Dollar Tree Garden Fence Makeover | Two DIY's

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Watch me transform a couple of Dollar Tree Fence Panels into 2 gorgeous pieces of home decor…...Using nothing but Dollar Tree items, and some scrap pieces of wood!
Supply List:
2 Dollar Tree Fence Panels
1 6x6 wood sign
1 Shower Caddy
1 Toilet Plumger handle- 11’ long
2 Scrap pieces of wood - 2x4, 11’ long
Jute Twine
Hot Glue
Glass Hurricane Vase and candle (optional)
2 Glass jars w/ lids (optional)
Paint colors of choice

Im teaming up with some of my favorite Crafty RUvidrs to bring you a Dollar Tree
Fence Panel Challenge Collab! We will all be using these plastic fence panels, and
Transforming them into something amazing! Be sure to watch all the videos in the
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Feb 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Christene :D
Christene :D 10 hours ago
This is adorable. Now I know what I'm going to do with the fencing I never threw away! My son just built himself a new fence to go around his jacuzzi and said he'd like to have hooks to hang towels and such.. This would be a fabulous embellishment to any shelf with hooks. Your idea to add the pieces under the shelf at the sides is so pretty. That's it.. I'm gonna have to subscribe.. You are so creative! 💖 Thank you for sharing your talent and motivating us to create. 💜
CARRIE THOMPSON 15 hours ago
My name is Carrie! 🤗❤️
Rita Creason
Rita Creason Day ago
I love these idea’s thank you so very much for sharing ! You’re absolutely amazing ! ❣️❣️❣️
Irene Cadenas Vlogs
Love it
Legend Arie
Legend Arie Day ago
I just found myself talking to you, even though you can't hear me 😂🤣 Like, "Yes, Girl, I love what your doing here!! I think I have the stuff to make this, I'll be right back!!" 😂🤣 Great DIY's!!
Li Teixeira
Li Teixeira Day ago
very creative........
JIMANDMEL4LI FE. 2 days ago
Great ideas. Thank you.
Danita Gainey
Danita Gainey 2 days ago
I use to have that view in Redington beach
Kelly Hamilton
Kelly Hamilton 2 days ago
I went to 4 stores and still can’t find them!!!!! Ugh 😩
Gert Domber
Gert Domber 3 days ago
dizneyprincess92 G
I love the idea but the gray and white look sloppy to me. Just my opinion The bottom needed more blending it would have been much better.
Altamese Allen
Altamese Allen 3 days ago
Awesome!!! What a vivid imagination. I'm loving this . ❤❤❤
Ruth Mills
Ruth Mills 3 days ago
They dont carry these in our Wooster store....😪
Robert Carey
Robert Carey 4 days ago
I hate being continually asked to subscribe especially at the begining of a video , so annoying and off putting , if i like a channel or find it interesting then i subscribe , i'm sure i'm not alone , thanks for sharing .
Ed Williams
Ed Williams 4 days ago
Used these to make panels for above my windows as an accent
Lawonna Woody
Lawonna Woody 7 days ago
Very nice I really like it.
Angela Harrison
Angela Harrison 8 days ago
I absolutely love that shelf! Great job!
Carol Manning
Carol Manning 9 days ago
Love this
Coffee for two Solly
I loved these...personal choice I would of sprayed painted the second one black.or just kept the grey so the wood shelves popped more ...loved that you film as you create! 🙋🏻‍♀️🇬🇧💕
Melissa Turner
Melissa Turner 13 days ago
You are so creative
Pamela UtopianChoices
Caught myself agreeing with you and talking as if you could hear me.. I enjoyed the video. I am crafty in other ways... this was fun to watch.
Kathryne B
Kathryne B Month ago
It came out really cute!
Cassandra Heller
That little end you cut off the fence works well as a garden ID markers for your herbs, veggies, or container gardening.
marikie marie
marikie marie Month ago
I have used the coffee bean paint color as a stain for years!! Lol my fav is coffee bean, melted chocolate and burnt umber. Burnt umber is excellent for that farmhouse trend. I havent ised stain in forever. When my son was 2 we discovered he had severe asthma....so I had to learn to be very careful with what I used.... I wanted to stain a table top so bad but couldn't use stain... I didnt have an outdoor area... so... I had to be clever. Been my favorite craft hack since.
