Don't Be A Programmer

Joma Tech
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Comments 80
TheLuciferian 17 minutes ago
Don't be a programmer, be a youtube sponsored video
João Moreira
João Moreira Hour ago
Damn, im gonna quit programming... This video makes me feel like i am useless
Victor Gladyshev
Victor Gladyshev 16 hours ago
This is kind of wrong.
ihsan saidi
ihsan saidi 20 hours ago
problem sorver job in computer names computer programmer or programmer..
Paul Lam
Paul Lam 21 hour ago
Exactly what I thought! Programming is an amazing toolset to build something magical. At the same time based on my previous experience, everytime you create something new and amazing, try to use a completely new set of frameworks, which will drastically improve your programming skills and your ability to adapt to something new, thus hitting 2 birds with 1 stone
Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta Day ago
One of the best... ! Inspiring and motivational.
Yolo McWolf
Yolo McWolf Day ago
"Programming is just a tool" Thank you for saying it, hope someday everyone gets it.
LiesGetMe Day ago
too late 4 me
Witz Day ago
I just want to make hentai vn
Mateus Schroeder da Silva
I'll be happy if I can solve P vs NP, even though it is such a little thing.
Aakash Basnet
Aakash Basnet 2 days ago
Well said! Appreciate your view! 🔥
Blur 2 days ago
i was about to quit programming but you just brought a new light for me. thank you.
Aditya Kantipudi
Aditya Kantipudi 2 days ago
100 percent true
Moonde Mudimba
Moonde Mudimba 2 days ago
Thank you very much. I needed this
VR Kumar
VR Kumar 2 days ago
Nobody talks about: 1) what kind of system/computer/configuration you first need to start or how many screens 2) what you need to Install 3) what is the Environment they talk about 4) what is an editor 5) how to check your work and where 5) how much levels to pass and ideal time to spend. Thank you.
Maurice Williams
Maurice Williams 2 days ago
Programming isn’t fun for me, because I don’t understand how to do it.
Nep King
Nep King 3 days ago
After seeing title is just clicked your video and hit dislike
Ashitaka_Ponyo William Nioh
In my case I just want to know how to program a few application about analaysis to have solutions faster. And now that I know how to do it, just want to program for faster execution. Always u need an objective don’t overwrite a code that exist & and do it with a goal in ur mind. If not program is useless. 谢谢 Joma
Alison S
Alison S 4 days ago
Wow !
John Hammer
John Hammer 4 days ago
worst advice.
Semyon Danilov
Semyon Danilov 4 days ago
"Programming is kinda boring". Huh? Never boring
Skymer 4 days ago
I have a solution against disasters : Stop being jerks :) (using electricity for your computer won't help planting trees lol)
Huy Naruto
Huy Naruto 5 days ago
Did this man write a book?He is a geniues and like a jounalist
Arpitpatel Patel
Arpitpatel Patel 5 days ago
Every programmer is an author
Ewsunk 89
Ewsunk 89 5 days ago
Fuck this guy
Raging Phoenix 16
going to make ai help me code O_O LOL
Xjatin Tomar
Xjatin Tomar 6 days ago
1st time RUvid give me right video 😭and now I am going to subscribe him✌
Jonny Oliveira
Jonny Oliveira 6 days ago
It's not about the tool, its about the product.
Nirmit Khurana
Nirmit Khurana 6 days ago
which one is the best compiler or interpreter used for python
Tracker Nivrig
Tracker Nivrig 6 days ago
This is awesome! Too bad I don't know enough programming yet.
Benvolio Smith
Benvolio Smith 8 days ago
Python Turtle Codes
I disagree, im a programmer and i love it.
aXoL Niz
aXoL Niz Day ago
Fu#$%#@$% you and your mada#&@%#%&
Python Turtle Codes
Pls comment nicely
Safin Ghoghabori
Safin Ghoghabori 8 days ago
Love this one ♥️
Ignacio Gomez Duran
I feel like a God when programming... unless I can't solve the problem, then I feel like an useless piece if shit.
lee paul
lee paul 8 days ago
Froghanos *
Froghanos * 8 days ago
Sorry are u just unmotivating new creators? Well....the good thing about code is were u can get... Its building a game or something... The resolt its WHAT IT MATTERS programmer are important too all things on the world
максим карандашев
You look like a broken hobo
Sauceinmyface 9 days ago
Don't be a programmer. Please, I don't want to be replaced.
