Doing Kesha's Makeup!

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today’s video I glam up the iconic KESHA! We showcase her new beauty line while talking about her old music as Ke$ha, how she’s transformed over the past few years, her new album, and more! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE! 🌈❤️
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Nov 29, 2019




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Comments 100
Barnaby Lobb
Barnaby Lobb 3 minutes ago
Ugh it’s so unfair. If this was posted now it would have so many more views
Roxana 45 minutes ago
can we talk about how nice and amazing ke$ha is?
Pink Queen
Pink Queen 16 hours ago
Wowow She Looks Diffrent from 11 years ag well duh
Cori’s Life
I watched victorious and realized Kesha is a real celebrity lol
Charlotte Calisi
This look is fucking UNREAL!!!!!!!
Can we appreciate how beautiful Kesha is without makeup
Libby's life
Libby's life 2 days ago
Woww she does not look 33
nina graves
nina graves 2 days ago
Sanjana Poojary
Sanjana Poojary 2 days ago
Is she trans ??
Melanie Calvert
Melanie Calvert 2 days ago
James said he was 20 when he 21 😂
Miya star Miya
Miya star Miya 2 days ago
This is soooooo good
C o o k i e
C o o k i e 3 days ago
She does NOT look from Ke$ha from victorious I thought it was 8 years ago?
Alexandra Johns
Alexandra Johns 3 days ago
I wanna be best friends with Kesha.
Cherry 4 days ago
I just fell in love with her 😍
Nagy Gréta
Nagy Gréta 4 days ago
She looks like a hippi
Nagy Gréta
Nagy Gréta 4 days ago
PLS do Ariana or do Billie omg because we want to see her with glam❤
theashleyplays 4 days ago
The funny thing is that my name is kesha too lol
Nina Pulido
Nina Pulido 4 days ago
So remembers Kesha on victorious? Lol
5 jkl
5 jkl 5 days ago
She just looks trans
insfired girl
insfired girl 5 days ago
OMG!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍KE$HA I LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Nick callaway
Nick callaway 6 days ago
shes soooo beautiful, even without the makeup! and her beautiful soul even makes her more beautiful! PROTECT KESHA AT ALL COSTS
Emma VanDerNest
Emma VanDerNest 6 days ago
You really went copy and paste on the thumbnail
The Hoop
The Hoop 7 days ago
Oh Kesha........ the bangs......... no no no
Gabriela Doughty
Gabriela Doughty 7 days ago
OKAYYYY but who remembers her on right round
Reagan Wright
Reagan Wright 7 days ago
Omg Kesha is so kind and genuine!!!!
txrquoiise 8 days ago
She looks so different compared to that onr performance in tori's house
Dominika 111
Dominika 111 8 days ago
She's veery beautiful !
Aaliyah White
Aaliyah White 8 days ago
I never sence Kesha without makeup wow she look,s. Better with and without makeup
Joseph Gatlin
Joseph Gatlin 8 days ago
Omg I have an alien skin flab too!!!!👽
Joseph Gatlin
Joseph Gatlin 8 days ago
Like I honestly just thought I was deformed.
Marina Eve
Marina Eve 8 days ago
The eye look totally gave me like spaceship vibes!!! Love that song
ashlee adolf
ashlee adolf 8 days ago
that is not what i thought kesha looked like at all
Isabella Saxton
Isabella Saxton 8 days ago
I love kesha
victor, that friend
She went from: “Wake up in the morning” to **clap clap** “Kesha”
Maria Gardner
Maria Gardner 10 days ago
James is beautiful I wish I looked like him
Maria Gardner
Maria Gardner 10 days ago
Why dose james look way way way way more feminine than Kesha
Margarida Almendra
Margarida Almendra 11 days ago
33 years old? what?
Maddie J
Maddie J 11 days ago
The only one when she turns to the side she kind a looks like a Nessa is it only me or somebody else thanks they look like when they turn around
Diobel Suero
Diobel Suero 12 days ago
I feel Kesha deserves love from all of us, like a looooooooot of love!
Jennifer A
Jennifer A 12 days ago
Wake up in the morning lookin like P. Diddy 🤣🤣
Anthony Petrone
Anthony Petrone 13 days ago
Jacinta DelaCruz
Jacinta DelaCruz 13 days ago
James Charle please do Ariana Grande's make up please🥰❤️😍
Jacinta DelaCruz
Jacinta DelaCruz 13 days ago
James Charle please do Ariana Grande's make up please🥰❤️😍
Jacinta DelaCruz
Jacinta DelaCruz 13 days ago
James Charle please do Ariana Grande's make up please🥰❤️😍
Jacinta DelaCruz
Jacinta DelaCruz 13 days ago
James Charle please do Ariana Grande's make up please🥰❤️😍
notaxandria _7
notaxandria _7 13 days ago
I love you guys together ❤
jem 14 days ago
please do billies makeup
Emily smith Beauty blog
leilac 15 days ago
i love the way she says crazy
Aliyah Cookie
Aliyah Cookie 15 days ago
It's been so long since the last time I saw her like last time was 2010 and she looked so different
Yara ,
Yara , 16 days ago
She is so cute I canttttttt she is pretttttyyyy
Nykaila Jordan
Nykaila Jordan 19 days ago
I so happy that Kesha palette on my birthday 🎂🎉🍻
Destiny Parra
Destiny Parra 20 days ago
I didn’t realize how much Kesha looks like a dude without makeup
JK! Jaiden And Kylie!
