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Try not to get dunked into the wrong mystery dunk tank.. If you do, you will definitely regret it.. Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
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Apr 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Brian Ben Avi
Brian Ben Avi 25 minutes ago
The grosses was dog poop
Not a good Youtuber
Chicken shit
Ri culver
Ri culver 2 days ago
rip squidward
Mason M
Mason M 2 days ago
The chicken s****
Troy Schneider
Troy Schneider 2 days ago
chicken shit is bad
Battlefailed 4
Battlefailed 4 3 days ago
Rug u cont kill me in baseball and the the amount of people I have dunked is 00000000000000000 means that I am better
Adventures With Aileen
At 14:10 rug said daddy
Carlos Ortiz-Bernal
the fish
R3ACT EAZY 5 days ago
1 like = 1 prayer for the fish
poloboy 5 days ago
i love shamantheverman afk anothony and brawdis and you
Nathan Bankimbaga élève
And bless you guys
Nathan Bankimbaga élève
Subscribeeeeeeeeee please
Nathan Bankimbaga élève
It is my dream to be a famous youtuber
Nathan Bankimbaga élève
Subscribe to me please subscribe to me please
CodeX Lalo
CodeX Lalo 5 days ago
9:15 James Charles
Gecko Guy3212
Gecko Guy3212 5 days ago
Dunk my gecko in dem mealworms 2:30
Shanna Wilson
Shanna Wilson 7 days ago
You sayed dacktuch 14 times
Hassan El Najjar
Hassan El Najjar 7 days ago
Chicken shit
Vicky Smith
Vicky Smith 7 days ago
The grosest was chiken shit
Trandon Soxie
Trandon Soxie 8 days ago
The most stink one is chicken crap
Trandon Soxie
Trandon Soxie 8 days ago
Chicken crap
Tessa chairman
Tessa chairman 9 days ago
the munure
aeuxyra rblx
aeuxyra rblx 10 days ago
Ismael_123 Francisco
Now I know why rug is in FaZe
Soud Boloushi
Soud Boloushi 11 days ago
Chicken manour
Colette Terhzaz
Colette Terhzaz 11 days ago
bruh " u cheated, u didnt put ur whole head in" yet he pushed the button on his third go
Juan carlos Casillas alvarado
I count my dad's roasters and he has 304 rosters and that means I smell s*it EVERYWHERE so yeah
Deborah Oquendo
Deborah Oquendo 12 days ago
Chicken poop
Lisa Cooper
Lisa Cooper 12 days ago
Can’t Brian just say poop instead of cussing no harm in saying poop or not cussing
Mary Fiacco
Mary Fiacco 12 days ago
You’re cute
Nathan Ilarraza
Nathan Ilarraza 12 days ago
Did anthony say i thought they eat grass and eggs really eggs they cant eat thmeselves.
Jouse Castro
Jouse Castro 13 days ago
This is how many times he said dunk 👎
Virus the Gamer
Virus the Gamer 13 days ago
Last person to like this comment will most likely be a millionaire.
MobileForGaming 13 days ago
When I get triggered even though fishes is a word
Madeline Romero
Madeline Romero 13 days ago
8:07 that scream tho
Shika Monroe
Shika Monroe 14 days ago
You has the best you make me happy
Bryan Ortiz
Bryan Ortiz 14 days ago
Wtf that's chicken sh*t
Malia The boss
Malia The boss 15 days ago
I have chickens and believe me it stinks
Josh Keller
Josh Keller 15 days ago
My favorite reaction was Papa Rugs!
Russell Sports Club
wow I love you faze rug
jitter rocks
jitter rocks 16 days ago
jitter rocks
jitter rocks 16 days ago
Papa rug had it the worst
jitter rocks
jitter rocks 16 days ago
Faze rug: I was a baseball player Also rug: misses first two Anthony: first try😱😱😱
jitter rocks
jitter rocks 16 days ago
2:33 he fixed that real quick 😂😂😂
Aadit Warty
Aadit Warty 17 days ago
sherman the dum one says the chickens eat eggs jk love you anthony
Yessica Betancourt
Yessica Betancourt 17 days ago
I love this vid
Ebenezer Suresh
Ebenezer Suresh 17 days ago
But... can’t you smell it tho
Jessica Termine
Jessica Termine 17 days ago
Neithan Perez
Neithan Perez 18 days ago
Fish defeniltey
SWEATZ is cool
SWEATZ is cool 18 days ago
This is how many times they said brothe👇🏻
Zoey N Ruben cervantez
I am watching this in 2020 and do not buy those things because CORONA VIRUS
A-Game 19 days ago
Who else noticed that when Anthony fell on the first one all the worm moved out of the way so he didn’t even touched them
Damien Reyes
Damien Reyes 20 days ago
The chicken 💩 was the bad item
Ibrahima Dabo
Ibrahima Dabo 20 days ago
You said that Antony is sheathing and your sheathing to because you press the button with your hands that's sheeting to
Shayna Howells
Shayna Howells 20 days ago
Haai kan I be in wan of jor Comments I love your widows
Jeremiah FOGAVAA
Jeremiah FOGAVAA 20 days ago
Bryan: thats if he chooses tank number one. Me: Thats if you make it
Mini Man
Mini Man 21 day ago
Clicbait :/ no one fell in the clear water
Blayze Grant
Blayze Grant 21 day ago
Ay yooooo what good g
Aman Arfan
Aman Arfan 21 day ago
When rug put the chicken poo in the tank I actually smelt it Like if u agree 😗⬇️
Catherine Free
Catherine Free 22 days ago
The dead 🐟.. Nope.
Maria garcia
Maria garcia 22 days ago
Not in tank 1
Samanyu Vasamsetti
Samanyu Vasamsetti 22 days ago
Who else is here from 2020 in quarantine life
erasmo vasquez
erasmo vasquez 22 days ago
Fish it stinks
Joslyn Jackson
Joslyn Jackson 23 days ago
Oof Oofer
Oof Oofer 24 days ago
12:59 whoa chill
Gabe Ledes
Gabe Ledes 24 days ago
Why is blazendarys bmw there?
Aaiden Galvin
Aaiden Galvin 25 days ago
CyBeR PUNK 25 days ago
Equeen Isa
Equeen Isa 25 days ago
Omg If i saw this pool I will burn it and leave to another country 😂
Kalil Milburn
Kalil Milburn 25 days ago
Chicken shit was the worst
Manner Fuentes
Manner Fuentes 26 days ago
the chicken shit
Nightfury31 26 days ago
I like the way he said it 2:34
Josiah Lee
Josiah Lee 26 days ago
y'all absolutely suck at guessing
Karissa And Kaitlyn
Anthony played soft ball ⚾
Daniel playz Hotshots
Chicken sh*t was the grossest
Dominic Sanchez
Dominic Sanchez 27 days ago
2:24 seeds
Dominic Sanchez
Dominic Sanchez 27 days ago
2:09 who heard the bark?
Greyson’s Groove
Greyson’s Groove 27 days ago
Take your freakin socks off
Stephanie Franco
Stephanie Franco 27 days ago
"Me and Anthony are gonna trow the balls"😂😳
Stephanie Franco
Stephanie Franco 27 days ago
This is how many times they said dunk tank 👇😂
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