Don’t You Dare Touch Those Bagels (feat. Rob Riggle) - Key & Peele

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The boss has very specific rules about who can and can’t eat the bagels at a work meeting. (Contains strong language.)
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.
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May 23, 2019

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Comments 1 062
TrynaBeFunny Hour ago
This was really frustrating tbh
PIlotrcm Hour ago
These guys are so comical it hurts
RaPZaD Hour ago
For me maybe?
Clover Joker
Clover Joker 7 hours ago
Ron needs a union.
BezeL 19 hours ago
You're an alcoholic that loves jazz 😹
IAmebAdger 20 hours ago
I know it's a skit, but I don't think anybody would go that far for some bagels lol.
Jessie Walker
Jessie Walker 21 hour ago
Reminds me of one of my coworkers when I did landscaping at a golf course, he is exactly like this character trying to get a bagel
Willem DaFuckedUp
Willem DaFuckedUp 23 hours ago
Rob is one of the most overrated actors ever
Brenden Ezika
K.....now uno mas
Vincent Washington
not fair Ron was just doing his job
Vincent Matthies
“You’re an alcoholic” lmao
Rilo Robinson
Rilo Robinson 2 days ago
This really how it is though...
mj pz
mj pz 2 days ago
for me maybe?
Angel 2 days ago
Just give that guy a bagel, geeez
James Laiola
James Laiola 2 days ago
Very very good display of what is really going on. Key an Peele know exactly what the cockroaches are up to.
Turtles 3 days ago
I can strangely relate to this
Restorer's Channel
Kind of what happens to haters of K & P! 😉👍 The bagels 🥯 are just for associates only! Jjjjaaaaaa
Restorer's Channel
Kind of what happens to haters of K & P! 😉👍 The bagels 🥯 are just for associates only! Jjjjaaaaaa
Restorer's Channel
Kind of what happens to haters of K & P! 😉👍 The bagels 🥯 are just for associates only! Jjjjaaaaaa
Restorer's Channel
Kind of what happens to haters of K & P! 😉👍 The bagels 🥯 are just for associates only! Jjjjaaaaaa
Restorer's Channel
Kind of what happens to haters of K & P! 😉👍 The bagels 🥯 are just for associates only! Jjjjaaaaaa
Creature Of the night
Ron’s an alcoholic for sure!
Jaydan’s Channel of Sports
Can I have some bagels. For me maybe
Wilson Television
3:00 💀
BigpapaBroly z
BigpapaBroly z 4 days ago
One of my favorite sketches right here lol "For me Maybe" 😂😭😭
Gabriel F. Céspedes
Ron should have put a bagel down his boss' throath just saying......or up his ass but I digress
Ryan H.
Ryan H. 4 days ago
The background music was incredibly irritating for some reason, and concept the of the skit made no sense.
Hosfo Gun
Hosfo Gun 5 days ago
They’re literally re-posting the old videos
Lemons19902010 5 days ago
This is my favorite skit of theirs!
avery 5 days ago
this reminds me of the “rose gimme those keys” scene from Get Out
Jesse Perez
Jesse Perez 6 days ago
Is that Tommy Lee Jones at 1:03?
Valerie 6 days ago
Sheeple Slayer
Sheeple Slayer 7 days ago
Could of been better... they didn't even try... didn't even crack a smile... Disappointed.
Xiongdi 7 days ago
Jordan Peele is basicly playing/acting my dog when I'm just eating my food. Me: "For human only!" Dog: "For me maybe?".
Nemo7The7Pirate7 7 days ago
who else had to be Ron?
Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan 8 days ago
Poor Ron 😭
Paul Woelke
Paul Woelke 8 days ago
Is Rob Riggle even capable of not playing an asshole?
Charles 8 days ago
the wink at the end lmao
Vxsto 8 days ago
"How come its not for me why?" 😂 acting is amazing
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 9 days ago
These scenes are all predictable now...not funny. Same idea different scenario
Seetiyan 10 days ago
Wow, this had me so stressed out for Ron! Poor guy.
Omar Rochet
Omar Rochet 11 days ago
1:32 Americans in the 19th century during Manifest Destiny.
Dime Dime
Dime Dime 11 days ago
“You are an alcoholic “😂😂😂
Ricardo Cedillo
Ricardo Cedillo 11 days ago
That was lame
Officer Doofy
Officer Doofy 11 days ago
Now i want some damn BAGELS for some odd reason.
666LaVey666 11 days ago
Stick to these sketches. Your movies are piss poor..
t̾r̾a̾y̾ 12 days ago
Key and peele still making these skits bruhhh🤣💀
McPuffs 12 days ago
Fast food taco bell cashiers deal with this everyday, learning english illegals
oopserv316 12 days ago
Rich Elliott
Rich Elliott 12 days ago
El bagel es Macedonian.... Macedonian
John DiMarzio
John DiMarzio 12 days ago
how come its not for me why?
