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Try not to get dunked into the wrong mystery dunk tank.. If you do, you will definitely regret it.. Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
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Comments 100
Clxtch Sosa
Clxtch Sosa 40 minutes ago
When will we see rug with another controller in his hand😭
Melina Ramos
Melina Ramos Hour ago
@ 12:59 he sounds like a pissed mom/dad
ttv PePhL
ttv PePhL 2 hours ago
if u find it convenient that they all got dunked make sure 👇🏻is blue
Just Me
Just Me 3 hours ago
Never will I ever drink Coke again.
Anna Hoholek
Anna Hoholek 3 hours ago
I think the shit one was the worse. No dought in my mind!!! WTF
Heather Grano
Heather Grano 3 hours ago
I don’t know y I watch these crazy challenges BUT ITS SO INTERRESING
Time to Party
Time to Party 4 hours ago
I rlly don’t like it when ppl cheat soz but I disliked
Mustapha Massoudi
Mustapha Massoudi 5 hours ago
Antony is getting chubby lately no hate tho
Tayshawn Redford
Tayshawn Redford 5 hours ago
This is how I define school 17:39
clara frost
clara frost 8 hours ago
Chicken poo
Makayla Taylor
Makayla Taylor 8 hours ago
I am just mad they wore their socks in the water
Olivia DeBate
Olivia DeBate 9 hours ago
Chicken shit
Jesus Chavez
Jesus Chavez 10 hours ago
Drug cheated
HW Unique
HW Unique 11 hours ago
The manure is the worst
Shadow Shock
Shadow Shock 11 hours ago
Solar Vlogs
Solar Vlogs 11 hours ago
The worst one was chicken s**t!
White_Walker2017 7
White_Walker2017 7 15 hours ago
Your so cruel to fish
Christina Konto
Christina Konto 16 hours ago
When he said dog food, a dog barked
Amare The Prankster
Amare The Prankster 17 hours ago
You’re a cheater I’m never watching your videos again or my family is never going to subscribe to your channel or like your videos
Lander Robles
Lander Robles 22 hours ago
The chicken shit
19:20 his dad look pissed
I mean 19:12
The best part of the video was papa rugs reaction lol
GUNS YT Day ago
Thanks for Ruining Coca-Cola for me 😪
Brandon Castelan
12:40 *peta joins the chat *
Silly Sausage
Chicken @#$
Denzel cahill
All love
MrUnFunny Day ago
scripted, but entertaining.
تركي العيار
chickin shit is the most grose
Mac Daddy
Mac Daddy Day ago
All the vegans mad rn
Nicola Williams
Is it dunk ting or dunk tank
Lil Sammy
Lil Sammy Day ago
The chicken sh##
Mason Higgins
now he is throwing the fish people killed these fish to be eaten not thrown
Mason Higgins
he is just wasting the fish
Camryn Mcdowell
Number one
Lil'n walker
Lil'n walker Day ago
chickens eat hay? bruh
If this is blue 👇 *Read more*
D'Artagnan Felizardo
That’s a human squid
XXX ogpyroblizzard
Jake Smuts
Jake Smuts 2 days ago
“What do they eat... I thought they just ate grass and EGGS!!!” 🤔
Lifewithcami Camila lucero
The chicken 💩
Hunter Gifford
Hunter Gifford 2 days ago
Chicken poop
Beat Master
Beat Master 2 days ago
Chicken shit
Cherry Bomber
Cherry Bomber 2 days ago
Vegans beware your in for a scare
Roskiinho YT
Roskiinho YT 2 days ago
This is how many times they both scream 👎
Frankie Avalos
Frankie Avalos 2 days ago
When rug was throwing the fish 😂😂😂
Nasima Dawe
Nasima Dawe 2 days ago
“Ahhhh” Anthony pushes him back in Brian struggles “Ahhh I squished one ahh”
Jalecia Bronson
Jalecia Bronson 2 days ago
Anthony looks like Smuel from the boy in the striped pajamas movie on Netflix *Note: this is not a mean comment
Aidan Chu
Aidan Chu 3 days ago
If McLovin' and Jonah Hill had a kid it would be sherman
Starboy TV
Starboy TV 3 days ago
Rug cheated on the last round NOT FAIR TEAM ANTHONY MMWAHAHAAHA
Derick S
Derick S 3 days ago
I THINK THE 🐓 💩 would have been the worst
That abs tho
Siki Aina
Siki Aina 3 days ago
You guys are sooo wrong doing that to papa rug! 😂🤣😂🤣 but it was funny to watch! Chicken crap...ewwww gross!!!
the fortnite pro
the fortnite pro 3 days ago
The chicken shit
Kara Reaper
Kara Reaper 3 days ago
i feel bad for papa rug
Lps CoCo
Lps CoCo 3 days ago
As my mother mom was leaving faze said bye I'll miss you
King ThaSnipa
King ThaSnipa 3 days ago
I haven’t watched rug in a while and it looks like his brother gained a lot of weight
Carla Bermudez
Carla Bermudez 3 days ago
You should this with all your cousins and brother mom and dad.