Angela Mertz
Angela Mertz Month ago
I hate to say it but every single one of her videos are way too long. I literally just found myself falling asleep to this one... Could not make it all the way through. Not even to the halfway mark. I like her and I like her personality and delivery, but man oh man it's just way too much monotony over and over... Whoever's editing these needs to use more fast-forwarding montages set to music or something... Way too much boring stuff that could be edited out.
the7HoffmanGirls 12 days ago
You can adjust the play speed when you click the gear icon. Try 1.25
Margie Davidson
Margie Davidson Month ago
Cute idea, not for me. I enjoy some of your videos. This one is painfully slow. It took 3 minutes to start the DIY. I don't think this particular item is worth the investment. It would be very nice if you would show the end result along with your investment before the video. We would be able to decide if it it's anything we would want. Best wishes
Adelamarie Firme
Super cute❤❤❤❤❤
Lisa Fullmer
Lisa Fullmer Month ago
So so perfect for our Covid 19 days!!! If we can all make this stuff, time will pass more quickly & we will have something to show for it. I was thinking of putting the fences actually to line my flower beds where no one gets that close. Nice house, pool, too cheap looking? Thoughts please. No one will be with in 10 feet of terraced yard wall where l would put them. How about figuring out how to use them in an arch way with vines @ back yard entrance? Possible?
Holly Cline
Holly Cline Month ago
I was thinking you could put a plant inside of the little area and sit them on your patio or something with fake little flowers all around the plant holder. Just an idea. :)
Venus Broughton
Venus Broughton Month ago
Mom and Dad's DIY you could use that on the kitchen table put two of them back to back with the candles and the greenery you could use it for napkins as a napkin holder you could put a plant in it and set it on the counter that thing is too cute it could be used for so much you can even put it in the bathroom cuz some little makeup wipe removers some nail polishes
Tambo Jo
Tambo Jo Month ago
I feel inspired!!!Great Ideas 💡
Carole Hirsch
Carole Hirsch Month ago
Just love love love this. Thank u so much
blanca ortega
blanca ortega Month ago
You can use those things you cut off to simulate a hinge for another diy farmhouse "door"
melanie Courville
Love this!! I just discovered your channel. I also do a lot of DIY. An idea I immediately thought of was to use the steaks you cut off, or little wooden pegs, glue them to the bottom and it looks like a miniature chair which would be adorable for a small potted plant. Definitely going to use this idea, thank you so much for sharing!
Suzanne Lewis
Suzanne Lewis Month ago
another awesome project
amanda carpenella
Mama dare to DIY what county do u live in in Florida? I'm in Pasco on the gulf. I am going to be starting my own channel very shortly doing FURNITURE RESTORATION/ DIY/CRAFTING/ HACKS. Maybe one day we could collab!!? I'll have to get my subscribers up of course.😁😁
Etiquette Connoisseur
This is creativity!
Olivia W
Olivia W Month ago
Very clever ideas! Thank you for sharing
Linda Barraza
Linda Barraza Month ago
gramma says
gramma says Month ago
I could see a rocking chair made with the fencing.
Rain Csolak
Rain Csolak Month ago
Love your idea of the wall sconse holder or wall shelf upside down. You could add 4 'leg' to the other side and set your plant in it or a cushion for a little doll chair. You are inspiring!! Just happened in your channel. Subscribed. New fan. Thank you! ♡♡
Rain Csolak
Rain Csolak Month ago
I was actually only half way through the video when I commented above. I wanted to write you just in case I got busy and missed writing later... But you've wowed me again!! I love your bathroom wall thing. It looks do much more expensive than the sum of materials.
Debra LeBlanc
Debra LeBlanc Month ago
You are very good at improv lol. Envy your creative talent!
J D Month ago
Wow you sure are creative. I love what you did with the fencing. I just wanted to buy some to fence in my flowers but now You gave me these ideas😁
Tammie Toombs
Tammie Toombs 2 months ago
I love both of your projects!
Cruz Páez
Cruz Páez 2 months ago
Very creative. I can't believe how sturdy it was considering you hot glued the pieces flushed without using any extra back pieces for support. I will have to try the brand of 'tough' glue sticks you use. They do seem sturdier than regular glue sticks.👍🏽 You have given me that spark I needed to pick up some garden fences & create something beautiful tomorrow. Well-done.💜
Martha Oliva D.
Martha Oliva D. 2 months ago
No sound. At. All on this. Video ???????
the7HoffmanGirls 12 days ago
Check the tab for the page to be sure the speaker icon is not X'd out.
sharon rowland
sharon rowland 2 months ago
Your great at thinking of the box can't wait to see the next video
Gina Kennelly
Gina Kennelly 2 months ago
Did you say what kind of hot glue you used? Couldn't hear.
Mama Dares To DIY
Mama Dares To DIY 2 months ago
Im so sorry Gina. I used the SureBonder Tough Stiks. They are industrial strength and hold up really well. Here is an Amazon link to the ones I use. :) amzn.to/2UOEAs8
Doby Carter
Doby Carter 2 months ago
I think that those are tacky & ugly , and I can't believe that I waisted 3min fast forwarding through this hoping for a better out come ; but this is just my opinion thank you for sharing for those who like this sort of thing...
the7HoffmanGirls 12 days ago
I think your comment was tacky and ugly.