Samuel Olarte
Samuel Olarte 9 days ago
what happened with the game dev? they are programmers too or i wrong, maybe don't solvent a big problem but they programming too
Joao Dos Santos
Joao Dos Santos 9 days ago
Dont tell me what to do
Ansh Arora
Ansh Arora 10 days ago
HEY! I am a 15 year old kid from India please can you guide me about where should i start. I've been following the topic "PROGRAMMING" in my life for years. I find it so beautiful and amazing and fascinating(To me) I swear on my mom. I am in love with it and now i think is the correct time for me to start learning and discovering it.I am in 10th grade. I request you to please help me and tell me that what should i start with................PLEASE REPLY
villabong11 11 days ago
Sometimes small solutions brings the biggest happiness to our lives. I love bring people solutions to their daily problems and using my creativity to expand upon their problems even further. I like to program but I love even more to analyze, debate and propose different ways to my coworkers problems and then once I finish the product I love to see the joy on their faces like I feel how thankful they are with me for doing a honest job because they know I put my heart into their problems to bring solutions to it. That feeling alone worth my job, besides payment ofc
Ev Phantomhive
Ev Phantomhive 11 days ago
RUvid recommended this for me the day I enrolled in uni for a Bachelor of Computer Science, particularly coding and programming......
jj jj
jj jj 11 days ago
How do I become a problem solver? and which problem solver makes more money?
Valeria Daneva
Valeria Daneva 11 days ago
Dude, bruh, this is so real. Can I marry your brain?
eloni puppy
eloni puppy 11 days ago
joma: says make something important me: challenge accepted me 1 month later: shows app that automaticly sends turkey leg sms to everyone 50 times
CryoniX 11 days ago
Let's face it. Everyone who entered was after that $200 000
Andhika Steven
Andhika Steven 11 days ago
Hmm im not sure about thaaat... All of people who I met that want to learn programming, they all have goals. If not make games then became hacker.
can not agree more, do hard work on programming just for one purpose -- let me busy on being a lazy man, OH YA!
Brundha Boora
Brundha Boora 12 days ago
I see purpose
Brundha Boora
Brundha Boora 12 days ago
I see purpose
Trelix 13 days ago
I just want to be game dev
Ambinintsoa Hasina
Ambinintsoa Hasina 13 days ago
I am a CRUD developer!
constantin58 13 days ago
This sounds like: Don't be a cook, feed people or Don't be a Mechanic, make cars drive. I get it, but it's superficial and a click bait.
Dekurian 14 days ago
Well that was inspirational. Glad I'm a Problem Solver with programming Skills.
Skarredghost 14 days ago
It's hard to be creators when usually us programmers are just used to code something that someone else has designed :| That's why it is cool to have some side projects when you're part of the design as well
Games Zone
Games Zone 14 days ago
This you need friend play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.my.futurecoder1
Dummy Dummy
Dummy Dummy 14 days ago
Don't be a programmer? I can't
Kifter 15 days ago
I just started programming.. any tips? How do I learn more outside of school labs???
sameer uddin
sameer uddin 15 days ago
Same like as this channel if you any one of you want to do data science projects and M.L and A.I projects please refer to this M.I.T student channel and i am not promoting, But those who are interested get to this data science Channel for projects and about latest technologies Data science project video link : ruvid.net/video/video-YkZdXWdG5RU.html
Jason Spiridakis
Jason Spiridakis 15 days ago
Euric Dinkins Technologist
Programming allows me to be a God. Some will get this some wont.
MrMP13 16 days ago
I only "issue" I see with your argument is that most people didn't get into this for the reason that you or I got into programming or development. They DID get into it just for the money. I was doing web development before I got into the industry. It's something I love. But most coding bootcamps and schools are not selling programming/development to improve the world, they sell it as "leave your dead end job and make more money". So you're losing sight of that.
