Dog Reviews Food With Girlfriend | Tucker Taste Test 12

Tucker Budzyn
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Dog Reviews Food With Girlfriend | Tucker Taste Test 12
Tucker had his girlfriend Journee over today and she wanted to join in on the food reviews and taste testing fun!
Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different!

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Jul 22, 2019

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Comments 7 320
Tucker Budzyn
Tucker Budzyn 23 days ago
FYI: Dogs are carnivores that have the ability to eat plants when needed. Tuckers main meals consist of 90% fresh meat, bone and organ, with a small amount of plant matter. He rejects the veggies in the video since he normally gets all meat. I would never feed my boy anything that would harm him and I have months of research to back that up. Thanks for your constant support frens 🤗
raw trout
raw trout 7 hours ago
in where i live, it is illegal to give vegetable to dog
phivunguyen83 8 hours ago
Feed him some salmon. I’ve seen huskies eat raw salmon. Or raw 🥩
Frode Øverli
Frode Øverli 18 hours ago
@Knighting Gale It is still an omnivore, like a bear for example. Carnivores eat mainly animals and animal products.
Rachel Joslyn
Rachel Joslyn 19 hours ago
Dogs are actually omnivores.
Knighting Gale
Knighting Gale 20 hours ago
@Frode Øverli dogs are carnivores that was her point. Even though they can it greens by nature they are carnivores.
shannon wright
shannon wright Minute ago
Jayson-X Misa
Jayson-X Misa 31 minute ago
It's so cute pet.:-) i miss my dog.
forestsoceansmusic 37 minutes ago
Yep, animals differ between each other just like humans. I've always had cats, and while they all loved meat, not all of 'em liked chocolate cake (some did), not all of 'em liked cheese (some did), but only one liked dead ants ("Mystery", our Russian Blue...he also loved the pulp [not the fruity flesh] around rock melon seeds -- would get it all, leaving totally dry seeds on his plate).
tomek92pl 39 minutes ago
Tried feeding him some fish? Beer? Bacon?
TheProBros Hour ago
I wish I can donate chimken
TheProBros Hour ago
Can you please give me tucker for a 1,000,000 dollars
Do you guys ever wonder what your dogs are really saying?
This was hilarious 😂😂😂
Elena Robles
Elena Robles Hour ago
Very, very pretty!!
Moroccan princess
honestly relationship goals
CrazyLegsMcGee 2 hours ago
You have really cute dogs.
Hargovind Singh
Hargovind Singh 3 hours ago
The MYSTERY GIRL 3 hours ago
Some of your spelling or english is wrong
Ice Cup
Ice Cup 4 hours ago
RUvid algorithm: Here is a dog reviewing food with his girlfriend. Watch it. Me: But I was just getting ready for work. RUvid algorithm: I said watch it. Me:
Clorox The cat
Clorox The cat 4 hours ago
"I wuv trash" Lol
hust hust
hust hust 4 hours ago
anyone's here because of tiktok?
Joshua Coultas
Joshua Coultas 4 hours ago
Hahahahah vegambles
HMAIsTheName 5 hours ago
Hurry Hand the chimken before she sees it
Better Player
Better Player 6 hours ago
Who.dfq let dog to eat from a plate?!
Suzan divan
Suzan divan 6 hours ago
those text on the dogs are not funny, theyre more annoying and awkward stop with that
Kat Suo
Kat Suo 6 hours ago
Is the light one the girlfriend i hope cause i think shes on a diet😅😅😅
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma 6 hours ago
Which dog breed are they
Zoe Stephens
Zoe Stephens 8 hours ago
My Goldie loves food, all food!! We even had to hide the bin from her, the piggy. She's an old lady now and takes arthritis medication but she scoffs that too, no need to hide or disguise the tablets. My Jack Russell on the other hand is very fussy!! LOL
Sherlyne Labuga
Sherlyne Labuga 9 hours ago
sana all
Donatas _
Donatas _ 9 hours ago
The dislikes are from his ex
. 9 hours ago
tucker is a meat eater ?
Yana Ramos
Yana Ramos 9 hours ago
The boy dog:ewwwww what is that:the girl dog:yummy why won't u eat it:the owner:here is chicken:the boy dog:yesssssss
Manima Dhar
Manima Dhar 9 hours ago
Very funny to see