Blinkツ 3 days ago
Rug: Hey mom I'm heading to the store Momma Rug: Oh okay, what are you buying? Rug: Chicken Poop and Dead Squid Momma Rug: ........ :| :/........... oh okay have fun!
Deaisya Sutton
Deaisya Sutton 3 days ago
The chicken poop was more gross 🤣🤭🤮
Jacy Lunsford
Jacy Lunsford 3 days ago
I’m sorry but I hate this vid cause y’all are so mean to papa rug😭
Preston Walder
Preston Walder 3 days ago
All the fishes that were in the “dunk tank” By: Faze Rug, and that the chicken poop also was the one of the worst but the fishes was the worst I bet!!!👍🏼
Preston Walder
Preston Walder 3 days ago
This is how many times that Faze Rug said dunk tank👇🏼👂
Griffin Lukins
Griffin Lukins 3 days ago
The manure
fahri muhawesh
fahri muhawesh 3 days ago
They always chose the wrong tank
Evelyn Liu
Evelyn Liu 4 days ago
the mealworms were dead.. (right???)
Challeng Girl
Challeng Girl 4 days ago
Y is faze so skinny ?😂
Last Flame
Last Flame 4 days ago
Worms where the worst
Paula Schulz
Paula Schulz 4 days ago
The squid is the worst
Alvarordz16 Rodriguez
Dog shit
NBA Real_Savage
NBA Real_Savage 4 days ago
The chicken shit was the worst
SadaBella Thompson
“We got some canned dog food” * dog barks*
Zoe Martin
Zoe Martin 4 days ago
Feel so bad for daddy.
johnny papas
johnny papas 4 days ago
Chicken 💩
Bridgette Gould
Bridgette Gould 4 days ago
I love your channel so fucking man rug 💕💕 Read more
Bridgette Gould
Bridgette Gould 4 days ago
I love your channel so fucking man rug 💕💕 Read more
bob potato
bob potato 4 days ago
Martyna Horba
Martyna Horba 4 days ago
12:56- who was that..?
f o s t e a r
f o s t e a r 4 days ago
Dye your pool red or something
Sage Clan
Sage Clan 4 days ago
Why can rug just play cod again this content is kinda ass
EZ_BOY 323
EZ_BOY 323 4 days ago
12:29 “ughhhhh I squished one” 🤣😂
Mariana Quezada
Mariana Quezada 4 days ago
wet socks? NOPE.
Jefara semo
Jefara semo 4 days ago
Fels bad for papa rug
Jacqueline Corrales
Throwing the fish is just animal abuse
Joshua Avila
Joshua Avila 4 days ago
Najat Alshami
Najat Alshami 5 days ago
Chicken poop
Chloe / Coco Jr.
Chloe / Coco Jr. 5 days ago
He keeps saying baby he said on to the next round baby that's weird. And u bet he wasn't practicing
Slyter Family
Slyter Family 5 days ago
Chicken poop
Brandon Hunter
Brandon Hunter 5 days ago
That is gross
Kylie Frascstore
Kylie Frascstore 5 days ago
The chicken crap is not bad bc I am use to it bc my sis has over 20 chickens
vicky& Lilly
vicky& Lilly 5 days ago
Chicken shit
Mary Padilla
Mary Padilla 5 days ago
When you guys poured the dog food inside the tank it looked and sounded like poop I t was soo DISGUSTING!!!
Lilli Spurgeon
Lilli Spurgeon 5 days ago
I love how there scared of dead fish😂❤️still love yall
Fortnite forever
Fortnite forever 5 days ago
The chicken shit was the worst one
Tomas Ramirez
Tomas Ramirez 5 days ago
Chiken manuer
Keyla Reyes
Keyla Reyes 5 days ago
You guys are a** holes can you stop cheating for ones in your dam life
Keyla Reyes
Keyla Reyes 14 hours ago
XxBilli Lilli xx You are the dam ugly rat with that ugly ass face of yours bitch
XxBilli Lilli xx
XxBilli Lilli xx 3 days ago
Shut up you ugly rat. He did it for fun,so shush and don't hate.
TRIZZY 2 5 days ago
Everytime they got in the bad tank
Valerie Defrank
Valerie Defrank 5 days ago
Chicken sh*t
B_REKT35 REKT 5 days ago
How does he not smell it 😂
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