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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm taking my GET READY series to a while other level!!! After the hot air balloon I thought.. it's time to come back got earth! I'm going to do my FULL FACE of makeup on a moving raft... on the iconic Yellowstone River in Montana! Can I survive the sun, wind and wild animals??? Watch and find out!
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Aug 3, 2018




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Natan Victor
Natan Victor 4 hours ago
It felt like everytime Jeff talking to the cow, they just replied what Jeff said with moo 😂 lol I love this
Mrs. V
Mrs. V 13 hours ago
"easy breezy beautiful, f*ggot girl " lol I died. and also " what's your tea bitch " at the cow or whatever it was lol I cannot he's too funny
Ma.Rowena Catain
Ma.Rowena Catain 3 days ago
Me from start to end: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Im Completely entertained. Luv yah jeffree 😘
Maria Forfod
Maria Forfod 5 days ago
I love this!!😍😍😂
Chelsea Snyder
Chelsea Snyder 6 days ago
So in love with this video ❤️
Farida Aminy
Farida Aminy 7 days ago
Jeffree you are so funny lol
teenie beenie
teenie beenie 7 days ago
wanna go fishin on lakes in texas u guys? im ur guy::: lemme know, goood stuff yea
Kylieanneh 8 days ago
Imagine floating down the river and seeing Jeffrey ☆ go past. Loved this video a lot. Hope to see more.
Arwen Moody
Arwen Moody 10 days ago
This video is my favorite, I'm laughing throughout the whole video! Jeffree your laugh gives me life, and you critter conversations are killing me!
lailapoche 10 days ago
@jeffreestar I love all your "out in nature" videos lol, but honestly I love how you are always showing love to mother nature💚🌿 So I noticed your natural eye color is brown, mine are too. My favorite shadow colors are either warm fire colors or elven nature tones & metals. Blood Sugar changed my life, could you do an Elvish Mother Nature inspired palette. Cause Mother Nature is going through a lot rn and I think we need to give her a moment
jello bello
jello bello 11 days ago
it so funny
Shelly Pitts
Shelly Pitts 11 days ago
I love watching this couple.
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 11 days ago
When Jeffree sees a raft with people he says imagine if someone knew who I was and there they were they knew who you were! I don't know how anyone wouldn't or couldn't know who he was! Wish I were one of them! I'd love to meet Jeffree :)
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 11 days ago
Loved the video but not the shadow ;)
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 11 days ago
Ok so what other beauty guru would be out the in the water in MONTANA! And wet their blender in the river water!?!? This is why I love Jeffree no matter how rich or well known /famous he gets he still remains so humble and just himself :)
Brook Russell
Brook Russell 11 days ago
Your best video 👍
Dyslexic Teletubby
Dyslexic Teletubby 14 days ago
I love how he treats Maddie like family
Renelle Foote
Renelle Foote 14 days ago
Omg, I love how Jeffrey is so open to everything ❤
Shadia Nichols
Shadia Nichols 14 days ago
I love u jeffree star
bryan turnage
bryan turnage 18 days ago
Yall make it look like it so easy and it not I have so.much repaect for each ever one
erica 18 days ago
So fun
Ronald Pevahouse
Ronald Pevahouse 20 days ago
Watches are submerged yes same water but getting ready to remove maybe fan at ram with washout seperate pot
Ronald Pevahouse
Ronald Pevahouse 20 days ago
Ok been doing rotations to nine o clock position variable amount sometimes one rot up to seven rot hands off ten to thirty seconds under mass s u attack yet is like fart in wind
Tammy Macpherson
Tammy Macpherson 23 days ago
Lol the animals omg so funny ! Love itttttt
Christina Kang
Christina Kang 23 days ago
Thanks, fun to watch. Some of your statements made me die laughing needed that thank you. As we prepare for a hurricane here & I try to cut my stress in 1/2.
Cass Wong
Cass Wong 24 days ago
I just love to watch Jeffree videos. He's so creative in his videos and funny too. His makeup is fabulous.
