Doing A Makeup Tutorial Inspired By My Fish

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I attempt to be a beauty guru by giving you a special makeup look based on a special fish.
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Laura Ahtemen
Laura Ahtemen 8 months ago
Phil no makeup tutorial should include a segment titled “sharpie time”
NerdItMe 2 months ago
I think you mean *every
kay ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ
kay ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ 5 months ago
*sharpie time.*
The Blue Thick long super Sperm from Unicorn
One month after you got pinned 😂🙏🏻
*sadness noises*
*sadness noises* 8 months ago
No TERRIBLE make up tutorial*
Hana Turner
Hana Turner 8 months ago
It won't blend because it's cheap
Elleyana Harper
Elleyana Harper 51 minute ago
If you were interested in having other fish, most betta fish can generally be kept with guppies! He'd probably avoid them lol, but he most likely wouldn't get aggressive with them
Elitär Mode
Elitär Mode Hour ago
With all the beauty drama going on right now I've come back to the best beauty RUvidr
Lily Collinsworth
I absolutely respect 'Sharpie Time' because it's very you, but it would have been hilarious if you'd vlogged yourself going to the shops with your half-finished Norman look to buy some eyeliner.
Sam Williams
Sam Williams 2 days ago
the beauty community: on fire 24/7 phil Lester: my eye is a fish
Taylor Bliss
Taylor Bliss 4 days ago
You did amazing!! You should definitely do more makeup
CiaoCara 5 days ago
Phil, who regularly uses contacts: the last thing is blue contacts Anyone else who wears contacts and makeup: PHIL. THE CONTACTS ALWAYS GO FIRST. ALWAYS! Also eye liner is a thing that you could have used?? That you literally had a whole pack of?? My boi. Love you tho
Abby Mayo
Abby Mayo 6 days ago
Where was Dan while this was happening? Philly needs supervision
Abby Mayo
Abby Mayo 6 days ago
"Touch wood" *smacks self in the face
Ella Elliott
Ella Elliott 6 days ago
Phil you've come a long way since scraping makeup off the carpet with a meat cleaver
Witch kid
Witch kid 8 days ago
I want glam and gore to try this look!!
No Body
No Body 8 days ago
I just really want James Charles to watch and react to this video and then recreate it asdfghjkl
Aubrey C
Aubrey C 8 days ago
gemma2101 8 days ago
“i’m not gonna get upset yet” is such a 2020 mood
JayBeh Kay
JayBeh Kay 9 days ago
Ok but why does mascara look so good on Phil
pot-ay-to pot-ah-to
my mum walked past and her face has me wheezing
Iman K.
Iman K. 11 days ago
Is this just me or does this look gr8 (like if u think so). Probably cuz I’m 12 and done makeup once in my life
Sally Odren
Sally Odren 12 days ago
are we gonna talk about him swearing out anthony?😂
johnnyneedscash 12 days ago
phil: sharpie time the phandom: crying
Ghoshtii 12 days ago
Phil, you should try and follow a makeup tutorial
Yana Stories
Yana Stories 14 days ago
Btw if you want some friends for Norman you should get 2 or 3 females, then it would be okay :) I worked at the zoo shop and it was the crucial information we should've known
Yana Stories
Yana Stories 14 days ago
I never knew I could get triggered over makeup in so many ways
Theheartlesskeyblade 524
As somebody who studied beauty for a while this video kills me to watch especially when it gets to “SHARPIE TIME”
Kate M
Kate M 19 days ago
5:18 pretty sure Phil predicted the “Adore You” music video by Harry Styles.
Azucena Díaz
Azucena Díaz 19 days ago
Do I love Phil too much or it actually doesn't look that bad?
Alchemist's Fire
Alchemist's Fire 20 days ago
I love when Phil does videos like this, such a precious treasure 💙🐠
Somesmallemoloser 22 days ago
Your idea... take a second to think about that
Somesmallemoloser 22 days ago
And you g noted us why
I'm sorry but Phil... did you buy blue contact lenses FOR YOUR BLUE EYES.....
Catherine Cane
Catherine Cane 29 days ago
Why is this the funniest video you've ever made 😂
doyozone 29 days ago
ok but it kind of looks good though
Hannah Duchesneau
Phil: Now I’m gonna take one of these paint brushes
jacob Month ago
getting back into your videos. havent watched you or dan in years. i started watching at age 12 and now im 20. somehow you make me laugh even more now than you did then. sorry for sleeping on you for so long, but im back. your solo stuff is great.
grace marian
grace marian Month ago
when phil said "someone touch wood" i literally panicked and slapped my face
Sofía Lenker
Sofía Lenker Month ago
a striking blue eye???
August G
August G Month ago
I would kill to do his makeup
Rose Chatter
Rose Chatter Month ago
This was my 2nd time watching this and before the video a Cooked salmon ad came on... it officially ruined this video for me 😶
Nam Onions
Nam Onions Month ago
It doesn’t look- that bad- ya know- like- he tried-
Cece Skinner
Cece Skinner Month ago
“i’m not gonna get upset yet” - Me every time i get up in the morning
amanda breinberg
phil : sharpie time! me : **cries**
Hannah Rannah
Hannah Rannah Month ago
It IS beautiful!
