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D.O.I.N.G YOUR E.X. PRANK ON RG OFFICIAL | HE WAS RUSHED TO HOSPITAL🏥😱 #prank #pranks #funnypranks #rgofficial #prankfunny

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Comments 80
CeyNoLimit Year ago
JusSzn 5 months ago
Infamous Kam so hiv
EZX9750XL 8 months ago
it's xmas niggas not cmas
Brandon Hill
Brandon Hill 11 months ago
😂😂😂bro by the 10th time you said this is for yo ex after all that. I woulda socked you in yo shit!💯 but he almost killed you ! Smh
Arraya smith
Arraya smith Year ago
Whats yo intro song called
anna mugestik
anna mugestik Year ago
Her pussy must have it good good I mean for his ex his ex
Jamarion Cox
Jamarion Cox Day ago
The 🐱 was that gooooood damn my turn shiiit
ShwavyEJ 6 days ago
how u attempt to hurt someone but hurt yourself more. 😂😂😂
kd games gang
kd games gang 17 days ago
i bot a glock21 wit a dick and a lazer
kd games gang
kd games gang 17 days ago
i'm dead
Tiffi Nicci
Tiffi Nicci 25 days ago
He keep is mouth. open fo yo ex?×100,000,000,000
Walter Johnson
Walter Johnson 26 days ago
5:50 BJs laugh got me weak 😂😂😂
Trinity Uwalaka
Trinity Uwalaka 29 days ago
in the last video in the dirty truth or dare u kept saying she my ex for a reason and stuff like that and now he fighting for her u can tell he has feelings for her
Nehemiah Guy
Nehemiah Guy Month ago
I see his bone
Lil Sebas
Lil Sebas Month ago
If dj was still there homie and he was there he would knock out rg
Jhaimarii Month ago
cey got some cricket ass teeth
Trapbabbby L
Trapbabbby L Month ago
2:38 🤣🤣🤣 “ abrusive “
Joan Wall
Joan Wall Month ago
Mane got a temper🥵🤪
Alexandre Louis-Jacques
Cey i like this prank
Terrance Holt
Terrance Holt 2 months ago
Bj slam rg too hard😂🤣
Free g3
Free g3 2 months ago
Break window nigga bye 200 dollar Haha
tripleog prettythug
tripleog prettythug 2 months ago
Rg almost put his ass through the window
jamee williams
jamee williams 2 months ago
U know how close that was cey could’ve been gonnne😂
jamee williams
jamee williams 2 months ago
Wtfff this boy cey was abouta go out the window how to explain that we was doing a RUvid prank and I knocked him out the window but not on purpose I was just acting like I was mad prancing youtube
jamee williams
jamee williams 2 months ago
Rg so fake bro he not even tryna hit the dude forreal cause if he wanted to there’s was plenty of chances where he could’ve straight up jawed him but instead he going the extra mile being really dramatic faking shit acting pissed off and baby grabbing him and shit falling on the ground and shit 😂💀
life with kelli
life with kelli 2 months ago
whats the name of your intro song
life with kelli
life with kelli 2 months ago
i fw yo intro song
Bmt Finest
Bmt Finest 3 months ago
Nigga almost died
Krystian Hembry
Krystian Hembry 3 months ago
This nigga fuckin broke the damn window I bet they got kicked out the fuckin hotel oh crazy ads nigga but this was a banger on slime slaatt
skittles is the name
What's rgs exs Insta
Tabre Bradford
Tabre Bradford 3 months ago
Okay I’m back on a old video but she sound like jai
Nariah Bailey
Nariah Bailey 4 months ago
They dipped I’m weak
Mari Uhh
Mari Uhh 4 months ago
Ehhhh her butt look so nasty😂
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 4 months ago
redd wheel
redd wheel 4 months ago
Cey my name is Aiden I am 9 years old my favorite sport is basketball I think I can beat you in basketball you are my favorite youtuber. I think we can be best friends I live in yonkers you are the best
CashedUpDre 4 months ago
Rg got his ass beat by yrndj no Capp 😂😂😂
