Don’t You Dare Touch Those Bagels (feat. Rob Riggle) - Key & Peele

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The boss has very specific rules about who can and can’t eat the bagels at a work meeting. (Contains strong language.)
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May 23, 2019




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Comments 1 489
the purple elephant
"He's right Ron."
Oz Hatuka
Oz Hatuka 2 days ago
That is some clever "immigrants are stealing our job" move right there 😂
KoldTony Debonaire
I dont understand how these 2 are fuckin comic geniuses now but fuckin sucked on madtv.
KoldTony Debonaire
How come its not for me why?
KoldTony Debonaire
KoldTony Debonaire
Rob Riggle is so awesome at playin an asshole, loved that dude since Daily Show.
CaptPicard81 3 days ago
The BS that Rob says for the presentation is another layer to the sketch, hard to hear but worth it.
owmystomachhurts 3 days ago
Ron, handle your bagels!
Aly C
Aly C 4 days ago
Precious Tritium
Precious Tritium 6 days ago
This is really relatable though.
AkiraTheGodEater 6 days ago
There are 5 bosses I would’ve loved to punch in the face
Ms. Kuchisaké
Ms. Kuchisaké 7 days ago
Ron's about to kill a motherfucker.
justinleo117 8 days ago
I would have just gave him a damn bagel.
sammypop 9 days ago
R.E.D Music
R.E.D Music 9 days ago
TopS x?
TopS x? 9 days ago
🍪s' are for sale associates only
Frank The Rabbit
Frank The Rabbit 9 days ago
"For me maybe?"
Beniology 101
Beniology 101 10 days ago
K: Bagels are just for sales associates. P: For sale? 😂 omg lost in translation for real
Charlee'B 11 days ago
Riggle is my Dude.
RYAN PAUL 16 days ago
You know a sketch is good when you start laughing early
R.E.D Music
R.E.D Music 16 days ago
“That’s what the fucking sign says!” 😂
The Man With Two Cents
Lesson learned just let the peristant Mexican janitor have a bagel.
ghostrecon755 17 days ago
That "scary, tricky, ruthless" black ice practically robbed Ron of his bagel! 😂😂😂
this was stressful asf lol
Michael I
Michael I 17 days ago
For me. Maybe ??
Marcus Greater
Marcus Greater 18 days ago
is the same guy that did American beauty sound track working with KnP??
Arvid W
Arvid W 18 days ago
נאור צעדי
נאור צעדי 18 days ago
He said make sure everybody know not make sure nobody whos not a sale associate touches them
Shawn Daniels
Shawn Daniels 19 days ago
I thought he was coming back to throw down on the mfer since he got fired anyway
stellingbanjodude 19 days ago
Rob riggle reminds me of Alec Baldwin for some reason in this! Hahahaha
Millionaire Miggs
Millionaire Miggs 20 days ago
That sums up the hierarchy of working for a company in general. You get fired for doing what you were told to do
Millionaire Miggs
Millionaire Miggs 18 days ago
Austin Bryan Hell yeah I would've lost it too. If you have a non-compliant person and a manager unwilling to listen to the situation PLUS embarrassing you in front of others. Now if he would've just said fuck it and let him get a bagel, that would've been grounds for getting fired too. He was fucked both ways
Austin Bryan
Austin Bryan 18 days ago
Is that a joke? Vast majorities of fires its from because you weren't doing what you were told to or you've done it poorly, they're overstaffed, have to lay people off, etc. Ron did loose his temper and was proggresively raising his voice so he could've handled it better.
ChannelBOZ101 21 day ago
Kudos for the actor who did the presentation, I want to beat him up real badly
Tender Kaneki
Tender Kaneki 22 days ago
Ron is that nice guy who tries to help everyone and gets screwed at the end, coz he was just trying to help
Black Figure
Black Figure 22 days ago
I new Mexicans are taking our jobs but not like this!
Devo 23 days ago
DesertHeat IVU
DesertHeat IVU 23 days ago
begoizfusals asoshi
A Very Playable Character
It would have killed it if Ron let the janitor grab one just so he would shut up and stop making a scene and then get called out on allowing the janitor grab a bagel and then get fired. Kind of like how some bosses are with employees trying to set them up for failure. Then finish the way they did.
mercytoday 23 days ago
Turning low stake situations into high stress situations.... Key and Peel
bowmansparks 23 days ago
This skit has my anxiety through the roof. I love bagels and this is tripping me out
Mr. Ali
Mr. Ali 24 days ago
Fuck that presenter. This really pissed me off... lol
its Tease
its Tease 25 days ago
imagine getting fired over bagels
Mr.potato Potato
Mr.potato Potato 25 days ago
Ron : no no no! Mexican janitor : im about to destroy this whole man career
THE FBI 25 days ago
I would've just shoved the fucking janitor away, dumbass cant understand shit, I'll make you understand dipshit
ON CRIP 25 days ago
Rob riggle look like a mean principle frr frr
Sabre 26 days ago
The way he said “bagels are for sales associates...”
Chronic Machines
Chronic Machines 26 days ago
Loving the new Sketches
King Big Sha
King Big Sha 26 days ago
I would have fucked him up and gladly went to jail for it
Jeffrey Salvador
Jeffrey Salvador 27 days ago
Handle your bagels
Rafael VC
Rafael VC 27 days ago
I dont think there's an acting job where that Presenter guy isn't an asshole
Silver Jay
Silver Jay 27 days ago
Did anybody else associate bagels with police station??
KTHREE31 28 days ago
Pale Dolphin
Pale Dolphin 28 days ago
For me, maybe?
yougot it
yougot it 28 days ago
just let him have the freaking bagel dude wtf
commiesarentpeople 28 days ago
He's right ron
BlueRice 28 days ago
I just punch my wall...
OrganicChemistry2 29 days ago
When your overweight wife doesn't put out or give blow jobs: *How come it's not for me, why?*
Kevin Babu
Kevin Babu 29 days ago
How do they manage to change personalities
Tanndo Baloyi
Tanndo Baloyi 29 days ago
he had one job smh
Kalela 29 days ago
Rob Riggle plays an asshole perfectly in this video.
EL Miore
EL Miore Month ago
Apparently, our ancestors sold rocks.
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