Lemmon 16 days ago
Programmer's Holy Rule: Once it runs, don't touch it anymore.
stop this foolish act
Thats how my dik work
Rodrigo Abreu
Rodrigo Abreu 2 days ago
That's sort of a principle, if you consider SOLID (in parts, not considering a project but it's entities). The *Open Closed Principle* (O in SOLID) idea is basically that, "software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) should be open for extension, but closed for modification".
Erika Song
Erika Song 3 days ago
why that is true :'(
chadow Brasdfer
chadow Brasdfer 6 days ago
😅 😅 😅
David Monk
David Monk 16 days ago
I'm a code monkey. I just code what I'm told. I'll let other people be innovative and creative.
crypto digital empire
TaloMendez 16 days ago
why IBM :(, they ruined cplex.
Thank you for worthwhile movie. Hello I'm a Japanese college student. At first I learned programing to make more money in the future. But I gave up programing soon, maybe because I tried to learn programing just for myself. Second, I tried automating tasks in a circle which I belong to for everyone being forcused on more essential tasks. When I finalized my program, everyone thanked and praised me because my circle menber need not bother a lot of monotonous tasks. I realized how it is blessed that I have reason why I learn programing and programing is not just for me. Programing is just a tool as well as English. I feel that I should not make a method more important than its purpose.I am cheering you.
Opamp 17 days ago
So true. Went to school for EE / CE. Went to grad for Systems Engineering. Programming was always part of my life - but it was just a tool. I transitioned far from that life. However, those with the gift of thinking in that way - should continue to pursue their dreams
Ayaan Braimah
Ayaan Braimah 17 days ago
Jokes on you I already am.
DrMatta 17 days ago
What a cringe as fuck video
LOMSOuOO 17 days ago
i love this guy :D
Tune Hoshi
Tune Hoshi 18 days ago
This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful video i've ever seen in my whole life. It inspires me hugly, thank you for do this, an amazing work and thank you for your words ;)
Iza Kremer
Iza Kremer 18 days ago
I tried to program myself. It's not for me. As you said. It is boring. I prefer to chase and supervise machines in operation, react to mistakes and fix them. It's similar to coding but more tangible and that's where I'm developing. The important thing is to do what you like and not just do what is profitable.
Alyssa P
Alyssa P 17 days ago
It sounds like you prefer IT over CS / software development. IT is a great field too, and extremely important
Dsep Tristan
Dsep Tristan 19 days ago
I’m learning how to program to create a game. A game where people will have stories, worlds for them, epic travels, I want people to feel great by playing my stories, be at ease during these dark times
Alyssa P
Alyssa P 17 days ago
"I want people to feel great by playing my stories, be at ease during these dark times" wow that's great! If only the big gaming companies had more people like you.. it seems like its all about money for them. Good luck on your journey :)
fartuar 19 days ago
Don't be a programmer. We don't want you to be a programmer and become a competitor when getting a job.
JD vlog
JD vlog 19 days ago
damn I got baited into an ad .. but also got motivated, reminded
Bernard Ctxy
Bernard Ctxy 20 days ago
well program only run in devices, it can't run in the thin air. And also it's depends on the humans too, software engineer not a politician, so it's useless.
Kenneth Wiley
Kenneth Wiley 20 days ago
real programming in the sense of what im referring too is not the default programming software or languages that you use to make other languages or software im referring too making physical hardware changes using electricity and magnetization that indivisually change the light intensity for each sub pixel based on the grid and the best part is that you don't have to be stuck with changing indivisual subpixels manuelly you can set up algorithms that make it possible to make you screen become like a video ever changing to be different than the previous display
omega con4
omega con4 21 day ago
For many, it's only natural to expect a huge financial payoff for doing something. History repeats itself. Panning for gold. Being in a rock band. Becoming a doctor. Working on Wall Street. Working in Silicon Valley. The next Big Thing. History repeats itself.
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