Dogs DONT CHOOSE the WRONG Mystery Box (Bad Idea)

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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo help their pets not to not choose the wrong mystery box!
You will not believe how our Dogs react when they are challenged with choosing the right or wrong mystery box fully of dog food, treats and other amazing items. We were inspired by Dangie Bros and thought it would be fun to do with treats. Some of the same type of treats we picked out during our Buying Our Dogs EVERYTHING they Touch and even when we tried Last to Leave the Circle Wins Giant Dog Treat! I didn't know if this would be a 24 hour challenge or he would be buying everything in a matter of minutes but I knew it was going to a lot of fun! Since Peanut and Blackjack are both Rescues and Senior Dogs it added a little more fun to the situation. See who wins and maybe next we can try this with a real stack of $10,000 or just keep on giving them treats.
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Apr 24, 2019




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Comments 1 113
Lyn Martires-Donoga
Peanut is peanut butter and black jack is apple jack from my little pony😀😁😂🤣😃😄😆
Lyn Martires-Donoga
Peanut and black jack are sow cute
Kelly Marle
Kelly Marle 11 hours ago
Bethany Cabral
jesslinam 4 days ago
chloegirlpower xoxo
matt:(to blackjack) kiss blackjack: im only doing this for the treat
Niamh McMullan
Niamh McMullan 4 days ago
Jack Russell
Consuelo Juarez
Consuelo Juarez 7 days ago
I whit ther
Toph Gugin
Toph Gugin 11 days ago
Senior dog
Mike Perro
Mike Perro 18 days ago
Jo H
Jo H 19 days ago
I'm a zamfam and pawZam Like if you are 👍
Annabella Legg
Annabella Legg Month ago
Peanut and black Jack are weaner dogs or chiwawa
proudeodwife13 Month ago
123 GO.
emma wren
emma wren Month ago
Peanut and black jack your so cute😍😘😙😚😗
Mary McMurray
Mary McMurray Month ago
Chihuahua maybe mixed
davina weller
davina weller Month ago
davina weller
davina weller Month ago
Savannah Bradford
They are so cute I blackjacks barks😎. Peunut is cute to😎😎😎😎😎😎
Rosahernandezxgmial.com Rosa
what kind of dog do you have?
Heylee Reicks
Heylee Reicks Month ago
So funny when black jack made that noise at 1:16
Shantha Solomon
Shantha Solomon Month ago
They are mini pins .I have the same dog
Darren Barnett
Darren Barnett Month ago
I feel sorry for peenut
Booboo bear cutie pie Love
What breed are they
Denise Honaker
Denise Honaker Month ago
I subscribed and turned on post notifacation
Yara T
Yara T Month ago
Peanut is such a mood😂😂
Chrystal Woods
Chrystal Woods Month ago
Peanut will win
Kerree Bray
Kerree Bray Month ago
I am Edan and I Love Peanut and Blackjack 😘😀
Cindy Linden
Cindy Linden Month ago
they are the best dog and the the most cute dog
Sophia Rankin
Sophia Rankin Month ago
Black Jack will win
kuljinder walia
kuljinder walia Month ago
Emily Bryan
Emily Bryan Month ago
Emily Bryan
Emily Bryan Month ago
So cute
scole25sc Month ago
Charlean Brown
Charlean Brown Month ago
Peanut is going to do it
Jennilea Tilley
Jennilea Tilley Month ago
Black jack looks like my fav dog so black jack is the best peanut I just love his name ❤️
Diego Sangurima
Diego Sangurima Month ago
Lexi McCartney
Lexi McCartney Month ago
steve cook
steve cook 2 months ago
I love peanut and black jack they are so cute I love the pawzam dogs they are so clever and funny I wanna win on your giveaway I never win and my name is Leyla bull
NGIAP Seng 2 months ago
Peanut go
jimmimartian edwards
Blackjack 🐕. Wins
Kimberly Scott
Kimberly Scott 2 months ago
They are so excited,😘
Kimberly Scott
Kimberly Scott 2 months ago
Blackjack will win 🤓
rosioru gabriela
rosioru gabriela 2 months ago
TyMia Chambers
TyMia Chambers 2 months ago
L Gittz
L Gittz 2 months ago
gna pick food over rbeca
L Gittz
L Gittz 2 months ago
black jack is a resku dog i love your chalinjis from lgittz is dother neraya do a prank on matt
L Gittz
L Gittz 2 months ago
hi rebeca
Elly Barker
Elly Barker 2 months ago
To cute😍 I would love dogs like THEM cutes
Martin Foster
Martin Foster 2 months ago
Why was black jack so excited for it when he got a bad one and when he got the bad one he was still exetied 😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁🐿️
Brooklynne and jackson D
I think black jack
kim ervin
kim ervin 2 months ago
Paws Up
Justin And Jemima The Harris Twins
Jahzara Hernandez
Jahzara Hernandez 2 months ago
There are Both Chihuahuas
Kellie Randall
Kellie Randall 2 months ago
Blackjack one
Yuk Lan Ho
Yuk Lan Ho 2 months ago
Maybe do a slime challenge with he dogs and see what they get
Redstone Fallout
Redstone Fallout 2 months ago
Whats the bad idea
Ricardo Becerra
Ricardo Becerra 2 months ago
Jim Quickfall
Jim Quickfall 2 months ago
Awwwwwww💕 to cute andfunny😂 blackJack was so excited
Jim Quickfall
Jim Quickfall 2 months ago
Peanut : can you open it for me . Rebecca . Taking forever. Rebecca : opens box 📦. Peanut . Mom took forever I love treats
Demi Anderson
Demi Anderson 2 months ago The floor is lava Like if u didnt care I didn't lol 😂😂🤣🤣
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