Dogs DONT CHOOSE the WRONG Mystery Box (Bad Idea)

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Matt and Rebecca Zamolo help their pets not to not choose the wrong mystery box!
You will not believe how our Dogs react when they are challenged with choosing the right or wrong mystery box fully of dog food, treats and other amazing items. We were inspired by Dangie Bros and thought it would be fun to do with treats. Some of the same type of treats we picked out during our Buying Our Dogs EVERYTHING they Touch and even when we tried Last to Leave the Circle Wins Giant Dog Treat! I didn't know if this would be a 24 hour challenge or he would be buying everything in a matter of minutes but I knew it was going to a lot of fun! Since Peanut and Blackjack are both Rescues and Senior Dogs it added a little more fun to the situation. See who wins and maybe next we can try this with a real stack of $10,000 or just keep on giving them treats.
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Apr 24, 2019

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Comments 1 021
J’La Jackson
J’La Jackson 6 hours ago
Peanut is a Chihuahua and black jack is a Chihuahua
Margi Tim
Margi Tim 7 hours ago
Both are cewaws
paul rosenwinkel
paul rosenwinkel 18 hours ago
Black jack is so funny
Victoria Leach
Victoria Leach 19 hours ago
Both dogs are tea cups
Martha Espinoza
Back Jack and Peanut are cute as hack 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩☺️☺️ i love your dogs
Willow and Hayley is super funny videos rock Ray
I know blackjack is going to pick up food I think peanut will pick his dad
they are funny to
her dogs are so cute
Melody Brantley
I only know that peanut is a Chihuahua but I don’t know why it worked at it but my grandmother has a dog like blackjack
Robert fitzpatrick
I dont no yet but we will see
Krystle Lee
Krystle Lee Day ago
I love peanut and blackjack
RW GamesZ
RW GamesZ Day ago
Blackjack:YESSSs I want FOOD Peanut 🥜 where is the food yay thanks Matt
Valeria Salgado
Valeria Salgado 2 days ago
That kiss 😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️ 5:50 to 5:52
Lilly B
Lilly B 2 days ago
cute jt
Crystal Gross
Crystal Gross 2 days ago
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad 2 days ago
They are so adorable when it comes to peanut and blackjack
Sameer Birya
Sameer Birya 2 days ago
Felicity F
Felicity F 2 days ago
Blackjack is a Chihuahua mix I think and peanut is a Miniature Pinscher mix! I love them so much! Keep making awesome videos! 💛
Tammy Dicaprio
Tammy Dicaprio 2 days ago
black jack is... a chihuahua and peanut is part maltise but with a straight tail and other part is a resscue dog! ok now stop talking about dogs because it makes me sad because my dog died so please stop talking about dogs ok?
Tammy Dicaprio
Tammy Dicaprio 2 days ago
also my dog died in 10 years and i means the same thing if you didnt know
Tammy Dicaprio
Tammy Dicaprio 2 days ago
my dog died at 10 years old
Al Fields
Al Fields 2 days ago
Peanut is a deer head chiawana
Alison B
Alison B 2 days ago
Peanu picked Matt instead of food
Nana 2 days ago
I love yall!
Annagamer 5778
Annagamer 5778 3 days ago
Eli Rodríguez
Eli Rodríguez 4 days ago
One fighrs i think
Jimmy Melencio
Jimmy Melencio 4 days ago
Bakc. Jak
Jimmy Melencio
Jimmy Melencio 4 days ago
You. R. So. Min
Jimmy Melencio
Jimmy Melencio 4 days ago
Donna Davidson
Donna Davidson 4 days ago
His mom
Julia Molina
Julia Molina 5 days ago
Black Jack will win
fallingangel22on 5 days ago
Blak jake
Loury Ruiz
Loury Ruiz 5 days ago
Jakub Jakubowy
Jakub Jakubowy 6 days ago
We love your dogs
Amy Furlong
Amy Furlong 7 days ago
Emily Maline
Emily Maline 7 days ago
I love dogs they are so cute
Josh Henny
Josh Henny 7 days ago
Chiwawa? Did i spell it right
Nirmala P
Nirmala P 8 days ago
I love peanut
Jayce Niebel
Jayce Niebel 8 days ago
They are rat terriors
Nicole Molander
Nicole Molander 8 days ago
I want a shatout plz
Nicole Molander
Nicole Molander 8 days ago
I want a shatout plz
JOHN TORRES 8 days ago
Black jack
Richelle Mast
Richelle Mast 8 days ago
Penut is a daddy fan and blackjack is a mommy fan
Chels Vlog TV
Chels Vlog TV 9 days ago
Awwwwwwwww so cute 💖💕💝
The fancy Sisters
The fancy Sisters 10 days ago
I love blackjack and peanut and you Rebecca and Matt
Jeidy cupcake
Jeidy cupcake 11 days ago
There both Chihuahuas
Mini sea3peo 01
Mini sea3peo 01 11 days ago
Chiuaua and pincher
Warrior TM
Warrior TM 13 days ago
Black jack won
Naomi Platt
Naomi Platt 13 days ago
My dog is a labdor
lily 13 days ago
When she said give this video a paws here you go!oh wait I can't find a paw emoji
Jasmine Diaz
Jasmine Diaz 14 days ago
Ariel Yang
Ariel Yang 14 days ago
I can tell blackjacks want food? There so cute and funny
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