapid nice observation
Amazing talent
Scrappy Coco
Scrappy Coco Day ago
If she is like her character in Brooklyn she is literally perfect
Shannon Jones
2:44 places card in her hand - and she knows it.
brandon thomas
She's gorgeous
v5a Day ago
You can find the part of the trick with switching the cards in their mouths on RUvid. Most of the routine seems to be duplicates and double lifts...
Reine H
Reine H Day ago
If you want to know how he did it just search for "Shin Lim revealed"
FriSbr No Game No life
1:45 tanganya mengambil kartu queen diamond 1:55 camera trick(sengaja ga di kasih liat) 2:38 camera trick(ga di liatin) 2:39 ditangan kanan sudah pegang kartu 2 hati, sudah di siapkan 2 buah sebelum show. 3:00 kartu 2 hati sengaja di balikan, karena sebelumnya kartu Queen diamond bekas bibir juri sudah ada di balik kartu 2 hati, lalu di ambil, letak kan di mulut. 0:46 dan 4:00 coba lihat perbedaan foto nya, 0:46 tangan di awal lebih rapat, 4:00 di foto sedikit lebih renggang, intinya gambar sudah di buat sebelum show
el psy congroo
el psy congroo 2 days ago
Cards are talented as hell😂😂
jijojo e
jijojo e 2 days ago
SHe is beautiful.
naina hasan
naina hasan 2 days ago
This is for who just asked for subscribing, " i like your smile sir." and I love magic tricks.
Tony Benny
Tony Benny 2 days ago
He gets to bite her lipstick damn
Largest Classifieds
I see Shin Lim & I click
suraj rajmane
suraj rajmane 2 days ago
How many of you think he exchanged the card @ 2:38....The camera angle is also not clear.....Btw he is great magician
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 2 days ago
That's a pretty good trick
Marky Lanzaderas
Marky Lanzaderas 2 days ago
i get it. melissa is the distraction.
Himanshu Harsh
Himanshu Harsh 3 days ago
Cards are modded
Clawbytes 3 days ago
Big deal, my father went out to buy cigarettes 20 years ago and still haven't come back. He's the real magician.
Mark Pointer
Mark Pointer 3 days ago
Queen of... DIAMONDS?!?!?!?!?! - just how shocked was he?!?
SL 3 days ago
Guy is literally doing magic but people will never believe him. Kinda sad.
KOJ RUAM KAWG 2 days ago
You might be right 100% hahaha
Mario Latino
Mario Latino 3 days ago
Sorry, but this is not just an illusion or a trick. This is supernatural.
Why do humans die
Can he change the army of Iran to a pack of cards ? Mr trump can do that..
All About Astrology
FCBayern4Ever 4 days ago
Asians are the best ;)
Umair Javed
Umair Javed 4 days ago
Who’s not looking at Shin Lim??
Random Name
Random Name 4 days ago
Andrew Waites
Andrew Waites 4 days ago
That's not magic....OMG....pretty cool
Dawson Deluxe
Dawson Deluxe 4 days ago
0:35 he hands her blank card. Facing towards her. And takes a picture with blank side still facing her.
rick e.a.
rick e.a. 4 days ago
1:50ya tenia la carta en la mano derecha. Look
TheChamp91100 4 days ago
your favourite card... "Queen"...... of courseee.. frikin feminists..
jesutunmbi olaitan
One of the best auditions I've ever watched!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Siddhartha Bose
Siddhartha Bose 4 days ago
When he show the last card on the table. Where is the lipstick mark???
Mikrak Chisim Sangma
Was that science or magic?
Sit Pat
Sit Pat 5 days ago
This man skill useless untill be able to disapear curuptors in this world
Yudistira Kolaka
Yudistira Kolaka 5 days ago
i think "now you see me 3" is on the move
Ramesh Guruji
Ramesh Guruji 6 days ago
i know how he did it
mark jeffers
mark jeffers 6 days ago
TomOHugs 6 days ago
Damn. I these tricks are very easy. But his performance was executed perfectly.
