Dog Reviews Food With Girlfriend | Tucker Taste Test 12

Tucker Budzyn
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Dog Reviews Food With Girlfriend | Tucker Taste Test 12
Tucker had his girlfriend Journee over today and she wanted to join in on the food reviews and taste testing fun!
Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different!

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Jul 22, 2019




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Comments 10 576
Tucker Budzyn
Tucker Budzyn 4 months ago
FYI: Dogs are carnivores that have the ability to eat plants when needed. Tuckers main meals consist of 90% fresh meat, bone and organ, with a small amount of plant matter. He rejects the veggies in the video since he normally gets all meat. I would never feed my boy anything that would harm him and I have months of research to back that up. Thanks for your constant support frens 🤗
Niamh Allan
Niamh Allan 2 days ago
@Kurt Cobain yes u can but not to much. U can feed them a bit of lettuce or carrot sometimes altho my dog will eat anything if he gets the chance. And he 11 (77 in doggo years)😋
Niamh Allan
Niamh Allan 2 days ago
@R Baz she looked it up and said it so no one got worried about Tucker
Niamh Allan
Niamh Allan 2 days ago
I love you Tucker and Linda ❤️
kristal gorgeos gaming kitty plays
Blah blah blah smarty
Ruby Josh
Ruby Josh 3 days ago
So long
strawberry smith
strawberry smith 4 hours ago
Kaleb Dickey
Kaleb Dickey 18 hours ago
Lol the dogs
Mel Smacks
Mel Smacks 18 hours ago
“Cause she dumb”😭😭😭😂
John Bauer
John Bauer 21 hour ago
Can I have my birthday could you do a on a birthday cake one with your with your dogs
JJ 2020
JJ 2020 23 hours ago
Tucker is a steak and potatoes kinda guy lol
Jade the Doggo
Me: *gives my dog broccoli* My dog: Yummy
Sheryl Ramos
Sheryl Ramos Day ago
Tucker’s new girl? How about Maya?
Oneil Pasadilla
"cuz she dumb" "heck you" lol
Crazy Logo
Crazy Logo Day ago
Wondering how dogs speak you came to the right place
manuel gabriel paulo
Haha This Food Again Tucker is Too Cute! And Another Cute Dog look a like Tucker has a date!
Daphne LX
Daphne LX 2 days ago
1:50 wow you stoopid
Olivia Chu
Olivia Chu 2 days ago
*maya has left the chat*
ღLucky Peaceღ
*tucker doesn't eat watermelon Me: *HEKK YOU OMI DOG I AM SO'S HEKKIN MAD* *watermelon is my favorite food don't judge*
It’s_Linco PvP
It’s_Linco PvP 2 days ago
I love it how u make them talk🤣😂
IronFireFoxy 2 days ago
*mans eat only meat*
Krine Moore
Krine Moore 2 days ago
I love your voice can you make more voice please please can you
kristal gorgeos gaming kitty plays
Im tucker but a girl
Kamya Chawla
Kamya Chawla 3 days ago
The world is unfair.... Here I don't have any one 😂😂🤦‍♀
BTS Army
BTS Army 3 days ago
Wow female dog like the veggies n fruit
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 3 days ago
The captions.. WAHAHAHHAA!! Girl: See, Jenny likes it Right Dog: Cuz she dumb Jenny: hekk u
Madison Lovesvids18
Please do more with her and grand pa taste
Ruby Josh
Ruby Josh 3 days ago
What’s next. Thrash yummy
Simon Spry
Simon Spry 4 days ago
how can you dislike dis
Lee Wanko
Lee Wanko 4 days ago
Cute girlfriend she is.
Radjane Coracaravittil
Don't feed them Chocolate cuz it's Toxic for dogs
Maya Ruzsvanszky
Maya Ruzsvanszky 4 days ago
I love dogs
Jodi Turco
Jodi Turco 4 days ago
What breed dog
Shiba Marrero
Shiba Marrero 4 days ago
Golden Doggos more like uhh.... Shiba babo
Itz Causalslayer
Itz Causalslayer 4 days ago
"What's that?" "TRASH" "Ok cool"
missy snow
missy snow 4 days ago
My dog loved bananas,but didn't like peanut butter.
Jonny Q. Vu
Jonny Q. Vu 5 days ago
If tucker has a girlfriend... THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER
Jonny Q. Vu
Jonny Q. Vu 4 days ago
Jonny Q. Vu
Jonny Q. Vu 5 days ago
weird funny Tucker
Jonny Q. Vu
Jonny Q. Vu 5 days ago
And of course Tucker is cheating on the white fluffy dog 🐶
Cat Riddle
Cat Riddle 5 days ago
Die Kommentare dabei sind die besten xD
Charlotte Pall
Charlotte Pall 5 days ago
Adorable god bless
Rebekka Bye Vevle
Stupid dogs i ever seen because of this»chikmen»
Gacha Gamer potato
Every time u cotch chimkem u get good boi point
Mikayla Shane
Mikayla Shane 5 days ago
Tucker is SO ADORABLE:)!!!! no offense to my puppy Pomeranian which is also cute but looks like a cat.
Snuggles The Bear
So sweet
The Ninjassasin
The Ninjassasin 6 days ago
I wish I habbed an dogyh dat is taker badsen
Ronald Cochran
Ronald Cochran 6 days ago
How do you say chimken
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