6:20 It sounded like he said "Erin just unsubscribed" and I nearly had a heart attack because that's my name
marinara sauce
marinara sauce Month ago
at first i was like "wait his eyes are blue he doesn't need the contacts" but now im obsessed with them
Rosalyn Tiangco
Rosalyn Tiangco Month ago
i was NOT prepared for phil to fully swear (with censor ofc) then lmaoo
Stephanie Nelson
phil, just a friendly piece of advice: matte eyeshadow shades are SO much easier to blend that glitter shades!
Ananya Mathur
Ananya Mathur Month ago
It's beautiful Phil
hope reynara
hope reynara Month ago
alt title: phil makes fish puns for 11 minutes straight
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson Month ago
so that's how harry came up with the adore you music video
Rachel .L
Rachel .L Month ago
as someone who is an avid makeup wearer, this was pretty well done minus the sharpie, lmao. If he had bought an eye pencil or a felt tip black eyeliner he would have had a great effect, the tail really came together with the added glitter. It reminded me of those butterfly masks, which i know isnt the look he was going for but it did turn out pretty cool looking.
lori Month ago
this is actually really really good
lori Month ago
are people cancelling norman?
Lively •
Lively • Month ago
The lava lamp spread it's essence onto your pale canvas
kelly naz
kelly naz Month ago
the tails look really good
Imogen Feely
Imogen Feely 2 months ago
I can just imagine phil forgetting he has a makeup fish on his face and just walking into the lounge and Dan just being like "I'm not even gonna ask"
Imogen Feely
Imogen Feely 2 months ago
His fish puns are on point tbh
space tunes
space tunes 2 months ago
honestly when this video came out the beauty community was S H O O K
Dino Greg
Dino Greg 2 months ago
....and people say he is a top.
Vicky Hindmarch
Vicky Hindmarch 2 months ago
Did any other girl from the 90s hear the words "cheap, blue and eyeshadow" and immediately thought 'o no' whilst simultaneously having war flashbacks 🤷‍♀️🙋‍♀️😅😅
Mya Hitt
Mya Hitt 2 months ago
“Beautuber” lmao Phil watches Jenna Marbles apparently😂 Dink fam knows what’s up
Chimchiminnie 2 months ago
phil: *buys cheap make-up* also phil: *expects it to work*
• Jazz •
• Jazz • 2 months ago
Phil- “I bought the cheapest items” also Phil- “‘NOTHING IS WORKING”
Nightmare Cake426
Nightmare Cake426 2 months ago
~Throughout the vid I can't stop thinking about Rosemary Sunstar or TomSuperChicken as he does all these vids. Why do I want to offer one of his make up vids to Phil to react to? My brain is weird...~
Cyrina Litten
Cyrina Litten 2 months ago
Me: attempts the same but using only morphe brushes and James Charles pallet
JuMixBoox 2 months ago
"Eyeshadow isn't intricate enough. I wish I had lipliner. Is lipliner a thing?" Yes, Phil. And eyeliner is also a thing. It might have been a better choice than the Sharpie.
• Emily •
• Emily • 2 months ago
I can just imagine dan walking in and wondering wtf is going on
Gender Fluid
Gender Fluid 2 months ago
Alternative title: PINOF 11, Dan not needed!
Sheriff Of Emo Town
Sheriff Of Emo Town 2 months ago
Blue steel lmao
Robyn D
Robyn D 2 months ago
this reminds me of the rainbow fish and i love it so much
Shannon Sihyun Seong
glad to know i wasn't the only one screaming 𝙡𝙞𝙦𝙪𝙞𝙙 𝙚𝙮𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙧 when he started to sharpie his face
Kari Marquez
Kari Marquez 2 months ago
Oh sweetie🤣🤣
Rey 2 months ago
is this fish gonna become another simon? does anyone else remember simon?
lucy Hunt
lucy Hunt 2 months ago
Oh god R.I.P Simon the safest funeral ever
Mars Cassidy
Mars Cassidy 2 months ago
stringy worm farm flamingo
But it’s inspired by my fish! Alternate title: The Best Makeup Tutorial In Existence
Emily Ambrose
Emily Ambrose 2 months ago
a pro makeup artist should try this
Emily Ambrose
Emily Ambrose 2 months ago
it actually looks pretty good. but that's probably just me not knowing anything about makeup 😂
NoNameKid 2 months ago
I want to see Nikki Tutorials do this
Nosebleedbones 2 months ago
It actually looks good, it reminds me of when I did ballet and we got our faces painted with concepts like feathers or leaves and it was like the essence of it and this definitely has the essence of Norman
Acoustic Doubts
Acoustic Doubts 2 months ago
Bro he needs blue blood!!! I wanna see this done with Phil and Jeffree Star
Tyler Curtis
Tyler Curtis 2 months ago
only after the 10th time watching this did i realise he actually swore when talking about Anthony and i am so shook i can never imagine Phil swearing
Kindalwindal tv
Kindalwindal tv 2 months ago
There was 666k veiws
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