Kb Calib
Kb Calib 6 days ago
Look at the rocks on her fingers. No wonder she chose Queen of diamonds.
Yashowardhan Gokhale
He is not a magician he is a sorcerer...put him in Jail.
Zebby 6 days ago
Sam 6 days ago
Damn, Melissa looks amazing
Sharthak Ghosh
Sharthak Ghosh 6 days ago
At 3:00 he does a two card flip, so the inverted one is the queen
Bblurre 6 days ago
Yeah I caught that too. But most people wouldn't catch it if they know nothing about magic tricks. What I dont understand is the phone trick.
Jabri Bu
Jabri Bu 6 days ago
l c
l c 6 days ago
I think when he's 'taking the photo', he's actually just accepting an airdrop of the picture which he's already made.
Zealous TV
Zealous TV 5 days ago
+l c this is an effect that can be bought, I know because I have it
l c
l c 5 days ago
+Zealous TV He probably photo shopped her head on someone elses body
Zealous TV
Zealous TV 6 days ago
But the picture was her on stage lmfao there's a trick that can be bought for this
Chirag Rewariya
Chirag Rewariya 7 days ago
2K people think they can do better magic than him ... smh
HAC 7 days ago
The highest achievement of the magic is to bring a magical feeling to the audience,so i got it from Shin Lim
RoamerRealm 7 days ago
I had to pause and replay the video a few times, because I was so distracted.........by Melissa's outfit #RoamerRealm
MUAY break my heart
Lethal_Trilogy Royale
i found it obvious how he did this trick
Antss Skatesalot
Antss Skatesalot 6 days ago
Lethal_Trilogy Royale go on then...
tiago costa
tiago costa 7 days ago
i would be mad if someone put my phone on the table like that ahahah
Akash Deb
Akash Deb 8 days ago
I am sorry ...Shin Lim is great....But I was more focused on Melissa..😋
Antss Skatesalot
Antss Skatesalot 6 days ago
Akash Deb that’s part of the point.
mẫn nguyễn
mẫn nguyễn 8 days ago
Good 👍
Fu Ck
Fu Ck 8 days ago
what happened over here? did someone do a magic trick, because i found something hard in my pockets.
Franklin Barnes
Franklin Barnes 8 days ago
All i can think about is credit carding her cleavage
BlackSoul 9 days ago
How did he get the photo? She named the card after taking the picture. Unless he had a way to edit the picture in the phone, since the area was blank.... but again, how?
Imagine GUYS
Imagine GUYS 7 days ago
BlackSoul He is actually a magician. it is not a trick
Dr. Slash
Dr. Slash 9 days ago
Wow !!! 😳
ADEPOJU AGEMO 9 days ago
The act where he folded the card and ask the lady to bite the edge was not magic. he changed the card before folding it. watch again, you will see the part of the card was white while folding and he didn't show it again before folding. he is good in his tricks but I got that one.lol
BMT115 9 days ago
when Shin pulled her card, every woman orgasmed in the audience... XD
Kevin Mounsif
Kevin Mounsif 9 days ago
The last card wasn’t the same card cause it doesn’t have a lipstick print
Calvin Moreno
Calvin Moreno 9 days ago
It was the card in the selfie
Andrew Truhan
Andrew Truhan 9 days ago
Dammit I love Shin Lim
Philippe Léger
Philippe Léger 9 days ago
skip to 0:45 and you can see that the white card is reflextive like a mirror, I guess the flash makes the image something that we can't see
Philippe Léger
Philippe Léger 9 days ago
yea and at the end the reflextive film was gone and the card is not mirror like anymore
Philippe Léger
Philippe Léger 9 days ago
so was it arranged from the start? Melissa had the tip to choose the Queen of Diamond?
Kenneth 9 days ago
Great trick, aided by the camera, which cuts when he does his sleights of hand.