KosmosKnives 5 months ago
12:10 lowkey tryna make a thumbnail lol
Yrn Nunu
Yrn Nunu 5 months ago
What if bj just mess with the glass and all the glass would of fell that would of been funny
Emontae Bradley
Emontae Bradley 5 months ago
RG can not fight
sniper gang98
sniper gang98 5 months ago
bitch really crying over sum pants,lil ass cut
sniper gang98
sniper gang98 5 months ago
rg weak asf
life with kelli
life with kelli 5 months ago
I like this intro go back to this one
Randy Toussaint
Randy Toussaint 5 months ago
What’s the best/song at 1:25
Marlon Bodie
Marlon Bodie 5 months ago
What did the window do to you guys
Buddy Montana
Buddy Montana 5 months ago
he basically tried to kill both them diving out a window
Justice_ 5 months ago
We know rg can’t fight😂
Santana Flossy
Santana Flossy 5 months ago
This nigga wilding 😂😂😂
Deadpool9874 6 months ago
His ex built like a breadstick
Janet Powers
Janet Powers 6 months ago
His ex butt look nasty
Nikko3 6 months ago
10:52 😂😂
Quiints 6 months ago
That nigga bjs reaction was hilarious he make every vid funny
Desolate 6 months ago
BJ tossing that man RG
Aunnah Grady
Aunnah Grady 6 months ago
Am I the only one that think saggin kinda gay
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell 6 months ago
Imagine if it was is real girl
omgitspaligurlKD7 _
omgitspaligurlKD7 _ 6 months ago
Wat if cey fell out the window damn loll
D'Oralee Merriweather
bruh bj is hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Savannah Valentin
Savannah Valentin 6 months ago
Some one just pants rg already😂😂😂
Knocturnal Kid
Knocturnal Kid 7 months ago
Nice video as always tho CEY
Knocturnal Kid
Knocturnal Kid 7 months ago
This would be a dangerous prank to pull on a Jamaican, gunshot would a slap him left right and center
Cameron Daniels
Cameron Daniels 7 months ago
The fact that bj walked in buggin 😂😂
DR3 You know the vibes
DR3 You know the vibes
DR3 You know the vibes
Why they both have price tags on there Clothes 💀
ZZZtentacion StunningSteph#30
It's the new style nowadays lmao
SuVeir Kennybo ツ
SuVeir Kennybo ツ 7 months ago
You could of fell
Clapoh 7 months ago
What if that nigga flew out the window
Sheri Albert
Sheri Albert 7 months ago
Bro that was crazy he actually broke a window
Devin Jacobs
Devin Jacobs 7 months ago
the last real prank ever 😂😂.
roman empire
roman empire 7 months ago
Rg. can't fight he was fallin everywhere and also he fight or whatever u call it for his ex
PlayBoiJoe 7 months ago
Video was lit bro
MuzeCloudd Clipz
MuzeCloudd Clipz 7 months ago
Like if they doing it real no cap
troop driver
troop driver 7 months ago
5:51 bj laugh😂😂😂
Majorette Dancer
Majorette Dancer 7 months ago
Mr. Strech the neck Slowww then when i saw his arm i said thats tuff folk but he be the main one talkinn trash like wtf
Jeyshaliz Villa
Jeyshaliz Villa 7 months ago
Rg over here gettin takled and tossed around
z_Body-Bagz_ 7 months ago
BJ laugh had me rollin😂😂
Yahir Reducindo
Yahir Reducindo 7 months ago
Rg weak as hell
Kevin21 7 months ago
Love the intro bro
Richkid23 Gaming
Richkid23 Gaming 7 months ago
Your intro fire
Andrew Calloway
Andrew Calloway 7 months ago
RG weak asf😂😂🤣
Shake_sum_4_jojo DA GOAT
I shared this to all my friends
Capp9ine 7 months ago
If that window wasn’t strong enough, they both could of fell out of that window
Jasiai 7 months ago
That girl got no ass
LJEEZY 09 8 months ago
Rg you extra for you ex tho
Chris Boston
Chris Boston 8 months ago
Rg can’t fight😭😬
Yofavv Kiya
Yofavv Kiya 8 months ago
Who is rg ex girlfriend
Terrance Smith
Terrance Smith 8 months ago
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