Mark Hopple
Mark Hopple 2 months ago
I really like the shelf! Great Idea!
April P
April P 2 months ago
I've had a bunch of the little fences in my stash and wasn't sure what to do with them then low and behold I found you. Watched what you did then ran right off to make one of the candle holders. Turned out fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing and giving me some inspiration. You're awesome.
Teresa Slemp
Teresa Slemp 2 months ago
Really nice
Karen cro cheter
Karen cro cheter 2 months ago
Hi new here i really like what you did with the bathroom one
Diane Rodriguez
Diane Rodriguez 2 months ago
That was amazing! Great ideas and final products!
Mark Freedom
Mark Freedom 2 months ago
Did she say plaster paint for decor on that plastic piece? And it dries nice?
Mama Dares To DIY
Mama Dares To DIY 2 months ago
Hehehehe the color is called Plaster. Its a Waverly chalk paint. ;)
Susana Barrera
Susana Barrera 2 months ago
I don't like ur work. U are to messy. But I do like ur background view. 👎👎👎👎
the7HoffmanGirls 12 days ago
We all have opinions. Be kind.
Nancy Ogard
Nancy Ogard 2 months ago
I think I'd spray the first DIY black & leave it all black. But then I could maybe destress it with something to make it look like rust in spots. What do you think?
L.A.Sharp 2 months ago
Wow!!!!! Just WOW!!!
TakingTimeOutForMe 2 months ago
Love it.
Kim Dimond
Kim Dimond 2 months ago
You need the microphone closer to you, it's very hard to hear you talking.
Gina Kennelly
Gina Kennelly 2 months ago
@Mama Dares To DIY yes volume was all the way up and still couldn't hear well.
Mama Dares To DIY
Mama Dares To DIY 2 months ago
Did you try adjusting the volume on the actual RUvid video? You can also adjust the volume on your computer. Happy DIYing!
Lisa Lancaster
Lisa Lancaster 2 months ago
It would make a nice napkin holder
De’Jenaba Booker
De’Jenaba Booker 2 months ago
Wow That’s TALENT👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Nancy W Lawson
Nancy W Lawson 2 months ago
Loved this shelf and what a great way to use the Dollar Tree Items.
Jean Justice
Jean Justice 2 months ago
Going to DT and DG tomorrow to get the material to make these. Thank you.
lenora welsh
lenora welsh 2 months ago
It was very interesting to see your outcome just imagine what you could just do with those three object very good job love your way of seeing things what could become of simple and things I'm doing one to but I seen jewelry holder too in your project I'll show mines in the near future Thank for sharing
Cyndee McC
Cyndee McC 2 months ago
katdex601 2 months ago
Love it! Is it large enough to hold napkins?
Pam Carrell Massey
Pam Carrell Massey 2 months ago
Where did you get the tuff sticks and this was so cute love your view
Ginger Black
Ginger Black 2 months ago
Very creative!!! You gave me some great ideas! I'm making a patio room and just got a new rug that has a very similar design.
Tenacious Terri
Tenacious Terri 2 months ago
Rub your shoulder for me I need some creativity
Tenacious Terri
Tenacious Terri 2 months ago
Great idea making paint into a stain
Kim Birch
Kim Birch 2 months ago
It isn't anything new. I have used paint as stain many times.
Stephanie S
Stephanie S 2 months ago
It’s kind of hard to see due to the camera not being closer to what you are doing.
Anita Westfall
Anita Westfall 2 months ago
The link to your account Facebook is broken
Mama Dares To DIY
Mama Dares To DIY 2 months ago
Whoops! Thats what I get for copying and pasting lol! It should be fixed now. Thanks so much for letting me know :)
Jennifer Matthews
Jennifer Matthews 2 months ago
Love it! New sub
Ann Ford
Ann Ford 2 months ago
Love the shelf! Turned out so cute.
Julie Veitia
Julie Veitia 2 months ago
I started to think you were making a fairy bed. 😂
Sue Shanks
Sue Shanks 2 months ago
Amazing how you transformed simple items to great looking accent pieces !
Sherlyn Patterson
Sherlyn Patterson 2 months ago
The fence project could also be a cute little chair so a small stuffed animal can sit inside the upside down picture square for a display of some kind.
Vicki Rivera
Vicki Rivera 3 months ago
I was thinking, but I wouldn't know size wise, that the first project could be a napkin holder or a tissue box holder...😏😁. But darn, i think I'm hooked! 👌
Hilaree Jovanelli
Hilaree Jovanelli 2 months ago
Vicki Rivera I was thinking that same thing about the napkin holder idea!
Carol Dennis
Carol Dennis 3 months ago
I will try to make a Barbie out door swing using the bottom section of the caddy rack.
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