Nate Kyng
Nate Kyng 10 days ago
They told him to be more vocal, but his tricks don't require speech. People will get it. It adds more mystique when he just does the trick like he did with Penn and Teller. You can tell he's a bit awkward speaking during his performance.
chaabomed 8 days ago
His performance in Fool Us is 10 times better than in AGT...because of this particular detail
Aldi Kartika
Aldi Kartika 10 days ago
Broadcaster team make it perfect
That Boy
That Boy 10 days ago
back then he would've been burned and hung and called the devil.
Andrew Hastings
Andrew Hastings 10 days ago
I could be wrong but I think 3:00 is when he made a move. I don’t know what move. But he made one.
dmill 8 days ago
Not what you're thinking. He does handle the cards fast but in reality he could've gone really slow too. I was confused as to why he started speeding up for that section since he's pretty much already done the trick at that point.
Imdontai’s broke Headphones
Could never let no one unlock my phone and go through my apps to my camera to take a pic of me
Ahmed Rownak
Ahmed Rownak 11 days ago
where is the lipstick mark in the photo bro?
Rams Hong
Rams Hong 11 days ago
wow 😱
Rutvik Gupta
Rutvik Gupta 11 days ago
I can't enjoy because I know what he did😕
鴨下百合 10 days ago
What'd he do?
lionel keks
lionel keks 12 days ago
Discovered Shin Lim some few weeks back and in love with his tricks. The next Juan Tamariz in the making!!
O l i v i a What
O l i v i a What 14 days ago
Excuse my heterosexualness but shin is 🥵
isaias caines
isaias caines 14 days ago
I just want to know how he switch the card with that woman
isaias caines
isaias caines 9 days ago
ADEPOJU AGEMO but how did he change the card in the woman phone tho
ADEPOJU AGEMO 9 days ago
He changed the card before folding. watch closely, he didn't let you see what card is it when folding. He is good at what he does but that was not magic just a trick. If the woman had open the card before swallowing his, she woukd find out that she got the wrong card and not the one she put her lipsticks on.
queeny quitoriano
queeny quitoriano 15 days ago
I Love you shim lim
Niño Lawrenz Caiwan
UrAverageGamer9000 15 days ago
Haha but remember, they took that photo before she kissed the card, so he basically summoned the queen of diamond from that exact moment
Mr indian comedy
Mr indian comedy 16 days ago
This is of the the best cards magic man in the world 😍😍😍 I love him😘😘😘 Thanks for the magic Sir Thanks 😘😘😘
박성태 17 days ago
A fly in the ointment : Melissa's kiss mark is gone on the queen of diamonds when Shin Lim picked it up at last.
M P 17 days ago
3:00 he flips the 2 hearts and it definitely looks like he flipped multiple cards
carlosxchavez 18 days ago
There must be a glitch in the matrix
Melo 18 days ago
The biggest magic here is shin tricking her to kiss her by using cards😂
Gofies 19 days ago
i know how, look at 2:02
صوفي وبكيفي
ساحر مو طبيعي
Andrew Agravante
Andrew Agravante 20 days ago
what sorcery is this!?
Mike T.
Mike T. 20 days ago
So stupid.he had the queen the whole time since he grabbed it back from her after she kissed it lol..that actually was kinda lame
Michael B Dumaguing
0:47 if you pause you could see the card is like a mirror. And Shin used flash to capture Queen of diamonds. Correct me if I’m wrong 😂
Michail Melnik
Michail Melnik 18 days ago
How did he know that she would have said that Queen of Diamonds is her favorite card? I'm also curious how the hell he did this trick.
rh71 20 days ago
Only because we have the power to rewind, you can spot that around 1:12 he palms the queen into his lap, then puts it back with his right hand shortly after 1:52 (suspicious camera-work). You can even see him take a peek down after he drops it down. Didn't matter how she shuffled of course. In person, you miss this and it would be mindblowing. He's really good at palming cards.
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