DON'T BLINK! Shin Lim Performs Epic Magic With Melissa Fumero - America's Got Talent: The Champions

America's Got Talent
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Shin Lim blows minds yet again with his incredible card tricks. Watch as he performs with Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn Nine-Nine!
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DON'T BLINK! Shin Lim Performs Epic Magic With Melissa Fumero - America's Got Talent: The Champions
America's Got Talent


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Feb 19, 2019




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Comments 7 091
Migmar Pelkong
Migmar Pelkong 3 hours ago
2:24 is she on orgasm? Nice moan..
Ronny Mohd Omar
Ronny Mohd Omar 6 hours ago
Queen of diamond in shins mouth, so they theorically kissed 😂😂
Professor Olavo
Imnotliving justsurviving
How many of you guys actually know that Milessa was in THE MENTALIST .....
Nur Nadia
Nur Nadia 2 days ago
Amazing !!!
shailesh sattavan
So he french kissed her?
Hasan Ali
Hasan Ali 4 days ago
The best trick of Shin Lim for me, FANfreakinTASTIC
Alex Gao
Alex Gao 5 days ago
that is spooky
Wajeeh Butt
Wajeeh Butt 5 days ago
If you play it in 0.25x from after 1:10 you can see at the bottom center of your screen that he actually sneaks the queen of diamonds out of the pack and put it on his lap or somewhere below and then later after 1:40 he gets it back in his right hand which is just below the table and just when they move the camera to Melissa, he brings his hand up and sneaks the card back on top of the cards on his left hand. 🤔🙄 Effortlessly done though, however it proves that they (show organizers) are all involved in it and it's scripted.
David HTC
David HTC 6 days ago
He messed up a little bit
michele landolfi
michele landolfi 7 days ago
You can spot the trick, he is a monster, seen a lot of his tricks, but this one is really easy.
Aladin Comadin
Aladin Comadin 7 days ago
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant 7 days ago
I dont care about shin. What i care about is melissa's outfit, she is so sexy and yummy!
Noah Pawlicki
Noah Pawlicki 8 days ago
did anybody notice the back of the blank card was a mirror
PetKing 9 days ago
Great performance as always. Natural and nonchalant showmanship goes a long way.
Baoyu Liu
Baoyu Liu 10 days ago
He lives in the 4-dimensional space
ki Burst
ki Burst 10 days ago
We all knew he had a duplicate 2 of diamonds and switched the queen of hearts. Wheres camera angle when you need it?
Buz Guy
Buz Guy 11 days ago
Illusion Of Gaia
Illusion Of Gaia 12 days ago
He and Michael Jackson not only look alike but they both have magic in their blood
Caitlyn Hearts
Caitlyn Hearts 12 days ago
Rating 9/11
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara 13 days ago
Weren't there judges comments after this performance? Can't see it anywhere on RUvid.
BODO मेजिक नायजाब
I like your magic very much
Guillermo Godoy
Guillermo Godoy 17 days ago
Muy bueno xd pero cris angel es mejor.
ecoots 21 day ago
the editing was pretty bad, it kept cutting away from his hands so we dont get to see much, not like we could see his moves anyway
adingdingdiiing 21 day ago
Joke's on you Shin!!! After 8 months of watching and analyzing this I finally figured it out!! If you really look closely when he holds the cards, you can clearly see that he.... Uses magic... 😵😵😵
kimozean 21 day ago
This guy use demonic spirit in stead of magic
Andre Ergueta
Andre Ergueta 22 days ago
I dont know how he do this, if it's real or not, but i love it!! The big champ!, he make me believe in magic like a child.
IamHavik 23 days ago
if u slow down the video at .25 the video will take 4 times longer
Khayote 23 days ago
Awesome performance ive got good magic content too
Inigo Antonio
Inigo Antonio 23 days ago
Title:DONT BLINK!!! Thumbnail:shin lim actually blinking.😂
Animator San
Animator San 25 days ago
She kissed the card and gave it back to Shin....that's where the change was done
Ray Davis
Ray Davis 25 days ago
kim benk
kim benk 26 days ago
A great presentation as well with such confidence.
GabTRG314 Month ago
i don't know how he made the queen of diamonds go to the top deck. but i know how he switched cards with melissa .at 2:37 the camera didn't catch it but you can hear shin put melissa's card under the 1st card in the deck, and taking the 2 of diamonds turning it down , as you can see on 2:39. then after that shin simply shuffles the cards and takes melissa's card at 3:00 making this great illusion.
Hurricane Shane
Hurricane Shane Month ago
I feel like the card reacts to a flash on the camera thats why flash was on
ecoots 21 day ago
except the picture was taken before she made her choice.
Tufta Kyufta
Tufta Kyufta Month ago
Can't believe this dude beat a kid who sang opera without opening her mouth with such elementary magic tricks.
Nicely Pimentel
Nicely Pimentel 25 days ago
Tufta Kyufta same
1000 haga
1000 haga Month ago
Wow fantastic
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Fabian Come
Fabian Come Month ago
Bro the flash makes it able to see, thats why he was so quick to place the phone
Fabian Come
Fabian Come Month ago
I’m not likeing this guy
Jeffrey Stockdale
The best card handler/ magician on RUvid ruvid.net/u-TheRussianGenius
Adonis V
Adonis V Month ago
Can anyone tell me what happened? I was too busy looking at Melissa...
prajwalDG magar.
His magic made me feelings of magics
Адай Адай
Круто, есть ещё кто нибудь русскоговорящий?))
Alpha SkyRayz
Alpha SkyRayz Month ago
All magicians are fake, not real, is just illlusion
my name is Aj
my name is Aj Month ago
I'm sure she is wet.
Underrated Critic
What's this guy doing in a talent show? He needs to join the Avengers or something.
Odong 11
Odong 11 Month ago
Masud Rana
Masud Rana Month ago
shin lim i am your big fan
jego fralenzio
jego fralenzio Month ago
nathan garcia
nathan garcia Month ago
I'm here for Amy Santiago Peralta
Dheemanth 5689
Dheemanth 5689 Month ago
The card she hold for a photo is fully black a side so i think when flash light of camera hits on it, then the real picture captured because of flash light of camera and melissa may be paid to choose queen of daimond as preplaned by shin?
Abhishek Holla
Abhishek Holla Month ago
Shin Lim. You will be receiving an Owl from the ministry for violating the International Statute for Magical Secrecy. Members of the ministry will come to your place shortly and will snap your wand in half. You will also be expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
kurnosui Month ago
Very simple trick,until picture on the phone...
Aziza Zhanabatyrova
was it kinda flirtatious? i felt some chemistry there
Spidey Batsy
Spidey Batsy Month ago
I think the votes for Shin Lim came due to the one and only Melissa
Timothy Renar
Timothy Renar Month ago
Keep in mind to everyone and that is if we are talking about witchcraft being used then The Sacred Riana would have won season 13 and the championship because she would have been able to manipulate the votes. So how could Shin do it if The Sacred Riana couldn't which most people believed that she was either possessed or in contact with evil spirits. As a matter of fact even Howie mentioned that to Riana as well so something doesn't add up with this witchcraft stuff that people are saying. Could it be that Shin is just good at what he doe's because he practiced doing it for years.
Kim Review
Kim Review Month ago
He is a true winner, ever. Every one in that place know it, cant denied it.
Raniero Capitillo
You know what would have been awesome? That the Queen of Diamonds ON THE PICTURE on her phone had lipstick too.
Raniero Capitillo
She's Amy Santiago in real life.
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