Rachel Gacha
Rachel Gacha 10 hours ago
My dog went in my kitchen and ate out of the bin Idk why he does that ;-;
black baby
black baby 10 hours ago
PJ in the valley
PJ in the valley 10 hours ago
Too funny, when I was growing up our cat ate tomatoes. My choc lab likes onions .... go figure. Great video!!!
Nelly Piedra
Nelly Piedra 11 hours ago
Not funny at all
Ivan Dodigović
Ivan Dodigović 11 hours ago
Can I force you to eat something you don't want to eat, please. It will be so cute. Aww
Rachycatachy 11 hours ago
mother tucker
Luisa D
Luisa D 11 hours ago
Can I have one of them 🥺
Sophie Droste
Sophie Droste 11 hours ago
I just hope he is actually fixed and not breeding
The Clumsy Vegan living the rv dream
I love the way you make the words for them. So stinking cute!
MJs Smile
MJs Smile 11 hours ago
the broccoli has me laughing so hard, had to pause..lol
安田かなみ 11 hours ago
영심아 노올자
영심아 노올자 11 hours ago
Juan Andres Miguel Cawan
I see banana and water melon thats fruits
Millennial Academy
Millennial Academy 12 hours ago
9 million views in 1 month what the hell I've been making videos for the past year and I only have 11 damn subscribers WTF 😤😤😤😤😤
Dirk Lopez
Dirk Lopez 12 hours ago
Faith Norgaisse
Faith Norgaisse 12 hours ago
ZenSen :3
ZenSen :3 15 hours ago
Did Dey copy mayapolarbear?
Isabella Valentine
Isabella Valentine 15 hours ago
I THOUGHT HE WAS DATING Mya the polar bear
니치향수 16 hours ago
໒( ̿・ ᴥ ̿・ )ʋ. ໒( = ᴥ =)ʋ
Kamea 1
Kamea 1 16 hours ago
Omgosh is he cheating o.o
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 17 hours ago
This video is big gay
Amy Koller
Amy Koller 17 hours ago
*c* *h* *I* *m* *k* *e* *n*
Mary L. Lapham
Mary L. Lapham 18 hours ago
How cruel teasing those sweet babies who were hungry and wanted meat😩for shame on you😱
John Cats
John Cats 18 hours ago
Look @ these cuties. Come on GIVE IT UP. 👍
Hope Heartnet
Hope Heartnet 18 hours ago
"tree of doom" lmaooooo 😭
caterina campasso
caterina campasso 18 hours ago
This made me laugh so much thank youu
K O 18 hours ago
Love the dialog on this channel! Thanks for the smiles!
Samantha Guildford
Samantha Guildford 19 hours ago
i love tucker he is so cute and journey is so cute to she is like me a pig
100ksubscribers With no videos
Hooman meh like food too
Melissa Zepeda
Melissa Zepeda 19 hours ago
I'm eating chicken now
notion1 19 hours ago
Fyi get over yourself your poor dog
tommy audio
tommy audio 20 hours ago
so much great ✌😋
Dorota Zalewska
Dorota Zalewska 20 hours ago
I followed you on tik tok
Jasmine God's Child
Jasmine God's Child 20 hours ago
Wow they're good lol
Giovani Ledezma
Giovani Ledezma 20 hours ago
How many golden retrievers do you have Linda
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez 21 hour ago
That’s funny
9lives lie-cat-lie
9lives lie-cat-lie 21 hour ago
Dude your girlfriend is making look like a scaredy cat. Yhea u said it scaredy cat.
Vallabh Bhite
Vallabh Bhite 21 hour ago
Tucker likes chimken😂😂😂 more than Journee
Duy Văn
Duy Văn 22 hours ago
So lovely 😍
Jeff Harbaugh
Jeff Harbaugh 22 hours ago
Bad dinner date.
Aditya Huria
Aditya Huria 22 hours ago
Couple Goals💕
Mel v
Mel v 22 hours ago
Cutes video eveeeer i love them 😍😍
•WasabiCucumber •
My dog will eat everything except spinach XD.
This Is Patrick
This Is Patrick 23 hours ago
The only veggie my Bella eats are green peppers and lettuce from subway.
luuyoncé 23 hours ago
universal soldier
universal soldier 23 hours ago
I like the subtitle
Sophia Layton
Sophia Layton 23 hours ago
I watch your TikToks
Jesse Rivas
Jesse Rivas 23 hours ago
It's amazing how the dogs have subtitles! How did you decipher the dogs language!?
AJ 7232
AJ 7232 23 hours ago
Ok my dog is a Basenji, she is obsessed with lettuce. I had a lettuce plant in a pot, she ate it all even the roots.
Relax My Dog - Relaxing Music for Dogs
Lol Tucker trying to not eat the carrot or the broccoli funny reactions from the both of them :)
Jayed Day ago
They should have a date and u give them chickennn
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