Wait is she trans Idc if she is I’m just wondering
jules c
jules c 8 days ago
No but what made u think that
Ash W
Ash W 21 day ago
Gahhh I have loved Kesha since her first album, I was like 13/14 lmao. I ADORE this so much. ♥️ She's so sweet and down to earth, and so is James, so I just love this collab.
zephurus tulabing
zephurus tulabing 22 days ago
James with Iggy✔ James with Kesha✔ and now we need James with Ariana
David Butera
David Butera 23 days ago
James do ariana grandes makeup next
Jemmah Sellers
Jemmah Sellers 25 days ago
I did not even know who Kesha was till this vid
Lune Yin
Lune Yin 25 days ago
I love you both ♥️
Absinthe Minded
Absinthe Minded 26 days ago
She looks like the lovechild of Katherine Langford, Jennifer Lawrence and Madison Lawlor.
Jazzelynn Gayle
Jazzelynn Gayle 26 days ago
Do arianas !!
daisy kelly
daisy kelly 26 days ago
i'm just waiting patiently for him to do melanie martinez or ariana grande (OR NAOMI SCOTT)
April Delgado
April Delgado 26 days ago
Xiomara Videz
Xiomara Videz 27 days ago
She's the cutest little bean😩💕
TRACY1603 27 days ago
James do Ariana’s makeup now
Mariel Chantyk L.
Mariel Chantyk L. 27 days ago
i just watched this vid and wow kesha is like PRETTY pretty
Aliejha 28 days ago
Kesha is so GOOD. my number 1 stan. tell me otherwise.
Tyjxana 28 days ago
Bruh wtf I was just watching victorious ???
Eden Twinn
Eden Twinn 28 days ago
They’re fucking stunning
ella martino
ella martino 28 days ago
she does not look like how i remembered
Abeer Lodhi
Abeer Lodhi 29 days ago
omg James has 20 million subs now congrats
Ella Cooper
Ella Cooper Month ago
I would say James should collab w Ariana Grande but they had some tea so idk how that would go but i think James should do a collab w BILLIE EILISH!
Delaney mackey
Delaney mackey Month ago
she is so beautiful wow
Kpop fans cant take oPinIonS
Now I want a James charles doing Avril Lavigne's makeup
Billy Bernardo
Billy Bernardo Month ago
Why are people being so rude... She got things done periodt. No need to talk bad about it
•Max White•
•Max White• Month ago
Wait did james just hit that note Wow impressive
Jack Month ago
“𝕍𝕖ℝ𝕪 𝕤𝕋𝔸𝕓𝕝𝕖 ℍ𝕌𝕞𝔸𝕟𝕤" -Kesha
LeahStorm Month ago
Love the song Praying. I cry every time
Safari&Anabelle BonMo
OMG Kesha I love your song cannibal, I listen to it almost everyday and James your so talented and be yourself😊
a potato that is soggy lmao
You should do kesha does james make up
Ema Petričušić
Kayla Powell
Kayla Powell Month ago
Does anyone know what that nude lip he used was?
Gacha Mia
Gacha Mia Month ago
What the hell happened to Kesha
Xenia Malakoff
Xenia Malakoff Month ago
Dude James' look reminded me of the mom in freaky Friday for some odd reason
Shaun Hilton
Shaun Hilton Month ago
Pls Ariana grandes make up pls James x
Selena Kosla
Selena Kosla Month ago
James I love Kesha’s cannable song
Evelyn Month ago
Omg this went so well ♡
Bee Karishma
Bee Karishma Month ago
james sings higher than me wtf i -
Marlo Sharpe
Marlo Sharpe Month ago
OMG same James I loved Kesha scence I was like 3 or 4 years old yay
Ty Sparkles
Ty Sparkles Month ago
Y'all I'm fucking dead this just made me cry... love love love you both 🥰
Kaidence Boehm
Kaidence Boehm Month ago
Wheres your guys song?! It is June 26 2020!
Chris K
Chris K Month ago
Do bts's makeup lmfaoo
Anna Matteucci
Anna Matteucci Month ago
I used to think Kesha was Shakira and Shakira was Kesha up until now 😂😂
Jayke De Jager
Jayke De Jager Month ago
James charles least viewed video has 3 million views 😂💀
Madi Month ago
Imagine having Kesha sit next to you
G. V
G. V Month ago
Who is she?I'm I the only one who thought she still looks like tik tok music video?
Maddie Theo Rose
The clip on kesha's hair says very stable genius!!
Levi's Left Buttcheek
Kesha is so fucking iconic but so underrated
Mata Davey
Mata Davey Month ago
Melanie D. Oczon
It's ke$ha💞💞💞
Mckinney Debra
Mckinney Debra Month ago
I missed Kesha so much
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