BBB T 12 days ago
Julio Calderon
Julio Calderon 12 days ago
“What was the first tongue twister you ever heard? Was it she cells? Ahh she cells?” 😂😂
Elijah Boone
Elijah Boone 12 days ago
The thumbnail looks like a video game
Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner 13 days ago
Hahahahaha.....Fucking Rob Riggle rules.
tipology 13 days ago
Im not sir im not 0:46
Beast Mode MTB
Beast Mode MTB 13 days ago
So ooooooo funny
naim halim
naim halim 14 days ago
i wanna punch every single person in this video ugh
uindy4 14 days ago
Black man comes back takes ak 47 kills the white asswhole and everyone in the room. That asswhole I would have punched him in his face while presenting.
truth seeker
truth seeker 14 days ago
I'm a sales Executive. And this is what happened... Ron was ordered to protect the bagels as a test by the boss to see if he's good enough to become a SA. but he allowed the janitor to touch the bagels and was being polite till he totally lost it, meaning if the bagels were products of the company, then Ron would've brought them loss as he gives in to the customers ( janitor) antics, proving that he's not a sales associate. So when the tables turned, the janitor grabs Ron's hand as he tried to touch the bagels to prove that he is a hardcore professional sales associate and the Boss also confirms that was exactly what he wanted Ron to do. 😊😊😊
Dai 大
Dai 大 14 days ago
Too hard on the music, eh? Also, that ending was trash..
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 15 days ago
Ron was being set up the whole time
Benjamin Morris
Benjamin Morris 15 days ago
the drum beat score in this is fantastic!!!! really good illustration of rhythm in comedy
hiphop4x4 15 days ago
Are these sketches new?
John Doe
John Doe 15 days ago
Key & Peele clearly voted from trump and are using their entertainment platforms to brainwash the rest of america. They are tricking us into thinking Mexicans are actually taking our jobs. THEY ARENT!
Max Deview
Max Deview 15 days ago
This is gold
Cci Cane
Cci Cane 15 days ago
I’ve read all the comments and nobody here gets the vid at all. The guy needed an excuse to get rid of someone he didn’t like, so he conspired with the janitor to set up a situation that was leading to firing the guy for being disruptive. Classic Machiavellian power move.
H34RT b4e3k3r
H34RT b4e3k3r 15 days ago
MAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN I would of gave him all the beagals he wanted, he just looks to cute and I'm not gay
31membami 15 days ago
Looks like a meeting from glenn gary ross movie
Mohaamd_7 15 days ago
Is this a re-upload?
Nah I’m with My boys
Did anyone else notice that they made this same video a while ago or am I missing something
Greg Hughes
Greg Hughes 15 days ago
Faas? What? Fa us?
White Fox
White Fox 15 days ago
Oh so he doesn't leave it alone when Ron says bagels are for sale associates but when ron wants to grab one he knows the deal huh lmao!!!
Pete J. Desierto
Pete J. Desierto 16 days ago
Charles Chin
Charles Chin 16 days ago
How did he even hear the cleaner
MRiGOThim 16 days ago
“Ron, handle your bagels!!!!”😂🤣
MRiGOThim 16 days ago
“How come it’s not for me why?!”😂🤣
Sora [Kingdom Hearts]
Isnt that the guy from Middle school The worst year of my life?
Kyla Monique
Kyla Monique 17 days ago
I surely would’ve taken one when I left lmao
Joe Jr.
Joe Jr. 17 days ago
Bob got what he deserved.
flickchic238 17 days ago
Jordan acting as the out of place janitor is so brilliant
Mark Shayy
Mark Shayy 17 days ago
But damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
LRRPFco52 17 days ago
I don't get it...
Them Sandwich
Them Sandwich 18 days ago
Poor janitor >:(
Them Sandwich
Them Sandwich 18 days ago
Poor janitor >:(
Everwake 18 days ago
Rob Riggle has perfect delivery lol. "Sexxx...and prostitutes!"
David H.
David H. 18 days ago
That wasn't funny. Normally they are. This one wasn't.
Quentin DeCuir
Quentin DeCuir 19 days ago
"Im not talkin about prostitutes I'm talkin about sales. If you look at our ancient history The first cave manout there sold a rocc to the second cave man out the But why did he do it..IDK More importantly how much did he get for it? We'll never know the answer to the question."
Francisco Perez
Francisco Perez 19 days ago
For me maybe lol
Willy Tay
Willy Tay 19 days ago
How come it's not for me why? 🤣🤣🤣
Um Gamer Orgulhoso
Um Gamer Orgulhoso 19 days ago
For me maybe
Roach-House TV
Roach-House TV 19 days ago
This was the first time I ever died in my whole life...
Mogwai Gizmet
Mogwai Gizmet 19 days ago
They made it funnier with Ron Riggle-"POW!"
Horny Toads
Horny Toads 19 days ago
ooooh thats like insaaaaaaaane!.. wiked! love these two dorks! they made good tv!
Tristen Owens
Tristen Owens 19 days ago
Rob always plays the douchebag I love it
Smile 19 days ago
I really thought it was a new upload from Key and Peele. I was like “Holy shit a new video from ‘Key and Peele’ LMAO”
Mac Playz
Mac Playz 20 days ago
I know that white dude In the suit he was on the movie middle school.
Jose Soto
Jose Soto 20 days ago
Soap for dudes
GATES TOM 20 days ago
Grip- Chendo
Grip- Chendo 20 days ago
Like if they should make a comeback
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