Pennywise LOL
Pennywise LOL 24 days ago
The way nate replies to jefree....is honetsly like weird idk why it feels not sincere
Ella Downey
Ella Downey 27 days ago
“I don’t plan on drowning- I know some of y’all want that.. not today baby” -Jeffree Me: what a mood
MM milos
MM milos 28 days ago
Che 28 days ago
Jeffree talkin to a bison: 'oh what's up gurl, 'what's your T bitch, how you doin?' i literally spilled my coffee laughing my ass off. hate you jeffree :))))
L W Month ago
these videos should be prescribed for anxiety 😂💖
arshan khan
arshan khan Month ago
Love you
arshan khan
arshan khan Month ago
🇮🇷 I'm Indian
Zachary adam Carillo
Next: doing my makeup while climbing a volcano
Never Mind
Never Mind Month ago
Kathryn Johnson
Kathryn Johnson Month ago
What a peaceful trip...beautiful countryside...great company...... What a lovely day!!!! 💕🐾💝
Desert Witch
Desert Witch Month ago
I would live in Montana in a heartbeat 💗.
Imaan Yousaf
Imaan Yousaf Month ago
Alice Month ago
Jeffree is so iconic just contouring with cows in the background
Allison Chan
Allison Chan Month ago
I just love how you are. 😄😄😄
Amanda Nicole Maynor
I saw this before you did good hilarious
Whatever You Say Productions LLC
This is. The best video I’ve ever seen.
Adri Grace
Adri Grace Month ago
Last time i saw him he had 6 million which was a month ago
Chelsea Charles
Chelsea Charles Month ago
I literally die every time I watch one of his videos. Fucking hilarious
Xx Puddlez xX
Xx Puddlez xX Month ago
jeffree: ooh a bug just went in my mouth Also jeffree: yUmMie I CRI 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
amy trumbull
amy trumbull Month ago
Jeffree! You need a hair clip or scrunchie or some damn thing girl!
Lauren Month ago
I love how I’m literally watching this August 3rd 2019🤣
ADKANOL K Month ago
Please please please please please please do a makeup under water challenge with James Charles
Lucy In the sky
Lucy In the sky 3 days ago
ADKANOL K He isn’t friends with James Charles anymore
Emely’s Makeup
That’s not even water rafting the water is too calm 🤦🏽‍♀️ search up water rafting and see what I’m talking about
Lux Fuzzling
Lux Fuzzling Month ago
South of the spot they were at is a canyon that's a little more hardcore. I'm glad they didn't go there, a few people drown each year through that canyon. I live exactly where they filmed this.
Britt any
Britt any Month ago
Jefree: "If you guys want Nathan to do my make up again.. holler at me" Me: " YES! JEFREE YASSSSS!"
Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist Month ago
I fucking love you.
Erika Reed
Erika Reed Month ago
Black hole sheek
Mal _ Craw
Mal _ Craw Month ago
That is some good quality content!! Beautiful scenery!!! ❤❤❤✔✔
iam- tspin
iam- tspin Month ago
Yes, do his make up boy!,, with a pole in your hand❣
ASMR Destination Sleep
Jefree be like “hey girl” to the fish lol. 💕💕
Meagan Evoy
Meagan Evoy Month ago
This one had me rolling! Talking to all the animals...so me... I'm with you girl!
Omis Glamour
Omis Glamour Month ago
My home I wish I knew when you were there lol
Zeekee Reen
Zeekee Reen Month ago
RUvid: How extra do you want to be on the beauty platform? Jeffree: YES. We stan!❤️
Regina Mortis
Regina Mortis Month ago
Lmao this video is a mess. I love it
Made In EU
Made In EU Month ago
u funny,i like u
Christine Lewis
Christine Lewis 2 months ago
Jeffree, I love that you can be elegant and classy, and turn around in the outdoors and be just as comfortable. I love that you seem to enjoy the things Nate does. Great video, the more I watch you, the more I become a fan.
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